21 Online Masters in History by universities in United Kingdom


History belongs to the field of humanities and deals with past events. It is a very wide field with numerous branches which can be categorised by region, era or the field focused on.

Find and compare 21 Online Masters in History by universities in United Kingdom. Below is a selection of the available study options. If you're interested in studying History in United Kingdom you can view all 21 Online Master's programmes.

Suggested Study Programmes

  • Master in History (Research)(MA, PhD)

    The School of History is a lively, research-led department where postgraduate students are given the opportunity to work alongside academics recognised as experts in their respective fields. The School was placed second nationally for ‘world-class’ research in themost recent Research Assessment Exercise, and consistently scores highly in the National Student Survey.

  • Master in Art History and Visual Culture

    The Richmond MA in Art History and Visual Culture is an exciting, challenging and cutting-edge academic program, completed over one year in a central London location. The programme builds on the success of Richmonds MA in Art History which, over more than a decade, established an international reputation for its innovative, intercultural curriculum and successful record of student placement in world-class museums, galleries and PhD programs.

  • Master in Cartoons and Caricature

    The British Cartoon Archive was established in 1973 at the University of Kent, to collect and preserve British cartoons of social and political comment, and make them freely available for study. It is a library, archive, gallery and registered museum, dedicated to the history of British cartooning over the last 200 years. We accept candidates for the degree of MA, MPhil or PhD by research and thesis. Staff supervision comes from the appropriate departments.

  • Master in Historical Research

    The MA in Historical Research is designed to offer a grounding in historical research and either to prepare you for higher study at PhD level or – if taken as a stand-alone qualification – to cultivate transferable skills for employment in a range of related careers such as archives and libraries, teaching and research work. Past students have entered the wide range of careers open to arts and humanities graduates.

  • Master in History

    MA History concentrates on different geographical scales of history, including local and global perspectives.

  • Master in History of Science, Medicine, and Technology

    The history of science is a long-established discipline in Oxford. Since 1925, the Museum of the History of Science in the Old Ashmolean Building has housed an outstanding collection of scientific instruments and a library of 18,000 items.

  • Master in Archaeology

    Classical & Archaeological Studies examines the textual and material evidence for a wide cross-section of the ancient world and includes three convergent research and teaching pathways: ancient history, classical literature, and archaeology. Many core areas in the investigation of the ancient world can be studied with us at postgraduate level.

  • Master in History

    The MRes in History will provide you with expert knowledge and understanding of research methods and offers access to training in appropriate subjects and generic skills. The MRes programme will also furnish you with professional skills such as communication, self-management, planning and ethical awareness and is thus in line with the UK Research Council’s training requirements for research students.

  • Master in Archaeological Computing (Virtual Pasts)

    Computers and information technology are increasingly important tools for both researching and managing archaeological materials. Taught within the internationally known research environment of the Southampton Archaeological Computing Research Group, in common with the MSc Archaeological Computing (GIS and Survey), this course will provide instruction in a wide range of computing skills that are used within archaeology including multimedia technologies, databases, WWW and electronic publication.

  • Master in History of War

    This programme challenges students to examine war from broad historiographical and interdisciplinary perspectives, taking, as given that the history of warfare cannot be isolated from the study of general history. It encompasses more than what usually falls into the category of military history to include war from the viewpoint of combatants, societies, economies and cultures across the landscape of modern history, and in the spirit of War Studies draws on the literature and methodology of other academic disciplines where appropriate.

  • Master in Archaeological Computing (GIS and Survey)

    The MSc in Archaeological Computing (GIS and survey) provides an opportunity to study the use and implications of digital spatial and survey technologies, from GIS to Archaeological research and practice.

  • Master in Architectural History and Theory

    Join the MSc Architectural History and Theory and explore the latest methods, approaches and theories in the field. You’ll draw on the expertise of leading scholars and benefit from an unrivalled range of electives. As the programme progresses, you’ll gain practical experience through field trips and an optional work placement opportunity.

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