Study Education in United Kingdom

Study Education in United Kingdom

Studying Education

Education is the science or art of teaching and training, focusing on the efficient methods teachers apply in the education process in a formal setting (kinder garden, school, high-school, etc.). Closely connected with pedagogy, most frequently an education programme prepares graduates from this degree in becoming a teacher.

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Studying in United Kingdom

The UK has one of the most cosmopolitan societies within Europe and you will study with people from all over the world. The variety of universities and degrees is broad and degrees will be accepted worldwide.

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566 Education Master's degrees in United Kingdom

M.A. Early Childhood

The early years of a child’s life are probably the most crucial for establishing a solid foundation for health, well-being and lifelong learning. As awareness increases of the critical importance of healthy development and learning in the early years, so too does the need for early childhood professionals who have the knowledge, skills and understanding necessary for guiding and supporting young children and families.

Postgrad.Cert. PGCE Primary (specialising in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2)

During the PGCE Primary (specialising in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2) programme, students will be prepared to teach 5-11 year olds, with a specialism in Key Stage 1 (Years 1 and 2) and Key Stage 2 (Years 3 to 6). You will be learning across the six years that contain the fulcrum of primary education. You will be working with children as they acquire key skills and gain much more control over their lives as learners. This course is offered by University of East Anglia.

School of Education and Life Long Learning
M.Sc. Inclusive Education

This new Inclusive Education programme from The University of Edinburgh will interest graduates who want to make a difference to the lives of a wide range of children in education. You will investigate inclusive educational practices in Scotland, the UK and across the world. You will study particular approaches to removing barriers to learning and including all children.

M.A. Education

Our well-established part-time MA Education course is about extending your understanding of teaching theory and practice. The University of East London's course is designed for those who are teaching, or are spending a significant part of each week supporting teaching and learning.

CASS School of Education
M.Ed. Education

This taught masters degree course is a flexible modular qualification with a rich diversity of modules enabling you to choose those most appropriate to your own context and interests. The modules support your professional development through investigation of currently significant issues in the context of your own experience and appropriate literature.

M.Sc. Education

The Education programme from The University of Edinburgh will provide an ideal foundation for students who wish to work in education policy, research or practice or for those who want to go on to doctoral study. You will learn through a combination of lectures, student-led seminars/presentations and, where appropriate, practical skills training and project work.

M.A. Online and Distance Education

This masters degree is part of a programme that includes a postgraduate certificate and postgraduate diploma. These qualifications are presented by The Open University's Institute of Educational Technology and are open to students from countries all over the world.

M.A. Education (Online)

If your career involves educating other people and you'd like to improve your professional expertise or progress into a more senior role, the MA Education (Online) degree course at the University of Derby is designed to help you.

Online Learning (UDOL)
M.Sc. Outdoor Education

For more than 40 years, the Postgraduate Diploma in Outdoor Education, and for almost 20 years, the MSc in Outdoor Education from The University of Edinburgh, have been the world’s foremost graduate programmes in the field, providing a broad base for a professional career in outdoor education.

M.A. Special and Additional Learning Needs

This exciting new course, which is delivered online, is a collaboration between the University of East London and the Institute of Child Education and Psychology Europe (ICEP). This Special and Additional Learning Needs programme is offered by the University of East London.

School of Distance and e Learning
M.Sc. Translation Studies with TESOL

A postgraduate degree in Translation Studies with TESOL is of the highest value. Not only will it equip you with professional level translation skills in international dialogues, enabling you to play your part in developing a global community, it will also give you an entry-level teaching qualification with which you can embark on a career in English Language Teaching. Here in the UK, recent research has shown that the fall in the number of language learners over the past decade has come at a big cost to the economy.

Languages, Cultures & Religions
M.A. International Educational Leadership and Policy

This International Educational Leadership and Policy specialist programme at the University of Leeds is suitable for educators such as teachers, school leaders, lecturers, inspectors, administrators and officials who want to gain an insight into educational policy issues of current global significance and their implications for the effective leadership of educational institutions.

Faculty of Education, Social Sciences and Law
M.A. English Language Teaching and Digital Technologies

MA English Language Teaching and Digital Technologies at the University of Leeds is a distinctive part-time, distance learning programme that allows you, as a practising teacher, to develop your disciplinary expertise in the areas of language education and technology-enhanced education.

Faculty of Education, Social Sciences and Law
M.A. Inclusive Education and Disability

The Inclusive Education and Disability programme at Manchester Metropolitan University provide the opportunity to engage with theoretical perspectives and research in the field of inclusion and disability, both nationally and globally. The Masters award is relevant to both UK and international applicants and starts from the premise that terms such as inclusion, disability and special needs are contestable.

Faculty of Education
M.A. Mathematics Education

The MA Mathematics Education degree offered by University of East Anglia is intended for mathematics graduates with an interest in education, practising mathematics teachers, mathematics teacher educators and other educational professionals.

School of Education and Life Long Learning
M.Ed. Creative Arts in Education

The MA Education at The University of Exeter is designed to enhance your professional practice and help you make improvements which will make a positive difference either within the classroom or your particular work environment.

College of Social Sciences and International Studies
M.Sc. Educational Leadership and Management

If you want to develop your leadership and management knowledge and skills in educational settings and organisations, you will find that this course provides you with that opportunity. The programme aims to support reflection and empowerment for the professional working in the field of education. You can study this course through campus-based or distance learning.

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
Postgrad.Dip. Educational Leadership and Management (Distance Learning)

This course builds on the knowledge of theory and practice of human resource management and decision making in educational settings gained in the first year. You will develop your knowledge of management further by learning about strategy and management. You will gain an understanding of research methods, theory, data analysis and your own research into a project of your choice. The programme aims to support reflection and empowerment for the professional working in the field of education.

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
M.Phil. Children and Young People

Studying for a PhD or MPhil is a truly challenging and deeply rewarding experience, and Swansea University provides an excellent environment in which to pursue your research studies.

M.A. Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy

This intellectually demanding professional development MA is designed to support you in becoming a more reflective teacher or youth/ community/performance sports coach, using intensive, compressed teaching time combined with flexible off-site guided learning to fit around your work in a school or youth sport setting.

Faculty of Education and Sport
M.Sc. Technology Enhanced Learning

Technology is increasingly a key element in effective education and training. The web, mobile devices, interactive white boards, Virtual Learning Environments, blogging, wikis and email are tools that you may be able to use in your teaching. But how effective are they at supporting learning? New pedagogical models such as massively open online courses (MOOCs), learning analytics where data is used to analyse and improve learning, and rhizomatic learning are all explained and critically examined.

M.A. Education: Learning, Pedagogy and Assessment

The MA Education: Learning, Pedagogy and Assessment programme from University of East Anglia is for those with a broad professional interest in all sectors of education. The course will help you achieve a critically reflective but practical understanding of current issues and debates about pedagogy and learning within and beyond specific subjects, key educational trends and policies in the UK and globally, and educational research.

School of Education and Life Long Learning
M.A. Dental Education

This innovative, flexible course combines study days with supported online learning, and has a unique focus on the development of dental educators and their teams.

Faculty of Health & Social Sciences
M.A. Comparative Education

This MA, one of the few specialist comparative programmes in the UK, provides a rigorous multidisciplinary grounding in the comparative analysis of education and society. It is designed for anyone working or intending to work in education who wishes to understand education in a global context.

Institute of Education
M.A. Graphic Design

The MA in Graphic Design offers continuing or recent graduates from creative design degree programmes an opportunity to enhance their knowledge, skills, creativity and employment prospects through imaginatively exploring Graphic Design platforms and processes. The expectation is that you will seek to enter the sector into roles such as a graphic designer, art director, graphic artist, graphic product developer or advertiser, or develop proposals for further postgraduate research.

MBA Education

This is one of the longest established MBA Education courses in the UK. It is designed to serve the needs of middle, senior and aspiring managers in local authorities, schools, FE colleges, universities, Learning and Skills Councils, and related public and private sector organisations.

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
M.A. International Education and Development

Education at Sussex is ranked 11th in the UK in the 2008 Research Assessment Exercise (RAE). 85 per cent of research is rated as internationally recognised or higher. Education was awarded a very high grade in the latest QAA Review of Education.

Postgrad.Cert. Secondary Education

Teaching is an important and increasingly popular choice for a rewarding career. Being a teacher is about developing relationships with your pupils and inspiring them to learn. Secondary teachers work with children between the ages of 11 and 18. Teaching is a rewarding profession in more ways than one, offering fantastic career prospects and development opportunities.

School of Education
Postgrad.Cert. Design and Technology Education

This course is for people with a passion to teach design and technology but need to develop their skills and knowledge before going into the classroom. If you have completed a degree in a subject that doesn't quite match the PGCE Design and Technology entry criteria, this DfE Teaching Agency approved course enables you to develop the broad range of skills and knowledge needed to teach this diverse and exciting subject.

M.Ed. Autism

The University's multi-professional programme in Autism is a first in Scotland. It supports and promotes appropriate and effective practice and is open to a range of health, care and education professionals working in the field of autism.

Postgrad.Cert. Secondary Education Music

The Middlesex PGCE Secondary Music course is one year full-time. It equips you to inspire pupils through the use of engaging interactive workshops, lectures and structured debates. You receive personal attention through regular tutor visits to school placements and individual tutorials. Schools are carefully selected to suit individuals and expose them to imaginative and thought provoking teaching and learning strategies.

School of Health and Education
M.A. International Child Studies

The International Child Studies MA is a multidisciplinary programme designed to promote a rigorous academic approach to contemporary issues in childhood, underpinned by a children’s rights framework. By taking a sociological perspective we encourage you to examine children’s experiences, the ways in which childhood is socially and culturally constructed, and to reflect on international policy and practice.

Faculty of Social Science & Public Policy
M.A. International Education and Globalisation

This International Education and Globalisation programme at the University of Bath will give you an unparalleled opportunity to study international education and globalisation, as they intersect, at masters level.

Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences
M.A. Post Production Editing

A theoretical grounding in topics such as narrative and storytelling underpins technical training in the latest software and hardware, which will give you the tools to turn your ideas into reality. You will also be encouraged to develop critical perspectives on the changing media industry and to challenge current practice, developing the analytical skills required to reflect, learn and grow as a successful editor.

Faculty of Media and Communication
Master Postgraduate Certificate in Education (Mathematics)

The department works in close partnership with schools in designing, delivering and assessing our programme. You will have the opportunity to work with tutors who are actively engaged in research and are encouraged to take a critical view of policies and practice.

Faculty of Social Science & Public Policy
M.Sc. Education Practice and Innovation

The central theme of this programme focuses on innovation across Lifelong and Work-related learning sectors. There are two broad strands covered: i) policy and innovative practice and ii) research and theoretical perspectives.

Master Education (Research Training)

The MSc Education (Research Training) introduces you to the range of tools and concepts that are necessary in educational research and provides you with the knowledge and abilities to undertake your own research and to evaluate the research of others.

Postgrad.Cert. Medical Education Practice

This Medical Education Practice (PG Cert), Bangor University has been designed to meet the local, regional and national needs in developing the knowledge, skills and competencies of clinical educators and learning facilitators working in health and related clinical services. It will provide a framework in which clinical educators can critically review and develop theoretical perspectives and practical skills in facilitating their students / trainees experience.

School of Medical Sciences
M.A. Advanced Child Protection

The Advanced Child Protection MA is a distance learning programme which runs on a part-time basis for two or more years. The programme is for experienced professionals and is fully accredited by the University of Kent.

School of Social Policy, Sociology and Social Research
M.Sc. Educational Leadership

The MEd in Educational Studies at Queen's University Belfast offers flexibility through a wide choice of modules dealing with current issues in education, - from Action Research to Leadership and from Assessment to Autism. This diversity is particularly appreciated by teachers and educational professionals who want to learn across a range of areas, rather than focusing on one definitive topic.

School of Education
M.A. Specific Learning Difficulties

Our Programme is led by highly qualified tutors with specialist experience who have close links to our Centre for Inclusive Education and Special Educational Needs. The Programme Leader has co-authored the two core texts on dyslexia which have been adopted by several universities and dyslexia providers, both nationally and internationally.

M.A. Education

The MA Education programme is designed for practising teachers, educators and others with a personal or professional interest in the field of education. The programme aims to provide opportunities for engagement with the key theories, concepts and ideas in education. The structure of the programme is flexible enough to meet the needs of those seeking to develop a more academic understanding of the field and those aspiring to develop their practise through critical reflection.The programme will help practitioners to adopt best practise, promote innovation and manage change.

Faculty of Education
M.A. Education - Leadership and Management

The Master of Arts in Education - Leadership and Management offered by Oxford Brookes University is for experienced teachers, lecturers and educational managers and other professionals in all phases of education (primary, secondary, further and higher education). It is designed for those working in training and professional development to gain an award focused on leadership and management.

School of Education
Postgrad.Cert. Post-16 and Further Education (Special Educational Needs)

Become a qualified teacher in special educational needs for the post-16 and further education, with bursaries of up to £9,000 available. The course maps to the national framework for post-16 and further education teaching qualifications and leads to QTLS status. You complete six modules and a minimum of 120 hours of lead teaching, either in your place of work or in a placement that we arrange for you.

M.A. Multilingualism, Linguistics and Education

Multilingualism, Linguistics and Education, Goldsmiths, University of London - This new MA is a unique combination of linguistics and educational studies. It provides a solid understanding of the theoretical and practical issues that arise in multilingual and intercultural educational settings.

Department of English and Comparative Literature
Postgrad.Cert. PGCE (Secondary) - Drama

This exciting and demanding programme focuses on theatre as an art form in its own right, and on ways in which the process of drama making can educate in the broader sense - by promoting the personal, moral, social, spiritual and cultural development of all pupils.

Department of Educational Studies
M.Sc. Advanced Social Work Studies

The MSc in Advanced Social Work Studies will allow you to engage with advanced level social work theory and develop the knowledge base and enquiry skills required to understand and contribute to 21st century social work.

School of Education and Social Work
M.A. Children's Literature

Now running for over twenty five years, the MA in Children’s Literature is recognised internationally as a benchmark programme in the field and is delivered by the award-winning National Centre of Research in Children’s Literature.

M.Ed. Education with Curriculum Development

This programme is designed for international students, with the opportunity to focus upon one key aspect of the education system. Continuing professional development for education and training practitioners is important for the ongoing improvement of the learning environment for all in educational settings.

M.A. Advanced Educational Practice

Advanced Educational Practice MA, University College London (UCL) has been developed to enable participants to reflect on their own practice, taking a professional academic approach. The programme’s presentation is either fully online for individual students or mixed mode for those joining an MA school-based cohort group (minimum of 20 participants).

Institute of Education
Postgrad.Cert. Educational Leadership and Management

This course develops your knowledge and practice of human resource management and decision making in educational settings. The programme aims to support reflection and empowerment for the professional working in the field of education.

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
Postgrad.Cert. Academic Practice (PgCert)

The PgCert in Academic Practice provides a route for academic staff to demonstrate fulfilment of the UK Professional Standards Framework for teaching and supporting learning in higher education.

School of Education
M.Sc. Young People, Social Inclusion & Change

The Young People, Social Inclusion & Change programme at the University of Glasgow introduces the key issues and decision-making processes that impact on young people’s lives across contexts including education, leisure, training and the labour market, housing and household information.

School of Education
Postgrad.Cert. Careers Guidance and Development

With placement opportunities available, this Careers Guidance and Development programme from University of the West of Scotland, which achieved 100% overall satisfaction in the Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey 2015, qualifies you to work as a career guidance practitioner.

School of Social Sciences
M.A. Mathematics Education

The Mathematics Education MA study programme will enhance your theoretical and partial understanding of the study of Mathematics in Education. You will study a combination of required and optional modules that will advance your critical understanding and professional expertise.

Faculty of Social Science & Public Policy
M.Ed. Enhanced Educational Practice

The MEd Enhanced Educational Practice from University of the West of Scotland is an innovative, flexible, modular programme tailored to the needs of the individual student. Using practical, task-oriented material and activities, a strong emphasis is placed on research to encourage sound critical reflection.

School of Education
M.Ed. Inclusive Practice

The Inclusive Practice programme is available both as online study and through face-to-face delivery. A central feature of the course is the use of collaborative enquiry as a tool for creating new knowledge and transforming practice, by synthesising literature, personal and professional reflection and practice.

College of Arts and Social Sciences
Pre-Master Postgraduate Pathway: Education

Cambridge Ruskin International College (CRIC) is an Associate College of Anglia Ruskin University providing an excellent opportunity to enter UK higher education. CRIC is designed to deliver educational pathways and support services in an environment that encourages students to achieve excellence in their studies.

Cambridge Ruskin International College
M.Phil. Education (Psychology and Education)

This route is intended for applicants who have a background or strong interest in education, have undertaken some previous study of developmental and/or educational psychology, perhaps within their first degree, and now wish to develop their knowledge in this area further. The route offers a well-rounded introduction to areas of psychology relevant to the study of children's development, learning and education, together with more advanced routes examining psychological approaches to particular topics within education. At the end of the route, participants are required to devise and carry out their own research projects on topics in which they have brought or developed a particular interest.

M.A. Educational Practice

This part-time course will further develop your professional knowledge, skills and understanding of teaching and learning within the context of today’s schools and other educational facilities.