231 Masters in Biomedicine

Biomedicine is a branch of life sciences. It closes the gap between natural sciences and the clinical practise by applying principles from biological- and other science disciplines.


Find and compare 231 Masters in Biomedicine in United Kingdom. Below is a selection of the available study options. If you're interested in studying Biomedicine in United Kingdom you can view all 231 Master's programmes. You can also read more about the Biomedicine discipline in general or about studying in United Kingdom.

Suggested Studies

  • Master in Biomedical Sciences

    The MSc by Research in Biomedical Sciences at Edinburgh gives you hands-on research experience in multiple areas, providing a strong grounding for PhD study. Studying Biomedical Science at Edinburgh means you go straight into hands-on research, with the taught component running alongside extensive lab work. You will undertake two separate research projects which may be in two very different disciplines, giving you a strong grounding for PhD study at any university throughout the world.

  • Master in Science Communication and Public Engagement - MSc/Dip/Cert

    The fields of science communication and public engagement are currently enjoying unprecedented growth. This is being driven by a greater need to demonstrate the impact of publicly funded research, the need for science to be valued, increased government scrutiny and a desire for a stronger evidence base for policy decisions. Many career opportunities are emerging at the interface between scientific research and various public groups. This part-time online distance learning programme offers flexible study in this field.

  • Master in Clinical Trials - MSc/Dip/Cert

    The online programme will provide a knowledge and understanding of the key elements and principles of clinical trial design, delivery and analysis. In addition to a knowledge and understanding of the principles of GCP and their practical implementation in clinical trials.

  • Master in Regenerative Medicine: Clinical and Industrial Delivery

    A one year programme involving both taught and practical elements leading to the award of a Master’s degree; Students may also enrol for the taught component only, leading to the award of a Diploma.

  • Master in Infection and Immunity

    The importance of infectious diseases and the need to develop new strategies to combat microbial and viral infections remains a major global challenge. Our Infection and Immunity Masters degree addresses this by providing comprehensive training in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of infectious diseases.

  • Master in Human Disease and Therapy

    This biomedical Masters degree provides advanced training in the molecular and cellular basis of a spectrum of human diseases and highlights current and new treatment strategies. There is a strong emphasis on the latest molecular, genetic and cellular approaches currently being used to understand human disease and to develop novel forms of treatment.

  • Master in Next Generation Drug Discovery (Online Distance Learning)

    This online programme will provide you with the stimulus, guidance and knowledge to develop a career around new approaches to drug discovery. You will study the challenges in developing novel drugs; the science underlying emerging fields of drug discovery; the application of new ideas to the field; how drug discovery relates to real-world health problems; the commercial aspects of drug discovery; and potential future developments.

  • Master in Drug Discovery and Protein Biotechnology (Online Distance Learning)

    The modern pharmaceutical industry encompasses the development of ‘biologics’ (for example antibodies or protein hormones), as much as it does traditional small-molecule drug discovery. You will study the design and potential uses of different families of proteins and will examine the experiences of successful entrepreneurs in the field who have been involved in the commercialisation of biopharmaceuticals.

  • Master in Medical Microbiology

    This full-time two-year programme provides students with a unique and vibrant learning experience, combining taught modules from our reputable part-time programme with extensive research training. On this programme you will study theoretical aspects of medical microbiology, encompassing the biological and pathogenic properties of microbes, their role in health and disease, the reactions of the host to infection, and the scientific basis for the detection, control and anti-microbial treatment of infectious disease.

  • Master in Applied Biomedical Sciences Research

    Our course is ideal if you want to advance your career in biomedical sciences research. We will broaden your understanding of the methods and implications of research in biomedical sciences. You will enhance your specialist expertise in a specific area and develop your professional ability as a research oriented scientist with excellent communications skills.

  • Master in Biomedical Technologies MSc

    Biomedical technologies have developed vastly in recent years with the advance of new technologies in the context of genomics, systems biology and other ‘omics’ technologies, which have become an important counterpart to the well-established structure based technologies. Demand for these technologies will increase with the establishment of new biomarkers and the possibility of personalised medicine. This postgraduate level programme offers broad interdisciplinary training addressing these technologies in an exciting framework covering the clinical challenges in the biomarker field. This programme is ideal for those wanting to go on to do a PhD leading onto a research career.

  • Master in Immunology and Immunotherapy MSc

    This is a full-time 1 year MSc programme suitable for biomedical or life scientists who wish to acquire an extensive knowledge and key skills relating to the fundamental molecular and cellular regulation of immunity and its application to the treatment of disease. The programme will be delivered by world leaders at the forefront of immunology and immunotherapy research, each with an internationally renowned research group.

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