Study Agriculture & Forestry in United Kingdom

Study Agriculture & Forestry in United Kingdom

Studying Agriculture & Forestry

Agriculture and forestry study soil, animal and plant life and the natural resources they produce. Sub-disciplines include studies in agriculture, horticulture, forestry, aquatic life, crop sciences, and more.

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Studying in United Kingdom

The UK has one of the most cosmopolitan societies within Europe and you will study with people from all over the world. The variety of universities and degrees is broad and degrees will be accepted worldwide.

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87 Agriculture & Forestry Master's degrees in United Kingdom

, M.Sc. Plant Science and Biotechnology

This Plant Science and Biotechnology programme at the University of Leeds provides training in modern molecular aspects of plant science. Teaching is delivered by academics from the University’s Centre for Plant Sciences (CPS) and is often related to their areas of expertise and current research projects.

Faculty of Biological Sciences
, M.Sc. Crop Biotechnology and Entrepreneurship

This course is designed for both uk/eu and International students with a background in a relevant biological discipline, who wish to learn more about the theory and practice of crop biotechnology but who wish to learn and practice the business skills that will allow them to pursue careers in a crop biotechnology business environment.

, M.Sc. Environmental Forestry

Can the world’s forests be managed sustainably? This one-year Environmental Forestry course from Bangor University will develop your understanding of forest ecosystems and their role in the global environment, and of the goods and services that forests can provide.

School of Environment, Natural Resources and Geography
, M.Sc. Sustainable Plant Health

The University of Edinburgh's postgraduate programme in Sustainable Plant Health is for graduates planning a career in plant protection in agriculture, horticulture, forestry or urban settings, or policy development, plant health inspection, research, consultancy and conservation management, and private industry.

School of GeoSciences
, M.Sc. Agroforestry

In this one-year MSc in Agroforestry programme from Bangor University, you have the opportunity to learn about how trees, people and agriculture can be combined in sustainably managed farms, forests and landscapes.

School of Environment, Natural Resources and Geography
, M.Sc. Tropical Forestry (Distance Learning)

The TTropical Forestry (Distance Learning) MSc FROM Bangor University provides students from across the world with training in the management of forest resources, understanding of the scientific, academic and practical principles which underpin forest management, forest measurement and forest ecosystem function and the interrelationships between government, industry and communities’ forests and associated land-use.

School of Environment, Natural Resources and Geography
, M.A. Anthrozoology

The MA in Anthrozoology at the University of Exeter is unique in its anthropological focus on the many and varied ways in which humans perceive, engage, compete and co-exist with non-human animals in a range of cultural contexts.

College of Social Sciences and International Studies
, M.Sc. Animal Welfare Science, Ethics and Law

Animal welfare science and ethics is an expanding topic of international concern, which is why the University of Glasgow offer an Animal Welfare MSc programme. It aims to improve our knowledge and understanding of animals’ needs, which is required to provide a high standard of care to the whole range of animals kept in captivity.

Institute of Biodiversity Animal Health and Comparative Medicine
, MRes Plant Chemical Biology: Multidisciplinary Research for Next Generation Agri-Sciences

Chemical Biology through physical science innovation (in e.g. chemistry, physics, mathematics, engineering) is able to develop novel tools and technologies to tackle biological problems on a molecular level. It is a discipline that is perfectly poised to address the next great challenges in the agri-sciences, in the postgenomic area and to understand how chemical and biological space are interacting and influencing each other.

, M.Sc. Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security

Our course provides specialist skills and knowledge about the most important issues related to the sustainability of agricultural production and food security. Our MSc is suitable if you have an interest in sustainable agriculture and food security and want to develop a broad knowledge of the subject.

School of Agriculture, Food and Rural Development
, M.Sc. Power Plant Technologies

The MSc in Power Plant Technologies is Scotland's first full time course providing accelerated training for those working in or wishing to work in the conventional or renewable Power Generation industry

, LL.M. Climate Change Law & Policy

The Strathclyde LLM in Climate Change Law & Policy will provide you with a timely qualification and highly specialised knowledge in an ever-growing field of law and policy.

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
, M.Sc. Animal Manipulation (Osteopathy)

The Animal Manipulation (Osteopathy) programme from BPP University is currently unique in Europe as it is the only university validated, Masters-level programme that trains students in Animal Osteopathic techniques. Developed with the late, pioneering Anthony Pusey, this programme is designed for qualified osteopaths who wish to transfer their skills to the care of animals.

School of Health
, M.Sc. Wild Animal Health

The MSc in Wild Animal Health is a world-class specialist postgraduate veterinary science programme taught jointly by the RVC, University of London and the Zoological Society of London.

, M.A. Agriculture and Rural Development

The MA Agriculture and Rural Development programme from University of East Anglia is unique for its focus on the dynamic interactions between local livelihoods in rural areas and agriculture understood as a globalised industry. It advances an interdisciplinary perspective on linkages between global national and local level processes shaping agriculture and rural development by integrating knowledge from the social sciences economics and natural resource studies.

School of International Development
, M.Sc. Ecological Food Systems

Join the leaders and change agents at the forefront of new thinking in resilient and healthy food systems. Schumacher College is the first in the world to offer a postgraduate programme in Ecological Food Systems, developed in collaboration with Plymouth University, The Organic Research Centre (ORC), The Campaign for Real Farming and the Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT).

, M.Sc. Future Food Sustainability (PgDip/ PgCert)

This MSc in Future Food Sustainability (PgDip/ PgCert) course from Cranfield University aims to provide a detailed critical awareness of the risks, challenges and opportunities of providing a sustainable supply of sufficient food to the world’s population, as we move into the future.

Environmental Technology
, M.Sc. Primate Behaviour and Conservation

Liverpool John Moores University offers the opportunity to study the UK's only Masters degree focusing on cutting edge developments in the use of UAVs (aka drones) for primate behaviour and conservation research. You will be taught by world-leading experts and have access to excellent facilities in the UK and research sites overseas.

, M.Sc. Sustainable Tropical Forestry (SUTROFOR) (Erasmus Mundus Course)

The Sustainable Tropical Forestry (SUTROFOR) is a two-year world-class integrated programme aimed at qualifying graduates to deal with the huge challenges in contemporary tropical forestry. The teaching staff are very active in research and the students will profit from our many connections throughout the world.

School of Environment, Natural Resources and Geography
, M.Sc. Animal Behaviour

Our MSc Animal Behaviour is unusual in that it is offered within a Psychology department. This benefits you by providing a strong background in a broad cross-section of research methods used by researchers studying human and animal behaviour, a strong training in statistical methods and multidisciplinary study environment. You will learn how to formulate and test relevant research questions, and critically evaluate the research carried out by others in the field.

College of Life and Environmental Sciences
, MRes Molecular Plant and Microbial Sciences

The backbone of the MRes in Molecular Plant and Microbial Sciences is a twelve month period of research which starts in the first week of October. The course enables students to join active research groups focusing on plant genetic engineering, plant development, plant molecular biology, molecular markers, membrane biophysics, proteomics, plant biochemistry, plant-microbe interactions, transcriptomics and bioinformatics. Research topics will be interdisciplinary and will include two different, but sometimes related, areas of work. Research topics are chosen by students in consultation with staff, and will usually complement current research being undertaken within the section.

, M.Sc. Integrated Landscape Ecology (PgDip/ PgCert)

As a response to these new market requirements Cranfield University believes an integrated landscape ecology approach is the way forward to understand the effects of landscape structure and dynamics on the conservation of biodiversity, provision of ecosystem services and sustainability of rural livelihoods.

Environmental Technology
, M.Sc. Livestock Science

The Masters Degree in Livestock Science within the Institute of Biological, Environmental and Rural Sciences, Aberystwyth, UK, offers you the opportunity of a biological, scientific and professional training in the field of Livestock Science. The MSc in Livestock Science will provide you with the knowledge and skills required to pursue leading careers in livestock research, development, academia, training, public and private commercial enterprise, advisory work, government agencies, non-government organisations etc throughout the world.

Institute of Biological, Environmental & Rural Sciences
, M.Sc. Animal Sciences

The Animal Science Master's Degree within the Institute of Biological, Environmental and Rural Sciences, Aberystwyth, UK, offers you the opportunity of biological, scientific and professional training in the field of Animal Science.

Institute of Biological, Environmental & Rural Sciences
, M.Sc. Medicinal Plant Science

This Medicinal Plant Science course is designed to respond to the growing market in the use of medicinal plants and natural products, which needs professional expertise to support its quality, analysis and development.

Faculty of Science and Technology
, Preparation Course Veterinary Nursing

Whether you are already working in the industry and want to take the next step in your career, or you are just beginning your professional life, this course gives you a unique blend of academic study, work based learning and skills development.

, M.Phil. Agriculture

MPhil supervision covers a number of specific research topics supported by research active academic staff. Our broad range of research areas relate to food security, farming and rural development.

School of Agriculture, Food and Rural Development
, Preparation Course Animal Health and Welfare

If you care about animals, enjoy getting your hands dirty and want to develop a career in the animal management industry, perhaps at a veterinary practice, a rescue centre, kennels or even a zoo, then this is the course for you.

, M.Sc. Plant Conservation

This new MSc in Plant Conservation course has a particular focus on interactive learning and you will make extensive use of the university botanic garden (Treborth Botanic Garden) for lectures, seminars and practical classes.

School of Environment, Natural Resources and Geography
, M.Sc. Plant Sciences (by Research)

This Plant Sciences (by Research) programme from Lancaster University is suitable for those wishing to carry out a short, in depth research project, and not attend taught programmes. The MSc by research programmes consist of induction courses, an eight month research project and a period to write it up.

Lancaster Environment Centre
, M.Sc. Food Security and Sustainable Agriculture

Addressing the urgent need for trained food security scientists, this programme provides multi-disciplinary training in sustainable agriculture and global food security. Developed in collaboration with the agricultural industry, government agencies, farmers and food manufacturers. Opportunities to gain industrial and practical experiences, including field trips.

College of Life and Environmental Sciences
, M.Sc. Equine Science

Equine Science can be studied at MSc, Pg Diploma or Pg Certificate level.Postgraduate study in Equine Science at Hartpury can be the start of many exciting opportunities. The programme consists of taught modules delivered via weekend study blocks to facilitate study alongside your career and a range of full and part time study options are available to suit your personal circumstances.

, M.Sc. Plant Genetics and Crop Improvement

This one-year MSc course provides training for students who wish to undertake a further degree in plant molecular genetics, or a career in crop improvement. The course focuses on plant molecular genetics, and its possible applications to crop improvement in the 21st century.

School of Biological Sciences
, M.Sc. Marine Resource Management (MRM)

The MRM course aims to provide students with broadly based expertise in the management of marine and coastal resources including, but not limited to, fisheries and bioresources, and oil and gas.

Institute of Petroleum Engineering
, M.Sc. Wild Animal Biology

The course will provide you with practical exposure to wild animal species and an understanding of wild animal health, welfare and conservation, as well as providing training in research methods relevant to the study of wildlife.

, M.Sc. Sustainable and Efficient Food Production

This Sustainable and Efficient Food Production MSc centres on increasing efficiency and reducing environmental impact within the extensive pasture-based production sector. The programme provides flexible, accessible, postgraduate level training for people employed in the agri-food sector.

, M.Phil. Plant Sciences (PhD)

Food security and a healthy diet within the context of a growing global population and climate change has become major challenges of our time, particularly if this is coupled with the need to find more sustainable and renewable sources of biofuels and chemicals.

Faculty of Life Sciences
, M.Sc. Aquaculture: Sustainable Aquaculture

As part of the highly flexible method of learning, the following degree outcomes are offered, all of which offer a route to an MSc, Postgraduate Diploma and Postgraduate Certificate qualification. All students will register for the degree in Sustainable Aquaculture in the first instance and be given the opportunity to change degree outcome at the end of the Foundation modules. All avenues to achieving your qualification are possible on a full-time or discontinuous basis to fit with your individual needs.

Institute of Aquaculture
, M.Sc. Aquatic Veterinary Studies

Food from aquatic systems is essential for much of the world’s population – but wild catches are declining. Fortunately Aquaculture (farming of aquatic animals) is an alternative source of high quality nutrition and employment. Aquaculture has been very successful but diseases can be damaging. Aquaculture has over 40 years of experience in investigating and controlling fish and shrimp diseases worldwide, which it utilises to improve your problem-solving skills, equipping you to make a real contribution to the sustainability of aquaculture. The Aquatic Veterinary Studies from University of Stirling is specifically aimed at students with a veterinary science qualification with the object of giving training in the wide range of disciplines and skills necessary for the investigation, prevention and control of aquatic animal diseases.

Institute of Aquaculture
, M.Sc. Equine Science

All subjects studied are equine specific and include: Immunology, Parasitology and Bacteriology; Reproductive Physiology and Stud Management; Nutrition; Anatomy and Evolution; Endocrinology, Growth and Development; Genetics; Behaviour and Welfare; Veterinary Science.

Institute of Biological, Environmental & Rural Sciences
, M.Sc. Zooarchaeology

This is a new course, which ran for the first time in 2000-1. It builds on the expertise and experience of staff in the Department, and on the important position that York holds in zooarchaeology research.

, M.Sc. Horticulture (Crop Production)

This is a broadening course for students with a basic grounding in plant biology, who want to develop their knowledge of commercial crop production and the postharvest handling of horticultural crops.

Department of Horticulture
, M.Sc. Animal Behaviour and Welfare

The MSc in Animal Behaviour and Welfare is designed towards students who aim to work in research, education, and industry within the rapidly growing sector of the life sciences. This MSc will provide graduates with an advanced understanding of current and emerging issues in the both Animal Behaviour and Animal Welfare. Being multi-faceted, the MSc will be attractive to graduates with a degree in the Life Sciences and other relevant degrees (e.g., Psychology), but also to graduates who can demonstrate sufficient knowledge of and/or work experience in the Life Sciences.

School of Biological Sciences
, M.Sc. Plant Genetic Manipulation

MSc Plant Genetic Manipulation, University of Nottingham Plant biotechnology, genome research and plant breeding now underpin all aspects of agriculture and horticulture world-wide. This MSc will provide you with the theory and practical skills of plant genetic manipulation relevant to plant biotechnology, plant breeding and genome research.

, MRes Primate Biology, Behaviour and Conservation

This course combines theoretical investigation with fieldwork and laboratory work on a range of topics in primatology. You will learn about the biology, behaviour and conservation of primates, and about the theory and practice of primatological research. After the first semester, the emphasis will be on independent study, with all students undertaking a substantial piece of original research.

, M.A. International Maritime Policy

International and interdisciplinary in approach, the International Maritime Policy programme from the University of Greenwich is of interest to maritime professionals in both sea- and shore-based sectors seeking to develop an in-depth understanding of current issues and future developments, public policy professionals seeking to develop maritime expertise, and graduates in maritime studies and public policy areas seeking further specialisation and postgraduate qualifications.

Greenwich Maritime Institute
, M.Sc. Management of Library and Information Services

This course is designed to help the professional cope with the demands placed upon them, and to prepare mid-career professionals for the next stage in their career. It is therefore not designed to provide the student with a first qualification in information and library studies, but to update and progress existing knowledge and qualifications.

Department of Information Studies
, M.Sc. Biodiversity & Taxonomy of Plants

The understanding of plant diversity and resources has never been more important. As we face the unprecedented challenges of climate change and environmental degradation, effective environmental surveillance and conservation depend upon detailed knowledge of plants and their habitats.

College of Science & Engineering
, M.Sc. Wildlife and Livestock Managment MSc

Humans are dependent on and live in close proximity with their livestock and the interfaces of livestock with wildlife are permeable and complex. This programme addresses a clear need to integrate ecological disciplines with studies of disease in wildlife, livestock and human populations, with concepts of land management, livestock production and wildlife management.

School of Vetirenary Medicine
, M.Sc. Ethnobotany

The Ethnobotany programme from the University of Kent combines anthropological studies of human-environment interaction and sociocultural knowledge of plants in different parts of the world with ecology, conservation science, environmental law and biodiversity management. It also covers plant conservation and sustainable management practices, taxonomy, and economic botany.

School of Anthropology and Conservation
, MRes Tropical Forest Ecology

This course provides students with high-level research training in the latest developments in tropical forest ecology. It covers the physical and biological aspects of the forest ecosystem, with an emphasis on understanding the linkages between these two components, with a focus on developing practical research skills to best prepare students for a career in tropical forest ecology research or in preparing for a PhD.

Faculty of Natural Sciences
, M.Sc. Agricultural Economics

This programme provides you with the essential tools required for theoretical and empirical economic analysis, particularly in relation to the renewable natural resources sector. You are able to take modules orientated towards development, production, marketing, and policy.

Distance Learning Programmes
, M.Sc. Postharvest Technology

This is an advanced course for students from a broad range of biological disciplines, who want to develop an in-depth understanding of the way fresh horticultural produce must be handled, transported and stored to maintain quality from grower to consumer.

Department of Horticulture
, M.Sc. Agriculture for Sustainable Development

This programme is aimed at students who wish to pursue a career in agriculture and sustainable development in the private sector, research, NGO or government communities. It provides a firm grounding in research methods applicable to the study of sustainable agriculture and the intellectual tools for understanding sustainable agriculture systems. The courses combine theoretical approaches and empirically based learning from case studies of real projects and agricultural scenarios.

Natural Resources Institute
, M.Sc. Animal Manipulation

The MSc Animal Manipulation programme from BPP University is currently unique in the world – it’s the only externally validated Masters level programme that trains students in Animal Manipulation. We offer expert teaching in the theory and practice of adjusting animals, concentrating largely on the McTimoney technique.

School of Health
, M.Sc. Sustainable Crop Production: Agronomy for the 21st Century

By studying Sustainable Crop Production: Agronomy for the 21st Century at the University of Warwick you will gain a combination of practical skills and academic understanding to develop a critical and creative mindset. You will learn the principles of crop production and the latest advances in plant pathology, integrated pest management and soil health.

School of Life Sciences
, MRes MRes in Agriculture and Food

New University training scheme to sustain the future of food quality The University of Birmingham is laying the foundations for brand new food programmes as part of the Food Advanced Training Partnership (Food ATP), a major scheme to ensure the agri-food industry has the key skills needed to meet the challenges posed by national and global food security. The partnership joins leading UK institutions in food and agricultural research with the food industry.

School of Chemical Engineering
, M.Sc. Agricultural Economics

This programme provides you with the essential tools required for theoretical and empirical economic analysis, particularly in relation to the renewable natural resources sector. You are able to take modules orientated towards development, production, marketing, and policy.

Centre for Development, Environment and Policy
, M.Sc. Climate Change: Environment, Science and Policy

This MSc programme is designed to meet the need for multidisciplinary training in the study of Earth's environmental changes, both past, present and future. Focusing across the terrestrial, hydrologic and atmospheric components of the Earth system, the course covers both anthropogenic influences and natural variability and includes study of key techniques used by scientists and policymakers to investigate these issues and their potential effects. Suitable for those first degrees across a range of subjects, the programme is divided into "science" and "policy" streams, depending on student background and primary interest. The programme is designed to prepare graduating students for careers in environmental change research, consultancy and/or policy development.

Faculty of Social Science & Public Policy
, M.Sc. Animal Welfare Science, Ethics and Law

Animal welfare science and ethics is an expanding topic of international concern, which is why the University of Glasgow offer anAnimal Welfare Science, Ethics and Law MSc programme. It aims to improve our knowledge and understanding of animals’ needs, which is required to provide a high standard of care to the whole range of animals kept in captivity.

School of Medicine
, Master Viticulture and Oenology

This new degree course consists of a rounded and integrated curriculum specialising in coolclimate wine production, climate change effects on viticulture, terroir and sparkling wine. It also includes opportunities to visit other wine-producing areas in Europe. The Wine Department staff have considerable international expertise and research experience, and a brand new Wine Research Centre was completed in March 2014. This combination will enable students to access an outstanding Masters-level education.

Wine and Wine Research
, M.Sc. Clinical Animal Behaviour

The University of Lincoln’s MSc Clinical Animal Behaviour programme is headed by an exceptional team of experts and is accredited by the Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour.

, M.Sc. Veterinary Anaesthesia and Analgesia

The University of Edinburgh is offering this unique opportunity for an entirely online MSc to study these advances, during which students can gain knowledge and understanding in the equipment drugs and techniques associated with anaesthesia and analgesia.

College of Medicine & Veterinary Medicine
, MRes Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security

Our course provides specialist skills and knowledge about the most important issues related to the sustainability of agricultural production and food security. Our MRes is suitable if you have a strong interest in a specific related topic and are confident that you want to pursue a career in research.

School of Agriculture, Food and Rural Development
, M.Sc. Sustainable Aquaculture

Sustainable Aquaculture - The Postgraduate Diploma/MSc is a postgraduate programme delivered 100% online no attendance required.

Joint venture with University of St Andrews and
, M.Sc. Maritime Archaeology

This course focuses on the principles of maritime archaeology of all periods within the broader international context and is delivered with the collaboration of renowned professionals from different parts of the world.

Faculty of Science & Technology
, M.Sc. Forestry and Environmental Management Degrees (TRANSFOR-M)

TRANSFOR-M is a two-year taught masters programme leading to a European degree and a Canadian degree (i.e. a dual degree) in forestry and environmental management. The programme is offered by a consortium of seven universities, three in Canada and four in the European Union (EU).

School of Environment, Natural Resources and Geography
, M.Sc. Agricultural and Environmental Science

This course gives you an understanding of how agriculture interacts with the environment. There is an emphasis on sustainability and the ecological consequences of unsound management. It gives you the skills for a career related to sustainability in farming systems, environmental management or rural development.

School of Agriculture, Food and Rural Development
, M.Sc. Zoo Conservation Biology

This MSc in Zoo Conservation Biology is run in close collaboration with The North of England Zoological Society (Chester Zoo) and aims to produce graduates who want to develop careers in research, management and re-introduction of captive populations.