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Civil engineering deals with the design and development process in the built environment building infrastructure such as bridges, roads, dams or buildings. A civil engineer gets involved in the whole construction process, from development to evaluation and also develops a maintenance system of the construction project.

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The moment you will step into a UK university campus, you will feel you have entered a fairy tale. The UK campuses are mesmerizing and the student facilities are outstanding. All the modern and unique features of British universities enable you to engage in ground-breaking research and experience top quality teaching and learning.

218 Civil Engineering & Construction Master's degrees in United Kingdom

M.Res. Smart Cities

The MRes in Smart Cities focuses on the core research challenges that relate to the infrastructure of smart cities from their operational functions and planning through to management and control and optimisations to explore the notion of a city as a laboratory for innovation.

The Bartlett Development Planning Unit
M.Sc. Project Management (Construction)

Project managing construction projects requires an overview of the entire process, from inception to completion. This Project Management (Construction) course at Nottingham Trent University aims to provide you with a framework for understanding project management in the construction industry and, in particular, the role of the construction project manager and the associated needs of the client.

School of Architecture, Design and the Built Environment
M.Sc. International Project Management (Construction)

Develop the skills to manage international projects successfully. With growing global competition and increasingly complex regulatory structures, international project managers can make a major impact on an organisation's efficiency, and are in high demand. The International Project Management (Construction) programme is offered at Glasgow Caledonian University.

Department of Construction and Surveying
M.Sc. Civil Engineering

The MSc in Civil Engineering at University of Dundee builds on our renowned research expertise and industrial experience in current aspects of Civil Engineering.

School of Engineering, Physics and Mathematics
M.Sc. Building Services Engineering

If you’ve completed an undergraduate engineering degree and want to continue expanding your knowledge and enhancing your skills, GCU’s MSc Building Services Engineering is for you. Master this vibrant, essential discipline and achieve eligibility for Chartered Engineer status. The Building Services Engineering programme is offered by the Glasgow Caledonian University.  

Department of Construction and Surveying
M.Sc. Civil Engineering

The Civil Engineering MSc offered by the University of Surrey is delivered by leading academics, together with practising engineers from consultancies and local authorities. It will equip you with first-class analytical and technical skills across a range of civil engineering disciplines, which will aid you in pursuing a highly successful career in the field of civil engineering.

Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences
M.Sc. Structural and Fire Safety Engineering

Innovative design allows more interesting and functional architecture but challenges traditional concepts of fire safety. To respond to these demands takes specialist knowledge and advanced skills in engineering analysis. The Structural and Fire Safety Engineering programme is offered by The University of Edinburgh.

College of Science & Engineering
M.Sc. Architectural Engineering: Environmental Design

This MSc is designed to respond to the significant environmental impact of buildings, which account for around 34% of all energy use and 25% of all CO2 emissions worldwide. In more developed economies, this is significantly higher: UK buildings account for nearly 46% of all energy use and 39% of all carbon emissions. This Architectural Engineering: Environmental Design programme is offered by University of Bath.

Faculty of Engineering and Design
M.Sc. Building Surveying

MSc Building Surveying is a supported online programme and a great way to obtain a RICS/CIOB accredited degree covering the core technical disciplines of the Building Surveying specialism and their role within the wider context of Built Environment professional disciplines.

M.Eng. Engineering (Civil)

This four-year programme builds on the knowledge and experience offered in the Civil Engineering BEng programme with a final-year design project and advanced courses, and is a direct route to Chartered (CEng) Status. You are advised to apply for the MEng programme initially, as this offers more flexibility.

Engineering Sciences
M.B.A. Construction and Real Estate

The focus of the programme is the application of business and management principles within the Construction and Real Estate sectors. You will study relevant core modules covering key subjects such as organisation leadership, strategic management, change, finance and marketing. You will then choose your electives, dependant on your personal career goals.

M.Sc. Civil Engineering

Those who study the Masters in Civil Engineering at University of Glasgow will gain advanced knowledge and associated analytical and problem-solving skills in a range of key sub-disciplines of Civil Engineering, and develop the ability to apply this knowledge in engineering design and to the solution of open-ended and multi-disciplinary problems.

College of Science and Engineering
MSc/Postgrad.Dip Civil Engineering and Management

This Masters / MSc / PG diploma postgraduate degree course in Civil Engineering and Management is offered for civil engineering and related graduates wishing to study project and construction management within a civil engineering context.

School of Civil Engineering
M.Sc. Highways and Transportation Engineering

This exciting new Highways and Transportation Engineering course at Coventry University responds to the rapid growth and demand in the highways and transportation industry, both in the UK and overseas. Accreditation is currently being sought from the Joint Board of Moderators (JBM) to be approved as ‘further learning’ for Chartered Engineer (CEng) status.

Energy, Construction and Environment
M.Sc. Concrete Structures and Sustainable Development

The Concrete Structures courses provide training in the design, analysis and assessment of concrete structures including bridges and buildings. They are designed to cover a broad spectrum of structural engineering issues and their impact on reinforced and prestressed concrete structures. All our MSc courses are career-orientated and cover both theoretical background and practical design considerations. Lectures are given mainly by full-time staff but important contributions are made by visiting professors and guest lecturers who are eminent industrialists. Many of our students continue their studies to undertake research towards a PhD.

M.Eng. Civil Engineering with a Year in Industry

If you're not sure which area of civil engineering you want to go into, this broad-based course is a good choice. You'll have the chance to arrange a year working in an engineering company between years three and four. This will put your academic studies into context, improve your skills and enhance your employment prospects.

Department of Civil and Structural Engineering
M.Sc. Civil Engineering and Environmental Management

This is an interdisciplinary MSc programme that provides an in-depth theoretical, analytical and practical awareness of selected topics. This course is aimed at graduates who want a career in civil engineering and environmental management and professionals who already have experience in this area.

Faculty of Advanced Technology
M.Sc. Construction Law and Practice

This course will provide you with the legal knowledge and commercial awareness required to perform your current role more effectively or to move into a specialist role in construction law.

School of the Built Environment
M.Phil. Civil Engineering (Water Resources)

We have a broad range of civil engineering water resource research. Our expertise ranges from climate modelling to developing practical responses to global change challenges. Our research has global consequences and our academics are leaders in their field.

School of Engineering
M.Sc. Construction Management

This MSc in Construction Management is an industry-focused and topical course which aims to enhance the career options for those with an undergraduate degree in construction management or architectural technologists, engineers, surveyors or legal practitioners seeking career advancement. The Construction Management degree is offered by Coventry University.

Energy, Construction and Environment
M.Eng. Civil Engineering

A career in civil engineering demands a combination of technical knowledge and creativity to solve problems and carries the responsibility to change our environment and improve the lives of millions of people. The University of Exeter offers the MEng in Civil Engineering degree course.

College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences
M.Sc. Building Surveying

The MSc Building Surveying programme at Birmingham City University is designed to respond to the dynamic demands for sustainable management of the existing built environment and is accredited by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

School of Engineering and the Built Environment
M.Sc. Quantity Surveying

The MSc Quantity Surveying is a postgraduate conversion programme which is designed to align your skills to the educational requirements of the industry’s professional bodies. Delivered by supported online learning, the UCEM programme offers great flexibility as it can be studied in any location, at any time.

M.Sc. Quantity Surveying PgDip / MSc

The Quantity Surveying PgDip / MSc course from London South Bank University is intended for non-surveying graduates working, or intending to work, in the construction industry offering advice on project feasibility, methods for financing and procuring construction work and financial management of the design and construction process within consultant firms, client organisations or contracting companies.

M.Sc. Structural Engineering

The goal of structural engineering is to predict the performance of structures under extreme events. This Masters in Structural Engineering at the University of Glasgow provides you with a range of methods to analyse and design structures with quantifiable reliability over their design life.

College of Science and Engineering
M.Sc. Concrete Structures

The Concrete Structures courses provide training in the design, analysis and assessment of concrete structures including bridges and buildings. The Concrete Structures programme is offered at Imperial College London.

Faculty of Engineering
M.Sc. Civil Engineering

This Civil Engineering Msc, offerred by Heriot-Watt University, is designed to equip graduates with the knowledge and skills to work at a high level in the design and construction of major infrastructure projects. Its structure allows students to choose from a broad range of courses including foundation engineering; safety, risk and reliability; water and wastewater treatment and project management, among others.

M.Sc. Civil and Water Engineering

This course aims to complement a relevant undergraduate degree, by introducing students to hydroinformatics, computational hydraulics and environmental hydraulics, including water quality indicators and sediment transport processes in coastal, estuarine and inland waters.

Cardiff School of Engineering
M.Sc. Building Conservation (Technology And Management) Distance Learning Only

Conservation of historic buildings and structures presents many challenges to professionals working in this specialist field, from identifying cultural significance, through to understanding the technical performance of historic buildings and the materials they use. Increasingly, conservation practitioners have to understand the environmental impact of historic structures and energy use in buildings. This relies on the sensitive design and integration of modern building services.

M.Sc. Civil Engineering

This newly-launched one year MSc in Civil Engineering programme is suitable for graduates with a background in any discipline of Civil Engineering. Applicants with a degree in environmental engineering, earthscience, maths, physics and mechanical engineering may also be considered.

M.Eng. Civil Engineering with a Modern Language

Study French, Italian, Spanish or German alongside the main disciplines of civil engineering. You'll spend your third year studying civil engineering at a university in your chosen country. This is a major/minor degree so the split between the two subjects is roughly 70/30.

Department of Civil and Structural Engineering
M.Phil. Civil Engineering

Your research will be supported by state-of-the-art computational and experimental facilities. We have strong links with industry and excellent employability in a diverse sector of civil engineering.

School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering
M.A. Architecture and Urbanism

The design, functioning and future of urban situations is explored in written, drawn and modelled work that builds on the legacy of twentieth century urban theory and is directed towards the development of sustainable cities. The Architecture and Urbanism programme is offered by Manchester Metropolitan University.

M.Sc. Construction and Project Management

You’ll learn to apply management methods to design, engineering and construction problems, and be able to be plan, monitor and control construction projects by integrating technical knowledge with leadership, commercial and managerial skills. The Construction and Project Management course is delivered by Queen's University Belfast.

School of Planning, Architecture and Civil Engineering
M.Eng. Civil and Structural Engineering

The Civil and Structural Engineering degree from The University of Manchester has an emphasis on all aspects of structural engineering and is particularly aimed at those wishing to become structural engineers but is also suitable for those aiming at a civil engineering career. After obtaining experience of practice the degree equips you to become a Chartered Engineer.

School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering
M.Sc. Advanced Building Simulation

As resource costs continue to rise and client expectations on design, comfort and energy features change; the industry will look to graduates with specialist design skills and a strong working knowledge of building simulation, acoustic performance and energy assessment to help bring new projects to life.

M.Sc. Civil Engineering

Our MSc programme will deepen and broaden your understanding of civil engineering and help you fulfil your professional role in creating, improving and protecting the environment. You’ll obtain advanced analytical skills in the core subject areas of structural analysis, geotechnics and hydraulics applying your knowledge in a range of project settings.

M.Sc. Civil Engineering

Modern civil engineers plan, design, construct and manage the large-scale public works and amenities that underpin societies throughout the world. Our course aims to provide you with a greater framework within which to understand the core disciplines of civil engineering. It will give you an opportunity to update your technical skills and to study issues of growing importance within the civil engineering and construction industries.

Faculty of Technology
M.Sc. Structural Engineering and Concrete Materials

On the course you will study aspects of both structural engineering and concrete materials and see how the two aspects relate to each other. You will also study core modules that provide skills generic to engineering and research.

School of Engineering, Physics and Mathematics
M.Sc. Building Surveying

Take this fast-track conversion course to become a chartered building surveyor in this expanding professional discipline. The course is also suitable for professionals in the sector looking to develop their career prospects. It has a long history in this specialism and features excellent resources, including high-tech non-destructive testing equipment.

M.Sc. Structural Steel Design

The Structural Steel Design course at Imperial College London provides training in the analysis, design and assessment of steel and composite structures, and includes project work on structural forms of current industrial interest.

Faculty of Engineering
M.Sc. Advanced Concrete Technology

This part-time, distance learning Masters course aims to develop the next generation of senior construction professionals working in concrete production, construction and design. It’s designed to provide you with advanced, in-depth knowledge of both the theory and practical application of concrete technology to prepare you for a variety of senior roles.

Faculty of Engineering
M.Sc. Airport Planning and Management

The MSc in Airport Planning and Management from Cranfield University was created to meet a demand clearly stated by employers for graduates skilled and qualified in airport business development, planning, design, operations and environmental management. Cranfield University is the only university in the world to run an English language masters course in airport planning and management.

Transport Systems
M.Sc. Construction Management

Developed with the support of the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB), the MSc Construction Management at GCU at Glasgow Caledonian University London is accredited by four professional bodies and is designed to meet the increasing demand for innovative and far-sighted construction managers. It offers a choice of modules covering the wide variety of skills that modern construction professionals need.

Master's programmes
M.Sc. Offshore and Ocean Technology with Pipeline Engineering (PgDip/ PgCert)

Subsea pipelines are both key to field development and the transportation of oil and gas. It is also a key global industry. The MSc Offshore and Ocean Technology with Pipeline Engineering (PgDip/ PgCert) course from Cranfield University focuses on the skills required to understand the materials, installation and maintenance issues associated with this important infrastructure.

Energy and Power
M.Sc. Civil Engineering

This is an accredited Masters course in Civil Engineering with taught modules covering a range of subjects from advanced structural analysis and design to management and contractual issues. It is designed for both engineers in employment and students wishing to pursue further study at masters level. This MSc is offered by Coventry University.

Energy, Construction and Environment
M.Eng. Civil Engineering

This MEng Civil Engineering, University of Greenwich degree is accredited by the JBM as fully satisfying the educational base for a Chartered Engineer (CEng). This degree is four years long in full-time mode.

School of Engineering
M.Sc. Sustainable Buildings and Environments

This new Sustainable Buildings and Environments programme offered by the Newcastle University will enable you to gain proficiency in designing sustainable buildings and built environments. You will be set the challenge of designing to reduce the carbon footprint, without compromising the socio-cultural and economic significance of your architectural designs.

School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape
M.Sc. Control and Instrumentation

You’ll specialise in control and instrumentation, and develop the skills and knowledge you’ll need to apply for registration as a Chartered Engineer (CEng) when you graduate.

Faculty of Arts, Design and Technology
M.Sc. Civil Engineering: Innovative Structural Materials

The course produces graduates with an in-depth and practical understanding of the use of innovative structural engineering materials in the provision of sustainable and holistic construction solutions for the built environment. This Civil Engineering: Innovative Structural Materials programme is offered by University of Bath.

Faculty of Engineering and Design
M.Sc. Civil Engineering

The Civil Engineering M.Sc. from London South Bank University generally prepares individuals to apply mathematical and scientific principles to the design, development and operational evaluation of structural, load-bearing, material moving, transportation, water resource, and material control systems; and environmental safety measures.

M.Sc. Research in Engineering Science

The MSc by Research in Engineering Science provides graduates with the opportunity to develop knowledge, understanding and expertise in their chosen field of engineering research, well beyond the level of a taught master’s degree, but without the requirement to complete as much novel research as a doctoral student.

M.Sc. Construction Engineering Management

The programme is designed to meet the demand within the Construction Management industry with advanced skills. The programme provides the opportunity for students to develop deep knowledge and understanding in different areas of Construction Management. 

M.Sc. Management in Construction (Civil Engineering)

This industry-accredited course offers a strategic overview of civil engineering and management issues; addressing the challenges facing the construction industry. It successfully combines structural engineering with advanced construction management.

Faculty of Engineering
M.Sc. Building Services Engineering

The Building Services Engineering course from Heriot-Watt University is flexible and aimed at graduates with engineering degrees or a background in construction. Courses are taught by experts in their fields, making sure that teaching content reflects cutting-edge knowledge in the industry. 

M.Eng. Civil Engineering

This programme has been designed to enhance our existing Bachelor degree provision and to provide prospective students the opportunity to further develop and fine-tune their skills. The programme incorporates specific skills and knowledge for a career within the civil engineering sector and has used guidance from appropriate professional bodies. 

M.Eng. Civil Engineering (H201)

Civil Engineering at Swansea is ranked 9th in the UK for its graduate prospects, according to The Complete University Guide 2018. As a student on the MEng Civil Engineering course, you will be taught by leading experts in their field and be provided with an excellent basis for a professional career in civil, structural, municipal and allied engineering fields.

M.Sc. Civil Engineering With Structural Engineering

As large structures dominate our skylines and our infrastructure is of utmost necessity, it is important that we have professionals who are equipped to manage and develop the modern world that we live in. Our course aims to extend your understanding of the core disciplines of civil engineering and provides an in-depth insight into the current design and construction practices for structural engineering works.

Faculty of Technology
M.Sc. Sustainable Building Design

Solent’s Sustainable Building Design is the ideal way for students from a wide range of academic backgrounds to pursue a career in this sector. By providing you with a thorough understanding of both theory based and practical skills, you’ll graduate from this course as a specialist designer with the education and vision required to help create a sustainable future for the construction industry.

M.Sc. Tunnelling and Underground Space

Our MSc in Tunnelling and Underground Space at University of Warwick can be studied as a full-time one-year course or part-time over two years. It is supported by the British Tunnelling Society and endorsed by the International Tunnelling Association, and 20% of teaching is delivered by guest lecturers from industry.

School of Engineering
M.Sc. Structural Engineering

The primary aim of this programme is to create master’s degree graduates with qualities and transferable skills for demanding employment in the construction and civil engineering sector. The graduates will have the independent learning ability required for continuing professional development and acquiring new skills at the highest level.

College of Engineering, Design and Physical Sciences
M.Sc. Civil and Structural Engineering

By completing this professionally accredited MSc in Civil and Structural Engineering from Teesside University you benefit from an easier route to professional membership or chartered status. It also helps improve your job prospects, enhancing your career and earning potential. Some companies show preference for graduates who possess a professionally accredited qualification.

School of Science & Engineering
M.Eng. Civil and Structural Engineering

This course is the same as the MEng Civil Engineering in years one and two. The second half of the course includes structural engineering modules such as bridge engineering, multi-storey building design, sustainability and geotechnics.

Department of Civil and Structural Engineering
M.Sc. Civil Engineering

This flexible MSc programme is suitable for individuals who already have an accredited undergraduate civil engineering degree and who are seeking to further their engineering skills and achieve chartered status.

School Environment and Technology