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Electrical engineering deals with the study and application of physics and mathematics combined with elements of electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism to both large and small scale systems to process information and transmit energy. An electrical engineer is responsible with the design and production of various electrical systems, from household appliances to satellite communications.

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The moment you will step into a UK university campus, you will feel you have entered a fairy tale. The UK campuses are mesmerizing and the student facilities are outstanding. All the modern and unique features of British universities enable you to engage in ground-breaking research and experience top quality teaching and learning.

110 Electrical Engineering Master's degrees in United Kingdom

M.Sc. Compound Semiconductor Electronics

The MSc Compound Semiconductor Electronics from Cardiff University has been designed to deliver thorough training and practical experience in compound semiconductor theory, fabrication and applications, and integration with silicon technology.

Cardiff School of Engineering
M.Sc. Wireless and Microwave Communication Engineering

This Master Degree in Wireless and Microwave Communication Engineering from Cardiff University aims to produce postgraduate specialists with essential expertise in electronic and microwave engineering, and develop an awareness of the rapidly growing application space for these technologies.

Cardiff School of Engineering
M.Sc. Electrical and Electronic Engineering

The Electrical and Electronic Engineering M.Sc. from London South Bank University is an advanced course designed for engineering graduates to enhance their skills in this area of high technology. As a graduate you'll be able to not only respond to the latest changes but also to look ahead and help in shaping future developments.

M.Eng. Electrical Engineering (Integrated Masters)

The distinct Electrical Engineering (Integrated Masters) from the University of Southampton builds upon the BEng Electrical Engineering programme with advanced engineering topics, management studies, law and group projects, in which you will tackle wide-ranging engineering challenges. You will also have the opportunity to gain industrial experience through vacation employment.

Electronics and Computer Science
M.Eng. Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Integrated Masters)

The distinctive Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Integrated Masters) from the University of Southampton will build upon the BEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering by giving you the opportunity to learn the management skills needed to become a leader in this industry and to explore additional specialist modules.

Electronics and Computer Science
Pre-Master Engineering

The Master’s Foundation Programme in Engineering is available as a two or three-term programme, with guaranteed progression* to a wide range of Master’s degrees at London South Bank University. You will study your Foundation programme at the Centre located at the heart of the London South Bank University campus.

M.Eng. Mechatronic Engineering (Integrated Masters)

Our distinct MEng Mechatronic Engineering (Integrated Masters) from University of Southampton builds upon the BEng Mechatronic Engineering programme with advanced engineering topics, management studies, law and a group project, in which you will get the chance to design and construct a product to meet a real world need. 

Electronics and Computer Science
M.Sc. Electrical Power Engineering

The Electrical Power Engineering programme offered by The University of Edinburgh is designed to equip graduates and professionals with a broad and robust training on modern power engineering technologies, with a strong focus on renewable energy conversion and smart grids.

College of Science & Engineering
M.Sc. Radiotherapy Planning

This highly focussed course is aimed at therapeutic radiographers, dosimetrists or other healthcare professionals working in radiotherapy and oncology with an interest in radiotherapy planning. Subject to validation

M.Sc. Electrical Power Systems

The 3rd energy industry revolution is taking place where the key is the development of electrical power systems in the contexts of smart grids. Electrical power systems are playing a pivotal role in the development of a sustainable energy supply, enabling renewable energy generation. 

School of Electronic, Electrical and Computer Engineering
M.Sc. Digital Audio Engineering

The MSc in Digital Audio Engineering is a unique and innovate course designed to give you advanced knowledge and skills related to digital audio, which can be found in every area of modern technology and culture. 

M.Sc. Advanced Communications Engineering (Wireless Systems and Networks)

The Advanced Communications Engineering (Wireless Systems and Networks) MSc is one of Kent’s newest programmes. It targets the needs of researchers and industry in a fast-paced and technical communications sector which continues to bring many of the advances that make ultra-fast wireless communications possible.

School of Engineering and Digital Arts
M.Sc. Electronic and Electrical Engineering (conversion programme)

This conversion masters programme builds on the strengths of the Queen Mary University School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science. These strengths include world-leading research in: networks, antenna design and electromagnetics, computer vision and computer theory. The conversion course is aimed at graduates from mathematics, science and other non-engineering backgrounds, who would like to pursue a career in electronic and electrical engineering.  

M.Sc. Electrical Power

This course delivers a broad coverage of all major disciplines in Electrical Power, including power electronics, electric drives, electrical machine design and power systems. It also covers important electrical power themes such as renewable energy systems and electric vehicles.

School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
M.Sc. Professional Engineering

Developed with the Engineering Council as part of the Engineering Gateway programme, this MSc Professional Engineering online degree at University of Derby is a highly flexible, part-time, work-based learning route to obtaining Chartered Engineer (CEng) status.

Online Learning (UDOL)
M.Sc. Telecommunications Engineering

In consultation with industry, the MSc Telecommunications Engineering is designed to give you the relevant practical skills and expert knowledge that you need to succeed in the telecommunications industry.

Department of Computer, Communications & Interactive Systems
M.Sc. Electrical Engineering for Sustainable and Renewable Energy

MSc Electrical Engineering for Sustainable and Renewable Energy, University of Nottingham The MSc Electrical Engineering for Sustainable and Renewable Energy is designed to provide instruction and training in the most recent developments in the equipment and systems used to interface and control renewable and sustainable energy systems.

Electrical and Electronic Engineering
M.Eng. Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Hons)

Do you want to lead society towards a more energy-efficient future, enhance your business acumen, and further develop your technical and design ability? The MEng course develops your communication and entrepreneurial skills, and prepares you for a range of high-end careers in electrical and electronic engineering.

M.Sc. Electronic and Electrical Engineering

Electronic and electrical engineering lie at the heart of many areas of global importance yet is a skill set in short supply. This is a new course designed for engineers with a strong electronics component in their first degree or who wish to expand their repertoire and equip themselves for working in the field of embedded systems.

Electronic,Electrical and Systems Engineering
M.Sc. Advanced Communications Systems

Starting from the concept of a signal, we cover the fundamentals of how signals are acquired, processed and transmitted over a wide range of media — electronic, optical and radio. Our laboratory work shows how these principles are put into practice and your software development skills are improved through a series of lectures, exercises and assignments.

School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering
M.Sc. Communications Engineering

The MSc in Communications Engineering is a one year full-time taught programme which makes extensive use of the knowledge and expertise from our well established Communications and Signal Processing Research Group.

M.Sc. Telecommunication Engineering

A combination of electrical engineering and computer science, telecoms engineering covers the design, installation and maintenance of the networks and equipment which allow people to use phones and the internet. It's one of the world's most rapidly developing industries, moving at an almost breakneck speed in the last 15 years. Our course has been designed to meet the growing demand for skilled graduates.

M.Sc. Electrical Engineering

This classic, broad-based degree provides state-of-the-art modules in power electronics, power systems, electrical energy conversion and control and related areas.

Electrical and Electronic Engineering
M.Sc. Aerospace Manufacturing (MTech/ PgCert/ PgDip)

The Aerospace Manufacturing (MTech/ PgCert/ PgDip) course at Cranfield University develops future aerospace manufacturing engineers and managers who will be able to manage major improvement programmes or instigate intervention that delivers improvements to the performance of their aerospace manufacturing businesses.

M.Sc. Electronic Engineering (Euromasters)

The main distinguishing feature of our two-year Electronic Engineering programme is the professional training component (which cannot normally be offered by the standard technically-focused one year MSc) with the potential of gaining experience from working in industry. The Electronic Engineering (Euromasters) programme is offered at the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences, University of Surrey.

Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences
M.Sc. Advanced Electronic and Electrical Engineering

This MSc course in Advanced Electronic and Electrical Engineering is specifically designed for students who wish to pursue a broad programme of advanced studies, whilst also offering a wide range of specialist modules which open a variety of career pathways on graduation.

College of Engineering, Design and Physical Sciences
M.Sc. Electronic and Electrical Engineering

This course is designed to give engineers a broad grasp of a range of inter-locking disciplines. It will appeal to people with a wide range of interests in electronics and communications, people who are generalists as well as specialists.

Faculty of Engineering
M.Sc. Electrical Energy Systems

The MSc in Electrical Energy Systems has a particular focus on the integration of renewable generation into electricity transmission and distribution networks and on preparing students for a new era of truly ‘smart’ grids, and is designed to meet the urgent need for specialists in advanced electrical energy systems.

Cardiff School of Engineering
M.Sc. Communications Engineering and Networks

This programme will equip you for a rewarding career in a dynamic and challenging field. Companies in both mature and rapidly growing economies are keen to secure staff with the masters-level specialist knowledge of the underlying principles and advanced applications of communication systems that this programme provides; your career prospects will be excellent. 

School of Electronic, Electrical and Computer Engineering
M.Sc. Electronic Engineering

The Electronic Engineering programme is offered at the Manchester Metropolitan University. This course covers the key components needed to design and implement modern electronic systems; the use of modern embedded systems for single chip solutions and higher power electronics; and links to renewable energy systems, fuel cells and hybrid vehicles.

M.Sc. Automotive Engineering

Modern industries rely on engineering innovations and continuous advancement in this field means that today's engineers enjoy dynamic and rewarding career opportunities. The automotive sector continues to be a success, building over 1 million vehicles across more than 70 different types of model in 2013 and generating exports of over £30 billion.

M.Sc. Telecommunications Engineering

Are you looking to build a career in a specialised niche in the technology sector? This Masters extends your knowledge of IT networks and provides hands-on training in telephony and high-speed data services. This will equip you for well-paid roles as a specialist telecommunications engineer, as well as for more general roles in developing network systems.

M.Eng. Engineering (Electronic and Electrical)

Electronic and electrical engineers invent and create the technology that typifies today's high-tech society, and this four-year programme provides a thorough coverage of the theory, devices and systems that underpin it. Applying for the MEng provides the most flexibility with the opportunity to specialise at the end of year two.

Engineering Sciences
M.Sc. Process Automation, Instrumentation and Control

Professional automation, instrumentation and control systems have become essential in the chemical and process industries over the years. Today, it is inconceivable that anybody would contemplate building a new plant or designing a new process without installing comprehensive instrumentation and control systems.

M.Sc. Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Entrepreneurship

This course gives you the opportunity to obtain the skills required to develop and commercialise new technologies in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. This course brings together the strengths and resources of both the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering and the Nottingham University Business School.

Electrical and Electronic Engineering
M.Sc. Electrical Power Engineering

Electrical Power Engineering programme provides an opportunity to specialise in the field of electrical power. It builds on a first degree in electrical/electronic engineering and explores how modern power systems from drives to power distribution are designed and implemented.

School of Engineering
M.Eng. Electrical and Electronic Engineering with Management

We believe the key to success is to understand the subject at a fundamental level and so we place great importance on teaching you the underpinning analytical base of electrical and electronic engineering from the start. Our research is closely allied to our teaching and, because we are active in such a broad variety of research fields, we can offer an extensive range of advanced modules for you to build a programme around your interests and career plans. MEng students have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience of engineering in action with the option of a six-month placement during their third year.

M.Sc. Electronic Systems Design

The MSc in Electronic Systems Design is a new course due to start in October 2017, subject to final approval. Our course gives you the technical and managerial expertise in electronic and electrical engineering to meet the demands of industry. This programme is offered by the University of Bath.

Faculty of Engineering and Design
M.Eng. Electronic and Electrical Engineering (H606)

Electronic and Electrical Engineering at Swansea University is one of the most exciting subjects available to a university student. Like a challenge, good at solving problems and interested in how things work? As a student on the MEng Electronic and Electrical Engineering course, you could make a contribution to the technological revolution that is radically changing the way we live.

M.Sc. Electrical and Electronic Engineering

This Electrical and Electronic Engineering MSc at Coventry University aims to further develop students' knowledge of and expertise in specialist engineering subjects associated with the main application areas of electrical and electronic engineering. Particular prominence is given to electrical power systems and machines, robotics and sensors, digital systems incorporating VHDL and signal processing.

Computing, Electronics and Mathematics
M.Sc. Electronics & Electrical Engineering

This Masters in Electronics & Electrical Engineering is designed for both new graduates and more established engineers. It covers a broad spectrum of specialist topics with immediate application to industrial problems, from electrical supply through systems control to high-speed electronics.

College of Science and Engineering
M.Eng. Electronic Engineering and Computer Science

Well-trained graduates with skills in electronics design, software, telecommunications and engineering are in high demand. Some of our recent graduates are now commanding high salaries working for companies including Olympus, HSBC, Hewlett Packard, BAE Systems and Microsoft. Others have started their own businesses or are studying for PhD degrees.

Engineering & Applied Science
M.Eng. Electronic and Information Engineering

Our Electronic and Information Engineering degree programmes give you an understanding of the entire stack of modern networked computers, from the design and architecture of the CPU in a smart-phone, to the information theory and wireless protocols connecting it to the internet, and on into the operating systems and databases providing back-end support in the cloud.

M.Sc. Electrical Power Systems Engineering

Power system engineering is about keeping things in balance. Not just the balance between generation and load or between production and consumption of reactive power. It is also about the balance between the cost of energy and its environmental impact or the balance between the reliability of the supply and the investments needed to develop the system.

School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
M.Sc. Networked Communications

Engineers with a good knowledge of mobile communications systems are much sought after and careers in this industry offer both high rewards and opportunities to work on the latest technical advances.

Electronic,Electrical and Systems Engineering
M.Sc. Electronics & Electrical Engineering & Management

The Masters in Electronics & Electrical Engineering & Management at University of Glasgow introduces you to contemporary business and management issues while increasing your depth of knowledge in your chosen speciality of electronics and electrical engineering.

College of Science and Engineering
Preparation Course Electrical and Electronic Engineering

If you don’t quite have the right qualifications to start our three year BEng (Hons) Electrical and Electronic Engineering degree or if you want to gain more confidence in higher level work, you could opt to start your studies with a foundation year.

M.Eng. Electrical and Electronic Engineering MEng

University of Greenwich, Electrical and Electronic Engineering MEng programme is designed to prepare students for careers as professional electrical and electronic engineers, with the focus on innovation, analysis and development within a wide range of advanced engineering technologies.

School of Engineering
M.Sc. Electrical Power Systems

The MSc Electrical Power Systems will give you the skills and specialist experience required to significantly enhance your career in the electrical power industry.

Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering