522 Masters in Economics

Being a social science, economics investigates not only the production and distribution of goods but also the human behaviour which is linked to economical conditions and developments. The main assumption of economics is the general scarcity of resources to fulfil the needs of economic entities.


Find and compare 522 Masters in Economics in United Kingdom. Below is a selection of the available study options. If you're interested in studying Economics in United Kingdom you can view all 522 Master's programmes. You can also read more about the Economics discipline in general or about studying in United Kingdom.

Suggested Studies

  • Master in Asset Pricing & Investment

    This Masters in Asset Pricing & Investment is designed to help you understand how prices and values for claims to uncertain payments are derived, by using fundamental principles from economics and finance, and includes claims such as company shares and dividends, financial derivatives, real assets such as metals and commodities as well as insurance claims.

  • Master in Property Finance

    This course is intended to give you a detailed understanding of property finance and the associated property appraisal techniques and processes, encompassing both legal and social aspects. You will analyse investment and development finance situations and respond to particular financial problems with derived solutions. You will also be able to appraise options and independently evaluate alternative courses of action.

  • Master in (Business Administration)

    This internationally-recognised MBA course is designed for practising managers aspiring to higher positions. The programmes emphasis is directly rooted in management practice and concentrates on the following: strategic analysis, interdisciplinary skills, intellectual stimulation and independent judgement whilst covering a number of core disciplines: human resource management, organisational behaviour, accounting and finance, marketing and operations.

  • Master in Business, International Trade and Diplomatic Studies

    The MSc in Business, International Trade and Diplomatic Studies prepares graduates for a global career in business and trade, including the role and application of diplomacy in international business development.

  • Master in International Business

    Today’s economy is global. In a world of integrated markets and multinational business, studying international business is a good way of learning about the contemporary world of business and preparing yourself for employment. This programme covers a wide range of topics and areas of study, and you will be provided with opportunities to develop skills relevant to international management.

  • Master in Global Financial Markets

    The MA Global Financial Markets is strongly interdisciplinary, very flexible and thus relevant to many different professional environments. At the end of the course you will have a clear understanding of the evolution, nature and functioning of contemporary financial markets and a range of functional skills for further analysis.

  • Master in International Banking and Development Finance

    Banking and financial services represents a highly competitive and rapidly changing sector in every modern economy. Changes in customer requirements, technology, competitive conditions and regulation create the need for managers, traders and analysts to make rapid and often far-reaching decisions about their short term operations and long term strategies.

  • Master in International Masters

    Our unique, combined academic English and masters course is for non-native speakers of English, including students from the European Union (EU) as well as international students. On this two-year course you will improve the academic and language skills you need for a masters, enhancing your ability to research, reference correctly and avoid plagiarism.

  • Master in Banking and Finance

    We offer several unique banking courses which are at the forefront of banking and finance education. This course is taught by the UK's leading experts in banking, finance, economics, and risk who are members of the Business School's Centre for Risk, Banking and Financial Services. You will become skilled in the theory of banking as well as acquiring gold standard professional Chartered Banker© status.

  • Master in Economics and Finance

    Our MSc Economics and Finance takes a sophisticated look at micro and macroeconomics and the methodology of econometric research, and is a good choice if you have some prior knowledge of economics. It builds on this essential knowledge with modules such as International Business Finance and Financial Derivatives. You acquire a solid grounding in corporate finance and financial economics tools commonly used in financial services and quantitative investment analysis and research.

  • Master in Economics

    Our MSc Economics centres on advanced-level economics and econometrics, engaging with cutting-edge research within the discipline. It offers unrivalled coverage of the competing perspectives in economics including heterodox perspectives. It gives unique insight into the pressing economic issues of our times, from the microeconomics of firms and markets to the macroeconomics of the global economy. By successfully completing this programme, you have advanced qualitative and quantitative skills – highly sought after by employers.

  • Master in International Economics

    The MSc. in International Economics is a taught graduate programme that provides specialised and advanced training in international economics. This is achieved through the delivery of specialised courses in trade theory, trade policy and econometrics. Exposure to the various theoretical constructs and empirical analyses within this sub-discipline, as well as other core and optional courses, equips students with the analytic and quantitative skills necessary to examine recent developments in the global economy; particularly those with implications for policy.

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