Study Hospitality, Leisure & Sports in United Kingdom

Study Hospitality, Leisure & Sports in United Kingdom

Studying Hospitality, Leisure & Sports

Hospitality, leisure and sports deals with aspects of relaxation and fine living as well as professional sports training and entertainment. Sub-disciplines include areas such as hospitality management, tourism, culinary arts, or sports management.

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Studying in United Kingdom

The UK has one of the most cosmopolitan societies within Europe and you will study with people from all over the world. The variety of universities and degrees is broad and degrees will be accepted worldwide.

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338 Hospitality, Leisure & Sports Master's degrees in United Kingdom

, M.Sc. International Sport Management

Delivered inside the world famous Wembley Stadium, the International Sport Management degree from UCFB is designed to prepare graduates to take on leadership roles in the business of sport across the globe.

, MRes Sports Science

If you want to work in the sport industry, an MSc will give you more experience and greater flexibility. Aimed at those with a sports science degree or similar, it’s carefully tailored to maximise your employability within sport and offers an unrivalled range of professional expertise and top class facilities. This Sports Science programme is offered by the University of East London.

School of Health and Bioscience
, M.Sc. Sports Management

This inter-disciplinary, practical course will provide you with the tools and skills you need to thrive in the competitive world of sports management. You will gain insights into what has become a multi-billion pound industry and which offers growing opportunities for a multi-faceted career. This Sports Management programme is offered by the University of East London.

Business School
, M.Sc. Sport Management

This unique Sport Management programme from UCFB encompasses the central functions of corporate, senior and operational management including financial management, governance, corporate strategy, strategic marketing and leadership.

, M.Sc. Sports Digital and Media Technologies

Through this Sport Digital and Media Technologies programme at Loughborough University London you will develop a critical understanding of how technology is impacting on sport in particular the growing sport digital and media sectors. Sport is embracing digital technologies to improve performance and business practice. The sports media provide valuable content and audiences for broadcasters, companies and sponsors.

Institute for Sport Business
, MRes Sport Business

The Sport Business MRes from Loughborough University London will develop students’ knowledge of the current research into the business of sport. Alongside the core research skills and practical experiences offered through the shared elements of the programme, students will have the opportunity to develop their understanding of leadership in the context of the business of sport through taking taught modules in Leadership Models and Practices: Application to a Sport Context and Analysing and Constructing Leadership for a Sport Context.

Institute for Sport Business
, M.Sc. International Tourism and Hospitality Management

This International Tourism and Hospitality Management innovative course from The University of Hertfordshire prepares you for management within various sectors of the worldwide tourism industry. The continued growth of this industry has brought about an increasing need for flexible and skilled managers able to operate at a global, as well as national and local level.

Business School
, M.Sc. Sport Business and Innovation

This Sport Business and Innovation programme at Loughborough University London has a focus on innovation and enterprise which are core skills in the world of sport business. It allows you to recognise the link between theory and practice to improve your management skills.

Institute for Sport Business
, M.Sc. International Hospitality and Tourism Management

The tourism and hospitality industry has undergone growth in both private enterprise and international public sector management. The MSc in International Hospitality and Tourism Management from the University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN) has been designed to meet such challenges and provide a curriculum to enhance the knowledge and skills of its students and ensure that they are able to succeed as hospitality and tourism managers.

, M.A. Tourism Management

Tourism is an increasingly important part of our lives, and the tourism industry is one of the few global industries forecast to grow in the long term. Managing this rapidly growing industry to meet visitors' demands in a sustainable way is exciting and challenging. This well-established and recently updated Tourism Management course at the University of Westminster will give you the knowledge, analytical abilities and skills you need to make a career as a tourism professional.

Faculty of Architecture and Built Environment
, M.A. Events and Conference Management

This Events and Conference Management course at the University of Westminster is specifically designed for people who want to enter, or make further progress in, management-level careers in the fast-expanding field of events and conferences.

Faculty of Architecture and Built Environment
, M.Sc. Sports Therapy

The Sports Therapy course from London Metropolitan University is designed for sports scientists (or similar graduates) who wish to apply their knowledge to a therapy setting and learn clinical skills. Completing the course provides eligibility for membership of The Society of Sports Therapists (SST) which gives you licence to practice as a sports therapist.

Faculty of Life Sciences and Computing
, M.Sc. Sport Management

You will benefit from the expertise of our diverse teaching staff who are focused on equipping you with the skills and knowledge to work in the rapidly expanding global sports industry. The Sport Management programme is offered at Loughborough University.

School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences
, M.Sc. Events Management

Events Management, Bournemouth University This course will provide you with the opportunity to develop skills essential for working in the events sector, using theories and processes of project and operational management. You'll learn about the event management cycle, including planning, design, implementation and evaluation of a variety of events.

Faculty of Management
, M.Sc. Sports Performance

On this course you will gain a thorough grounding in the science underpinning performance enhancement through the key areas of biomechanics, physiology and psychology. This will complement the practical skills and research expertise you will develop in applied settings, providing an insight into the way that scientific support is integrated into the real world of top-level sport.

Faculty of Science
, M.Sc. Sport and Exercise Psychology

This course runs in parallel with our MSc Sport, Health & Exercise Sciences (Sport Psychology) course and focuses on the application of psychology in the sport and exercise domain. The Sport and Exercise Psychology programme is delivered by Brunel University London.

College of Health and Life Sciences
, M.Sc. Ecotourism

Explore the impact of humans on the environment and gain the practical skills and knowledge required to develop sustainable ecotourism.

Faculty of Health, Life & Social Sciences
, M.Sc. Applied Sport Science

This Applied Sport Science MSc provides a focus on sport and performance. It has been designed to be flexible and relevant to the student's individual needs and interests, with a strong emphasis on the application of theory to professional practice.

School of Sport, Health and Exercise Science
, M.Sc. Tourism Management

This Tourism Management programme combines our expertise in tourism with the School’s overall focus on enterprise and innovation, making it perfect for those interested in managerial positions within the tourism industry.

Surrey Business School
, Postgrad.Cert. Clinical Exercise Science

There are increasing rates of ill-health resulting from sedentary living, poor dietary habits and high stress lifestyles. The duties performed by a Clinical Exercise Specialist (CES) are linked closely to treating patients living with a long term condition in which exercise has been shown to provide therapeutic benefit. Specifically, cardiovascular diseases, pulmonary diseases, diabetes, stroke, cancer and musculoskeletal limitations remain important health concerns that have all been shown to benefit from regular safe exercise. Therefore, this innovative course is designed to offer you an interdisciplinary approach to exercise in clinical settings and vocational qualifications and experiences that will enable you to apply theory to practice. The integration of theory and practice within this course will enable you to critically analyse, adapt and modify existing approaches to develop safe and effective physical activity programmes to optimise the health-related fitness of clients.

Faculty of Science
, MBA MBA Sportmanagement

Study sport management parallel to your job. Classes in Frankfurt, Madrid, New York, Amsterdam, Manchester, Shanghai and Zurich. The MBA Sportmanagement course is offered by University of Bayreuth.

Sports Management Academy Bayreuth
, M.A. Inclusive Education and Special Educational Needs

This Inclusive Education and Special Educational Needs programme at Manchester Metropolitan University provides outstanding professional development for teachers and education professionals. It will enable you to deepen your understanding of how to develop more inclusive practices within your own professional setting. Our team offers a stimulating balance of study around inclusive practice in mainstream settings, together with opportunities to focus on more specialised areas of SEN.

, M.Sc. Applied Sport and Exercise Science

The Applied Sport and Exercise Science programme at the University of Kent enables you to study the application of science to issues in the sport and exercise sciences and to gain the key skills you need to become an excellent practitioner within the sports, exercise and fitness industries.

School of Sport and Exercise Sciences
, M.Sc. Sports and Exercise Physiotherapy

The aims of the Sports and Exercise Physiotherapy course from Cardiff University are to offers knowledge and expertise to develop students´ evaluative, critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and to increase their practical and theoretical knowledge of sports science and injury, so that they can apply these skills in the further advancement of their profession.

Cardiff School of Healthcare Sciences
, M.A. Exercise and Sport - Coaching Studies

Intellectually challenging and discipline-focussed, this programme prepares you for a career within your chosen sub-discipline of exercise and sport at an advanced level. Underpinned by research and practitioner expertise, an interdisciplinary perspective in encouraged. Opportunities for interaction across biomechanics, physiology and psychology, coaching studies, sport development and sports injury are included.

, M.Sc. Sport, Health and Exercise Sciences (Human Performance)

This Sport, Health and Exercise Sciences (Human Performance) programme from Brunel University London primarily focuses on the physiological and biomechanical elements of the human performer, while also providing you with grounding in the lab techniques used by physiologists and biomechanists.

College of Health and Life Sciences
, MBA International Sport Management

International Sport Management MBA - demonstrate an understanding of the organisation of sport, its variety across nations and sports, and evolution over time. Critically analyse governance issues and their implications for the management of sport. Assess the key stages in sponsorship management and to critically evaluate the use of sport sponsorship by sponsors and rights owners. The International Sport Management MBA is offered by Coventry University.

Faculty of Business and Law
, Postgrad.Cert. Physical Education (3-14)

This Certificate programme has been introduced in response to the growing global interest in children’s physical education, physical activity, sport and wellbeing. The part-time nature of the programme, combined with some online learning, will enable students to complete the qualification while maintaining their current role.

College of Humanities & Social Science
, M.Sc. Applied Sport and Exercise Physiology

This Applied Sport and Exercise Physiology MSc focuses on sport and exercise physiology. It has been designed to be flexible and relevant to the student's individual needs and interests, with a strong emphasis on the application of theory to professional practice.

School of Sport, Health and Exercise Science
, Master Sport and Exercise Science & Medicine

This taught MSc in Sports Science is designed to provide you with an advanced, research-led programme of study in sport and exercise science and medicine. A key strength of the Sport and Exercise Science & Medicine programme at the University of Glasgow is its flexibility, which enables you to specialise in physical activity and health, sports performance, or sports medicine.

School of Life Sciences
, M.Sc. Research Sport Coaching

This is a flexible MSc, which can accommodate the career needs and personal aspirations of students with a particular interest in sport coaching. Studying for a higher degree by research provides a special sequence of challenges and rewards. It involves devising and conducting an original piece of research under the supervision of staff with expertise in the area of sport coaching.

, MRes Exercise Science

The MRes in Exercise Science will provide students with a training programme that prepares them for a career in research, delivered by expert staff in a world class teaching and research environment. Based at City Campus, successful applicants will undertake a research-orientated programme of study which when completed enables students to have an advanced understanding of the research process through both theoretical and practical exposure in world class laboratory facilities.

Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation
, Master Sports Cardiology MSc

Sports Cardiology will equip you with first-hand experience of cardiac screening of athletes, cardiovascular evaluation of elite athletes, managing athletes with heart disease and emergency response planning in sport arenas

, M.Phil. Sports Science

With our flourishing research environment looking at elite sports performance and exercise health and medicine, Swansea University provides an excellent base for your research as a PhD or MPhil student in Sports Science.

, M.Sc. Sports and Exercise Nutrition

The amazing feats of world-class athletes across the huge range of sports have projected the issues of performance into the public eye, and sports nutrition is now recognised as a key part of supporting training and competition at all levels of participation. The Sports and Exercise Nutrition programme is delivered by the University of Westminster.

Faculty of Science and Technology
, M.Sc. Paediatric Exercise and Health

The University of Exeter, Paediatric Exercise and Health programme is suitable for sport, exercise and health-related professionals seeking continuing professional development. Recent examples of professionals graduating from our programmes include medical doctors, practice nurses, physiotherapists and youth sports managers/coaches.

College of Life and Environmental Sciences
, M.Sc. Event Management

The Event Management MSc degree at Coventry University aims to take enthusiastic and career driven graduates and educate them up to and beyond the industry level. This degree is designed for those who have prior experience in events, but is also suitable to those seeking to work in this dynamic and exciting industry.

, M.Sc. Applied Sports Science and Outdoor Activities

The course focuses on the application of physiology and psychology to outdoor activities. It aims to develop students' practical and theoretical knowledge as well as their ability to propose possible alternative hypotheses to current thinking.

School of Sport, Health and Exercise Science
, M.Sc. Sports Management

This course provides professional preparation for management or leadership positions in a variety of sport, recreation and health promotion areas.

Master Programmes
, MBA Hospitality

This Hospitality MBA at Queen Margaret University offers real-life experiences and engagement with the industry. We have a strong belief and desire to take you out of the traditional classroom setting to experience and explore the sector for yourself. For example, current students were overnight guests at a five star hotel where they were able to discuss the history, operations and challenges with the owner.

School of Business, Enterprise and Management
, M.Sc. Sports Performance

If you wish to work with sports performers as a coach, strength and conditioner, or applied sports scientist, this innovative course is for you.

Faculty of Education and Sport
, M.Sc. Sport & Exercise Biomechanics

You will study core modules in the different aspects of sport and exercise biomechanics, as well as research methods, research into practice and a major independent study related to your specific interests in sport and exercise biomechanics. You will be able to choose one option from a range of other discipline-based modules in sport and exercise science including exercise physiology, nutrition and psychology.

Carnegie Faculty
, Postgrad.Dip. Sport Business

This is an exciting new course providing a powerful personal development opportunity for those who are working or intending to work in this dynamic and highly visible area of the UK and wider international economy. It has been developed in response to changing opportunities, risks and challenges for sports business, in an increasingly complex and changing environment.

Carnegie Faculty
, Postgrad.Cert. Sport & Exercise Biomechanics

You will study core modules in the different aspects of sport and exercise biomechanics, as well as research methods, research into practice and a major independent study related to your specific interests in sport and exercise biomechanics. You will be able to choose one elective from a range of other discipline-based modules in sport and exercise science including exercise physiology, nutrition and psychology.

Carnegie Faculty
, M.Sc. Sport Leadership

This programme is designed for individuals who wish to improve their impact and effectiveness in leading and managing individuals, teams, and organisations within the sport business industry.

, Master Psychology of Sport and Exercise

Learn how to optimise athlete performance and improve well-being and activity levels by studying the psychology behind sport at Roehampton. You will explore key factors that affect sports performance, well-being, and activity levels such as mental toughness, self-confidence, motivation, stress and anxiety, concentration, and the psychology of sport injury.

, M.Sc. International Hotel and Tourism Management

This specialist MSc International Hotel and Tourism Management course from Oxford Brookes University develops ambitious students to become future leaders of the hospitality and tourism industry. Successful applicants will normally have a bachelor's degree in business, hospitality, or tourism management and a minimum of one year's relevant work experience.

The Oxford School of Hospitality Management
, M.Sc. Sports Engineering

This course is for high achieving graduates in engineering and the physical sciences who wish to develop and apply their technical knowledge to the world of sport. It gives you the skills and knowledge to work at the cutting edge of research and development in the sports equipment industry. The course also provides a strong platform for PhD level study.

, M.Sc. Sports and Exercise Science

From elite performance to the thriving personal fitness market and community-based sport activity, sport is an ever-expanding multi-billion dollar global industry. Our degree primes the very best graduates with the skills to help sports people improve efficiency of performance and reduce risk of injury. In the wake of London 2012, careers in sport and recreation are on the rise. Gain an advantage by training at one of the leading sport and exercise science universities in the UK.

School of Science and Technology
, M.Sc. Strength and Conditioning

The Strength and Conditioning Masters at Middlesex University in London gives sports graduates the opportunity to distinguish themselves by gaining a detailed understanding of evidence-based, sport-specific training interventions. Our students benefit from some of the UK's most innovative teaching and equipment, receiving coaching in areas ranging from plyometrics to weightlifting, speed and agility. Teaching and assessment is evenly weighted between theory and practicals.

School of Science and Technology
, M.A. International Tourism Management

Our programme offers an exciting opportunity and engaging environment by completing a series of challenging, creative, real-world assessments including working professionally in industry, real-life consultancy projects with clients and the requirement to plan and run your own tourism live project.

, M.Sc. Tourism, Heritage & Sustainability

The Tourism, Heritage & Sustainability programme from University of Glasgow uses academic approaches from the social sciences and the arts to investigate key themes. These include motivation, impacts, sustainable development, cultural and natural heritage, interpretation and management within this field.

School of Social and Political Sciences
, M.Sc. Strategic Hotel Management

This Strategic Hotel Management programme is designed exclusively for students who already have qualifications or experience in hotel management, encouraging you to confront from an informed perspective the issues and challenges facing the international hotel industry above the level of day-to-day operations.

Surrey Business School
, M.A. International Tourism and Hospitality Management - PGDip, PGCert

Tourism and hospitality management is a fast-paced and competitive market. This course will develop the knowledge and management skills required for your future hospitality or tourism career whilst providing the context and the socio-political analysis that is increasingly needed in a continually changing and complex environment.

Business School
, M.Phil. Research Degrees - Sport and Physical Activity

Study for a higher degree by research in one of our well-respected sport and physical activity research centres. During your studies you are trained in research methods and complete a high level research project. We encourage and support you to present your findings at national and international conferences to help launch your academic career.

, M.Sc. Sport and Exercise Psychology (BPS Accredited)

The psychology of human performance in sport and exercise environments is fundamental to helping individuals to realise their physical, technical and health performance potential. This course aims to train you to understand how the mind can impact human behaviour and performance within competitive sport and everyday physical activity settings.

Faculty of Science
, M.Sc. Exercise Physiology

The Exercise Physiology programme from Loughborough University provides you with the opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of the physiological, nutritional and metabolic demands of exercise and training, and their implications for participation in sport and for the maintenance of good health.

School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences
, M.Sc. Tourism Management

This course is a conversion course, it is ideal for graduates who would like to change subjects or career direction. This course reviews a range of key issues, challenges and developments in tourism management, with particular focus on the relationships between tourism and the wider economic, environmental and socio-cultural context.

Faculty of Management
, M.Sc. International Events Management

Designed to accommodate the demand for talented, capable practitioners, this International Events Management programme at University of the West of Scotland prepares you for a successful career in events management at home or abroad.

School of Business and Enterprise
, M.Sc. Sports Sciences (Psychology)

This Sports Sciences (Psychology) programme from University of Chester offers a range of pathway routes designed to enable students to specialise in their area of interest. The programme has been designed to enable students to develop a range of discipline-specific abilities and apply them to selected areas of special interest for more advanced study of the physiological, nutritional, performance analysis, biomechanical or psychological factors that might influence sports performance.

Department of Sport and Exercise Sciences
, M.A. Events Management

The Events Management programme from the University of Greenwich is geared to individuals seeking to develop their management potential within the events industry. Applicants may already have substantial experience within the industry, or be working in a related sector (such as public relations, marketing, arts management, venue management or hospitality) and be looking to specialise in events.

Business School
, M.A. Broadcast Journalism

Our graduates are multi-skilled professionals. They practise the new journalism: ethical, digital and critical. Our teaching staff includes professionals with a huge range of experience, from local newspapers to Fleet Street, radio and network television. You will also be taught by leading academics, experts on journalistic ethics and law.

Department of Social Science