Study International Law in United Kingdom

Study International Law in United Kingdom

Studying International Law

International law focuses on the legal relation between nations instead of private individuals. When referring to international law, usually the following three disciplines are distinguished: Private international law, public international law and supranational law. International law degrees prepare graduates for careers in government, international relations, international business, and more.

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Studying in United Kingdom

The UK has one of the most cosmopolitan societies within Europe and you will study with people from all over the world. The variety of universities and degrees is broad and degrees will be accepted worldwide.

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153 International Law Master's degrees in United Kingdom

M.A. International Human Rights

Developed in association with the renowned human rights barrister, Geoffrey Robertson, QC, and distinguished colleagues of the world-famous Doughty Street Chambers, this innovative programme examines some of the key challenges in the field of International Human Rights. This programme is offered by Regent's University London.

Master's programmes
Pre-Master Graduate Diploma in Law

The Graduate Diploma in Law programme offered by City University London offers preparation for master's degrees in law and litigation. The Graduate Diploma combines academic study, intensive English language teaching and study skills to prepare you for entry into a postgraduate university degree.

INTO City University London
LL.M. International Human Rights Law

The LLM International Human Rights Law from University of Essex is the oldest established human rights law course in Europe, and reflects our University’s global reputation as the leading centre for human rights research, practice and education. In 2009 the University was awarded the Queen’s Anniversary Prize for Higher and Further Education in recognition of its excellence in the advancement of human rights.

School of Law
LL.M. European Union Commercial Law

The LLM European Union Commercial Law from University of Essex allows you to acquire a specialist’s knowledge and understanding of the law of the EU. You develop critical, analytical and research skills, ensuring you are capable of working in the field of EU law as a lawyer, regulator, legal adviser or researcher with government or international and business organisations (including the EU administration).

School of Law
LL.M. International Commercial Law

To survive in today's competitive environment, busy and ambitious professionals need wide range of skills, knowledge and expertise. With the ultimate flexiblility which our programme offers, you can advance in your career and still continue to manage other responsibilities in your life. London School of Planning and Management offers the LLM in International Commercial Law degree course.

LL.M. International Law

With globalisation international law is becoming increasingly important and this course prepares you for your future career in the international arena. International Law at the University of Westminster is one of the oldest and most popular courses in international law in London. It attracts students from every nationality and background, not only those who have previously studied law, but also those with a degree in political science, international relations, economics or other relevant discipline.

School of Law
LL.M. International Commercial Law

In the era of globalisation and the growth of transnational corporations, the study of International Commercial Law is particularly relevant. This International Commercial Law programme at London School of Marketing is suitable for graduates of any discipline. It covers key areas of International Corporate Law: such as Intellectual Property Rights, Private International Law and Corporate Crime.

LL.M. International Law & Security

This is an innovative programme that focuses on the role and relevance of international law in a rapidly changing global security environment. It reflects the breadth of contemporary international security issues, addressing issues as diverse as terrorism, armed conflicts and transnational organised crime. The International Law & Security programme is offered at theUniversity of Glasgow.

School of Law
LL.M. International Energy Law and Regulation

The Specialist LLM course in International Energy Law and Regulation from City, University of London gives students the unique opportunity to study sustainable use and trade in energy resources, among the most vibrant and dynamic sectors in the global economy.

The City Law School
LL.M. International Commercial and Dispute Resolution

Increasingly globalisation has led to a growing demand for commercial lawyers with an understanding of international law.This course meets this need and will help you develop an understanding of the origins of public and private international conflicts and disputes, the causes of cross-border and municipal commercial disputes, and how these can be prevented, managed and resolved.

LL.M. Master of Laws

The Master of Laws (LLM Law) course allows students to choose from a wide range of international and English law specialist subjects, including aspects of commercial and international trade law, intellectual property, and international human rights.

Brunel Law School
LL.M. International Law (PGDip/ PGCert)

This LLM in International Law (PGDip/ PGCert) from Oxford Brookes University provides a wide choice of subjects and topics, enabling students to tailor the course to their areas of particular interest to facilitate their career aspirations. It is open to both law and non-law graduates.

School of Law
LL.M. Civil Litigation and Dispute Resolution

This specialism offers a rigorous and practical program of study into the process of civil litigation and alternative forms of dispute resolution including arbitration and mediation. The LLM Civil Litigation and Dispute Resolution course is offered by City, University of London.

The City Law School
LL.M. International Law

The International Law course delivered by The University of Hull provides students the opportunity to study a wide range of contemporary subjects of international importance.

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
M.A. Human Rights, Globalisation and Justice

This Masters programme aims to enable students to develop strong practical and theoretical understandings of human rights law, politics and philosophy at domestic, regional and international levels.

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
Master Graduate Diploma International Commercial and Business Law with English for Academic Purposes

This course is for you if you need to improve your English language skills and subject knowledge of international commercial and business law before going on to a Masters course. You improve your language fluency and academic vocabulary, develop your academic skills, and gain experience of western methods of teaching and learning so that you can progress onto a relevant Masters course in our School of Law.

International Academy
LL.M. Business Law / International Business Law

This well established distance learning programme in Business Law / International Business Law from De Montfort University has been designed for business executives and professionals from a wide variety of backgrounds and organisations. We are also delighted to now be offering the option to study for the International Business Law LLM.

Informa Professional Academy
LL.M. International Human Rights Law

This course offers a detailed analysis of the theory, history and development of human rights, and an examination of the main regional mechanisms of human rights protection. Further, it provides an overview of a variety of contemporary human rights topics, including the examination of major developments and recent tendencies in the field of international human rights protection.

College of Business, Arts and Social Sciences
M.A. International Law, Ethics and Politics

This programme introduces students to the issues at the intersection of International law, particularly International Law and European law; ethics; and international politics. The course covers the application of these areas to problems such as poverty reduction; international trade; war and terrorism; climate change; and democracy. Explore postgraduate study at Birmingham at one of our on-campus open days. Register to attend at: If you can’t make it to one of our on-campus open days, our virtual open days run regularly throughout the year. For more information, please visit:

Birmingham Law School
LL.M. Employment Law and Practice

The Employment Law and Practice programme from De Montfort University is specifically designed for professionals from a wide variety of backgrounds and organisations, and is particularly suitable for lawyers, HR professionals, company secretaries, owner-managers and those with HR responsibilities.

Informa Professional Academy
M.Sc. International Criminal Justice (Distance Learning)

This distance learning degree will develop your understanding of the internationalisation of criminal justice and the importance of comparative perspectives, for an informed broad-based understanding of international criminal justice in the contemporary context.

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
LL.M. Rights, Gender and International Law

The Aberystwyth LLM in Rights, Gender and International Law offers you the opportunity to undertake critical study of two important fields - international law and human rights law - through the lens of gender. In this LLM you will study the legal history of these fascinating areas alongside the latest developments in this constantly-developing legal area. Your study will include topics such as equality legislation, implementation and regulation at the international level, as well as the place of gender within wider human rights law.

Department of International Politics
LL.M. International Business Law

The LLM International Business Law at Birmingham City University meets the current demand for specialist knowledge and skills in a rapidly expanding field. The course provides you with the opportunity to explore the legal regulation of the world of international business, and you’ll acquire knowledge and understanding of the aspects of substantive and procedural law.

School of Law
LL.M. International Law

International Law is no longer simply a matter for diplomats and international organisations but it is impacting increasingly on the lives of ordinary citizens. Organisations now have to consider the wider issues of international law whether in the context of international human rights and conflict resolution, the environment, or in a business and commercial environment. University of Southampton offers the International Law program.

M.Sc. Children's Rights

This Masters degree at Queen's University Belfast is linked to the Centre for Children's Rights (CCR), which has an international reputation in the area of children's rights with a focus on the implementation of children's rights, child participation, education, social care and the children with disabilities.

School of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
LL.M. Human Rights Law

This programme offers graduates in law and related disciplines, or those with relevant professional qualifications, the opportunity to develop a detailed understanding of human rights law at UK, European and international levels.

M.A. Applied Human Rights

The MA focuses on the use of rights discourse and tools within the human rights mainstream and in a range of related fields (development, humanitarianism, conflict transformation, the environment, public health etc.). As such, it is designed for practitioners and would-be practitioners across this spectrum who wish to engage with applied human rights.

LL.M. Master of Laws

The LLM programme is a respected academic qualification recognised throughout the world and across key legal disciplines. It focuses on our particular areas of expertise and offers a choice of eight specialist pathways or a general LLM qualification.

LL.M. Law

Our LLM in Law provides a challenging legal education. It is flexible and allows you to explore your own interests whilst developing an advanced knowledge of the principles of law.

Newcastle Law School
LL.M. International Law

The LLM programme is a single subject law programme that may be taken over a period of one year (full-time), or part-time over a period of two, three or four years. Every student will be required to take four full courses (or their equivalent in half courses) the assessment of one of which will be by means of a 15,000 word dissertation.

Faculty of Law and Social Sciences
LL.M. Comparative and European Private International Law

The Joint LLM Comparative and European Private International Law programme aims to provide advanced instruction in key aspects of contemporary private international law, from comparative and European prospective, that are of particular contemporary relevance and which will benefit and interest students coming from a wide range of legal traditions.

School of Law
LL.M. International Law (LLM)

This programme is designed to equip students with a general yet comprehensive education in a range of areas within International Law. The course will enable students to master the basic principles of the discipline and explore advanced level theories, as well as understand the many traditional and contemporary challenges in International Law. They will have a wide range of International Law options to choose from, and may therefore acquire broad as opposed to specialised knowledge.

School of Law
LL.M. International Business Law

This International Business Law programme at Queen's University Belfast addresses some of the key questions we face regarding the regulation and governance of business, international commerce and trade.

School of Humanities and Social Sciences
LL.M. International Law

International Law regulates almost every aspect of state law and practice, whether in business, human rights or the environment, and also regulates the relationship between different states and governments. This course is offered by Coventry University.

Faculty of Business and Law
LL.M. International Law

Our LLM in International Law focuses on the issues facing today's international lawyers. You will study the complex and dynamic nature of the international legal system and its role in foreign affairs.

Newcastle Law School
LL.M. International Law

In a competitive job market a Master’s Degree can help you stand out from the crowd. Studying for an LLM will enable you to engage in deeper study and engage in critical discourse in the legal subject area. This course is ideal for those who want to work for international organisations, NGOs and governments.Graduates have included lawyers and civil servants from countries such as the Gambia, Kazakhstan and the UAE.

Master International Human Rights Law

This is a part-time degree offered over two academic years. It involves both distance learning and summer schools. It is designed for lawyers and other human rights professionals who wish to pursue advanced studies in international human rights law.

LL.M. International Commercial Law

Commercial law in a fast paced globalised economy presents both challenges and opportunities. Expert lawyers are needed to meet challenges and seek opportunities, particularly when giving advice that can have considerable financial consequences.

Cardiff Law School
LL.M. Law (Specialism International Law) LLM, PDip

The Law (Specialism International Law) LLM, PDip programme from University of Kent is taught primarily by examining current international events and the theoretical bases of international law. It is particularly suited to those involved with, or who are hoping to work for, international organisations, non-governmental organisations, international law firms and foreign affairs departments.

Kent Law School
LL.M. International Law

The LLM International Law programme is ideal for law graduates or those with relevant professional experience who wish to build on existing knowledge and develop specialist expertise in international law. This programme aims to give you an in-depth understanding of the law in relation to key international subjects. You are encouraged to consider the role of the law in international affairs and to develop a critical understanding of how the law affects all aspects of international activity, from trade and prosecuting crimes, to the use of force in international relations, human rights and protecting the environment. You will examine the role and relationships of international organisations and institutions such as the UN, EU and the International Court of Justice. Programme content is informed by the latest debates and developments in international law and practitioners engage students in real-world cases and dilemmas.

LL.M. International Economic Law (Intensive)

This innovative LLM enables you to tailor your studies to your professional and research interests. You choose 1 out of 2 critical pathways, electing to combine the study of international economic law with either finance and global markets or with justice and development. Both pathways draw on cutting-edge critical research to examine contemporary issues and problems.

Postgraduate courses
M.Sc. Human Rights & International Politics (MSc/PgDip)

This programme offers a thorough academic analysis of one of the most salient and pressing issues in the contemporary world: the place of individual human rights in a system of international relations in which states’ rights have traditionally been paramount.

School of Social and Political Sciences
M.Phil. Traditional East Asia

The MPhil examines the Sinitic tradition and its adaptations in Korea and Japan. It will appeal to students wishing to develop an intimate knowledge of the region for academic purposes or as preparation for careers in museology, libraries, journalism, diplomacy, international banking, business, law, government service, secondary education or non-governmental organisations.

LL.M. Law / International Law

Improve your career prospects and equip yourself with the skills and practical experience that businesses are looking for with a Master of Laws (LLM) in Law / International Law from De Montfort University.

Informa Professional Academy
Pre-Master Postgraduate Pathway in Law

A postgraduate pathway will give you valuable insight into postgraduate-level studies in the UK. Most importantly, It will equip you with the appropriate knowledge and skills you need to excel in your chosen taught master's degree.

London Brunel International College
Pre-Master Postgraduate Pathway: Law

Cambridge Ruskin International College (CRIC) is an Associate College of Anglia Ruskin University providing an excellent opportunity to enter UK higher education. CRIC is designed to deliver educational pathways and support services in an environment that encourages students to achieve excellence in their studies.

Cambridge Ruskin International College
LL.M. International Law and International Relations

The International Law and International Relations postgraduate programme conducted jointly by the School of Law and the School of Social Science provides an advanced understanding of International Law and International Relations and how their interaction impacts upon international politics.

College of Arts and Social Sciences
LL.M. International Economic Law

Are you looking to gain a theoretical and practical introduction to the main legal issues arising from the globalisation of the world economy? This course focuses specifically on the interplay between international and national regulatory frameworks, through attention to macro-level regulation and micro-level ventures, contracts and transactions.

LL.M. International Competition Law & Policy

The programme provides you with a unique opportunity to specialise in an increasingly important area of law. The laws of the EU and the US lie at the heart of this programme, but reference is made to the laws of many other jurisdictions.

School of Law
LL.M. International Law

International law is an exciting and ever changing area of law. On this course, you’ll study international law from a theoretical perspective to enable you to fully understand and contextualise the law and the international legal system.

LL.M. Competition Law and Innovation

This LLM programme aims to provide students with cutting edge knowledge of the rules on competition and on the control of mergers and especially to enable them to appreciate their complex interaction with other, equally relevant, rules governing the protection of intellectual property and, in appropriate cases, of public interests such as the plurality of the media and the circulation of information.

LL.M. Law (online Distance Learning)

The LLM in Law by online distance learning offers an exciting and flexible range of modules. It allows you to choose six modules from our range of LLM modules therefore enabling you to tailor the LLM to suit your specific professional and personal needs.

Edinburgh Law School
M.A. International Relations with International Law

Despite their close relationship, International Law and International Relations have traditionally been taught as discrete subjects. This programme is based on a recognition of the need to allow each discipline to be informed by the other. The programme covers the general methods, scope and theories of International Relations and International Law. This International Relations with International Law programme is offered at the University of Kent.

School of Politics and International Relations
LL.M. International Law, Globalisation and Development (PGDip/ PGCert)

The LLM in International Law, Globalisation and Development (PGDip/ PGCert) from Oxford Brookes University provides the opportunity to study the history, theories and application of the concepts of development and globalisation under international law. The course covers contemporary topics such as foreign investment, food security, the right to development and self-determination, post-conflict and transitional countries, and conflicts over energy and resources.

School of Law
Master International Human Rights Law

Welcome to the Master's programme in International Human Rights Law at the University of Oxford. This is a part-time degree offered over two academic years. It involves two periods of distance learning via the internet as well as two summer sessions held at New College, Oxford. The degree programme is designed in particular for lawyers and other human rights professionals who wish to pursue advanced studies in international human rights law but may need to do so alongside their work responsibilities.

LL.M. Labour Law and Corporate Governance (LLM)

This programme offers a range of units for those wishing to specialise in employment and company law matters. It provides an opportunity to study comprehensively both employment and company law aspects of modern business.

Faculty of Social Sciences and Law
LL.M. International Commercial Law

This programme explores the many facets of international commercial law; addressing the many conflicts that arise of which law applies between international parties when a dispute occurs. The course will also establish the challenges of International Corporate Crime (ICC), and what measures are in place to tackle it.

LL.M. Financial Services Law, Regulation and Compliance, Postgraduate Diploma

The postgraduate diploma programme is 12 months long and comprises an introductory module, eight compulsory core modules and seven specialist modules (of which you choose to study one). Each of the core modules gives a thorough grounding in the core components of financial services law whilst referring to aspects and important points of law from all of the other modules, so bringing together all the subject areas that comprise financial services law.

Informa Professional Academy
LL.M. International Business Law

On this course you will develop the legal expertise and intellectual understanding to establish yourself in an international practice, academic institution or in a range of other high level roles.Your main focus will be on understanding the complex relationships between business environments and the legal regulatory frameworks in which they operate.

University of Bedfordshire Business School
LL.M. Human Rights Law

Global and regional human rights treaties now infuse domestic legal codes, reconfiguring many civil law and common law principles. This programme critically analyses the domestic and international impact of the major UN and European Conventions.

Cardiff Law School
M.A. Diplomacy and International Law

Designed to introduce you to the fields of diplomacy and international law, this programme draws upon modules from the Department of Politics, Philosophy and Religion (PPR) and the Law School. The programme has three complementary core modules which deal with different aspects of diplomacy and foreign policy, and international law. The programme also draws upon distinguished practitioners with experience in the fields of diplomacy and international law.

LL.M. Diplomacy and International Law (DL)

The programme draws upon modules from the Department of Politics, Philosophy and Religion and the Law School. It begins in early October, with an online orientation session conducted through a virtual learning environment (VLE) and web conferencing system.

LL.M. International Law (LLM)

This programme offers a range of units, suitable both for those with some previous knowledge and for those seeking an introduction to specific international law issues.

Faculty of Social Sciences and Law
M.Sc. Human Values and Human Rights

The programme takes a multidisciplinary approach to human rights and values, drawing on political theory, law, philosophy, theology, international relations and ethics. It allows you to approach the issue from a broad perspective and in the context of global ethics.

Department of Philosophy