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Hospitality, leisure and sports deals with aspects of relaxation and fine living as well as professional sports training and entertainment. Sub-disciplines include areas such as hospitality management, tourism, culinary arts, or sports management.

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The moment you will step into a UK university campus, you will feel you have entered a fairy tale. The UK campuses are mesmerizing and the student facilities are outstanding. All the modern and unique features of British universities enable you to engage in ground-breaking research and experience top quality teaching and learning.

384 Hospitality, Leisure & Sports Master's degrees in United Kingdom

M.Sc. Tourism, Heritage and Sustainability

This Tourism, Heritage and Sustainability programme at University of Glasgow is designed to build your understanding of the tourism, heritage,and sustainability sectors. Drawing upon a multidisciplinary team to do this, it uses academic approaches from the social sciences and the arts to investigate key themes. 

College of Social Sciences
M.Sc. Tourism, Heritage and Development

This Tourism, Heritage and Development programme at University of Glasgow is designed to build your understanding of the tourism, heritage and development sectors. Drawing upon a multidisciplinary team to do this, it uses academic approaches from the social sciences and the arts to investigate key themes.

College of Social Sciences
M.A. International Tourism Management

This Master's degree in International Tourism Management has been developed to meet the growing demand for competent and resourceful managers in the rapidly expanding tourism industry. It is delivered by the University of Greenwich on our Greenwich Campus, a UNESCO World Heritage Site which attracts tourists from all over the world.

Business School
M.Sc. Sport Marketing

This Sport Marketing programme offered by Birkbeck, University of London - School of Business, Economics and Informatics is aimed at those who wish to develop their understanding of marketing, and how it applies to the sport industry. It provides a comprehensive introduction to a range of marketing subjects and looks at how the principles and processes of marketing apply to the sport industry.

M.Sc. International Tourism Management

The contemporary international tourism industry is facing a range of challenges. On this International Tourism Management course at Oxford Brookes University you will explore how destinations and organisations may respond to these challenges through the development of innovative solutions, such as new products or services, or alternative ways of doing business.

The Oxford School of Hospitality Management
M.Sc. Sport and Exercise Medicine

This Masters course from University of Leeds is designed to provide enthusiastic professionals with practitioner-led training in the Sport and Exercise Medicine (SEM)

Faculty of Biological Sciences
M.Sc. Sports Therapy

The Sports Therapy M.Sc. course from London Metropolitan University is designed for sports scientists and similar graduates who wish to learn clinical skills and apply their knowledge to a therapy setting. You'll learn how to diagnose and treat sports injuries and develop practical and clinical skills.

Faculty of Life Sciences and Computing
Postgraduate Diploma Level 7 Diploma in tourism and Hospitality Management

To survive in today's competitive environment, busy and ambitious professionals need wide range of skills, knowledge and expertise. With the ultimate flexiblility which our programme offers, you can advance in your career and still continue to manage other responsibilities in your life. The Level 7 Diploma in tourism and Hospitality Management is offered by London School of Planning and Management.

M.Sc. Sport Management

Sport Management from University of Stirling is an exciting degree that will help you develop your career in the sport industry. It has been designed to meet the industry’s need for well-qualified managers who can combine management and financial skills with specialist knowledge of sport.

Faculty of Health Science and Sport
M.A. Tourism, Environment & Development

Study the complex relationships between tourism, the environment and development. Explore the advantages and disadvantages of tourism as a form of development and examine its environmental impact. Develop your own particular interests in tourism by choosing from a wide range of systematic and regional modules.

Faculty of Social Science & Public Policy
M.Sc. Sport and Exercise Physiology

Our programme equips you for a career in sport and exercise physiology. You will be provided with advanced knowledge based on the latest research in the theory and practice of a range of different areas in sport and exercise physiology, for the benefit of performance and health.

M.Sc. Business Management in Sport

The Business Management in Sport MSc from De Montfort University is a programme that will explore the evolving and multi-faceted area of management in sport through core modules from business and bespoke sport modules.

Business and Law
M.A. Broadcast Journalism

Our graduates are multi-skilled professionals. They practise the new journalism: ethical, digital and critical. Our teaching staff includes professionals with a huge range of experience, from local newspapers to Fleet Street, radio and network television. You will also be taught by leading academics, experts on journalistic ethics and law.

Department of Social Science
M.Sc. Conservation and Tourism

The programme offered by University of Kent provides you a critical engagement with the subject of Conservation and Tourism, not only by exploring the wide range of environmental, social and other impacts, but also through considering difficult questions that we might ask ourselves about our role as conservationists. 

School of Anthropology and Conservation
M.Sc. Strength and Conditioning

The MSc Strength and Conditioning degree at the University of Northampton is designed for those with an interest in developing their knowledge and understanding of the key physiological, biomechanical and psychological aspects underpinning sport and exercise performance via the development of strength and conditioning.

Postgraduate Diploma Sport and Exercise Physiology

Gain an in-depth understanding of the physiological and metabolic effects of exercise and training and develop the practical skills required to meet the specific needs of the client, be it optimal performance or improved health.

Carnegie Faculty
M.A. International Events Management

The International Events Management programme from the University of Greenwich is geared to individuals seeking to develop their management potential within the events industry. Applicants may already have substantial experience within the industry, or be working in a related sector such as public relations, marketing, arts management, venue management or hospitality.

Business School
M.Sc. Exercise Physiology

The Exercise Physiology programme from Loughborough University provides you with the opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of the physiological, nutritional and metabolic demands of exercise and training, and their implications for participation in sport and for the maintenance of good health.

School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences
M.Sc. Sport and Exercise Psychology (BPS Accredited)

The psychology of human performance in sport and exercise environments is fundamental to helping individuals to realise their physical, technical and health performance potential. This course aims to train you to understand how the mind can impact human behaviour and performance within competitive sport and everyday physical activity settings.

Faculty of Science
M.A. Sport Management

The MA in Sport Management aims to provide the opportunity for graduates and practitioners in sport and sport management related professions to engage in critical and intellectually rigorous investigation of the process of sport management from strategic planning through to practical implementation, in order to contribute to personal and career development. 

M.Sc. Sport Management

The Master of Science in Sport Management at Loughborough University teaches students all the fundamental notions of the global sports industry. The Master’s programme offers courses on sports markets and industries, managing service quality in sports, economics of sports and leisure, strategic and marketing management, introduction to financial management and many others.

School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences
M.Phil. Research Degrees - Sport and Physical Activity

Study for a higher degree by research in one of our well-respected sport and physical activity research centres. During your studies you are trained in research methods and complete a high level research project. We encourage and support you to present your findings at national and international conferences to help launch your academic career.

M.Sc. Sport Business and Leadership

This programme is designed for individuals who wish to improve their impact and effectiveness in leading and managing individuals, teams, and organisations within the sport business industry. Students will immerse themselves in the business of sport, enhancing their leadership capacity and business acumen in relation to the complex and rapidly emerging global sport business environment.

M.Sc. Tourism and Events

Fast-track your career in the hospitality, leisure and tourism industry. Progress rapidly in tourism and events management. Qualify for senior roles with significant responsibility.

M.A. International Tourism and Hospitality Management - PGDip, PGCert

Tourism and hospitality management is a fast-paced and competitive market. This course will develop the knowledge and management skills required for your future hospitality or tourism career whilst providing the context and the socio-political analysis that is increasingly needed in a continually changing and complex environment.

Business School
M.Sc. Strategic Hotel Management

Our School of Hospitality and Tourism Management offers a fresh, dynamic outlook, unsurpassed industry connections, a leading international reputation and a remarkable track record in graduate employment.

Surrey Business School
M.Sc. Strength and Conditioning

Over the past decade, the impact of strength and conditioning has had on athletic performance has become increasingly clear with professional and amateur sports using strength and conditioning to maximise performance.The Strength and Conditioning programme is offered by the Coventry University.

Life Sciences
Postgraduate Certificate Sport Governance (October start)

This Postgraduate Certificate in Sport Governance (October start) from Birkbeck, University of London - School of Business, Economics and Informatics introduces you to issues of governance and regulation and how they apply in the sport industry.

M.Sc. International Sport Management

Future proof your career through professional preparation for management or leadership positions across the global sport industry. The course is aimed at graduates aspiring to work in sports business or management positions in a global industry and professionals working in sport organisations who want to expand their management skills and knowledge to improve their career prospects.

Master Programmes
M.Sc. Strength and Conditioning

This degree is the ideal sports and exercise science route for students who aspire to work with elite athletes. Learn how to write and deliver training programmes, and monitor and feedback progress. 

School of Science and Technology
M.Res. Sport Development

MRes Sport Development is a work-centred, project based programme which enables students to develop a critical appreciation of fundamental shifts taking place within their profession as well as the opportunity to contribute to the planning process necessary to meet the challenges these shifts present.

M.Sc. Sports and Exercise Medicine

The Sports and Exercise Medicine programme offered at the University of Nottingham will provide you with the knowledge and skills to manage sports injuries and illness and to explore the relationship between physical activity and health.

Medical and Surgical Sciences
M.Sc. Sports and Exercise Science

From elite performance to the thriving personal fitness market and community-based sport activity, sport is an ever-expanding multi-billion dollar global industry. Our degree primes the very best graduates with the skills to help sports people improve efficiency of performance and reduce risk of injury. 

School of Science and Technology
M.Sc. Sports Engineering

This course is for high achieving graduates in engineering and the physical sciences who wish to develop and apply their technical knowledge to the world of sport. It gives you the skills and knowledge to work at the cutting edge of research and development in the sports equipment industry. The course also provides a strong platform for PhD level study.

Master Psychology of Sport and Exercise

Learn how to optimise athlete performance and improve well-being and activity levels by studying the psychology behind sport at Roehampton. You will explore key factors that affect sports performance, well-being, and activity levels such as mental toughness, self-confidence, motivation, stress and anxiety, concentration, and the psychology of sport injury.

M.Sc. Sport and Exercise Science

Train in the practical and theoretical elements of sport and exercise science. Explore the broad spectrum of areas that underpin health; sport and exercise. With our state-of-the-art facilities and science-based approach, you gain a solid understanding of the biology, physiology, biomechanics, nutrition and psychology of sport.

School of Sport, Rehabilitation and Exercise Sciences
M.Res. Sport and Exercise Science

Our Sport and Exercise Science (MRes) syllabus is formulated to foster independent, problem-solving individuals who are critical, analytical and resilient to the challenges of the research and applied environment.

MSc/PgDip/PgCert Sports Strength and Conditioning

The Masters degree programme is designed to build on the NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association) Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) award and the UKSCA (The UK Strength and Conditioning Association) Accredited Strength and Conditioning Coach (ASCC), to provide a necessary range of theoretical and practical experiences for a career as a strength and conditioning practitioner.

School of Sport and Exercise
M.Sc. Applied Sports Science and Outdoor Activities

The course focuses on the application of physiology and psychology to outdoor activities. It aims to develop students' practical and theoretical knowledge as well as their ability to propose possible alternative hypotheses to current thinking. The Applied Sports Science and Outdoor Activities programme is offered at Bangor University.

School of Sport, Health and Exercise Science
M.Sc. Event Management

The Event Management MSc degree at Coventry University aims to take enthusiastic and career driven graduates and educate them up to and beyond the industry level. This degree is designed for those who have prior experience in events, but is also suitable to those seeking to work in this dynamic and exciting industry.

M.Sc. Paediatric Exercise and Health

The University of Exeter, Paediatric Exercise and Health programme is suitable for sport, exercise and health-related professionals seeking continuing professional development. Recent examples of professionals graduating from our programmes include medical doctors, practice nurses, physiotherapists and youth sports managers/coaches.

College of Life and Environmental Sciences
M.Phil. Sports Science

With our flourishing research environment looking at elite sports performance and exercise health and medicine, Swansea University provides an excellent base for your research.

M.A. International Tourism Development

This programme is designed to deliver a substantial theoretical and practical understanding of the role and contribution of the tourism industry in the context of international development. You will gain the skills required to manage sustainable tourism businesses, alongside the specialisms of strategic destination management and marketing. 

M.Sc. Tourism Development and Culture

The new Tourism Development and Culture two-year joint degree at the University of Glasgow focuses on contemporary theoretical and practical issues in tourism development, with a cultural focus, providing critical analytical skills. Mobility periods will give you the opportunity to study at the University of Glasgow and its world-class consortium partners.

College of Social Sciences
M.Res. Exercise Science

The Master of Research (MRes) allows you to develop specialised research skills within a professional research setting. It's an excellent preparation for PhD studies in exercise science, which is a discipline that's becoming increasingly focused on research.

Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation
M.Sc. Applied Sport and Exercise Physiology

This Applied Sport and Exercise Physiology MSc from Bangor University focuses on sport and exercise physiology. It has been designed to be flexible and relevant to the student's individual needs and interests, with a strong emphasis on the application of theory to professional practice.

School of Sport, Health and Exercise Science
Postgraduate Certificate Physical Education (3-14)

This Certificate programme has been introduced in response to the growing global interest in children’s physical education, physical activity, sport and wellbeing.

College of Humanities & Social Science