Study International Relations in United Kingdom

Study International Relations in United Kingdom

Studying International Relations

International relations refer to political principles and processes as well as foreign affairs and relations between different countries. International relations systematically explore themes such as government and state, political behaviour, economic issues in local and international government systems. Graduates can work in government or diplomatic institutions as public affairs consultants, local government officers, or politicians.

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Studying in United Kingdom

The UK has one of the most cosmopolitan societies within Europe and you will study with people from all over the world. The variety of universities and degrees is broad and degrees will be accepted worldwide.

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300 International Relations Master's degrees in United Kingdom

, M.Sc. Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding

The Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding MSc at Durham University will provide students with advanced knowledge of the complex and specialised areas of conflict prevention, conflict resolution, conflict transformation, conflict analysis, state stabilisation, peace processes, humanitarian intervention and peace building within the context of contemporary conflict and international humanitarian intervention.

School of Government and International Affairs (SGIA)
, M.A. Politics and International Relations (Political Theory)

This Politics and International Relations (Political Theory) programme at Durham University provides students with systematic knowledge and the tools to critically review the complex relationships between government and society at a variety of levels and in different contexts.

School of Government and International Affairs (SGIA)
, Postgrad.Dip. International Conflict Analysis

Conflict, in its many forms, has been a permanent feature of human society. While not all conflict is destructive, the violent conduct of conflict has caused innumerable deaths and indescribable pain and suffering. It is this kind of deadly conflict that International Conflict Analysis addresses. The International Conflict Analysis programme is offered at the University of Kent.

School of Politics and International Relations
, MRes Diplomacy and International Relations

Students undertaking Masters by Research, Diplomacy and International Relations at the Academy of Diplomacy and International Governance from Loughborough University London will gain specialist knowledge and relevant skills for research on various aspects of the practice of diplomacy and international governance.

Academy of Diplomacy and International Governance
, M.A. International Relations

The relationships between states, international institutions, international non-governmental organisations (INGOs) and non-state operators are explored and analysed extensively. You will take an interdisciplinary approach to your studies, integrating historical examples and theories from areas such as international relations, international political economy, sociology, psychology and history. This International Relations programme is offered by Regent's University London.

Master's programmes
, M.A. International Relations

The aim of the Master of Arts degree in International Relations at Richmond, the American International University in London is to equip students with in-depth knowledge of the discipline of international relations, key analytical and research skills, together with an opportunity to gain practical experience through an optional internship.

Graduate Programs
, M.A. International Relations

The School of Politics and International Relations is one of the most dynamic places to study Politics and International Relations. We combine high-quality teaching with cutting-edge research in a supportive environment that welcomes students from all over the world. This International Relations programme is offered at the University of Kent.

School of Politics and International Relations
, M.Sc. Defence, Development, and Diplomacy

This inter-disciplinary and custom designed Defence, Development, and Diplomacy MSc at Durham University offers the unique opportunity to look at conflict, conflict intervention and post-conflict reconstruction through the lenses of defence, development and diplomacy.

School of Government and International Affairs (SGIA)
, M.Sc. Security, Peace-building and Diplomacy

This Security, Peace-building and Diplomacy programme at Loughborough University London explores the link between national and global security and the role of peace-building in developing multi-layered communities and nations. This programme offers teaching and contact hours in the evenings and on Saturdays only.

Academy of Diplomacy and International Governance
, M.A. International Relations (MA, PhD)

The School of Politics and International Relations has a long tradition of high-quality research among its staff and students. Our vibrant research culture attracts students from all over the world who conduct research at the forefront of our discipline. This International Relations (MA, PhD) programme is offered at the University of Kent.

School of Politics and International Relations
, M.Sc. International Relations of the Americas

This exciting and innovative programme from the University College London (UCL) embraces courses on both North and Latin America, with compulsory study of both regions. It focuses on inter-American and on Latin/North American global relations. The International Relations of the Americas course will combine breadth with (especially in relation to the 15,000 word dissertation) the depth appropriate for this level of study.

UCL – Institute of the Americas
, Pre-Master International Relations and International Development

The Pre-Masters at the University of Sussex International Study Centre offers a direct path to postgraduate study for international students. This unique course of academic modules, study skills and English language training aims to prepare you for the challenges of a taught Masters at the University of Sussex.

University of Sussex International Study Centre
, M.Sc. Diplomacy, Statecraft and Foreign Policy

This Diplomacy, Statecraft and Foreign Policy programme at Loughborough University London provides an umbilical link between theory and practice, providing training in the concepts and applications of research appropriate for the study of diplomacy. This programme offers teaching and contact hours in the evenings and on Saturdays only.

Academy of Diplomacy and International Governance
, M.A. International Relations and Politics of the Middle East

This distinctive programme offers an in-depth analysis of this vital region, delivered by an expert academic team. You’ll directly address the complex nature of the politics and international relations of the Middle East to gain an oversight of internal dimensions of the region and their links with regional and extra-regional relations. The International Relations and Politics of the Middle East course is offered by University of Leeds.

Faculty of Education, Social Sciences and Law
, M.A. International Educational Leadership and Policy

This International Educational Leadership and Policy specialist programme at the University of Leeds is suitable for educators such as teachers, school leaders, lecturers, inspectors, administrators and officials who want to gain an insight into educational policy issues of current global significance and their implications for the effective leadership of educational institutions.

Faculty of Education, Social Sciences and Law
, M.Sc. Conflict Resolution

The MSc Conflict Resolution course from University of Essex helps you to understand the evolving field of conflict resolution, exploring the causes and effects of destructive conflict across the world, and scrutinising the theory and practice of how this can be managed peacefully.

Department of Government
, M.A. International Relations

The most popular course, MA International Relation from University of Essex, attracts students from all over the world. You focus on general theoretical perspectives of the discipline, providing the tools for you to understand historical and contemporary events. The emphasis is on explaining and understanding international events, rather than simply the intellectual history of international relations as a field.

Department of Government
, LL.M. Law, Democracy and Human Welfare: Global Perspectives

Human need and suffering is increasingly the catalyst for local and transnational protest movements. The Law, Democracy and Human Welfare: Global Perspectives programme brings Birkbeck, University of London - School of Business, Economics and Informatics's avowedly critical approach to questions concerning the 'commons', as well as to the political and juridical questions concerning natural resources, water and food.

Postgraduate courses
, M.A. International Relations and Security

This course provides you with a detailed understanding of the nature of the contemporary security agenda, its origins, theoretical foundations and future trajectory. You will examine the theories of international security and those key security issues that have dominated security discourse in the post-Cold War era. You will also develop your analytical skills in order to facilitate understanding of the seminal contemporary security issues in a broader theoretical and historical framework.

Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities
, M.A. Public Administration

MA Public Administration offers you: The unique experience of studying in both the UK and China;an advanced understanding of key theories and contemporary practices in international politics and policy making;a practical insight into the public administration of China.

Faculty of Education, Social Sciences and Law
, MRes Global Political Economy: Transformations and Policy Analysis

This collaborative, interdisciplinary Global Political Economy: Transformations and Policy Analysis pathway at University of Bristol brings together key academics within the South West Doctoral Training Centre (SWDTC) who possess research and teaching strengths in the broad area of health and wellbeing, in particular, lifestyle behaviours and public health.

Faculty of Social Sciences and Law
, M.A. Terrorism, Security & Society

Terrorism, Security & Society is an interdisciplinary programme involving history, political science, international relations, sociology and social psychology and risk studies. The focus will vary from a strong emphasis on security and counterterrorism issues through to a critical social science approach and analysis of societal response and adaptation.

Faculty of Social Science & Public Policy
, M.A. International Relations

Discover how international relations theory affects real-world events, and develop crucial skills like decision making and debating. With prestigious guest lecturers and visits to key organisations, you’ll gain all the experience you need for a role in global politics.

Faculty of Arts, Law & Social Sciences
, M.A. International Studies (PGDip/ PGCert)

The taught postgraduate masters programme in International Studies (PGDip/ PGCert) from Oxford Brookes University provides specialised training in the key theories and concepts of advanced international studies and international relations, including the application of these to real world issues. The MA and PGDip awards also provide training in social scientific methods.

Department of Social Sciences
, M.Sc. Global Governance and Diplomacy

This nine-month master’s degree investigates diverse policy issues and the equally diverse structures of governance and diplomacy regulating them – at the international, transnational, state and sub-state levels. The course will equip you to understand, explain and practise governance and diplomacy in the contemporary global era.

, M.A. International Relations (Security) / PGDip

This programme will appeal to a wide range of students who have an interest in security issues and practices, including civilian and military officials who want to deepen their understanding and upgrade their qualifications. You will develop an understanding of the core concepts that inform the study and practice of security.

Department of Political Science and International Studies
, Postgrad.Cert. International Relations

Open up a world of opportunities by exploring some of the most pressing challenges facing nations today. From climate change and conflict to trade negotiations and social inequality, you will gain an understanding of these challenges at a local and global level.

Faculty of Health & Social Sciences
, M.Phil. Politics (Political Theory)

The MPhil in Politics (Political Theory) is an advanced two-year postgraduate degree, which provides training in research techniques and methodology and enables you to acquire substantive knowledge in this sub-area of the discipline. It is also suitable if you wish to later embark upon doctoral research.

, M.Sc. International Relations

This course aims to provide an understanding of the forces of global politics and to develop the skills needed to actively engage in the academic and professional discussions that are shaping the contemporary international agenda. With a particular focus on human rights and international conflict, it strikes a careful balance between the theoretical and practical elements of the study of international relations.

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
, M.Sc. Diplomacy and International Strategy

MSc Diplomacy and International Strategy is a new programme that examines the new global landscape created by the fundamental shifts that have occurred over the past 20 years in international relations. The programme is designed for those students who wish to study strategy and diplomacy from both a theoretical and practical perspective.

Diplomacy and Strategy (IDEAS)
, M.A. Global Ethics & Human Values

Global Ethics & Human Values allows you to study the urgent ethical issues of our globalising world including climate change, war, terrorism, poverty, inequality, trade, justice and human rights. Based in the heart of London close to government, the Royal Courts of Justice, multinational corporate HQs and international NGOs.

, M.A. International Relations

This course offers you an innovative, disciplined and intellectually challenging framework for studying issues and perspectives within international relations. You will consider various aspects of international order and politics, including the dynamics of international social and political power relationships and conflicts, and state building.

Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities
, M.Sc. Business with International Management and Finance

Businesses are increasingly seeking to employ graduates who not only have specialist knowledge but an understanding of the business in a broader sense. To satisfy this demand, Newcastle Business School have introduced a new suite of 2 year joint courses (including Business with Management and Finance, Business with Management and Marketing, Business with International Management and Marketing) that aim to give you the opportunity to develop a dual specialism in business

, Master Portuguese & Politics

Spanish and Portuguese are two of the most widely spoken languages in the world. Their fascinating literatures and cultures are diverse and vibrant and have influenced countries and cultures around the world. Hispanic Studies at the University of Edinburgh will not only perfect your language skills, but will provide opportunities to explore the Hispanic culture and its geographical and historical diversity.

College of Humanities & Social Science
, M.Phil. PhD International Relations

The active International Relations research base in the School ensures that staff are involved in current debates and that students are made aware of new developments and issues. Students identify an original area of academically relevant research and agree an approved programme of research with their tutor. This is supported by a programme of research training.

, M.Sc. Politics Research

The MSc in Politics Research is an intensive one-year research preparation master's degree. It is not a standalone course, but rather it is intended for students who would like to proceed directly to doctoral study at Oxford or elsewhere but who must first obtain the necessary research training in political science.

, M.Sc. International Economics

The MSc in International Economics is a taught graduate programme that provides specialised and advanced training in international economics, which is achieved through the delivery of specialised courses in trade theory, trade policy and econometrics.

Birmingham Business School
, M.A. Persian & Politics

Persian is the main language of over 120 million people and is among the world’s most widely spoken languages. Apart from opening the door to a fascinating and varied region, knowledge of Persian and the Middle East provides access to the rich intellectual heritage of Islam. To study Persian is to enter into a rich and diverse culture.

College of Humanities & Social Science
, M.A. Human Rights

This MA draws on Sussex’s academic expertise in law, international relations, anthropology, education, social care and social work, human geography and migration studies, combining internationally recognised research with an interdisciplinary approach that enables fresh thinking and contributes practical insights of great value to policy-makers.

, M.A. International Relations

The MA International Relations, University of Nottingham is an internationally recognised degree programme that will provide you with a solid grounding in the philosophical and practical aspects of international political analysis.

School of Politics and International Relations
, M.Litt. International Political Theory

This taught masters degree introduces students to the dynamic and exciting field of international political theory (IPT). Located at the intersection of political theory and international relations, this programme will provide students of IR with new conceptual tools for understanding the international system, and students of philosophy and political theory the ability to situate political thought beyond the boundaries of the sovereign state.

School of International Relations
, M.A. International Relations

This degree combines advanced study of the core theoretical questions in international relations with a problem-centred critical engagement with practice and policy.

, M.Sc. International Social Welfare and Social Policy

This course comprises of a one-year, full-time Masters award, managed within our Department of Family and Community Studies in our Faculty of Health & Social Care. It is aimed at all personnel who are involved in welfare or policy who wish to broaden their knowledge in different international contexts, and enable you to form strong global contacts.

Faculty of Health, Social Care & Education
, M.A. International Security MA

This course provides a thorough grounding in international security studies, focusing on developments since the end of the Cold War. International security problems often stem from complex political, economic, religious, environmental, social and cultural causes, and involve a broad range of non-state actors. The study of security in the contemporary international system thus poses a series of challenging intellectual questions and policy dilemmas, which this course will help you address in an informed and creative manner.

Department of Politics and International Relations
, M.A. International Relations

The MA in International Relations explores subjects such as globalisation, ethics and human rights, the international political economy, war, political violence and security. These topics are explored in the context of contending discourses in politics and international relations, philosophy, and social theory.

Faculty of Social Science & Public Policy
, M.A. Criminology

This course examines Criminology and criminal justice in their widest sense to include consideration of issues such as human rights, politics, international relations and social policy. It gives students the opportunity to explore both theoretical and applied criminology, and to engage critically in considering the relationships between theory, research, policy and practice.

, Master International Relations (MRes)

This MRes is concerned with analysing the key theoretical and empirical issues and concepts in international relations. The programme will provide students with advanced skills in qualitative and quantitative research methods to support research leading to the degrees of MPhil/PhD.

Masters Programmes
, M.A. Arabic & Politics

Arabic is the main language of over 250 million people inhabiting a huge swathe of land extending from the Atlantic to the Persian Gulf. It is the fifth most widely spoken language in the world and is one of the six official languages of the United Nations. Given the central importance of the Arab world in globlal commerce and industry, and its importance as the immediate neighbour of Europe on the southern and eastern sides of the Mediterranean, Arabic & Business Studies makes an excellent degree combination.

College of Humanities & Social Science
, M.A. International Studies and Diplomacy

The MA/PG Diploma International Studies and Diplomacy (ISD) programme is designed for those engaged in or planning to embark upon a professional career requiring international expertise in government, not-for-profit, corporate or academic environments.

Faculty of Law and Social Sciences
, M.A. Global and Comparative Politics

Why does the behaviour of political actors - leaders, parties, pressure groups, voters, protestors, and so on - vary across countries and over time? And what are the consequences of political institutions for regime stability, economic development, political representation, and the dynamics of electoral politics? This course allows you to focus on these and other questions of interest and apply them to politics in the developed and developing worlds.

Department of Government
, M.Sc. International Business

In today's global economy, the ability to think and work across geographic and political boundaries is imperative to not only conduct business in an international context but also to survive in such a competitive, globalised environment. This MSc is designed to give you the essential skills for professional and practical development, covering topics such as competitive marketing strategy, global supply chain management, leadership and management and international business environment.

, M.A. International Relations

This is a broad based programme of study for those wishing to gain a thorough grounding in the theory, structure and working of the modern international system. Students take five taught modules each assessed by a 5,000 word essay.

Politics and International Relations
, M.A. International Politics and East Asia

This taught MA is one of the leading postgraduate programmes of its kind. You will be focusing on a region that has emerged as a consistent focal point for the study of international relations; the socio-political consequences of economic crises; and the impact of globalisation, among other contemporary global priorities.

, M.A. International Relations (Contemporary Asia Pacific) / PGDip

This programme is for students who want an advanced knowledge of the main issues, problems and actors in the diverse region of East Asia today, or who wish to expand their knowledge of a dynamic and rapidly changing key economic region of the world, or to pursue any area of professional life in, or linked to, East Asia. A prior knowledge of the region is not necessary.

Department of Political Science and International Studies
, M.A. Diplomacy, Law & Global Change

This Diplomacy, Law & Global Change course at Coventry University focuses on the emerging global order of the twenty-first century. You will study two core areas: Diplomacy and the International System and International Law in the Contemporary World Arena.

Faculty of Business and Law
, M.A. International Peace & Security

International Peace and Security consists of a broad-based multidisciplinary curriculum, focusing on law and conflict in international society and contemporary security issues. Ideal for careers in international organisations; government departments; political risk and financial sector; further research/PhD; professional legal studies.

Faculty of Social Science & Public Policy
, M.A. International Relations

The MA International Relations equips you with the theoretical and empirical research tools to understand the forces that shape global politics. A postgraduate degree in International Relations is a pathway to a range of careers, from NGOs to International Organisations such as the EU. Our teaching methods are innovative and working with a group of world-leading researchers will ensure your degree is cutting edge and highly sought after.

College of Social Sciences and International Studies
, M.A. Multilevel Governance & International Relations

This new Joint MA programme offers students an exceptional opportunity to pursue a graduate programme that will deliver an excellent understanding of multilevel governance and international relations which is enhanced and enriched by the mix of both British and French perspectives. Students spend the first semester at Aston University, taking a number of core and optional modules. They then spend semester two at Sciences Po, Rennes, where they study a further suite of core modules through the medium of French language, before moving on to undertake a related internship, and completing a final “Rapport de Stage”.

Languages & Social Sciences
, M.A. Geography & Politics

Geography is the study of the way the world works. It is a uniquely diverse and integrative discipline that spans the natural and social sciences. As a natural science, Geography focuses on the environment, mainly through landscapes and their evolution through space and time. As a social science, Geography is concerned with the relationships between people and their social, cultural, political and economic worlds. In both cases, the relationships between human and physical environments are central.

College of Science & Engineering
, M.A. Global Political Economy

This advanced specialist degree provides a cutting-edge perspective of economic and financial dynamics, state strategies, and questions of global order and change. The MA in Global Political Economy course is offered by City, University of London.

School of Arts and Social Sciences
, M.A. Global Political Economy

Fundamental questions are being raised as to the ability of the global political economy to cope successfully with an everincreasing number of challenges such as climate change, financial instability, food crises, energy, security, and the rise of new economic powers. This MA is uniquely placed to analyse the impact of these contemporary transformations.

, M.Sc. International Economics

Our MSc International Economics gives you this knowledge, plus a critical awareness of the integration of theory, data, and analysis in relation to international economics. You are equipped with the skills for a career in international organisations engaged in business and finance, or in government and non-governmental organisations concerned with global development.

Department of Economics
, M.A. International Relations

Students of IR explore the origins and present-day contexts of international conflicts over power and resources and the processes driving states and organisations in the international system. Our programmes focus on a variety of issues in: international organisations, IR theory, understanding war and conflict and the international politics of Europe, Russia, Africa and the US. IR is part of a vibrant research-led community consisting of c.30 full-time academic staff and over 400 undergraduate students.

College of Humanities & Social Science
, M.A. International Relations and Theological Studies

The University has four faculties and each course leading to a degree is administered by one of these faculties. You will belong to the same faculty throughout your time with us and most of the subjects you study will be offered by schools or departments within this faculty. Admission to the MA (Hons) International Relations and Theological Studies programme of study is through the Faculty of Arts.

School of Divinity
, LL.M. International Criminal Law

This LLM aims to introduce you to the institutions and politics of the international legal framework, emphasising both the political and legal dynamics that are shaping tribunals such as the International Criminal Court.