Study International Relations in United Kingdom

Study International Relations in United Kingdom

Studying International Relations

International relations refer to political principles and processes as well as foreign affairs and relations between different countries. International relations systematically explore themes such as government and state, political behaviour, economic issues in local and international government systems. Graduates can work in government or diplomatic institutions as public affairs consultants, local government officers, or politicians.

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Studying in United Kingdom

The UK has one of the most cosmopolitan societies within Europe and you will study with people from all over the world. The variety of universities and degrees is broad and degrees will be accepted worldwide.

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306 International Relations Master's degrees in United Kingdom

M.Sc. Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding

The Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding MSc at Durham University will provide students with advanced knowledge of the complex and specialised areas of conflict prevention, conflict resolution, conflict transformation, conflict analysis, state stabilisation, peace processes, humanitarian intervention and peace building within the context of contemporary conflict and international humanitarian intervention.

School of Government and International Affairs (SGIA)
M.Sc. International Relations

The course will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the forces shaping global politics and state and inter-state relations. It will also give you an appreciation of the context of international relations in terms of global inequalities, power and environmental risks. This International Relations programme is offered by the University of East London.

Graduate School
M.A. Politics and International Relations (Political Theory)

This Politics and International Relations (Political Theory) programme at Durham University provides students with systematic knowledge and the tools to critically review the complex relationships between government and society at a variety of levels and in different contexts.

School of Government and International Affairs (SGIA)
Master Migration Law and Policy

This Migration Law and Policy degree at Middlesex University aims to enable students to specialise in subjects related to migration law and policy, equipping them with comprehensive knowledge of legal regimes governing free movement of persons under European Union Law, international laws and policies regarding migration, asylum and border management from a European and UK perspective.

M.Sc. Global Politics

The MSc Global Politics at Durham University aims to provide students with knowledge of the political, economic, cultural and moral debates about how and to what extent the effects of globalization can be governed.

School of Government and International Affairs (SGIA)
MRes Diplomacy and International Relations

Students undertaking Masters by Research, Diplomacy and International Relations at the Academy of Diplomacy and International Governance from Loughborough University London will gain specialist knowledge and relevant skills for research on various aspects of the practice of diplomacy and international governance.

Academy of Diplomacy and International Governance
M.A. International Relations

The relationships between states, international institutions, international non-governmental organisations (INGOs) and non-state operators are explored and analysed extensively. You will take an interdisciplinary approach to your studies, integrating historical examples and theories from areas such as international relations, international political economy, sociology, psychology and history. This International Relations programme is offered by Regent's University London.

Master's programmes
M.A. International Relations

The aim of the Master of Arts degree in International Relations at Richmond, the American International University in London is to equip students with in-depth knowledge of the discipline of international relations, key analytical and research skills, together with an opportunity to gain practical experience through an optional internship.

Graduate Programs
M.Sc. Conflict Resolution

The MSc Conflict Resolution course from University of Essex helps you to understand the evolving field of conflict resolution, exploring the causes and effects of destructive conflict across the world, and scrutinising the theory and practice of how this can be managed peacefully.

Department of Government
M.Sc. Security, Peace-building and Diplomacy

This Security, Peace-building and Diplomacy programme at Loughborough University London explores the link between national and global security and the role of peace-building in developing multi-layered communities and nations. This programme offers teaching and contact hours in the evenings and on Saturdays only.

Academy of Diplomacy and International Governance
M.Sc. International Relations of the Americas

This exciting and innovative programme from the University College London (UCL) embraces courses on both North and Latin America, with compulsory study of both regions. It focuses on inter-American and on Latin/North American global relations. The International Relations of the Americas course will combine breadth with (especially in relation to the 15,000 word dissertation) the depth appropriate for this level of study.

UCL – Institute of the Americas
M.A. International Relations

The most popular course, MA International Relation from University of Essex, attracts students from all over the world. You focus on general theoretical perspectives of the discipline, providing the tools for you to understand historical and contemporary events. The emphasis is on explaining and understanding international events, rather than simply the intellectual history of international relations as a field.

Department of Government
M.Sc. Diplomacy, Business and Trade

This Diplomacy, Business and Trade programme at Loughborough University London provides an extensive overview of the practice and development of international business and economic diplomacy. This programme offers teaching and contact hours in the evenings and on Saturdays only.

Academy of Diplomacy and International Governance
M.A. International Relations and Politics of the Middle East

This distinctive programme offers an in-depth analysis of this vital region, delivered by an expert academic team. You’ll directly address the complex nature of the politics and international relations of the Middle East to gain an oversight of internal dimensions of the region and their links with regional and extra-regional relations. The International Relations and Politics of the Middle East course is offered by University of Leeds.

Faculty of Education, Social Sciences and Law
M.A. International Educational Leadership and Policy

This International Educational Leadership and Policy specialist programme at the University of Leeds is suitable for educators such as teachers, school leaders, lecturers, inspectors, administrators and officials who want to gain an insight into educational policy issues of current global significance and their implications for the effective leadership of educational institutions.

Faculty of Education, Social Sciences and Law
M.Sc. International Retail Marketing

This programme benefits from Surrey Business School’s expertise in retail – we have been offering programmes in the subject since 1989 – and reflects the demand for highly qualified managers in a rapidly internationalising sector.

M.A. International Relations

It is ever more important to understand how the world works. Few problems today can be easily confined to the domestic arena. A better knowledge of the world and international relations can help explain why problems – from terrorism to financial crises – occur and how best to resolve them. University of East Anglia offers the MA in International Relations degree course.

School of Political, Social and International Studies
M.A. Public Relations

Throughout the course you will develop a deep theoretical knowledge of the place of public relations in society and, in the context of an integrated approach to marketing communications, as a fundamental tool of reputation management.

Faculty of Health & Social Sciences
M.A. French & Politics

Beyond the intensive study of the French language, French Studies at Edinburgh allows you to explore the exciting contribution of French speakers to world culture. Some of the most striking literary texts ever written are in French, French cinema is one of the world’s richest and Paris has long been the centre of the art world. French political and philosophical ideas have played a central role in creating our modern civilisation. As a large subject area, the French Section at Edinburgh can offer undergraduates a wide range of courses spanning from the Middle Ages to the twenty-first century, including specialist options in literature, film and politics taught by leading specialists in their field.

College of Humanities & Social Science
MRes Security, Conflict and Justice

This Security, Conflict and Justice programme from University of Bristol is one of five South West Doctoral Training Centre (SWDTC) interdisciplinary pathways that are delivered in partnership with the Universities of Bath and Exeter.

Faculty of Social Sciences and Law
M.Phil. Development Studies

The two-year MPhil in Development Studies will provide you with a rigorous and critical introduction to development as a process of managed and unmanaged change in societies in the global South. The course is an excellent preparation for a career in development policy or practice or for further study in the field.

M.Sc. International Defence and Security (PgDip/ PgCert)

The MSc in International Defence and Security (PgDip/ PgCert) from Cranfield University deals with some of the most pressing issues of world politics such as the causes of war and peace, the pressures and opportunities of globalisation, the threats posed by terrorism, and the problems of global poverty and injustice.

Defence and Security
M.A. International Relations (International Political Economy) MA/PGDip

This International Relations (International Political Economy) MA/PGDip programme from the University of Birmingham is for students from all over the world who are interested in the problems, challenges and opportunities presented by globalisation, and for students wanting to gain an advanced knowledge of the theories and practice of international political economy, from a range of different disciplinary and empirical perspectives.

Department of Philosophy
M.A. European Union and International Relations

Through this programme, graduates gain a high-level understanding of political and economic power in a globalised world. Studying modules on topics such as Religion and Global Politics, Security and Defence in Europe and International Political Communication and Leaders, students develop wide-ranging insights into political behaviour and skills in the critical analysis of contemporary political issues.

Languages & Social Sciences
M.Sc. International Business

This International Business programme offered by Birkbeck, University of London is designed for graduates who wish to develop a thorough understanding of key issues in international business and management, with a particular focus on how firms might internationalise and develop effective international business strategies to address business threats and opportunities in the international market.

M.Sc. International Relations

The International Relations programme at the University of Glasgow is designed for those interested in the crucial challenges facing our world today, from terrorism to globalisation, and from conflict to migration . In particular, it will provoke you to think about international challenges and the nature of interactions in the system.

School of Social and Political Sciences
M.A. Diplomacy and World Order

The Diplomacy and World Order course from De Montfort University is designed to provide a detailed understanding of the evolution of diplomacy and the way in which diplomacy is practised in the contemporary world. It tackles a number of broader issues that impact on diplomatic processes, such as the way in which states operate in regional organisations such as the European Union, the threat of organised crime and terrorism and the role of multinational corporations and companies.

Business and Law
M.Sc. International Business and Development

This International Business and Development programme at Birkbeck, University of London is suitable for graduates who are, or seek to be, employed in relevant government departments, non-governmental organisations, international agencies or private companies involved in, or related to, international business and economic development. It also provides a foundation for those wishing to undertake doctoral research in international business and development.

M.A. International Political Economy

This MA builds on our long-established history in IPE, which continues today with the UK-leading, Department-hosted Centre for the Study of Globalisation and Regionalisation. By addressing both mainstream and critical approaches, you will be encouraged to think in a reflective and challenging way about issues such as the global financial crisis, gender politics and the environment.

M.Litt. International Security Studies

The programme of study leading to an MLitt in International Security Studies lasts for one year, commencing in September and ending in the following August. It involves completion of taught courses, with assessed essays and exams, and a 15,000-word dissertation.

School of International Relations
M.A. Research in Politics and International Studies

This programme, recognised by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), is an excellent entry point into further academic research or applied careers in policy and politics. Its four core compulsory modules will help you to develop key research skills. The Quantitative Skills module provides analytical and

M.Sc. Contemporary Chinese Studies

The MSc in Contemporary Chinese Studies is a three-term, nine-month course designed to provide high quality graduate research training with an emphasis on an appreciation of research methods and on deepening your understanding of contemporary China.

M.A. International Relations (Gender) / PGDip

In seeking to 'gender' global politics, this programme explores the discipline of International Relations through the idea that gender matters to the structures, practices and theories of IR. An awareness of specific issues relating to broader issues of sex and death in global politics is sought and encouraged through committed and extended analysis of key texts and political practices.

Department of Political Science and International Studies
LL.M. Diplomacy and International Law (DL)

The programme draws upon modules from the Department of Politics, Philosophy and Religion and the Law School. It begins in early October, with an online orientation session conducted through a virtual learning environment (VLE) and web conferencing system.

M.A. Diplomacy and International Law

Designed to introduce you to the fields of diplomacy and international law, this programme draws upon modules from the Department of Politics, Philosophy and Religion (PPR) and the Law School. The programme has three complementary core modules which deal with different aspects of diplomacy and foreign policy, and international law. The programme also draws upon distinguished practitioners with experience in the fields of diplomacy and international law.

M.A. War Studies

The MA in War Studies from King's College London enhances analytical, conceptual, research and critical thinking skills designed expressly to enhance employability and aid professional career development. You will gain an understanding of the phenomenon of war and conflict, along with its causes, conduct and consequences, from historical, political, philosophical, military and sociological viewpoints.

Faculty of Social Science & Public Policy
M.A. International Relations: Global Security and Development

Understand how global security and development are interconnected in our interdependent world. Discover how and why underlying issues such as poverty, environmental degradation, societal inequities and politics create the international framework in which security conflicts emerge. Gain a sophisticated understanding of the dynamics that drive global politics, and the ability to use this knowledge in fields as diverse as diplomacy, journalism, finance, industry, public relations and risk analysis.

M.Sc. International Conflict and Cooperation

The International Conflict and Cooperation course from the University of Stirling looks at the dynamics of international conflict and cooperation in light of major developments such as the end of the Cold War, the 9/11 terror attacks and the Arab Spring.

M.Sc. International Relations Theory

The programme is designed for students who want to look deeply at the theoretical aspects of international relations. Materials to be studied include classical and contemporary forms of realism and liberalism, the 'English School', constructivism, critical approaches to the subject, normative theory, and feminist scholarship.

Department of International History
M.A. International Relations

This new MA programme is especially designed for those with an interdisciplinary background who wish to more fully comprehend core issues and approaches within International Relations post 9/11.

School of Social Sciences
M.A. International Relations

In our ever-shrinking world, the need for different nations and peoples to co-exist presents both challenges and opportunities. By understanding these, you give yourself a greater chance of thriving in the international arena. For future-thinking students with an eye on a career in diplomacy or business, an MA International Relations from Middlesex University is an important stepping-stone.

Master Social Anthropology & Politics

Social anthropology is the comparative study of human behaviour and ideas in their social contexts. Societies around the world vary enormously in their social, cultural, religious, and political forms, and their individual members also display a corresponding diversity of ideas and behaviour.

College of Humanities & Social Science
M.A. International Relations with International Law

Despite their close relationship, International Law and International Relations have traditionally been taught as discrete subjects. This programme is based on a recognition of the need to allow each discipline to be informed by the other. The programme covers the general methods, scope and theories of International Relations and International Law. This International Relations with International Law programme is offered at the University of Kent.

School of Politics and International Relations
M.A. International Relations

International Relations presents policy-makers and scholars with a wide range of issues that require analysis and evaluation. Students graduating with a Master’s degree in International Relations will be equipped to understand and interpret these issues more deeply and to think creatively about the challenges facing the world in the 21st Century.

College of Business, Arts and Social Sciences
M.A. Double Masters in Asian and European Affairs

The Double Masters in Asian and European Affairs programme aims to provide in -depth knowledge of the politics, economics and society of Asia and Europe. Combines the expertise on China and Asia at Renmin University of China and expertise on European affairs at King's College London.

Faculty of Arts & Humanities
M.Sc. International Relations (MScEcon)

This International Relations (MScEcon) course from Cardiff University offers knowledge and expertise in International Law, Human Rights, Foreign Policy Studies, International Political Economy, Ethics & International Affairs and Area Studies, as well as research skills.

Cardiff School of Modern Languages
M.A. Diplomatic Studies

The course aims to ground students in the central legal, theoretical and practical aspects of diplomacy. It does this within a context of a more general understanding of International Relations.

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
M.Phil. International Relations

The MPhil in International Relations is a two-year (21-month) course which offers intellectually rigorous training in the recent history of world politics, and in the theoretical or conceptual study of international relations, as well as the appropriate research methods.

M.A. Biblical Studies and International Relations

The University has four faculties and each course leading to a degree is administered by one of these faculties. You will belong to the same faculty throughout your time with us and most of the subjects you study will be offered by schools or departments within this faculty. Admission to the MA (Hons) Biblical Studies and International Relations programme of study is through the Faculty of Arts.

School of Divinity
Postgrad.Dip. Peace & Development

Make a positive difference to the lives of people around the world, addressing the global challenges of poverty and violence by linking theory and practice.Our course is an opportunity to develop your awareness of the relationships between peace, conflict resolution and development, both locally and internationally.

Faculty of Health & Social Sciences
M.A. History of International Relations

This is the department's most popular Masters course and is intended for those seeking a taught postgraduate course in history at its most international. It also caters for a wide variety of students, including those who have studied history at an undergraduate level and those who are making the transition from related subjects such as political science, modern languages, economics, law or journalism.

Department of International History
M.A. German & Politics

German is the most widely spoken language in Western Europe and is becoming increasingly important as a business language in Eastern Europe.German history, science and culture have had a huge impact across the entire world, and graduate employers recognise the need for a broad cultural education alongside language skills.At the University of Edinburgh, you will explore this history and culture alongside the study of the German language.

College of Humanities & Social Science
M.Sc. Social Science Research Methods (Politics / International Relations)

This MSc in Social Science Research Methods (Politics / International Relations) from University of Bristol provides ESRC-approved research training in politics and international relations. We aim to provide a thorough grounding in practical methodological skills through hands-on experience and the critical exploration of relevant examples and case studies.

Faculty of Social Sciences and Law
M.Sc. LSE-Sciences Po Double Degree in International Relations

LSE and Sciences Po joined forces in 2002 to sign an agreement establishing a double degree in international affairs. The double degree, which is based on reciprocal recognition of both curriculum and evaluation in the partner university, offers a top level education in international affairs and international relations/international political economy.

Department of International Relations
M.A. Muslim Minorities in a Global Context

What are the challenges faced by Muslim minority communities and their host societies? What are the debates surrounding the place of religious minorities in secular societies? Recent political shifts in Muslim majority countries have put Muslim minorities in the spotlight and impacted upon their relationship with their host societies. This programme gives you an opportunity to consider Muslim minority communities comparatively, within both western and non-western contexts.

Centre for International Studies and Diplomacy
M.Sc. Global Security

The traditional military threats which defined global security matters for the best part of the 20th century have been quickly replaced by new and re-emerging security challenges. This Global Security programme at University of Glasgow offers you the opportunity to examine many of these contemporary threats.

School of Social and Political Sciences
M.A. Political and Social Though

The breadth of expertise within the School of Politics and International Relations enables us to provide research supervision on a very wide range of topics across the area of Political and Social Thought. The Political and Social Though programme is offered at the University of Kent.

School of Politics and International Relations
M.A. Politics and International Relations of the Middle East

Politics and International Relations of the Middle East (The University of Exeter) - This programme particularly explores the meaning of democracy within an Arabo-Islamic setting, developing your critical awareness of debates about democracy as well as the strategies and dynamics of political liberation in the Arab world.

College of Social Sciences and International Studies
M.A. World Politics and Popular Culture

This World Politics and Popular Culture course from Newcastle University examines the changing dynamics of contemporary international relations in the context of the politics of the forces shaping and being shaped by popular culture. It focuses on key theories, policies, and events in world politics, in relation to both traditional and new media.

School of Geography, Politics and Sociology
M.A. International Relations

The taught Masters (MA) in International Relations at the University of Warwick is one of the foremost programmes in Britain and Europe for the study of International Relations (IR). It will enable you to tackle the big issues facing global decision-makers: from war to poverty; from security to the complexities of environmental degradation; from inequality to the study of global elites. Traditionally, the discipline of international relations has been concerned with issues of war and peace, focused on explaining and understanding the behaviour of states in their relationships with each other in the international states-system. More recently, however, IR has broadened and deepened as a discipline and is now much more than the study of war, peace, and state.

M.A. Humanitarianism and Conflict Response

This multidisciplinary degree course focuses on response to crises originating from both conflict-zones and natural disasters. Bringing together the study of medicine and humanities, the course provides an inclusive approach that mirrors the reality of aid operations and informs the reflexive processes of both analytical and applied disciplines. Students will be able to draw synergies from an exceptionally wide breadth of disciplinary traditions and research expertise.

School of Arts, Histories and Cultures
M.Sc. Economics and International Relations

Part of our Applied Training Programme which is designed to provide training in new and vocationally attractive skills in Economics, this Economics and International Relations Master's programme from University of East Anglia provides a platform to understand international economics and politics from an interdisciplinary perspective.

School of Economics
M.A. Cultural Diplomacy and International Sport

The Cultural Diplomacy and International Sport programme is delivered jointly by University of the West of Scotland in Paisley and the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy in Berlin. Students will attend the Paisley campus in trimester one before studying in Berlin in trimester two.

School of Media Culture and Society
M.Sc. International Relations

The International Relations programme is composed of three pathways. The International Relations pathway provides a deep understanding of key issues in the contemporary international system. The second pathway, Terrorism and Security, focuses on the key domestic and international security threats facing states in the 21st century.

Faculty of Arts and Human Sciences
M.A. Policy and Social Research

We are witnessing a period of considerable policy reform in the wake of the financial crisis, and the need for public policy research has never been greater. This MA programme equips students with the tools and knowledge to understand how and why public policy problems occur, and how these are affected by the social, cultural and political context, both in the UK and internationally. It offers students a sound training in research methods and equips them with the cutting-edge in theoretical and methodological approaches.

Languages & Social Sciences
M.A. International Affairs (By Research)

The University of Buckingham is introducing a new MA in Diplomacy, by research, in 2012. Following on from the University’s groundbreaking programme in Military History, this is the first one-year Research MA in Diplomacy, and the first with an integral course of seminars by visiting lecturers of international repute.

School of Humanities