Study Business Administration in Turkey

Study Business Administration in Turkey

Studying Business Administration

Business administration degrees involve various aspects of managing scarce resources in a business entity and supporting a business by production/planning, decision making, project management as well as allocating human resources and finances while, at the same time, carrying out organisational goals, policies and procedures.

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Studying in Turkey

Turkey has the combined characteristics of the two continents: Europe and Asia. You will not be a foreigner because a mosaic of cultures has been embedded in Turkish culture. In Turkey, students can experience both modernity and tradition. Moreover, in some Turkish Universities instruction language is English and others give opportunities to learn English.

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9 Business Administration Master's degrees in Turkey

MBA Master of Business Administration

If you want to be well-prepared and well-linked to the business world to pursue an international business career we believe Sabanci Master of Business Administration Program is the right investment for your career. The Master of Business Administration is offered at Sabanci University.

Faculty of Management
MBA Master of Business Administration

The purpose of the Department of Business Administration is to offer an education program at internationally acclaimed standards for our students. The department aims to carry out modern education-oriented activities of institutions in a dynamic and competitive environment. Besides, the basic rules and principals of modern business administration in developing, changing and globalizing world are theoretically and practically offered to students. Our department interacts with other departments of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences.

Graduate School of Social Science
Master Business Administration (English) (Thesis/Non-thesis)

Business Administration Postgraduate Program is a modern and practical program aimed at the graduates of Economics and Administrative Sciences as well as different graduate programs which will open the doors of business world and provide them with the knowledge and skills that will have an impact on their business lives.

Graduate School of Social Sciences
MBA Master of Business Administration (MBA) (Without Thesis)

The aim of this Master of Business Administration (MBA) (Without Thesis) program is to carry executives and executive candidates coming from different disciplines and that have a particular experience in business life to an upper level and get them ready for the global rivalry. This program is offered by the Izmir University of Economics.

Graduate School of Business
MBA Business Administration-Distance Learning (e-MBA)

Business Administration-Distance Learning (e-MBA) from Izmir University of Economics is a special program designated for those who want to integrate further education into their professional and personal life, while they maintain work-family life balance at the very same time. In our e-MBA program, all virtual classes are conducted live, providing the students with high interactivity similar to a physical class

Graduate School of Business
MBA Business Administration (Oz-MBA)

The Oz-MBA programs are designed to educate and train the influential leaders of tomorrow to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing, technology-driven, interconnected world. Our distinguished faculty members lead cutting-edge research to introduce new ideas.

Graduate School of Business