Study Computer Science & IT in United Kingdom

Study Computer Science & IT in United Kingdom

Studying Computer Science & IT

Computer sciences and IT degrees focus on developing the theoretical foundation for information and computer systems as well as the application of those foundations. Computer science students can pursue a broad area of specialisations, in the fields of artificial intelligence, computer networks, IT security, information databases, web technologies, graphics and multimedia, and more.

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Studying in United Kingdom

The UK has one of the most cosmopolitan societies within Europe and you will study with people from all over the world. The variety of universities and degrees is broad and degrees will be accepted worldwide.

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947 Computer Science & IT Master's degrees in United Kingdom

M.Sc. Digital Media Technology (DMT)

The programme in Digital Media Technology (DMT) at EIT Digital Master School focuses on enabling technologies for digital media systems, including technologies for analysing media, generating interactive media, processing and coding, optimising wired and wireless transfer, and distributing digital 3D contents.

M.Sc. Web Sciences and Big Data

Become a sought-after web sciences and big data professional, ready to take on key management positions in these rapidly expanding areas that are transforming private and public sectors around the world.

MBA Master of Business Administration - Data Analytics

In this day and age, data is very easy to gather and store; it’s knowing what to do with it that presents an obstacle. Studies have shown that one in three business leaders do not know how to transform their data into meaningful intelligence, according to IBM ‘The Four V's of Big Data’. The online Master of Business Administration - Data Analytics at Nottingham Trent University Online is designed to help you unlock that ability, without having to set foot on campus.

M.Sc. Human Computer Interaction and Design (HCID)

The programme in Human Computer Interaction and Design (HCID) at EIT Digital Master School focuses on study, design, development and evaluation of novel user interfaces and interactive systems taking into account human aspects, at the cognitive and sensory-motor levels, technological aspects, as well as business aspects.

M.Sc. Data Science

The MSc Data Science programme from the University of Southampton prepares you to become a proficient data scientist, developing your specialist knowledge in subjects that are crucial for mastering the vast and ever-so-complex information landscape that is characteristic to modern, digitally empowered organisations.

Electronics and Computer Science
M.Sc. Digital Creative Media

This Digital Creative Media programme conducted at Loughborough University London is aimed at building your knowledge and developing expertise in a range of digital creative media topics, to be able to help understand, design and develop creative media applications which are growing in popularity including smart phone applications.

Institute for Digital Technologies
M.Sc. Software Development

The increased complexity of software systems and the dependence of many organisations on reliable computing systems stress the need for skilled software developers equipped with the knowledge and techniques to become the professionals at the leading edge of their field.

M.Sc. Big Data and Text Analytics

The sheer volume of this information means that traditional stand-alone applications are no longer suitable to process and analyse this data. The MSc Big Data and Text Analytics course from University of Essex equips you with the knowledge to contribute to this rapidly emerging area.

School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering
M.Sc. Data Science

Data science is an emerging new area of science. With City, University of London's MSc in Data Science you can develop the skills and knowledge to analyse data in many forms and communicate insights.

School of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences
M.Sc. E-Business Management (e-BM)

The MSc in E-Business Management (e-BM) from WMG University of Warwick has been designed for those who wish to operate effectively in the e-business environment and manage either the transformation of existing business processes or creation of new e-business activity.

WMG, International Manufacturing Centre
M.Sc. Computer Science

Computer Science influences every aspect of modern life and is one of the fastest-moving academic disciplines. It contributes to everything from the efficiency of financial markets to film and TV graphics and has a huge impact on both economic competitiveness and human wellbeing.

School of Science and Technology
MRes Advanced Spatial Analysis and Visualisation

The MRes in Advanced Spatial Analysis and Visualisation at UCL Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (CASA) started in September 2011. The course is designed to reflect the latest developments in spatial data analysis and visualisation reflecting CASA's reputation in the fields of geographic, urban and architectural information systems. This innovative course provides an exciting opportunity to study at UCL with an MRes acting as a pathway to a PhD or further career in Advanced Spatial Analysis and Visualisation (ASAV).

The Bartlett Development Planning Unit
M.Sc. Data Science

The information we extract from data is an invaluable resource for business and wealth creation in general, and London is at the heart of this. This Data Science programme is offered by the University of East London.

Arts and Digital Industries
M.Sc. High-Performance Graphics and Games Engineering

By studying the High-Performance Graphics and Games Engineering course at the University of Leeds you’ll be well placed to join one of the most performance-driven applications of computer science – the multi-billion pound global games industry.

Faculty of Engineering
MA / MFA Design Informatics - MFA

The Design Informatics - MFA programme at The University of Edinburgh lets you reinvent your craft, deepening your design and art expertise while working with informaticians. Our advanced programmes, for professionals and recent graduates, are hands-on, progressive and designed with industry at their heart.

School of Design
M.Sc. Digital Composition and Performance

In this dynamic Digital Composition and Performance programme at The University of Edinburgh you’ll build on your existing musical skills and develop a greater understanding of the theories and techniques of digital composition and performance.

Reid School of Music
M.Sc. Advanced Software Engineering

The Advanced Software Engineering MSc at the University of Westminster is a newly redesigned course that enables graduates enable students to extend their knowledge of, and gain valuable experience in, software engineering as it applies to a number of new and important areas of IT and computing.

Faculty of Science and Technology
M.Sc. Geographical Information Systems

The Geographical Information Systems (Online) innovative programme at University of Leeds combines expertise from the universities of Leeds and Southampton, both renowned for their Geographic Information Systems (GIS) teaching and research. It builds on the University of Leeds’ considerable experience in successfully delivering taught Masters programmes in GIS and draws on the University of Southampton’s expertise in teaching GIS in non-traditional settings.

M.Sc. Advanced Networking

This masters degree course consists of a Postgraduate Diploma in Advanced Networking and an MSc dissertation. The final MSc dissertation module draws together the knowledge and skills you have gained, in a research-based project. Professionals in IT and related fields will benefit from the completion of a dissertation, helping them to develop the skills required for systematically addressing problems in their own organisations.

M.Sc. Software Engineering

Equip yourself for success in software – one of the fastest growing areas of IT – with this fully online masters degree. Benefit from a balanced approach covering both general management in an IT context and specific software- and IT-related knowledge as you interact with international IT professionals in a dynamic online environment.

M.Sc. Information Systems Management

Information systems have quickly become an essential part of society, driving business, industry and public services. The ability to manage and understand information systems is now viewed as one of the most important business skills of the future. Today, those with an information systems education are typically recruited as business systems analysts, management consultants and IT directors.

M.Sc. Health Informatics

Healthcare demand is exceeding supply worldwide and there is a need for radical solutions. Innovative IT approaches are transforming healthcare. Health providers and leading multinationals are investing massively in technology and demand for qualified health informatics professionals is high. The Health Informatics course is offered by University of Leeds.

Faculty of Medicine and Health
M.Sc. Web Technology

Develop an understanding of the current and emerging technologies that support web-based software systems by studying MSc Web Technology at University of Southampton. Since the inception of the web, there have been two major developments: social and collaborative applications, and the semantic web. You will explore these through core modules, web technology and your own social and collaborative websites.

Electronics and Computer Science
M.Sc. Cyber Security and Management (CSM)

The MSc in Cyber Security and Management (CSM) from WMG University of Warwick is designed for those wishing to develop a career as a cyber security professional, or to take a leading technical or managerial role in an organisation critically dependent upon data and information communication technology. It is suitable for those from a computer science or information technology education background or courses with a significant component of either. Work experience will also be considered.

WMG, International Manufacturing Centre
M.Sc. Advanced Computer Science

The MSc Advanced Computer Science from University of Essex provides you with the flexibility to master the areas of computing that interest and excite you most.

School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering
M.Sc. Project Management (Information Technology)

Advance your career as an expert leader of complex IT projects with this fully online MSc in Project Management with a specialisation in Information Technology. Focusing on real-world contemporary information systems applications, this degree will provide you with both a theoretical framework for successful management of modern Information Systems/Information Technology projects and the tools and techniques for implementation.

M.Sc. Cyber Security and Big Data

Through this Cyber Security and Big Data programme at Loughborough University London you will have the opportunity to engage with the very latest Cyber Security principles, practices, tools, and techniques through practical application analysing and evaluating problems and responding to challenges in real time.

Institute for Digital Technologies
M.Sc. Computing

With the ability to carry out an independent research-based project, backed up with a wide range of industry relevant modules, the MSc in Computing allows you to showcase your abilities. You start by studying taught modules, either taking a flexible route so you can choose from our wide choice of industry relevant modules or following a more focused route in a specialist area.

M.Sc. Cyber Security Engineering (CSE)

Cyber Security Engineering (CSE) course from WMG University of Warwick is designed for those wishing to develop a career as a cyber security professional, or to take a leading technical role in an organisation critically dependent upon data and information communication technology. It is suitable for those from a computer science or information technology education background.

WMG, International Manufacturing Centre
M.Sc. Digital Brand Marketing

90% of all marketing roles require some digital marketing experience or analytical skills (McKinley Partners, 2016). The marketing environment has changed and digital skills are now key to success in the global market. Update your skills set through the critical examination of today’s digital environment with a specific focus on the impact of technology on brand and consumer engagement. The Digital Brand Marketing programme is offered at Glasgow Caledonian University.

Glasgow School for Business and Society
M.Sc. Information Technology

This MSc Information Technology online degree at the University of Derby has been designed to give you the tools and understanding to forge a successful career in IT with the flexibility of online learning, so you don’t need to take a career break to make this happen. You’ll expand your theoretical knowledge with the practical application of research, analysis and decision making.

Online Learning (UDOL)
M.A. Technology and Learning Design

This online Master of Arts in Technology and Learning Design programme aims to give you the skills to design learner-centred programmes that harness, manage and lead technological innovations to deliver the very best cross-cultural learning experience for students. It seeks to equip you with the knowledge and understanding to build a brighter future for your organisation and your community one learner at a time.

Preparation Course Qualifying Programme in Engineering

The Master’s Qualifying Programme in Engineering is available as a one, two or three-term programme, with guaranteed progression* to a wide range of Master’s degrees at Coventry University. You will study your Master's programme at our state-of-the-art Centre located at the heart of the Coventry University campus.

M.Sc. Computer Science and Entrepreneurship

The MSc in Computer Science and Entrepreneurship aims to develop confidence and understanding in the specialist field of entrepreneurship applied to technology that can arise from the new developments in the field of computing.

Computer Science
M.Sc. Computational Finance

The MSc Computational Finance from University of Essex equips you with the core concepts and mathematical principles of modern quantitative finance, plus the operational skills to use computational packages (mainly Matlab) for financial modelling.

Centre for Computational Finance and Economic Agents
M.Sc. Digital Media Design

This innovative Digital Media Design online programme at The University of Edinburgh offers the best of studio-based design learning in an online context.

Edinburgh School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture
M.Eng. Electronic Engineering with Artificial Intelligence (Integrated Master)

The Electronic Engineering with Artificial Intelligence (Integrated Master) at University of Southampton includes the core learning of the BEng Electronic Engineering and MEng Electronic Engineering programmes to give you a thorough grounding in the field. You then have the opportunity to specialise and gain a greater understanding of the practical industrial applications of artificial intelligence.

Electronics and Computer Science
M.Sc. Internet Technologies with Business

Through this Internet Technologies with Business programme at Loughborough University London you will gain business orientated qualification and skill set development based on Internet technologies and have the opportunity for combining Internet technologies with business possibilities that is one of the fastest evolving trends in the world.

Institute for Digital Technologies
M.A. Multimedia Journalism

The MA programme in Multimedia Journalism from the University of Kent teaches multimedia journalism to graduates who are determined to pursue a career in the news industry. You learn to report for newspapers, websites, radio and television in a live newsroom environment. Using state-of-the-art technology and working to real deadlines, you upload your work to the internet.

Centre for Journalism
M.Sc. IT Security Management

Security management is becoming more and more important, with many organisations now employing specialists to protect their information and reputation from risks, threats and crises. This programme will suit you if you are either in or wish to move into a role where you are responsible for the management and deployment of IT security, including infrastructure, policy making, governance and compliance.

M.A. Art & Design (Animation)

This Art & Design (Animation) programme from Cambridge School of Visual and Performing Arts is a new and contemporary MA designed for practitioners who want to work in the cultural and creative industries. Awarded by Kingston University and delivered in partnership with Hearst Magazines (publishers of ELLE magazine, Cosmopolitan, Esquire and Harper’s Bazaar), we have worked together to design an exciting and unique Master's programme which will bring you endless opportunities as you further your studies and career in the creative arts.

M.Sc. Data Science and Analytics

This Data Science and Analytics degree offered by the Royal Holloway University of London, will teach you both the foundational aspects and the practical skills that prepare you for handling and analysing different types of data in different fields.

Faculty of Science
M.Sc. Information Systems

Information Systems at Manchester Metropolitan University is concerned with software (and to a lesser extent hardware) that gathers, stores, processes and manages data and communications within an organisation and is at the heart of any large scale enterprise. The key areas of study are databases, object oriented programming, systems analysis, networks, digital media systems and information systems management and strategy.

Pre-Master Graduate Diploma in Informatics - Science and Engineering

The Graduate Diploma in Informatics - Science and Engineering programme offered by City University London offers preparation for master's degrees in areas such as information science, human-centred systems and computer games technology. The Graduate Diploma combines academic study, intensive English language teaching and study skills to prepare you for entry into a university master's degree.

INTO City University London
M.Sc. Advanced Computer Science

This Advanced Computer Science course is aimed at Computing graduates who wish to specialise further in Computer Science improving their knowledge, understanding, skills and capabilities. Postgraduate courses at Manchester Metropolitan University are concerned with vocational education, and it is anticipated that the majority of MSc graduates will either enter employment (or continue) as IT/Computing professionals, or progress to doctoral work with a probable view to pursuing academic or research careers.

Pre-Master Graduate Diploma in Informatics - Business, Law and Social Sciences Pathway

The Graduate Diploma in Informatics - Business, Law and Social Sciences pathway course offered by City University London offers preparation for master's degrees in areas such as information science, e-business systems, and library science. The Graduate Diploma combines academic study, intensive English language teaching and study skills to prepare you for entry into a university master's degree.

INTO City University London
M.Sc. Data Analytics

Train to become a data analyst in a growing industry by studying techniques such as data mining, statistical modelling, business intelligence and data visualisation. Study on a course which has been developed with direct input from industry experts who will bring real life business case scenarios to you. The Data Analytics course is offered by London Metropolitan University.

Faculty of Life Sciences and Computing
M.Sc. Advanced Chemical Engineering

The Advanced Chemical Engineering programme from Loughborough University addresses recent developments in the global chemical industry by focusing on advancements of information technology and business management skills, including entrepreneurship.

Chemical Engineering
M.Sc. Digital Health

This programme is aimed at Health and Social Care professionals wishing to advance their practice or continue their professional development, by broadening their knowledge and understanding of the digital health technologies and methodologies and their impact on service delivery and person centred approaches to care.The Digital Health programme is offered at Glasgow Caledonian University.

Department of Social Sciences, Media and Journalism
M.Sc. Computing and Information Systems

The MSc Computing and Information Systems from London Metropolitan University is designed for those wishing to pursue a career in industry related to developing complex information systems, processing of enterprise data and controlling business processes to guarantee usability, security, manageability and quality of information services according to the modern standards of the cyber age.

Faculty of Life Sciences and Computing
M.Sc. Advanced Computer Networking

MSc Advanced Computer Networking graduates go on to network design engineer, network architect and systems analyst careers. The programme of study at Glasgow Caledonian University focuses on network technologies, computer networks, routing and switching technologies and hands-on Cisco configuration.

Department of Computer, Communications & Interactive Systems
M.Sc. Software Engineering

Software Engineering is the foundations of the functioning modern world. Many aspects of commerce and industry require well-engineered and reliable software to operate. The The University of Hertfordshire's MSc Software Engineering is designed for computer science graduates and has been popular with those looking to specialise in Software Engineering and progress their career in this direction.

UH Online
M.A. Digital Humanities

MA in Digital Humanities from King's College London brings digital theory and practice to the study of human culture, from history, English and music to museums, digital publishing and beyond. The Digital Humanities combine the practical creation and analysis of digital objects and resources with critical reflection on the new questions, opportunities and ruptures which this provokes.

Faculty of Arts & Humanities
M.Eng. Advanced Software Engineering

Sheffield is the only computer science department in the UK with its own student-run software company, where students hone their skills on real contracts for real clients. We consult with employers to develop our courses. Our guest 'guru' lecturers come from Hewlett Packard, IBM, Microsoft and other global businesses.

Department of Engineering
M.Sc. Information Systems (Integrated)

Information systems (IS) today are large, complex, varied in form and distributed, serving different types of people who use a variety of devices to access information. Specialists who recognise diverse business needs, and have a systematic approach to understanding the impact of technology on organisations, are essential to the success of any IS/IT strategy. Equal in importance to the architectures of systems and the supporting technologies, is the management and delivery of content, whether in the form of data, documents, images and sound.

School of Computing and Engineering
M.A. Animation

MA Animation at University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN) allows practitioners in animation to explore opportunities that cross established boundaries or develop in-depth aspects of practice beyond usual levels. This postgraduate course aims to develop the student's personal philosophies on design with a view to developing a personal area of specialism.

Master Graduate Diploma Computer Science with English for Academic Purposes

This course is for you if you need to improve your language skills and subject knowledge of computing before going on to a Masters course. You improve your English language fluency and academic vocabulary, develop your academic skills, and gain experience of western methods of teaching and learning so that you can progress onto a relevant Masters course in our School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering.

International Academy
M.Sc. Computer Science

The MSc in Computer Science at Oxford Brookes University aims to provide you with a diverse range of skills so that you will be able to produce optimal solutions in complex, multi-discipline projects which are increasingly widespread in industry.

Department of Computing and Communication Technologies
M.Sc. Web and Mobile Development

This Web and Mobile Development programme at the University of the West of Scotland is designed to meet the demands of the increasing use of mobile devices, which are being coupled with cloud computing to provide applications and services to users and enterprises.

School of Engineering and Computing
Postgrad.Dip. Networking Systems Engineering

This course offers you the opportunity to combine a masters degree with a recognised industry qualification. You will investigate the tools and techniques required to develop, maintain and secure the various elements that provide 21st century communications.

Faculty of Arts, Environment & Technology
M.Sc. Embedded Systems (Computer Vision)

Vision is the most useful sense we possess and as such accounts for about 30% of the sensing processing of the brain. The automation of visual processing (ie computer vision) has many applications in the modern world including medical imaging for better diagnosis, surveillance systems to improve security and safety, industrial and domestic robotics plus advanced interfaces for computer games, mobile phones and human-computer interfaces. The possibilities are only limited by our imagination.

Postgrad.Cert. Web Development (2016 Entry)

The commercialisation of the web has led to an increased and sustained demand for skilled web developers. Designed for students without prior experience of computer programming, the PGCert Web Development will equip you with key skills in web development sought by employers.

M.Eng. Electronic and Computer Engineering

MEng Electronic and Computer Engineering aims to develop a strong theoretical background involving the future of electronics, microelectronics and computer systems. It also offers practical aspects, making use of our facilities in electronics, sensors, computer systems, computer networks, signal processing and laboratories.

College of Engineering, Design and Physical Sciences
M.Eng. Mathematics and Computer Science (Pure Maths and Computational Logic)

The Department of Computing at Imperial is one of the largest computing departments in the UK and is a world leader in academic research in computer science. The Joint Mathematics and Computer Science (JMC) programmes are taught jointly by the Department of Computing and the Department of Mathematics. These courses cover the essentials of computer science but with a firm foundation in mathematics.

M.Sc. Data Analytics

Data Analytics increasingly fulfils a crucial role for businesses and organisations in every sector, from cyber security to retail. Our MSc course is on the pulse of recent advancements in the field, enabling you to acquire the comprehensive and advanced knowledge of advanced topics and methods in computer science, mathematics and engineering that is crucial to a future role in ‘big data’.