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Computer sciences and IT degrees focus on developing the theoretical foundation for information and computer systems as well as the application of those foundations. Computer science students can pursue a broad area of specialisations, in the fields of artificial intelligence, computer networks, IT security, information databases, web technologies, graphics and multimedia, and more.

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The moment you will step into a UK university campus, you will feel you have entered a fairy tale. The UK campuses are mesmerizing and the student facilities are outstanding. All the modern and unique features of British universities enable you to engage in ground-breaking research and experience top quality teaching and learning.

956 Computer Science & IT Master's degrees in United Kingdom

M.B.A. Online Master of Business Administration - Data Analytics

In this day and age, data is very easy to gather and store; it’s knowing what to do with it that presents an obstacle. Studies have shown that one in three business leaders do not know how to transform their data into meaningful intelligence, according to IBM ‘The Four V's of Big Data’. The online Master of Business Administration - Data Analytics at Nottingham Trent University Online is designed to help you unlock that ability, without having to set foot on campus.

M.Sc. Networks and Security

The Networks and Security programme from the University of Kent provides a broad coverage of computer networks, computer security and mobile device technologies. It looks in depth at some of the security issues that fixed and wireless networks are subject to, and the current solutions employed to address these problems.

M.Sc. Advanced Computer Science

This flexible course offers a largely free choice of modules from our range of Advanced Masters programmes. It is likely to appeal to computing graduates whose interests span more than one specialism and/or those seeking the freedom to explore a wide variety of advanced topics. Depending on the options chosen, this course can serve as a springboard for employment or research

M.Sc. Computer Security

Computer Security remains a hot topic in the media and there is strong demand for graduates with technical skills in this area. The programme from the University of Kent addresses computer and information security holistically because vulnerability in any one component can compromise an entire system.

M.Sc. Information Systems and Management

This mid-career Master's degree in Information Systems and Management offered by Birkbeck, University of London - School of Business, Economics and Informatics is designed for those with a degree in information systems, computing or management; or those with extensive experience in the use of information systems in organisations, or the management of IT.

Postgraduate courses
M.A. 3D Design for Virtual Environments PgD

The MA / PgD 3D Design for Virtual Environments programme from Glasgow Caledonian University enables you to develop advanced skills, knowledge and understanding within the field of 3D visualisation and computer based animation. The programme focuses on current industrial 3D expertise in 3D modelling and animation, digital video production and digital media integration techniques to your existing skill set.

M.Sc. Bioinformatics with Systems Biology

This specialist postgraduate degree provides you with high-quality postgraduate training in bioinformatics. The Master Programme in Bioinformatics with Systems Biology is offered by the Birkbeck, University of London - School of Business, Economics and Informatics.

Postgraduate courses
M.Eng. Computer Science with Artificial Intelligence (Integrated Masters)

This four-year degree in MEng Computer Science with Artificial Intelligence (Integrated Masters) from University of Southampton will help you to build on a thorough grounding in computer science, allowing you the opportunity to specialise and gain a greater understanding of the practical industrial applications of artificial intelligence.

Electronics and Computer Science
M.Sc. Software Engineering

The one year MSc Software Engineering degree at University of Southampton will allow you to broaden your skills in traditional and contemporary software development with opportunities to study specialist subjects such as computer vision, critical systems, cryptography, distributed computing systems, e-business, intelligent agents, model checking and multimedia.

Electronics and Computer Science
M.Eng. Computer Science (Integrated Masters)

This four-year MEng Computer Science (Integrated Masters) from University of Southampton prepares for the next generation of systems and software by giving the opportunity to study complexity theory, social media technology and biologically inspired robotics. 

Electronics and Computer Science
Pre-Master Graduate Diploma in Informatics - Business, Law and Social Sciences Pathway

The Graduate Diploma in Informatics - Business, Law and Social Sciences pathway course offered by City, University of London offers preparation for master's degrees in areas such as information science, e-business systems, and library science. The Graduate Diploma combines academic study, intensive English language teaching and study skills to prepare you for entry into a university master's degree.

Postgraduate Diploma Postgraduate Diploma in Advanced Networking

The online Postgraduate Diploma in Advanced Networking at The Open University UK teaches students how to install and configure networks by providing certified Cisco training. The Master’s degree equips you with the skills to design, test and assess data communication networks, and understand internet protocols. Specialise in network security, multilayer switching, or network optimisation.

M.Sc. Advanced Internetwork Engineering

If you're already a successful networking professional who wants to advance your career to the next level, this unique one-year master's programme is designed for you. The Advanced Internetwork Engineering programme is offered by the Glasgow Caledonian University.

Department of Computer, Communications & Interactive Systems
M.Sc. Systems Thinking in Practice

The Online M.Sc. in Systems Thinking in Practice at The Open University UK teaches how various systems are used in manufacturing, IT and science function. The Master helps you explore different ways to solve diverse tasks in operating earth systems interaction, or computer networking functions. Specialise in forensic engineering, technological innovation and environmental responsibility.

M.Sc. Big Data Technologies

Big data techniques are revolutionising how organisations and industries acquire and analyse data, offering valuable insights into how people live, work, play, travel, shop and exercise. The Big Data Technologies programme is offered by the Glasgow Caledonian University.  

M.Sc. Computational Finance

The MSc Computational Finance from University of Essex equips you with the core concepts and mathematical principles of modern quantitative finance, plus the operational skills to use computational packages (mainly Matlab) for financial modelling.

Centre for Computational Finance and Economic Agents
Pre-Master Qualifying Programme in Engineering

The Master’s Qualifying Programme in Engineering is available as a one, two or three-term programme, with guaranteed progression to a wide range of Master’s degrees at Coventry University. You will study your Master's programme at our state-of-the-art Centre located at the heart of the Coventry University campus.

M.Sc. Computing

The online M.Sc. in Computing at The Open University UK offers an understanding of the emerging computer science trends and teaches you how to create software applications for a wide range of purposes. The Master’s degree integrates courses in information security, software engineering, and data management. Learn to develop innovative technology management solutions.

M.Sc. River Basin Dynamics and Management with Geographical Information Systems

River basins are of fundamental importance to the world’s population. Research training in water dynamics and management are demanded by both industry and academia. The University has a world-class reputation for water-related research and GIS development in an environmental context. This River Basin Dynamics and Management with Geographical Information Systems programme at University of Leeds builds on that success.

M.Sc. Advanced Computer Science

The MSc Advanced Computer Science from University of Essex provides you with the flexibility to master the areas of computing that interest and excite you most.

School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering
M.Sc. Web Technology

The Web is a foundational technology for the digital economy, including the architecture and services that support a mobile infrastructure of social networks and big data services. This Web Technology masters degree at University of Southampton is aimed at enabling you to further your specialist knowledge of Web Technology.

Electronics and Computer Science
M.Sc. Wireless Communications

The MSc Wireless Communications degree at University of Southampton explores the technologies that are transforming our communications systems. This one year intensive course includes core and optional modules in digital coding and transmission, radio communications engineering, signal processing, wireless and mobile networks and cryptography.

Electronics and Computer Science
M.Sc. Advanced Networking

The Online M.Sc. in Advanced Networking at The Open University UK provides insights into network security and the hardware that is the foundation of the internet. The Master’s degree includes vocational modules, such as Cisco Certified Network Professional and a specialisation in digital forensics. Students develop online tools for configuring networks and research advancements in computing.

M.Sc. Geographical Information Systems

The Geographical Information Systems (Online) innovative programme at University of Leeds combines expertise from the universities of Leeds and Southampton, both renowned for their Geographic Information Systems (GIS) teaching and research. It builds on the University of Leeds’ considerable experience in successfully delivering taught Masters programmes in GIS and draws on the University of Southampton’s expertise in teaching GIS in non-traditional settings.

M.Sc. Computing

The MSc in Computing at University of Dundee is perfect for students looking to develop upon their previous computing-based qualifications from courses such as Computing, Information Technology, Information Systems, Software Engineering or related disciplines. 

School of Computing
Pre-Master Engineering and Sciences

The Master’s Foundation Programme in Engineering and Sciences is available as a one, two or three-term programme, with guaranteed progression* to a wide range of Master’s degrees at the University of Sunderland. You will study your Foundation programme at our state-of-the-art Centre located at the heart of the University of Sunderland City campus.

M.A. Digital Media Management

How can designers, managers, entrepreneurs and scholars keep pace with the rapidly changing field of digital media and web design? This Digital Media Management programme is offered by Birkbeck, University of London - School of Business, Economics and Informatics.

Postgraduate courses
M.Res. Advanced Spatial Analysis and Visualisation

The MRes in Advanced Spatial Analysis and Visualisation at UCL Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (CASA) started in September 2011. The course is designed to reflect the latest developments in spatial data analysis and visualisation reflecting CASA's reputation in the fields of geographic, urban and architectural information systems. This innovative course provides an exciting opportunity to study at UCL with an MRes acting as a pathway to a PhD or further career in Advanced Spatial Analysis and Visualisation (ASAV).

The Bartlett Development Planning Unit
M.Sc. Cyber Security

Risks emerging from the cyber-sphere are a global and national concern, so studies in cyber security are critical within industry and government. The MSc in Cyber Security at University of Gloucestershire gives focus to the strategic deployment and implementation of cyber security strategies.

M.Sc. Animation and VFX

This course gives animators, artists, designers and those with associated experience an opportunity to apply and extend their skills and discourse within both animation and VFX.The Animation and VFX programme is offered by the University of Dundee. 

Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design
M.Sc. Advanced Computing Technologies

This is a specialised programme of study of advanced computing technologies, data science and data analytics focusing on areas of expertise and research specialisation within the Department of Computer Science and Information Systems. The Master Programme in Advanced Computing Technologies is offered by the Birkbeck, University of London - School of Business, Economics and Informatics. 

Postgraduate courses
M.Sc. Data Science

Data science is an emerging new area of science. With City, University of London's MSc in Data Science you can develop the skills and knowledge to analyse data in many forms and communicate insights.

School of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences
M.Sc. Business Analytics

Gain in-depth knowledge of analytical and predictive modelling skills as well as management, communication and research skills.  The Master Degree in Business Analytics is offered by Kent Business School.

Kent Business School
M.A. Multimedia Journalism

Join a global effort to inform and connect people round the world through Scotland's leading journalism master's programme - GCU's MA Multimedia Journalism. The Multimedia Journalism programme is offered at Glasgow Caledonian University.

Department of Social Sciences, Media and Journalism
M.A. Digital Media

The Digital Media M.A. course from London Metropolitan University will enable you to take advantage of the dramatic rise in career opportunities within the digital media sector. You’ll learn skills in interactive media content creation, interactive design, digital media production, social media management, digital media project management and much more.

Faculty of Computing
M.Sc. Big Data and Text Analytics

The sheer volume of this information means that traditional stand-alone applications are no longer suitable to process and analyse this data. The MSc Big Data and Text Analytics course from University of Essex equips you with the knowledge to contribute to this rapidly emerging area.

School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering
M.Sc. Cloud Computing

The computing industry's next decade will be dominated by advances in cloud computing. That's because today's businesses increasingly prefer cloud computing platforms for powerful, flexible IT infrastructures. The Cloud Computing programme is offered by the Glasgow Caledonian University.  

M.Sc. Design and Digital Media

The MSc in Design and Digital Media from The University of Edinburgh is a unique programme of study that addresses the growing need for professional education in digital technology applied to design, including its social, cultural and philosophical implications.

Edinburgh College of Art
M.Sc. Information Systems Management

Gain a competitive advantage as an IT professional and open up management opportunities that are in high demand worldwide with this first fully online masters in Information Systems Management accredited by BCS,The Chartered Institute for IT.

M.Sc. Project Management (Information Technology)

Advance your career as an expert leader of complex IT projects with this fully online MSc in Project Management with a specialisation in Information Technology. Focusing on real-world contemporary information systems applications, this degree will provide you with both a theoretical framework for successful management of modern Information Systems/Information Technology projects and the tools and techniques for implementation.

M.Sc. Health Informatics

Healthcare demand is exceeding supply worldwide and there is a need for radical solutions. Innovative IT approaches are transforming healthcare. Health providers and leading multinationals are investing massively in technology and demand for qualified health informatics professionals is high. This Health Informatics programme is offered by The University of Leeds.

Leeds Institute of Health Sciences
M.Sc. Software Engineering

Equip yourself for success in software – one of the fastest growing areas of IT – with this fully online masters degree. Benefit from a balanced approach covering both general management in an IT context and specific software- and IT-related knowledge as you interact with international IT professionals in a dynamic online environment.

M.Sc. Data Science, Technology and Innovation

The Data Science, Technology and Innovation programme offered by The University of Edinburgh  is designed to fully equip tomorrow’s data professionals, offering different entry points into the world of data science – across the sciences, medicine, arts and humanities.

College of Medicine & Veterinary Medicine
M.Sc. Bioinformatics

Bioinformatics is about the application of computer-based approaches to understanding biological processes. Our programme will introduce you to the current methods used to interpret the vast amounts of data generated by modern high-throughput technologies. The Bioinformatics programme is offered at The University of Edinburgh.

School of Biological Sciences
M.Sc. Data Analytics

On the Data Analytics M.Sc. from London Metropolitan University, you'll be introduced to subjects including data mining, statistical modelling, business intelligence and data visualisation. The course has been developed with direct input from industry experts who’ll present you with real-life business cases as part of your work-related learning.

Faculty of Life Sciences and Computing
M.Sc. Cyber Security

This MSc in Cyber Security at University of Southampton is specifically designed to give students a well-rounded, multi-disciplinary view of the subject area, embracing not only the technical subjects, but also aspects of criminology, risk management, law and social sciences. 

Electronics and Computer Science
M.Sc. Computer Science

The M.Sc. In Computer Science at Middlesex University covers key topics such as software systems techniques, web applications, computer graphics and will enhance students’ critical and time-management skills. This Master’s course offers you the chance to work on both group and individual projects. You will receive excellent training in software development.

Preparation Course Access to Computing (Level 3) Programme

This course suits those interested in progressing on to study a computing and information technology course at university, but who do not yet have the required qualifications. This Access to Computing (Level 3) Programme is offered by Lewisham and Southwark College.

M.Sc. Cyber Security

The University of Liverpool Online MSc in Cyber Security is a specialist qualification in one of the most essential and in-demand areas of IT. This programme offers you the opportunity to gain a comprehensive and critical understanding of the theory and techniques of contemporary cyber security, and how to apply these in response to real-world business problems.

M.Sc. Big Data Analytics

The University of Liverpool Online MSc in Big Data Analytics is designed to provide you with the skills to capitalise on the potential of big data and analytics to transform business decision-making and planning. Read more at

M.Sc. Information Technology

Gain a competitive advantage with a fully online masters degree – accredited by BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT – preparing you for a wide range of senior IT management roles. Learn the latest trends in IT and customise your degree to fit your career aspirations as you connect across the globe with a diverse cohort of international IT professionals.

M.Sc. Data Science

This one year MSc Data Science degree at University of Southampton prepares you to become a proficient data scientist, building core areas of expertise, from the ability to operate high-performance computing clusters and cloud-based infrastructures, to devising and applying sophisticated Big Data analytics techniques.

Electronics and Computer Science
M.Sc. Systems and Synthetic Biology

The Master of Science in Systems and Synthetic Biology at The University of Edinburgh teaches students about the primary design principles and the biotechnology tools used in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Some of the courses the Master’s programme covers are in the information of processing in biological cells, practical systems, tools for synthetic biology, and more.

School of Biological Sciences
M.Sc. Big Data Analytics

Every day, 2.5 quintillion (2,500 followed by 15 zeros) bytes of data are created, and 90% of the data in the world today has been generated in the last two years. As a consequence, the ability to identify and obtain intelligence from big data requires a set of skills which is increasingly in demand. The Big Data Analytics programme is delivered by University of Derby.

University of Derby Engineering and Technology College
M.Res. Computer Music

The future of the music industry lies with computer technology – and what we can do with that technology. It affects how we create, perform and distribute music. Whether you’re a practising musician, a sound engineer or a professional looking to combine your background and passion for music, we’ll help you explore key concepts at the heart of music, science and technology.