Study Gender & Sexuality Studies in United Kingdom

Study Gender & Sexuality Studies in United Kingdom

Studying Gender & Sexuality Studies

Gender & sexuality studies is a multi-disciplinary field dealing with the various social and cultural aspects of men and women. Sub-disciplines include women’s studies, feminism, men’s studies and LGBT studies. Masters and Bachelors in Gender & Sexuality analyse themes related to broad fields of interest such as literature, language, history, politics, sociology, law, and medicine.

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Studying in United Kingdom

The UK has one of the most cosmopolitan societies within Europe and you will study with people from all over the world. The variety of universities and degrees is broad and degrees will be accepted worldwide.

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54 Gender & Sexuality Studies Master's degrees in United Kingdom

, M.Sc. Reproductive and Sexual Health Research

The MS in Reproductive and Sexual Health Research offered by the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine is Europe’s only graduate course in reproductive health research and is designed for those interested in acquiring the research skills necessary to conduct policy-relevant research into sexual and reproductive health.

Faculty of Epidemiology and Population Health
, M.A. Gender Studies

SOAS, University of London's MA in Gender Studies is unique in that it refocuses issues of Western Gender Studies on the complex specificities of Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Faculty of Law and Social Sciences
, M.A. Gender and Sexuality

The MA Gender and Sexuality at SOAS, University of London is a unique programme, its principal aim being to re-focus issues prioritised in western Gender Studies and the study of sexuality on the complex specificities of Asia, Africa and the Near and Middle East. The programme offers the specialised study of gender and sexuality in relation to the cultures of Asia, Africa and the Middle East, together with rigorous training in, and questioning of, contemporary gender theory.

, M.A. Gender Studies

Gender Studies is an exciting area of research, exploring gender relations in the past, present and future. This programme at University of Leeds draws on a variety of perspectives to analyse social and cultural phenomena through the lens of gender.

Faculty of Education, Social Sciences and Law
, M.A. Women's and Gender Studies

Recognised by the EU as a Masters of Excellence, the MA in Women’s and Gender Studies (GEMMA) delivered by The University of Hull is the first programme of its kind. It carries high prestige within the European Union and is sponsored by the European Commission, which provides a small number of annual, competitive scholarships.

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
, M.A. Women's Studies and Sociology

The MA in Women's Studies and Sociology combines work in Women's Studies and Sociology. Students who are particularly interested in social research and/or feminist sociological theory will find this an attractive course.

Centre for Gender and Women's Studies
, M.A. Gender Studies

The MA gives you advanced training in gender, feminist and queer theory and methodology taught through the discussion of contemporary social issues.

, M.A. Women's Studies (MA/Diploma/Certificate)

Women’s Studies, Bangor University is in many ways a unique subject which is ideally suited to the interests of mature students. It attempts to challenge traditional structures of knowledge about gender and also, the usual ways in which we learn. Women’s Studies draws on many disciplines, including sociology, literature, history, psychology and politics, and is accessible to students whose previous academic backgrounds are in any area.

School of Lifelong Learning
, M.A. Gender, Media & Culture

The MA in Gender, Media & Culture from Goldsmiths, University of London introduces you to recent debates on gender in the disciplines of sociology and media and communications studies, and to the interdisciplinary domains of feminist social and cultural theory.

Department of Sociology
, M.A. International Relations (Gender) / PGDip

In seeking to 'gender' global politics, this programme explores the discipline of International Relations through the idea that gender matters to the structures, practices and theories of IR. An awareness of specific issues relating to broader issues of sex and death in global politics is sought and encouraged through committed and extended analysis of key texts and political practices.

Department of Political Science and International Studies
, M.Sc. Education, Power and Social Change

The degree will appeal to those interested in developing and extending their knowledge and understanding of education and social change. In addition to the core modules, you can choose from a range of option modules in order to tailor a programme to suit your developing interests. You will also take a course on research methodologies, which will provide you with the tools to undertake an original piece of research into an aspect of education that fascinates you.

Postgraduate courses
, M.A. Economics and Politics

Inter-connections between economics and politics are deep and take centre stage in this course. Indeed in the early stages of its development, what we now call ‘economics’ was known as ‘political economy’. This course is tailor-made to suit students with interests in Economics and Politics.

, M.A. Gender, Sexuality and Culture

The Master of Arts in Gender, Sexuality and Culture offered by The University of Manchester is a highly interdisciplinary programme that will: Introduce new approaches to gender studies and sexuality studies as a theoretical, social, cultural, political and historical field of investigation; challenge current understandings of gender and sexuality by interrogating cultural identities, such as queer, homosexual, gay, straight, bisexual, transgendered; examine cultural production and cultural theory in relating to other power systems, such as race, ethnicity and class; and offer training in research methods.

School of Arts, Histories and Cultures
, M.Sc. Equality & Human Rights

This Equality & Human Rights programme at University of Glasgow offers a unique opportunity for you to gain knowledge about a wide range of equality issues and to think across the dimensions of inequality.

School of Social and Political Sciences
, Master Gender History

This Masters in Gender History provides the opportunity to develop and deepen analysis of the workings of gender in the past. In conjunction with Glasgow University’s Centre for Gender History which brings together one of the largest concentrations of gender historians in the UK, the programme encourages cross-chronological and cross-cultural comparisons as well as allowing in-depth research into particular questions.

, M.A. Migration Studies

If you are involved in, or contemplating working with migrants, refugees and asylum seekers, this MA will broaden your understanding of relevant theories, concepts and policies.

, M.A. Women's Studies and Education

The MA in Women's Studies and Education combines work in Women's Studies and in Educational Research. This course offers the opportunity to pursue issues pertaining to education and gender including: equal opportunities in educational settings and feminist perspectives on education.

Centre for Gender and Women's Studies
, M.Sc. Gender and International Development

This course encourages you to question the concept of development, particularly western understandings of it, and gives priority to issues and debates identified within specific countries under study rather than relying on predominantly western literature.

, MRes Equality & Human Rights

This Equality & Human Rights programme at University of Glasgow examines equality and human rights in a social context, empirically and theoretically, while also providing advanced training in sociology and social science research methodology to fulfill Economic & Social Research Council (ESRC) postgraduate research training requirements.

School of Social and Political Sciences
, M.Sc. Gender, Development and Globalisation

This MSc in Gender, Development and Globalisation distinctive interdisciplinary programme offered by London School of Economics and Political Science focuses on integrating the theoretical analysis of gender with questions of globalisation and development. It provides the necessary analytical understanding to inform policy-making and independent research and prepares students for careers in policy-making institutions and NGOs as well as in academia.

Gender Institute
, M.Sc. Health Economics and Decision Modelling

The role of mathematical modelling in informing healthcare resource allocation decisions has been increasing over the past two decades. The MSc in Health Economics and Decision Modelling (HEDM) is the only Masters programme in the UK with a specific focus on the practical application of mathematical modelling to inform healthcare decision problems.

Department of Medicine
, M.A. Sexual Dissidence

This MA is associated with the Centre for the Study of Sexual Dissidence, which is a hub for research on sexuality and queer studies. We work with staff and students within the University and reach out externally to the local community in Brighton & Hove, as well as an international network of artists, scholars and campaigners.

School of Global Studies
, M.A. Women's Studies and English

The MA in Women's Studies and English combines work in Women's Studies and in English Literature. Students who want to pursue literary studies or who have a particular interest in women's literature or feminist literary theory will find this an attractive combination.

Centre for Gender and Women's Studies
, M.A. The Philosophy, Politics and Economics of Public Choice

This MA enables students to address a number of key questions about the role of markets in allocating resources, the problems of collective action and other such questions whose academic rigour is no less than their topical relevance in this age of debate over the “Third Way”, public-private initiatives and the privatisation of public services.

School of Political, Social and International Studies
, M.Sc. Gender Studies (Applied)

The MSc/MLitt in Gender Studies (Applied) equips students with conceptual and practical skills in gender analysis and research, underpinned by feminist theory. Through core modules – Understanding Gender, Feminist Research, and Key Feminist Thinkers – students are exposed to a range of theoretical and methodological approaches for studying gender.

Faculty of Arts and Humanities
, M.Sc. Gender

The MSc Gender degree allows students flexibility to choose options up to the value of one and a half full units from a wide range of courses (students may only take options up to the value of one full unit outside the Institute).

Gender Institute
, M.A. Celtic & Linguistics

Among the Celtic languages taught at Edinburgh University in the department of Celtic and Scottish Studies, Scottish Gaelic, as an indigenous language of Scotland, receives the greatest emphasis. Early Irish and Medieval Welsh are also offered at Honours level. Since the establishment of the first Chair of Celtic in Scotland in 1882, the department has played a leading rôle both in research and in teaching. Celtic is a versatile academic discipline that includes both linguistic and literary scholarship, and in recent years an important socio-political dimension has emerged with particular focus on the modern Celtic languages, and especially on the situation of Scottish Gaelic in the devolved Scottish context. The study of Celtic develops the ability to engage in critical dialogue with literature and culture past and present, and to frame conceptually rigorous arguments in engaging with both texts and language.

College of Humanities & Social Science
, M.A. Gender, Sexuality and Culture (MSc)

This course will develop your ability to discuss diverse theories of gender and sexuality and consider how gender and sexuality are represented, and operate, within relevant humanities or social sciences literatures. You will be given a firm grounding in gender theory and will develop the confidence to apply appropriate theories to your independent research project.

Postgraduate courses
, M.Sc. Development Economics and Policy

This programme, run jointly by IDPM (School of Environment, Education and Development) and Economics (School of Social Sciences), is designed to provide training in economic theory, applied economics and quantitative methods of relevance to developing and transitional economies. The programme is especially appropriate for those seeking to practice as development economists whether in government, the private sector, multilateral organisations or NGOs.

School of Environment and Development
, M.A. Gender, Violence and Conflict (2016 Entry)

The MA in Gender, Violence and Conflict will engage students critically with existing theoretical and policy debates about the links between sex, gender, violence and conflict. It will consider perspectives and arguments from anthropology and international relations, as well as from sociology, gender and feminist studies, and will include a focus on areas such as the gendered experiences of violence, conflict and peace; militarisation, masculinities and femininities, gender(ed) violence in situations of conflict and peace and the embodiment and institutionalisation of violence.

, M.A. Women's and Gender Studies (GEMMA)

The GEMMA programme is the first MA of its kind and falls in line with the implementation of the Bologna Process in European postgraduate provision. It carries high prestige within the European Union.

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
, M.A. Gender Studies and Law

The MA Gender Studies and Law at SOAS University of London is a unique programme, its principal aim being to re-focus issues prioritised in western Gender Studies and Legal Theory on the complex specificities of Asia, Africa and the Near and Middle East. Jointly housed by the Centre for Gender Studies and the School of Law, the programme offers the specialised study of gender and law in relation to the cultures of Asia, Africa and the Middle East

Faculty of Law and Social Sciences
, MRes Wellbeing

Social work at Sussex is placed in the top 5 in the UK in Guardian University Guide 2016 for the third year in a row.

School of Education and Social Work
, MRes Sexuality and Gender Studies MA By Research/PhD

You will receive supervision from leading international scholars of interdisciplinary Sexuality and Gender Studies. Postgraduate research in Sexuality and Gender Studies is a truly interdisciplinary collaboration, led by academics from a range of disciplines, each bringing their specific expertise to bear. Research can focus on topics including: feminist theory, masculinity studies, queer theory, postcolonial theory, psychoanalysis, ethnography, sexology, and criminology.

Department of Modern Languages
, LL.M. Rights, Gender and International Law

The Aberystwyth LLM in Rights, Gender and International Law offers you the opportunity to undertake critical study of two important fields - international law and human rights law - through the lens of gender. In this LLM you will study the legal history of these fascinating areas alongside the latest developments in this constantly-developing legal area. Your study will include topics such as equality legislation, implementation and regulation at the international level, as well as the place of gender within wider human rights law.

Department of International Politics
, M.A. Gender Analysis in International Development

The MA Gender Analysis in International Development degree from University of East Anglia incorporates a number of topics including concepts used in gender analysis of development, social justice, gender and power, poverty and inequality, and gendered approaches to social and human development such as capabilities, social exclusion and human rights, and violence, religion and identities.

School of International Development
, M.A. Gender and Media

This MA focuses on the production, circulation and reception of media representations of masculinity, femininity and sexuality. It also explores ways in which questions of gender and sexuality might shape and inform media relations more generally, for example in the negotiations of the public/private divide.

, M.A. Women's Studies by Research

The MA in Women's Studies by Research at the University of Yorkis taken full-time over one calendar year. It provides an exciting opportunity for those who already have a particular research interest, and who wish to learn research skills in order to pursue an independent piece of work. The degree has been designed for students who wish to explore a Women's Studies topic in some depth and who already have substantial undergraduate knowledge and expertise in the field.

, M.Sc. Gender and International Relations

Gender and International Relations programme from University of Bristol examines and deploys perspectives from feminism, gender studies, cultural studies, and sexuality studies, in conjunction with inter-disciplinary research in international political economy, civil-military relations, international development and the study of men and masculinities.

Faculty of Social Sciences and Law
, M.A. Women's Studies

This programme aims to provide a solid grounding in interdisciplinary women's studies, emphasizing gendered aspects of social and cultural life, representation and textual enquiry.

, Master Women's Studies

The MSt in Women's Studies equips you with the critical and research tools needed for women’s studies in the humanities. It provides a systematic introduction to feminist theory, and enables you to gain the skills necessary to engage in original research into topics in the humanities relating to women and to gender, in a university with unrivalled facilities for both traditional and computer-age research.

, M.A. Economics and Development

MA in PPE: Economics and Development allows students to gain a rounded picture of international development – including its economic and political dimensions. It also has an integrated, inter-disciplinary component.

, LL.M. Law and Gender

The development of this LLM specialisation will capitalise on the Centre for Gender Studies as a multi-faculty centre from 2012, allowing students to engage with contemporary gender theories alongside existing PG Law modules that engage issues in gender and women's rights.

Faculty of Law and Social Sciences
, M.A. English Literature

The English Literature programme is designed to equip you with a critical understanding of English literary studies and respond to significant questions: How have ideas about literature and literary value changed over time? What effects do innovations in printing and publishing have on writing? To what extent do political and social factors condition and define authorial identities and practices?

Faculty of English Literature and Creative Writing
, M.A. Gender, Media & Culture

The MA in Gender, Media and Culture introduces you to recent debates on gender in the disciplines of sociology and media and communications studies, and to the interdisciplinary domains of feminist social and cultural theory.

Department of Media & Communications
, M.A. Gender and Development (2016 Entry)

IDS research on gender goes beyond the narrow confines of many development projects, taking on issues such as political economy and conflict that have strong implications for development policy. Our groundbreaking work challenges normative ideas about gender with more nuanced, fluid perspectives on femininity, masculinity, women and men, and the way they interact.