Study Industrial & Systems Engineering in United Kingdom

Study Industrial & Systems Engineering in United Kingdom

Studying Industrial & Systems Engineering

Industrial and systems engineering is an interdisciplinary field that mixes technical skills with business acumen in order to optimise production processes and improve product quality. Typical industrial engineering degrees include titles such as engineering and management sciences, operations research, supply chain management, risk management and financial engineering, and many more.

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Studying in United Kingdom

The UK has one of the most cosmopolitan societies within Europe and you will study with people from all over the world. The variety of universities and degrees is broad and degrees will be accepted worldwide.

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114 Industrial & Systems Engineering Master's degrees in United Kingdom

M.Sc. Business Analytics: Operational Research and Risk Analysis

Learn how to overcome the major challenges facing industry, business and the public sector today, and influence the decision-making processes of the future. This Business Analytics: Operational Research and Risk Analysis course at Alliance Manchester Business School gives you the cutting edge analytical approaches, methodologies and tools you need to confidently tackle problems and improve outcomes.

M.Sc. System on Chip

Systems in mobile telephones, computers, cars and aircraft are shrinking, with many parts of the design now implemented as a single integrated circuit. This MSc System on Chip course at University of Southampton will enable you to develop the rapidly changing skills that are required to support this.

Electronics and Computer Science
M.Sc. Systems, Control and Signal Processing

The MSc Systems, Control and Signal Processing programme from the University of Southampton has a high mathematical content, and much of the material is strongly computationally based. You will develop strong transferable skills in algorithmic development and programming.

Electronics and Computer Science
M.Sc. E-Learning Technology

At The University of Hertfordshire we have been delivering distance-learning courses since 2004. We understand how people learn online, and you can as well with this Master's degree in e-Learning Technology. The E-Learning Technology course focuses on e-Learning design and development, enabling you to develop applications that are learner-centred.

UH Online
Master Physics with Industrial Placement, MPhys

This Physics with Industrial Placement, MPhys programme at University of Southampton has been introduced this year for students interested in making strong links with industry. Our top students will enter the programme from our MPhys courses at the end of year two.

M.Sc. Advanced Electronic Systems Engineering

The Advanced Electronic Systems Engineering MSc is broad programme in advanced electronics, reflecting the latest developments in telecommunications, embedded systems, instrumentation and control.

School of Engineering and Digital Arts
M.Phil. Mechanical and Systems Engineering

Research Areas MPhil supervision is carried out in four research groups: Bioengineering research Design, manufacture and materials MEMS and sensors Multiphase flow and thermal systems

School of Mechanical and Systems Engineering
M.A. Industrial Relations and Employment Law

The teaching of Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations at Keele has its roots in adult education. It is dedicated to the widest possible access for potential students and was pursuing the system of lifelong learning long before the term became popular.

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
M.Sc. Professional Engineering

The MSc Professional Engineering provides the advanced engineering knowledge and understanding needed to qualify for full chartered engineer (CEng) status, and helps with building the range of practical competences also needed for CEng.

Engineering & Applied Science
Master International Tourism Marketing

Combining our expertise in tourism with our unsurpassed industry connections, this programme opens the doors to a wide range of possible marketing careers in either the public or private tourism sectors.

Master Engineering Business Management (2016 Entry)

Engineers are rarely in a position where their only focus is the engineering. From a very early stage in their careers, engineers need to manage progress and financially control projects within a professional environment. As engineers progress in their careers, they undoubtedly become involved in increasingly complex projects. One aspect of this complexity may result from the technology or technology combinations; however, this is not the only source.

M.Sc. Professional Development (Environmental Health)

The University of the West of England is recognised nationally and internationally as one of the leading centres for education in Environmental Health. This innovative course has been developed for graduates of CIEH accredited undergraduate and postgraduate Environmental Health courses who wish to complete the professional requirements (Professional Practice Portfolio (PPP) and Professional Interview) for registration as an Environmental Health Practitioner (EHP).

M.Sc. Banking and Finance (2016 Entry)

Within our School, a strong team of academics from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds is devoted to research in banking and finance at the forefront of the contemporary research agenda and has a strong publication record in leading economics and finance journals. This experience makes our MSc stand out from courses offered elsewhere. We offer modules in line with the most recent developments in the industry, delivered from an international and multicultural perspective, and specialist modules in the recent financial crises and Islamic banking.

M.Sc. Building Information Modelling (BIM) in Design Construction and Operations

Building Information Modelling (BIM) in Design, Construction and Operations is fast becoming the industry standard approach to designing, analysing, and managing building lifecycle. On this course you will learn a holistic approach to everything from design and construction to maintenance, operation, and sustainability from industry and research experts using state-of-the-art BIM software. You will also benefit from regular talks from BIM experts and close links to the industry and BIM Regional Hub: South West.

M.Eng. Electronic & Electrical Engineering with Business Studies

Electronic & electrical engineering is at the heart of everything we do - from renewable energy and smart grids, to high-speed fibre optic broadband, digital sound and vision, and internet security. Studying electronic and electrical engineering offers all these opportunities and with two million new employees needed in the UK sector by 2020, your career prospects are vast. The course has full accreditation from the Institution of Engineering and Technology on behalf of the Engineering Council which means you can become a ‘chartered engineer’ – a must for most employers.

M.Sc. Advanced Motorsport Engineering

Motorsport is an exacting world that demands total commitment from the designers and engineers who form the backbone of the companies and teams competing in series around the world. Without their skills and expertise drivers and riders don't even get onto the grid. The aim of the Cranfield University postgraduate programme Advanced Motorsport Engineering is to develop your engineering, technical and management expertise.

Transport Systems
M.Sc. Electromagnetic Sensor Networks with Industrial Studies

Electromagnetic sensor networks is an emerging field that will be at the forefront of economic growth and research in the next decade, helping to create a safer world for all. To design electromagnetic sensors networks an advanced knowledge of how the electromagnetic properties of sensors can be described mathematically is required. In addition to the standard Master of Science Electromagnetic Sensor Networks programme, University of Birmingham offers a with Industrial Studies option that includes an industrial placement module

School of Electronic, Electrical and Computer Engineering
M.Sc. Transport Planning

Transport touches everyone's lives. Transport planning is all about finding out how to reconcile today's needs for movement and development with protection and improvement of natural and urban environments. This course provides the necessary academic background to begin or enhance your career in transport planning.

M.Sc. International Tourism Development

The MSc International Tourism Development programme is distinctive in its strong focus on the issues, problems and processes associated with the planning and development of tourist destinations.

Surrey Business School
M.Sc. Process Systems Engineering

The MSc Process Systems Engineering programme will provide you with the skills required for a successful career in the process industries and is aimed at graduates of engineering, science or related disciplines.

Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences
M.Eng. Engineering (Mechanical with Business Finance)

This four-year programme is similar to the equivalent BEng degree, but offers an additional year in which to undertake advanced courses and projects. Applying for the MEng rather than the BEng allows students to fulfil the educational requirement for Chartered Engineer status with a single qualification.

Engineering Sciences
M.Sc. Systems and Control Engineering

This exciting course focuses of the topical areas in the world of systems and control. The course draws on the knowledge of leading experts and active researchers at The City University.

School of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences
M.Sc. Safety and Accident Investigation - Rail Transport (PgDip/ PgCert)

Cranfield University is proud to offer the world’s first full MSc in Safety and Accident Investigation - Rail Transport (PgDip/ PgCert) designed for rail accident investigators. The course is suitable for those with a technical or operational background in railway or safety engineering and management, accident investigators, and those employed by national investigation agencies, operators, regulators, and manufacturers.

Transport Systems
M.Sc. Banking and Finance

Surrey Business School’s academic expertise in banking and finance is at the heart of this Banking and Finance programme, which provides an essential education in the subject. At Surrey Business School, we offer a diverse range of business and management programmes that are fuelled by a common approach: encouraging you to be entrepreneurial and innovative, providing opportunities for you to engage with real-world business problems throughout your programme.

Surrey Business School
M.Sc. Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

University of Greenwich, Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering MSc programme provides its students with an opportunity to extend the technical knowledge acquired on an undergraduate degree programme in mechanical or manufacturing engineering.

School of Engineering
M.Eng. Engineering Management

A five-year, fully CEng accredited undergraduate engineering course that is designed to equip graduates with the blend of engineering and business skills that will enable them to effectively implement new technologies and production systems, enhance design methods and products, and lead the introduction of new engineering management methods.

M.Sc. Process Technology & Management

University of Strathclyde, Process Technology & Management course meets the development needs of graduates from a range of engineering, technology and science disciplines (e.g. chemical engineers, mechanical engineers, control engineers, chemists) and is relevant to a broad range of type and size of company throughout the chemical and process sectors.

M.Sc. Engineering Projects and Systems Management

This course, accredited by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE), provides an excellent opportunity to improve your current technical portfolio with a spectrum of engineering operations and project management skills. As a result, you will enhance your employment prospects and your ability to apply for senior engineering management roles.

Faculty of Engineering
M.Sc. Financial Engineering

This Master's degree in Financial Engineering from Birkbeck, University of London offers advanced training in quantitative skills used in modern financial institutions, including most notably valuation of securities, and measurement and management of portfolio risks. Training is provided in programming, numerical methods and statistics, and you will be given a grounding in pricing and risk management techniques.

Economics, Mathematics and Statistics
M.Sc. Through-life System Sustainment

The MSc in Through-life System Sustainment from Cranfield University provides an essential foundation for future leaders in organisations who wish to maximise the ‘value in use’ from complex, long-life product systems and become the change leaders for system sustainment.

M.Sc. Manufacturing Systems Engineering

This exciting course supports the well-publicised increase in national and global manufacturing activity. With financial sponsorship available for students, designed and delivered in conjunction with Unipart Manufacturing Group, the course is integrated with industry. The Manufacturing Systems Engineering degree is offered by Coventry University.

Faculty of Engineering and Computing
Master International Business with Modern Languages [MBus]

International Business with Modern Languages will give you great exposure to the international business environment along with a selection of languages. It's a five-year Masters-level degree for students who want to gain a firm business foundation while developing the ability to do business in a foreign language.

M.Sc. Oil and Gas Engineering with Management

Engineering has been a key element in the development of society since the industrial revolution. Very little in modern society remains untouched by the actions of engineers. The Engineering Council, in Chartered Engineer and Incorporated Engineer Standard (UKSPEC), sets out its definition of an Engineer:

M.Sc. Operations Excellence

Operations Excellence is a world-leading programme developed by Cranfield University through a unique partnership with Rolls-Royce and the Institute for Manufacturing at the University of Cambridge. The course has been designed to enhance the skills of professionals leading the development of the operations supply chain, both internally and externally.

M.Sc. Advanced Manufacturing Systems

The Advanced Manufacturing Systems (AMS) course is designed to address the challenges of modern Manufacturing and Enterprise Systems. It covers a breadth of subjects that enable candidates to appreciate and deal with complexities of modern industrial environments.

College of Engineering, Design and Physical Sciences
M.Sc. Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Entrepreneurship and innovation play vital roles in knowledge creation and exploitation to generate value and drive sustainable economic, social, technological and organisational development. Processes and behaviours central to entrepreneurship and innovation are equally important to new and early stage ventures, and within existing organisations.

College of Humanities & Social Science
M.Sc. Manufacturing Consultancy (PgCert/ PgDip)

This MSc in Manufacturing Consultancy (PgCert/ PgDip) from Cranfield University was created in response to the high proportion of Cranfield manufacturing graduates taking up positions within consultancy. It shares many features with the Engineering & Management of Manufacturing Systems MSc, but favours students who already have industrial experience, and better prepares them for a career in consultancy.

M.Sc. Information Technology (Business)

This course aims to impart understanding and skills in key business management and IT subjects at Masters level. It covers the design and development of IT systems, the management of IT, starting and developing businesses, and e-commerce. Business modules aim to stimulate business ideas and encourage entrepreneurship.

School of Mathematical and Computer Sciences
M.Sc. Design, Manufacture and Engineering Management

This MSc/PgDip/PgCert are offered with four named pathways. During the first and second years of the course, students undertake a number of generic, compulsory classes. In addition, each named pathway has a number of compulsory classes and optional classes. The themes of the courses are broadly in line with those of the one-year MSc programmes.

M.Sc. Systems Engineering

This course has been designed with industry to meet the challenge of interdependence between sophisticated engineered systems of all kinds. It is often taken in its part-time format.

Electronic,Electrical and Systems Engineering
M.Sc. Manufacturing Engineering and Management

The MSc Manufacturing Engineering and Management, University of Nottingham The MSc programme is a full-time degree course studied over a period of one calendar year beginning in late September. However the programme may be taken part-time over (up to) three years.

Mechanical, Materials and Manufacturing Engineering
M.Sc. Technology and Innovation Management (2016 Entry)

You are based in SPRU – Science Policy Research Unit, which is the longest-established and largest academic body studying science, technology and innovation in the world, ranked second only to Harvard in terms of research impact on innovation studies (Research Policy, 2012). Our MSc in Technology and Innovation Management enables students to develop a systematic and critical understanding of how scientific development and technological innovation influence economic growth and development, as well as broader transformations in societies.

M.Sc. Engineering with Management

An MSc in Engineering with Business Management will prepare you for a career in the field of engineering at management level, equipping you with practical and theoretical knowledge of modern engineering techniques. Please note that this programme is not an MBA. It is primarily an MSc in Engineering (which accounts for 75% of the content). Management makes up a small part of this programme (accounting for 25% of content).

M.Sc. Advanced Manufacturing Engineering and Management

This popular and well-established programme is based at Loughborough’s School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering. The School has an international reputation for excellence in manufacturing engineering and has recently received a Queen’s Anniversary Prize for Higher and Further Education. This is in recognition of its sustained contribution to High Value Manufacturing through its pioneering research and innovation and high quality teaching.

School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
M.Sc. Information Technology

This MSc Information Technology online degree has been designed to give you the tools and understanding to forge a successful career in IT with the flexibility of online learning, so you don’t need to take a career break to make this happen. You’ll expand your theoretical knowledge with the practical application of research, analysis and decision making.

Online Learning (UDOL)
M.Sc. Embedded Systems with Industrial Studies MSc

Embedded systems are central to the technological world in which we live. On the Embedded Systems with Industrial Studies MSc programme from University of Birmingham you will learn about the theory and techniques that provide ever more sophisticated services; especially where aspects of digital electronics, communications engineering, computing and power systems meet. You will be equipped to work in the electronics industry developing novel solutions to provide new services, reduce costs and ensure reliability. This variant of our standard MSc in Embedded Systems includes an industrial placement module, providing an opportunity for you to develop ideas for your individual project.

School of Electronic, Electrical and Computer Engineering
M.Eng. Automotive Engineering

These accredited degrees combine a firm grounding in the principles of automotive engineering with experience of cutting-edge technology. Led by WMG (Warwick Manufacturing Group) and developed in collaboration with industry leaders including Jaguar Land Rover, BMW and Ricardo, the course highlights research breakthroughs such as the world-first Formula 3 environmentally friendly car, hybrid vehicles and ‘lightweighting’.

School of Engineering
M.Sc. Advanced Industrial and Manufacturing Systems

The MSc will meet, in part, the exemplifying academic benchmark requirements for registration as a Chartered Engineer. Accredited MSc graduates who also have a BEng(Hons) accredited for CEng, will be able to show that they have satisfied the educational base for CEng registration.

Faculty of Engineering
M.Sc. Business Innovation with E-Business

This Business Innovation with E-Business postgraduate degree at Birkbeck, University of London is designed for graduates who wish to develop a thorough understanding of the importance of innovation for rethinking management, business strategy, corporate assets, intellectual property rights, institutions, organisations, firms, entrepreneurship and globalisation in a changing world.

M.Sc. Engineering Business Management

This MSc Engineering Business Management is a specialist Masters course which will enable you to become a knowledgeable and effective manager in a knowledge-based global economy. The approach will be not just multidisciplinary but also international, and will enable critical thinking and creativity in analysis, synthesis and appraisal.

Faculty of Creative Arts, Technologies & Science
M.Sc. Business Economics and Finance

At the University of Surrey, you will discover a School of Economics that enjoys a leading reputation for research and teaching built upon a commitment to theoretical and rigorously founded applied work.

M.Phil. Process Integration

The School of Chemical Engineering and Analytical Science is a world leader in industrially relevant research and teaching in chemical engineering and related subjects.

School of Chemical Engineering and Analytical Science
M.Sc. Communication Systems Engineering

Communication systems are vital to our modern society for business, personal life, entertainment and leisure. On this course you will cover the design and analysis of modern communications technologies, telecommunications and data network systems while building the interdisciplinary skills to meet current and future needs of commerce and industry.

Faculty of Technology
M.Sc. Analytical Science for Industry

Analytical Science for Industry provides a thorough grounding in all aspects of separation science and mass spectrometry plus a three-month internship. Modules include: Principles of Analytical Science; Advanced Separation Science; Advanced Mass Spectrometry; Novel & Emerging Technologies; and Research Project. Leads to PhD study, laboratory-based research or other science-related careers.

Taught programmes
M.Sc. By Learning Objectives (MA MSc)

This novel scheme is designed for those working at postgraduate level in industry, or in an area of interest not catered for by the taught masters programme, who wish to have their work accredited for an appropriate academic award.

Collaborative Training Centre
M.A. Moving Image

MA Moving Image is designed to develop creative conceptual thinkers, who can deliver ideas across media using a variety of methods. The project work undertaken is underpinned with research, analysis and evidence of strategic thinking as well as self reflection.

M.Sc. Management Science

The world’s leading companies need people who can operate in complex, innovation-intensive, data-driven environments – people who can analyse problems using quantitative tools and qualitative methods, take decisions in the face of uncertainty and risk, and deliver results through people. The Management Science MSci provides a rigorous, practical foundation in these critical skills.

Engineering Sciences