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Sociology deals with studying human society by analysing and investigating it using several methods of empirical research. Sociology is a branch of social science covering topics such as deviance, social stratification, social class, culture, social mobility, law and religion. Sociology is related to disciplines such as anthropology, social psychology, or philosophy.

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The moment you will step into a UK university campus, you will feel you have entered a fairy tale. The UK campuses are mesmerizing and the student facilities are outstanding. All the modern and unique features of British universities enable you to engage in ground-breaking research and experience top quality teaching and learning.

294 Sociology Master's degrees in United Kingdom

M.Sc. Survey Methods for Social Research

The MSc Survey Methods for Social Research course from University of Essex will provide answers to these questions and more, preparing you for a professional career in social, academic or market research. Central to our course is an emphasis on practical learning and experience, so you undertake a short work placement in one of a number of professional research organisations.

Department of Sociology
M.A. Sociology

Join one of the top sociology departments in the UK and further your understanding of the tensions, interactions and networks that dictate how societies are organised. You contribute to the thinking that guides organisations such as the Home Office, Amnesty International and the United Nations. This MA Sociology course is delivered at University of Essex.

Department of Sociology
M.A. Social Anthropology

The Social Anthropology programme offered by the University of Kent is designed as an advanced course in social anthropology and is for students who have already studied anthropology either as a degree course or as part of a degree course at undergraduate level.

School of Anthropology and Conservation
M.Sc. Demography and Health

This MS in Demography & Health programme offered by the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine is Europe's only graduate programme in demography with an emphasis on health and social epidemiology, and is designed for those interested in acquiring a technical understanding of the structure and dynamics of population change, its causes and consequences.

Faculty of Epidemiology and Population Health
M.A. Social Anthropology and Conflict

The Social Anthropology and Conflict programme offered by the University of Kent is grounded in the study of social anthropology, but offers students an in-depth exploration of conflict and violence between and within human communities. Studies include aspects of organised crime, land ownership conflict, war, post-conflict reconstruction and community divisions. 

School of Anthropology and Conservation
M.A. Human Rights LLM

The School of Law from Birkbeck, University of London - School of Business, Economics and Informatics is proud to offer this exciting and innovative Master’s programme, leading to the award of an LLM or MA Human Rights.

Postgraduate courses
Preparation Course Access to HE Humanities and Social Science Programme

The Access to Humanities and Social Sciences course comprises of subject units covering, Law, Psychology, Sociology, Literature, Ethics, Study Skills, An extended project, Politics, The Media, Anthropology, Social Inclusion and Literature Analysis. This Access to HE Humanities and Social Science Programme is offered by Lewisham and Southwark College.

M.Sc. Critical Youth and Community Studies

The MSc is aimed at people with a first degree or experience in youth and community practices who aspire to develop their knowledge and understanding of statutory or voluntary contexts. This Critical Youth and Community Studies pioneering programme from University of the West of Scotland contributes to fulfilment of strong leadership and management youth and community practices.

School of Education
M.Sc. Social Psychology (MSc, PhD)

The Advanced Statistics and Methodology module the Social Psychology (MSc, PhD) programme offered by the Unviersity of Kent is available for doctoral students that have not already completed an advanced statistics and methods course.

School of Psychology
Pre-Master Master's Foundation Programme - Social Sciences

From our centre at Birkbeck, in the heart of the University of London, you are encouraged to develop the tools for success on degree programmes at the best universities in the UK. The Master's Foundation Programme - Social Sciences is offered by ONCAMPUS London.

M.Sc. Environmental Change And Society

This Environmental Change And Society programme at University of Glasgow highlights the social, political and cultural implications of environmental science and technology. You will learn to assess scientific and technological innovations as potential solutions to environmental issues.

School of Social and Political Sciences
Pre-Master Humanities, Law and Social Sciences

The Master’s Foundation Programme in Humanities, Law and Social Sciences is available as a one, two or three-term programme, with guaranteed progression* to a wide range of Master’s degrees at the University of Sunderland. You will study your Foundation programme at our state-of-the-art Centre located at the heart of the University of Sunderland City campus.

M.A. Disability Studies

This exciting Disability Studies programme from the University of Leeds explores disability as an equal opportunities issue by focusing on contemporary organisations and institutionalised practice.

Faculty of Education, Social Sciences and Law
Postgraduate Certificate Postgraduate Certificate in Integrated Practice in Childhood and Youth

The online Postgraduate Certificate in Integrated Practice in Childhood and Youth at The Open University UK offers a broad view on legal, social, psychological and economic factors that influence children's development. The postgraduate certificate analyses topics like children’s rights, child criminology and youth justice. Learn to develop solutions to promote children’s wellbeing.

The Open University UK Childhood and Youth
M.Sc. Clinical, Social and Cognitive Neuroscience

Through this Clinical, Social and Cognitive Neuroscience programme from City, University of London you will learn how different brain functions contribute to cognition, mediate social interaction, and determine mental health, well-being and psychiatric illness.

School of Arts and Social Sciences
M.Sc. State, Society and Development

This MSc programme seeks to explain state-society relations and development in Asia, Africa and (where appropriate) Latin America through the sub-disciplines of comparative political sociology and comparative/international political economy. 

Faculty of Law and Social Sciences
M.A. Refugee Studies

Forced migration is a global phenomenon and an area of increasing concern in Europe and beyond. On this course you will study the multiple factors associated with refugee crises and the economic, political, social, cultural, and environment pressures which lie behind the search for asylum. The Refugee Studies programme is offered by University of East London.

University of East London -School of Social Sciences, Media and Cultural Studies
M.A. Bioethics and Society

Advances in biomedicine, neuroscience, and public health raise some of the most difficult ethical and societal questions today. The Bioethics & Society programme allows you to study these questions drawing on concepts, theories, and methods from philosophy and the social sciences. This will enable you to understand how bioethics influences the world, and how you could make an impact. 

Faculty of Social Science & Public Policy
M.Phil. History, Philosophy and Sociology of Science, Technology and Medicine

The MPhil in History, Philosophy and Sociology of Science, Technology and Medicine is a full-time 9-month course that provides students with the opportunity to carry out focused research under close supervision by senior members of the University. Students will acquire or develop skills and expertise relevant to their research interests, as well as a critical and well informed understanding of the roles of the sciences in society.

M.Sc. Social Psychology

The MSc Social Psychology looks at a range of topical social issues through the lens of social psychological theories in order to develop understanding and ideas for intervention. The programme is offered at the University of Surrey and it is concerned with the scientific study of how we think about, influence and relate to one another.

Faculty of Psychology
M.Sc. Sociology

This Sociology programme from University of Bristol offers you the opportunity to extend your core sociological knowledge and understanding. It also serves to consolidate familiarity with the discipline for those coming from related subject degree backgrounds, but without specialised knowledge of sociology.

Faculty of Social Sciences and Law
M.Sc. Social Science

This MSc allows you to create a bespoke programme of study that draws on our expertise in fields such as childhood and youth studies; crime, safety and justice; education; social theory; social and public policy. As such, each student can tailor their learning to suit their own interests and aspirations.

Cardiff School of Social Sciences
M.Sc. Applied Social Research (PGDip)

Applied Social Research (PGDip) course prepares students for undertaking social research and evaluation, leading to careers in research, research management and commissioning or using research. Our MSc is recognised by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) as meeting the research training guidelines for undertaking a PhD in Sociology, Social Policy, Social Work or Socio-legal Studies

Faculty of Social Sciences
M.A. Poverty and Development

Gain a solid grounding in the concepts and skills needed to engage in debates on poverty and development. You’ll become familiar with the main theories of development and poverty reduction in development.

M.Sc. Demography - PG Dip

The Demography - PG Dip, M.Sc. from University of Southampton provides vocational training for professional demographers and quantitative social policy analysts and promotes interdisciplinary study in the field of population science.

Social Sciences
M.Res. Social Science Research

The MRes (Masters in Social Research) programme provides practical, career-orientated training in research design, data collection and data analysis skills relating to both qualitative and quantitative modes of inquiry. 

School of Sociology, Social Policy and Social Work
M.A. Philosophy and Sociology of Science

The programme, unique in the UK for its combination of philosophical and sociological perspectives on science and technology, examines the concept of science, the knowledge it provides and the way in which the production of knowledge is organised in society. In doing so, it will prepare you for further research or employment in the management and evaluation of science and its impact on society – an increasingly important aspect of science policy.

College of Social Sciences and International Studies
M.A. Sociology of Education

The Sociology of Education MA will guide students through the latest theories, concepts and research in the sociology of education, exploring the wider political, social and cultural contexts of policy and practice in education.

Institute of Education
M.A. Migration and Diaspora Studies

The MA in Migration and Diaspora Studies from SOAS University of London is a broad-based degree for students who want to receive specialized research training in Migration and Diaspora Studies, including a relevant language, which will prepare them to proceed to advanced postgraduate research in Migration and Diaspora Studies at SOAS or elsewhere.

Faculty of Arts and Humanities
M.A. Social and Political Thought

MA Social and Political Thought at University of Leeds will provide you with an advanced grounding in social and political theory, with modules in Contemporary Social Thought, Critical Theory, Liquid Sociology and an extended Dissertation that will allow you the opportunity to evaluate critically and creatively social and political realities at the dawn of the twenty-first century.

Faculty of Education, Social Sciences and Law
M.A. Social Development

Gain the theoretical knowledge and practical skills to become a social development practitioner. This course addresses the increasing focus on social aspects of development in policy, planning and practice.

M.Sc. Sociology of Sport and Exercise

Our MSc in the Sociology of Sport and Exercise is delivered by research-informed teaching staff in the Department of Sport and Exercise Sciences, whose commitment to research-informed teaching makes the course academically rigorous while creating a relaxed learning environment that the students find enjoyable.

The Faculty of Social Science
M.A. Sociology (by research)

The York Sociology Department is the ideal place for those who wish to undertake their own sociological research. It is ranked 1st in the UK for research quality by the recent major Research Excellence Framework review (REF2014).

M.Sc. Sociology

The Sociology programme at University of Glasgow will provide you with an advanced introduction to sociology and you will develop a critical understanding of the discipline.

School of Social and Political Sciences
M.Sc. Environmental Science, Technology & Society

This Master in Environmental Science, Technology & Society from University of Glasgow examines the social, political and cultural implications of environmental science and technology. You will learn to assess scientific and technological innovations as potential solutions to environmental issues. The unique interdisciplinary approach gives you a social science perspective on contemporary environmental issues.

School of Social and Political Sciences
M.A. Psychosocial Studies

Our students come to us from a variety of backgrounds and jobs and with widely differing undergraduate degrees. The Psychosocial Studies programme is delivered by University of East London. This course is not recruiting in 2017.

University of East London -School of Social Sciences, Media and Cultural Studies
M.Sc. Latin American Development

The Latin American Development MSc combines a thorough grounding in development theory with an in-depth study of Latin America. By exploring the contemporary and historical experiences of this region, you will develop an understanding of the deep roots of social change and the background to current development challenges and policy debates.

Faculty of Social Science & Public Policy
M.Sc. Culture and Society

The MSc Culture and Society gives its students the opportunity to develop expertise in the social study of cultural processes. Its ethos emphasises tight integration of leading edge cultural theory, innovative methodologies and attention to the most significant cultural trends and practices, globally and locally.

Department of Sociology
M.Sc. Social and Public Policy

The course will equip you with the theoretical, conceptual and analytical tools to examine contemporary social and public policies in both national and international contexts, interpreting a range of evidence in analysing policy developments and their social impacts.

Cardiff School of Social Sciences
Postgraduate Certificate Russian for Social Scientists

This is an intensive programme for graduates in other subjects who already possess basic proficiency in Russian but require a more thorough grounding in the language specifically for the purpose of conducting social scientific research dealing with Russia and/or the Commonwealth of Independent States. The Russian for Social Scientists programme is offered at the University of Glasgow.

School of Social and Political Sciences
M.Sc. Applied Social Psychology

The Applied Social Psychology programme is offered at the Royal Holloway University of London. The Psychology Department is a vibrant research community with an international reputation for leading research across a range of fields.

Department of Psychology
M.Res. Applied Social Research

This MRes Applied Social Research programme from University of Stirling covers six subject areas: Applied Social Science, Education, Film, Media and Journalism, Management, Nursing, Midwifery and Health and Sports Studies. There is a core of four shared modules in generic research skills, plus specialist disciplinary modules and a range of options. They combine high quality with flexibility and choice for students.

Faculty of Social Sciences
M.A. Sociology and Management

Businesses require an understanding of people - both of individuals, and of a potentially large customer-base. As the occupation of management grows and changes, it demands a more specialised understanding of the modern organisation and the world it operates in. Potential managers need an up-to-date and in-depth understanding of their occupation and its context.

Department of Sociology
M.A. Visual Sociology

This programme is designed for students who are interested in new ways of exploring and understanding the social world through the use of visual, sensory and other experimental approaches.

Department of Sociology
M.A. Sociology and Social Research

This MA programme equips students with the tools and knowledge to understand how and why social, political and cultural changes manifest themselves, both in the UK and internationally.

Languages & Social Sciences
M.A. Sociology and Global Change

This Sociology and Global Change course at Manchester Metropolitan University explores how processes of globalisation and internationalisation affect people's lives across the world. You will examine the processes in the global South as well as the global North and will develop your knowledge of perspectives on social movements, gender, ethnic and class divisions and analysis.

M.A. Sociology of Childhood and Children's Rights

The Sociology of Childhood and Children's Rights MA will introduce students to a range of contemporary social theories about childhood and children's rights, critically explore social constructions of childhood, and consider the implications these have for professional practice and research with children and young people.

Institute of Education
M.Res. Social Sciences Programme

Our MRes programme enables you to develop research skills shared across the social sciences while specialising in your own area through one of our focused courses. As a student on the programme, you study approaches and methods available to social science researchers, and explore their implications, limits and uses.

MA/PGDip/PGCert Social Policy

The MA Social Policy aims to introduce you to the study of social policyboth from a British and international perspective. It explores the subject within the context of broader political, social, economic and demographic developments.

School of Social Policy
M.Sc. NGO and Development Management

This established course, which has been running for ten years, examines the central issues facing developing countries in todays globalised world, giving you the skills for a job in development and the wider sectors.

University of East London -School of Social Sciences, Media and Cultural Studies
M.A. Social Anthropology

The Department of Anthropology and Sociology teaches the discipline of Social Anthropology with special reference to the societies and cultures of Asia and Africa, both past and present. Students come to the Social Anthropology course at SOAS University of London from all over the world, following BA study, work and travel experience or after long careers in other fields.

Faculty of Arts and Humanities
Postgraduate Certificate Media, Campaigning and Social Change

Media, Campaigning and Social Change course at the University of Westminster is aimed at those with some experience or interest in social change, the media, and communications or campaigns within not for profit organisations.

University of Westminster - Faculty of Media, Arts and Design
M.Sc. Psychology of Social Relations

In this unique MSc programme, you'll learn why social relationships hold the key to understanding human nature. Led by world-class researchers, the Masters offers a rigorous social-developmental psychology training that will advance the careers of anyone who's interested in the people professions – diverse careers related to education, work, health, government and non-profit organisations. Goldsmiths and London provide the ideal cosmopolitan setting to study a diverse range of social relations.

Department of Psychology
M.Res. Sociology

The programme comprises a mix of Faculty-wide research-based units and departmental disciplinary-based specialisations. This programme has a limited intake of students per year, fostering a friendly and supportive learning environment.

Department of Social and Policy Sciences
M.Sc. Psychosocial Studies

The Psychotherapy MSc allows graduates of our postgraduate diplomas in psychotherapeutic counselling to further their professional and academic training.

Faculty of Health and Social Science
M.Sc. Socio-Legal Studies

MSc Socio-Legal Studies programme develops your knowledge and understanding of interdisciplinary approaches to the study of law and legal phenomena. It provides a sound research training for students wishing to proceed to a PhD or a career in socio-legal research through the study of different research methodologies across the social sciences and law.

Faculty of Social Sciences and Law
M.Sc. By Research Urban Studies

Visit our website for more information on fees, scholarships, postgraduate loans and other funding options to study at Swansea University - 'Welsh University of the Year 2017' (Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide 2017).

M.Sc. Gerontology (Research)

This programme distinguishes itself by offering greater research methods specialist training, and provides an excellent foundation for future research. It will provide you with specialist knowledge in social, demographic and economic issues of ageing; theoretical and critical perspectives in gerontology; and national and international policy and practice in adult and elder care services.

Social Sciences
Postgraduate Diploma Global Ageing and Policy

The PG Diploma in Global Ageing and Policy is made up of 6 taught modules, and is designed to provide students with an introduction both to the opportunities and challenges posed by ageing, and to the principles of policy evaluation in ageing societies.

Social Sciences