Study Sociology in United Kingdom

Study Sociology in United Kingdom

Studying Sociology

Sociology deals with studying human society by analysing and investigating it using several methods of empirical research. Sociology is a branch of social science covering topics such as deviance, social stratification, social class, culture, social mobility, law and religion. Sociology is related to disciplines such as anthropology, social psychology, or philosophy.

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Studying in United Kingdom

The UK has one of the most cosmopolitan societies within Europe and you will study with people from all over the world. The variety of universities and degrees is broad and degrees will be accepted worldwide.

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277 Sociology Master's degrees in United Kingdom

, M.Sc. Clinical, Social and Cognitive Neuroscience

Through this Clinical, Social and Cognitive Neuroscience programme from City, University of London you will learn how different brain functions contribute to cognition, mediate social interaction, and determine mental health, well-being and psychiatric illness.

School of Arts and Social Sciences
, M.Sc. International Social Change and Policy

The MSc in International Social Change and Policy from the University of Sheffield is an innovative and exciting programme that will develop your awareness of the most pressing challenges posed by social change, enable you to critically examine dominant policy responses to key aspects of social change at national, cross-national comparative and global levels, and make you aware of agendas on policy alternatives and futures.

, Pre-Master Business, Law and Social Studies

The Business, Law and Social Studies route offered at Liverpool John Moores University provides students with the opportunity to progress to degrees and careers in Digital Marketing, Financial Management, Human Resource Management, Criminal Justice and more.

Liverpool John Moores University International Study Centre
, M.A. Philanthropic Studies (PCert, PDip, MA)

This programme is the UK’s first Master's in Philanthropic Studies. It is an innovative online course that builds on our expertise and teaching in civil society, fundraising, philanthropy, the third sector and volunteering. This Philanthropic Studies (PCert, PDip, MA) programme is offered by the University of Kent.

School of Social Policy, Sociology and Social Research
, Preparation Course Foundation Programme in Social Sciences

The Master’s Foundation Programme in Social Sciences is available as a one, two or three-term programme, with guaranteed progression* to a wide range of Master’s degrees at the University of Sunderland. You will study your Foundation programme at our state-of-the-art Centre located at the heart of the University of Sunderland City campus.

, M.Sc. Violence, Conflict and Development

The Violence, Conflict and Development programme from SOAS, University of London attracts applicants with a variety of academic and working backgrounds. We welcome those who have worked in the field of development and/or conflict, but we also welcome applications from students without relevant work experience who can demonstrate a strong interest in the major themes of the programme and a strong first degree, preferably in a social science.

Faculty of Law and Social Sciences
, M.A. Methods of Social Research (PCert, PDip, MA)

The MA Methods of Social Research provides essential training for employment where an understanding of social research is important, as well as for further academic research in a social science discipline. This Methods of Social Research (PCert, PDip, MA) programme is offered by the University of Kent.

School of Social Policy, Sociology and Social Research
, Pre-Master Business and Social Studies

The Pre-Masters Programme in Business and Social Studies offers a path to postgraduate study for international students. This unique course of academic modules, study skills and English language training will help you to meet the challenges of a Masters at the University of Strathclyde.

, M.A. Social Policy

The MA Social Policy from the University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN) is a modular course that offers the opportunity to engage in a discussion of some of the most important issues of a world characterised by profound cultural, demographic, economic, political and technological change.

, M.Sc. Behavioural Economics

Behavioural economics is a rapidly expanding field, investigating the human and social factors influencing the decisions made by consumers, borrowers and investors. The Behavioural Economics programme is offered at the University of Nottingham.

, M.A. Social Anthropology

The Department of Anthropology and Sociology teaches the discipline of Social Anthropology with special reference to the societies and cultures of Asia and Africa, both past and present. The emphasis given to particular regions and approaches varies with current trends in the discipline and contemporary global developments. Students come to the Social Anthropology course at SOAS, University of London from all over the world, following BA study, work and travel experience or after long careers in other fields.

Faculty of Arts and Humanities
, M.Sc. Demography & Health

This MS in Demography & Health programme offered by the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine is Europe's only graduate programme in demography with an emphasis on health and social epidemiology, and is designed for those interested in acquiring a technical understanding of the structure and dynamics of population change, its causes and consequences.

Faculty of Epidemiology and Population Health
, M.A. Migration and Diaspora Studies

The MA in Migration and Diaspora Studies from SOAS, University of London is a broad-based degree for students who want to receive specialized research training in Migration and Diaspora Studies, including a relevant language, which will prepare them to proceed to advanced postgraduate research in Migration and Diaspora Studies at SOAS or elsewhere.

Faculty of Arts and Humanities
, M.A. Disability Studies

This exciting Disability Studies programme from the University of Leeds explores disability as an equal opportunities issue by focusing on contemporary organisations and institutionalised practice.

Faculty of Education, Social Sciences and Law
, M.A. Society, Culture and Media

This interdisciplinary Society, Culture and Media programme at the University of Leeds will allow you to benefit from the expertise of both the School of Sociology and Social Policy and the School of Media and Communication, enabling you to gain an in-depth understanding of key issues, debates and theoretical perspectives, and to critically analyse the relationship between culture, media and society.

Faculty of Education, Social Sciences and Law
, M.Sc. Cognition in Science and Society

This Cognition in Science and Society programme from The University of Edinburgh combines the scientific study of human cognition with the application of cognitive science to broader societal concerns. Students focus on core methodologies and theories of cognitive science, but also explore the synergy between cognitive science and its applications.

College of Humanities & Social Science
, M.A. Sociology

Join one of the top sociology departments in the UK and further your understanding of the tensions, interactions and networks that dictate how societies are organised. You contribute to the thinking that guides organisations such as the Home Office, Amnesty International and the United Nations. This MA Sociology course is delivered at University of Essex.

Department of Sociology
, M.Sc. Survey Methods for Social Research

The MSc Survey Methods for Social Research course from University of Essex will provide answers to these questions and more, preparing you for a professional career in social, academic or market research. Central to our course is an emphasis on practical learning and experience, so you undertake a short work placement in one of a number of professional research organisations.

Department of Sociology
, M.A. International Social Work and Social Development

Social work is a global profession practised by a range of actors in different contexts. This course will give students comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the theoretical, ethical and political underpinnings of social work and social development around the world. It will develop cultural competence and the ability to work effectively in different global contexts. The course will enable students to develop and use skills of: critical thinking, enquiry and evaluation in response to human need: encouraging reflectiveness, increasing self-awareness and questioning of models of practice.

Faculty of Health & Social Sciences
, M.A. Social and Political Thought

The programme anchors many of these debates and concerns within the history of social and political thought. You’ll study two core modules. The first — State, Capitalism and Market — reflects analytically and critically on capitalism and its recurrent crises, particularly the recent financial crisis. The second core module — Politics and Social Theory — focuses on the concept of ideology as a defining feature of politics, and especially the role that both religion and science have played in constituting modern political ideologies.

, Postgrad.Dip. Applied Behaviour Analysis

This programme seeks to develop a critical understanding of concepts and principles of applied behaviour analysis. This Applied Behaviour Analysis programme is offered by the University of Kent.

School of Social Policy, Sociology and Social Research
, M.A. Science, Society and Development (2016 Entry)

Sustainability is one of the key issues facing a world with an increasing population and environmental change. This MA looks at science, society, sustainability and development, focusing on the key areas of agriculture, environment, and health. You are invited to address complex policy issues including water and sanitation, epidemic disease, the African Green Revolution, biodiversity and genetically modified crops.

, M.A. Conflict Resolution in Divided Societies

Conflict Resolution in Divided Societies is a Research-led master's and offers comprehensive comparative study on the causes and consequences of revolution, civil war, conflict regulation and truth and reconciliation in divided societies from the Middle East to South East Asia and beyond. Broad choice of modules. Possible careers include the UN, EU, diplomacy, journalism and the City.

Faculty of Social Science & Public Policy
, M.A. Social Research

This ESRC recognised MA addresses topics and skills of methodological concern across the social sciences. Uniquely, it allows students a certain amount of flexibility in the substantive modules they choose.

, Postgrad.Dip. Sociology

The Sociology programme from the London School of Economics and Political Science is suitable for graduates of any discipline who, for professional or personal reasons, wish to secure a stand-alone qualification in sociology.

, M.A. International Social Development

This MA in International Social Development from University of East Anglia offers a comprehensive overview of social development, combining academic and theoretical perspectives with more practical and policy-focused approaches.

School of International Development
, M.Sc. Social Anthropology

The programme is an excellent and intensive introduction to the discipline of social anthropology. This programme is intended for graduates with a good first degree in any discipline, including those who may have studied anthropology within the context of a more general degree.

Department of Anthropology
, M.A. Sociolinguistics

The MA in Sociolinguistics will enable you to perform original research in the field of sociolinguistics by giving you a practical training in techniques and methodologies used in sociolinguistic analysis. You will also have the opportunity to develop your interest in areas such as the interface between variation and phonological and syntactic theory and empirical methods in the study of contemporary and historical data.

, M.A. Sociology

Sociology is the study of society, or the ways in which people produce and reproduce enduring relationships, institutions, cultures and systems, and of how these in turn influence both individual lives and public issues. It examines all aspects of society from intimate and personal life through to the economy, the state, science, technology and the environment. It ranges from historical and comparative studies of the evolution of entire civilizations to investigating the social basis of individual behaviour and belief. It investigates the elaborate basis of human cooperation as well as the many sources of conflict that arise within it.

College of Humanities & Social Science
, MRes Social Research in Education

MRes Social Research in Education at The University of Winchester offers a programme of focused study of research methods applicable to educational settings and educational enquiry. The programme develops an in-depth understanding of research methods, research design and the cultural and ethical contexts in which educational research takes place.

, M.Sc. Health & Society

The master's in Health & Society uses participatory teaching and learning methods to encourage involvement and use of experience and understanding. Praised by external examiners for the depth of reflection it encourages. Draws on the expertise of leading researchers and teachers in a range of health-related fields, including sociology and ethics.

Taught programmes
, M.A. Sociology

This programme aims to provide students with a general interest in sociology the opportunity to extend and deepen their knowledge of the discipline.

School of Social Sciences
, M.Sc. Population and Development

This challenging and thought-provoking programme will bring you up to date with current global issues about the relationships between development and population. It is aimed at outstanding individuals who want to understand, and engage in, debates and issues such as: Is poverty the main cause of rapid population growth?

Department of Social Policy
, M.A. Conflict Transformation and Social Justice

This is a unique and innovative interdisciplinary Conflict Transformation and Social Justice programme at Queen's University Belfast taught through subject areas that include law, anthropology, english, history, philosophy, politics, psychology, sociology and the creative arts.

School of Humanities and Social Sciences
, M.Sc. Social Research Methods

Social research methods are a means of providing evidence to examine ideas about society - they are a way of 'knowing'. This course seeks to introduce you to a portfolio of research skills that will help you not only to become a competent researcher but also to expand your employment horizons.

School of the Environment
, M.Phil. Sociology and Demography

The MPhil introduces students to contemporary theories and research methods on the intersection of sociology and demography. This 21-month programme takes a life-course and multilevel approach, aiming to integrate micro and macro issues in analysing social problems and the causes and consequences of population change.

, M.Sc. Science & Technology Studies

Internationally renowned as the home of the Edinburgh School, with its characteristic "strong programme" in the sociology of scientific knowledge, the Science, Technology and Innovation Studies Subject Group has long been recognised as a centre of excellence for interdisciplinary studies of science, medicine and technology.

College of Humanities & Social Science
, M.A. Social Research

This MA offers advanced training in quantitative and qualitative methodologies for undertaking research in Sociology and allied Social Sciences. It also allows you ample scope to explore your own specialist academic interests.

, M.A. Gender Without Borders

The Gender Without Borders MA is an interdisciplinary masters, taught across three core subjects, English, philosophy and sociology, while also allowing you to take options in other disciplines, according to your interests. It explores gender as it intersects with race, class, sexuality, ethnicity, religion and disability. The course is taught in a seminar style that is student led by a team of experts that combines international reputations with dynamic, research-led teaching.

, M.Sc. Community Pharmacy

We are continually updating the programme to meet the changing requirements of the health service and individual practitioners. We are happy to put you in touch with some of our former students for their independent view. It is highly acclaimed by students, employers, purchasers and external course assessors for its structure, content and end value in relation to service, professional and career development.

Faculty of Medicine and Health Science
, MRes Sociology

This programme forms the sociology elements of the core Masters research training within the ESRC Queen Mary/Goldsmiths Doctoral Training centre. This innovative structure offers you the possibility to learn research skills within an interdisciplinary environment while retaining a strong connection to a sociological specialism.

Department of Sociology
, M.Phil. Social Policy

This course enables students to study contemporary social issues and policies in today’s society from both national and international perspectives.

, M.Sc. Social Research Methods

Interested in a research-orientated career in psychology? Gain confidence in the acquisition, analysis and use of research information on our Psychological Research Methods programme. Develop a sophisticated understanding of psychological research, from the creation of questions you’ll need to ask, through to the meaningful organisation of results. Be primed for a research role across a range of sectors, including consultancy and government agencies, and have the foundation for future PhD work.

, M.Sc. Statistics

The MSc in Statistics at Imperial is a one year full-time programme which provides outstanding training both in theoretical and applied statistics. We offer Compulsory Courses in the autumn term which ensure that all students obtain advanced knowledge of probability theory and fundamentals of statistical inference as well as acquire sufficient skills to tackle the challenges of modern applied and computational statistics.

, M.Sc. Regeneration for Practitioners

Regeneration is concerned with the physical, social, environmental and economic development of communities. It is central to the work of a wide range of public, private and voluntary sector agencies, including local authorities, registered social landlords and community based agencies. Regeneration provides a central role in creating sustainable communities.

Department of Geography and Development Studies
, M.Sc. Social and Cultural Theory

This Social and Cultural Theory programme from University of Bristol aims to provide an introduction to a range of debates entailed within the so-called cultural turn in sociological studies. Increasingly, sociologists are turning to the concept of culture as a source of explanation - and questioning - in their studies of contemporary social formations.

Faculty of Social Sciences and Law
, Postgrad.Cert. Psychosocial Interventions for Psychosis

This new, innovative skills focused course has been designed to equip practitioners with the knowledge and competence to work collaboratively with service users with a serious mental health problem, using evidence-based interventions.

School of Nursing and Midwifery
, M.Sc. Sociological

Students who complete this MSc are suitably placed to pursue a PhD. In addition they are skilled to pursue social research careers in the public, private and voluntary sectors. Graduates who do not pursue a research career typically enter a wide range of graduate level occupations.

School of Social Sciences
, M.Ed. Early Years Pedagogue

The MEd in Early Years Pedagogue is suitable for students looking to pursue part-time study in this area. It's ideal for those seeking a qualification whilst working that will enhance professional practice.

, M.A. Social Research

The MA Social Research draws upon a wide variety of contemporary theoretical traditions including postcolonial theory, poststructuralism, discourse analysis, critical or subtle realism, and feminism.

Department of Sociology
, M.Sc. Criminology and Social Research Methods

The focus of this Criminology and Social Research Methods programme from London South Bank University is on contemporary substantive issues in criminology and criminal justice and on criminological research methods. It is particularly appropriate for those engaged in criminal justice policy analysis and development or similar work in allied fields.

, M.Sc. Social Psychology

The Social Psychology course from Lancaster University draws on our expertise in the study of social identity and ideology, social conflict and violence, and the processes by which bonds of social responsibility, tolerance and citizenship are established.

Department of Psychology
, M.A. Sociology and Social Research

This programme will enhance your knowledge of the range of sociological work, while developing your research skills to a high level. You will be equipped to undertake advanced research in the social sciences in general, and sociology in particular.

School of Geography, Politics and Sociology
, Postgrad.Dip. Global Ageing and Policy

The PG Diploma Global Ageing and Policy (Distance Learning) at University of Southampton offers the PG Diploma Global Ageing and Policy qualification from a distance, and is designed for people who wish to study without travelling to Southampton. The programme is delivered through Blackboard, the University's virtual learning environment (VLE), where all learning resources are available and accessible at all times by students. Students on the programme take six modules, which include research methods training.

Social Sciences
, M.Sc. Gerontology (Research)

This ESRC-recognised Gerontology (Research) programme from University of Southampton distinguishes itself from the MSc Gerontology by offering greater research methods specialist training, and provides an excellent foundation for future research. It will provide you with specialist knowledge in social, demographic and economic issues of ageing; theoretical and critical perspectives in gerontology; and national and international policy and practice in adult and elder care services.

Social Sciences
, M.Sc. Human Factors

The objective of the Human Factors MSc programme is to consider the human in systems from a physical, cognitive and organisational perspective. A key feature is the strong relationship between theory and practice. Human Factors is an applied science and the programme reflects an insistent focus on converting theoretical knowledge on human capabilities and limitations into actionable, credible means of assessment to inform design and best practice in a wide variety of domain.

, Master Social Research Methods (2016 Entry)

If you are interested in studying for a research degree in the social sciences, or want to learn about research methods, you might want to consider our innovative MSc in Social Research Methods, run by the ESRC Doctoral Training Centre. If you want to study for a PhD, and are seeking ESRC funding, you will be required to take this or one of our other ESRC-recognised research-training Masters degrees, unless you have already achieved a similar level of research training at a university elsewhere.

, M.A. Sociological Research

Our MA Sociological Research provides a strong foundation in empirical research, encompassing both qualitative and quantitative methodologies. We offer you advanced study of research design, specific research techniques, and their evaluation.

Department of Sociology
, Master Social Anthropology

Social anthropology is the comparative study of human behaviour and ideas in their social contexts. Societies around the world vary enormously in their social, cultural, religious, and political forms, and their individual members also display a corresponding diversity of ideas and behaviour.

College of Humanities & Social Science
, M.Sc. Socio-Legal Studies

MSc Socio-Legal Studies programme develops your knowledge and understanding of interdisciplinary approaches to the study of law and legal phenomena. It provides a sound research training for students wishing to proceed to a PhD or a career in socio-legal research through the study of different research methodologies across the social sciences and law.

Faculty of Social Sciences and Law
, M.Sc. Psychosocial Studies

The Psychotherapy MSc allows graduates of our postgraduate diplomas in Therapeutic Counselling to further their professional and academic training.

Faculty of Health and Social Science
, M.A. History & Sociology

The discipline of History involves study of the human past adopting a critical approach to evidence relevant to that enquiry. Work in History takes the form of interaction with the evidence in primary form and through sceptical reading of a wide body of historical writing.

College of Humanities & Social Science
, M.Litt. Bible and the Contemporary World

This programme aims to offer an opportunity for learning that is interdisciplinary between biblical and theological studies, and between these and various other human disciplines in the arts, humanities and social sciences.

School of Divinity