Study International Law in United Kingdom

Study International Law in United Kingdom

Studying International Law

International law focuses on the legal relation between nations instead of private individuals. When referring to international law, usually the following three disciplines are distinguished: Private international law, public international law and supranational law. International law degrees prepare graduates for careers in government, international relations, international business, and more.

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Studying in United Kingdom

The UK has one of the most cosmopolitan societies within Europe and you will study with people from all over the world. The variety of universities and degrees is broad and degrees will be accepted worldwide.

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151 International Law Master's degrees in United Kingdom

, LL.M. International Law

With globalisation international law is becoming increasingly important and this course prepares you for your future career in the international arena. International Law at the University of Westminster is one of the oldest and most popular courses in international law in London. It attracts students from every nationality and background, not only those who have previously studied law, but also those with a degree in political science, international relations, economics or other relevant discipline.

School of Law
, LL.M. European Union Commercial Law

The LLM European Union Commercial Law from University of Essex allows you to acquire a specialist’s knowledge and understanding of the law of the EU. You develop critical, analytical and research skills, ensuring you are capable of working in the field of EU law as a lawyer, regulator, legal adviser or researcher with government or international and business organisations (including the EU administration).

School of Law
, LL.M. International Human Rights Law

The LLM International Human Rights Law from University of Essex is the oldest established human rights law course in Europe, and reflects our University’s global reputation as the leading centre for human rights research, practice and education. In 2009 the University was awarded the Queen’s Anniversary Prize for Higher and Further Education in recognition of its excellence in the advancement of human rights.

School of Law
, M.A. International Human Rights

Developed in association with the renowned human rights barrister, Geoffrey Robertson, QC, and distinguished colleagues of the world-famous Doughty Street Chambers, this innovative programme examines some of the key challenges in the field of International Human Rights. This programme is offered by Regent's University London.

Master's programmes
, Pre-Master Graduate Diploma in Law

The Graduate Diploma in Law programme offered by City University London offers preparation for master's degrees in law and litigation. The Graduate Diploma combines academic study, intensive English language teaching and study skills to prepare you for entry into a postgraduate university degree.

INTO City University London
, LL.M. Law / International Law

Improve your career prospects and equip yourself with the skills and practical experience that businesses are looking for with a Master of Laws (LLM) in Law / International Law from De Montfort University.

, MBA Master of Business Administration (Lawyers)

The Master of Business Administration (Lawyers) MBA (distance learning) from De Montfort University is designed to offer those working within the legal field; whether as professional practitioners or managers, the opportunity to further develop their understanding and appreciation of management issues. At the same time, it will allow legal specialists to study selected core and elective modules in order to increase their professional expertise in their area of interest.

Business and Law
, LL.M. Business Law / International Business Law

This well established distance learning programme in Business Law / International Business Law from De Montfort University has been designed for business executives and professionals from a wide variety of backgrounds and organisations. We are also delighted to now be offering the option to study for the International Business Law LLM.

, LL.M. Commercial Law (Singapore/London) LLM

The Dual LLM in Commercial Law (Singapore and London) programme aims to provide students with a unique opportunity to study commercial law in two major commercial hubs, Singapore and London. The programme is designed to give you a broad overview of Asian commercial law in Singapore followed by the opportunity to build on this knowledge by going into more depth in London, through more specialised taught modules as well as a dissertation.

Masters Programmes
, LL.M. Democracy, Human Security and International Law

The Aberystwyth LLM course in Democracy, Human Security and International Law will challenge you to critically examine these three key areas. In addition, you will be required to work through the complex practical difficulties of applying the law within the economic and political contexts from which it has evolved. This balanced approach including both theory and practice will equip you to deal with the real-life negotiation that goes on in the authentic lawmaking and practice in your future career or further study.

Department of Law and Criminology
, LL.M. International Law

The course offers you the opportunity to pursue particular areas of interest in one of the many areas of the subject. It will help you understand the role that bodies such as the United Nations and the World Trade Organisation play in the international arena as well as the decisions and advisory opinions of the International Court of Justice ('the World Court').

Faculty of Education, Social Sciences and Law
, M.Sc. Human Values and Human Rights

The programme takes a multidisciplinary approach to human rights and values, drawing on political theory, law, philosophy, theology, international relations and ethics. It allows you to approach the issue from a broad perspective and in the context of global ethics.

Department of Philosophy
, M.Sc. Human Rights

The MSc Human Rights is a unique multidisciplinary programme that provides a concentrated year-long engagement with the foundations of human rights and key human rights issues. It is taught by leading scholars in the field. Human rights are not just an object of study, but also a matter of policy, intervention and practice.

Department of Sociology
, LL.M. Diplomacy and International Law (DL)

The programme draws upon modules from the Department of Politics, Philosophy and Religion and the Law School. It begins in early October, with an online orientation session conducted through a virtual learning environment (VLE) and web conferencing system.

, LL.M. Human Rights Law

The LLM Human Rights Law critically analyses the domestic and international impact of the major UN and European Conventions – both civil and political as well as the socio-economic and cultural.

Cardiff Law School
, LL.M. International Business Law

The overall educational aim of this course is to enable you to gain an appreciable understanding of the interaction between the business environment and the legal and regulatory frameworks in which business operate. The course is placed in the context of advanced intellectual engagement with issues in law and legal theory and as such supports the critical application of legal theory to the international, business setting.

University of Bedfordshire Business School
, LL.M. Financial Services Law, Regulation and Compliance, Postgraduate Diploma

The postgraduate diploma programme is 12 months long and comprises an introductory module, eight compulsory core modules and seven specialist modules (of which you choose to study one). Each of the core modules gives a thorough grounding in the core components of financial services law whilst referring to aspects and important points of law from all of the other modules, so bringing together all the subject areas that comprise financial services law.

, M.Sc. Equality & Human Rights

This Equality & Human Rights programme at University of Glasgow offers a unique opportunity for you to gain knowledge about a wide range of equality issues and to think across the dimensions of inequality.

School of Social and Political Sciences
, Master International Human Rights Law

Welcome to the Master's programme in International Human Rights Law at the University of Oxford. This is a part-time degree offered over two academic years. It involves two periods of distance learning via the internet as well as two summer sessions held at New College, Oxford. The degree programme is designed in particular for lawyers and other human rights professionals who wish to pursue advanced studies in international human rights law but may need to do so alongside their work responsibilities.

, LL.M. International Law, Globalisation and Development (PGDip/ PGCert)

The LLM in International Law, Globalisation and Development (PGDip/ PGCert) from Oxford Brookes University provides the opportunity to study the history, theories and application of the concepts of development and globalisation under international law. The course covers contemporary topics such as foreign investment, food security, the right to development and self-determination, post-conflict and transitional countries, and conflicts over energy and resources.

School of Law
, M.A. International Relations with International Law

Despite their close relationship, International Law and International Relations have traditionally been taught as discrete subjects. This programme is based on a recognition of the need to allow each discipline to be informed by the other. The programme covers the general methods, scope and theories of International Relations and International Law. This International Relations with International Law programme is offered at the University of Kent.

School of Politics and International Relations
, LL.M. Law (online Distance Learning)

The LLM in Law by online distance learning offers an exciting and flexible range of modules. It allows you to choose six modules from our range of LLM modules therefore enabling you to tailor the LLM to suit your specific professional and personal needs.

Edinburgh Law School
, LL.M. Law - International Law

Law - International Law-University of Bristol The University of Bristol LLM offers a variety of possibilities to study law at an advanced level and the opportunity to specialise in particular areas. There are a number of specialist programmes enabling you to study a set of related units that, together, provide a more in-depth knowledge and understanding of those themes.

Faculty of Social Sciences and Law
, M.Sc. International Management & Law

The MSc in International Management & Law from Strathclyde Business School is a unique course that will help you to develop the knowledge and skills required by international managers and leaders to operate globally with a solid understanding of various forms of legal regulation.

Strategy & Organisation
, M.A. Human Rights - Political Science (Standard Route)

The MA in Human Rights focuses on the pressing questions of human rights. Can there be space for human rights in world affairs? Who is responsible for the protection of human rights in world politics? How effective is human rights law? These theoretical and practical concerns form the central focus of the degree and are addressed through the compulsory course units.

School of Social Sciences
, LL.M. International Law

The International Law programme at the University of Glasgow reflects the breadth of contemporary international law, addressing issues as diverse as world trade disputes, United Nations peacekeeping, international human rights litigation, State responsibility and criminal trials before international courts.

School of Law
, LL.M. International Law: Crime, Justice and Human Rights

This programme draws upon Birmingham Law School's research strengths in International Law, International Humanitarian Law, Criminal Law and Justice, and Human Rights, enabling students to develop expertise in a wide range of relevant International law subjects. Explore postgraduate study at Birmingham at one of our on-campus open days. Register to attend at: If you can’t make it to one of our on-campus open days, our virtual open days run regularly throughout the year. For more information, please visit:

Birmingham Law School
, LL.M. International and Comparative Tax Law

The International and Comparative Tax Law programme from BPP University will help you develop a detailed understanding and knowledge of selected key principles, rules and concepts of business taxation (including international taxation) in the UK and United States.

BPP Law School
, M.A. Human Rights

This human rights course takes a broad conception of human rights as its basis - what HG Wells once said was the belief that everyone is entitled to the "nourishment... care and attention needed to realise [their] full possibilities of physical and mental health from birth to death".

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
, LL.M. International Trade Law

This LLM emphasises practical skills, training you to act as a litigator in international trade disputes. We welcome students from a wide array of backgrounds, attracting students with experience in national ministries who wish to further their expertise, as well as other students with an interest in the subject area.

, LL.M. International Economic Law

Since the establishment of the Bretton Woods System in the aftermath of the Second World War, we have seen an extraordinary evolution of international economic relations towards interdependence and integration, and discussions on this process –known as economic globalisation– are commonplace in academic and other fora.

Edinburgh Law School
, MRes Human Rights & International Politics

This ESRC-recognised research-training Human Rights & International Politics programme at University of Glasgow gives you a broad and rigorous grounding in the study and methodologies of one of the most salient and pressing issues in the contemporary world: the place of individual human rights in a system of international relations in which states' rights have traditionally been paramount.

School of Social and Political Sciences
, M.A. International Law, Ethics and Politics

The International Law, Ethics and Politics MA programme from the University of Birmingham introduces students to the issues at the intersection of International law, particularly International Law and European law; ethics; and international politics. The course covers the application of these areas to problems such as poverty reduction; international trade; war and terrorism; climate change; and democracy.

Department of Philosophy
, M.Sc. Citizenship and Human Rights By Learning Contact

This programme Citizenship and Human Rights By Learning Contact, Glasgow Caledonian University is designed for professionals and volunteers, working between state and market, who are interested in promoting the principles of human rights including anti-discrimination, participative democracy, accountability and social responsibility,

Department of Law, Economics, Accountancy & Risk
, M.A. Global Citizenship, Identities and Human Rights (MA)

Global Citizenship, Identities and Human Rights at the University of Nottingham: Demand for various forms of expertise on human rights, citizenship and identities is rapidly expanding as governments, international agencies, Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and private sector organisations become increasingly sensitive to and interested in questions about rights and identities.

Sociology and Social Policy
, LL.M. Human Rights

Students pursuing the LLM Human Rights will benefit from a programme designed around high calibre research and impact in human rights. Students will also benefit from academics' strong relationships with external partners working in the field of human rights, giving the programme a distinctive approach centred on the implementation and application of human rights.

College of Law and Criminology
, M.A. Globalising Justice

The MA Globalising Justice is an intellectually stimulating programme that offers the opportunity to comprehensively explore the concepts of human rights and criminal and social justice at an advanced level. This Master’s degree places particular emphasis upon contemporary developments and current debate. It is based on the core themes of governance, criminal justice and citizenship, into which you will undertake an in-depth investigation. You will develop a critical understanding of the interaction between the policy-making processes, mechanisms and institutions that influence the globalisation of justice.

, LL.M. International Law and Sustainable Development

In a world facing unique economic, environmental and social challenges of a scale not seen before, promoting sustainable development has become a pressing priority. The course will give you a solid grounding in the structures, rules and principles of aspects of public international law that impact on sustainable development.

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
, LL.M. International Maritime Law

The sea constitutes two-thirds of the entire planet and is of fundamental importance to human activity, sustaining life, providing commerce and navigational routes and a substantial proportion of our natural resources. The International Maritime Law programme is offered by Swansea University.

, LL.M. International Economic Law (PGDip)

The LLM in International Economic Law (PGDip) from Oxford Brookes University provides the opportunity to study the international law of trade and finance from the public policy perspective of the regulator. It enables the student to specialise from, a wide range of subjects and topics in areas such as the regulatory framework of the global trading system, the resolution of trade disputes, and the legal and policy mechanisms affecting foreign direct investment.

School of Law
, LL.M. International Business Law

The International Business Law programme from BPP University is designed for you if you wish to practice international business law not only in the UK but also elsewhere. It covers specific areas of law necessary to help you advise on cross-border business activity.

BPP Law School
, M.Sc. Finance & Law

The Finance & Law joint masters programme between the Department of Accounting & Finance and the Law School from Strathclyde Business School addresses this skills gap in the global market by introducing students to both the legal aspects of regulation of international finance as well as to principles of accounting and finance.

Accounting & Finance
, Pre-Master Graduate Diploma in Law

The Graduate Diploma in Law programme offered by City University London offers preparation for master's degrees in law and litigation. The Graduate Diploma combines academic study, intensive English language teaching and study skills to prepare you for entry into a postgraduate university degree.

, LL.M. International Commercial Law

Enhance your career in commercial law with a degree awarded by the University of Northampton, delivered by RITE Online Academy. In the era of globalisation and the growth of transnational corporations, the study of International Commercial Law is particularly relevant.

, Master Graduate Diploma International Trade Law with English for Academic Purposes

This course is for you if you need to improve your English language skills and subject knowledge of international trade law before going on to a Masters course. You improve your language fluency and academic vocabulary, develop your academic skills, and gain experience of western methods of teaching and learning so that you can progress onto a relevant Masters course in our School of Law.

International Academy
, LL.M. International Law and Criminology of Armed Conflict

The Aberystwyth LLM course in International Law & Criminology of Armed Conflict is designed to give you a comprehensive understanding of human rights law with a particular focus on armed conflict and criminology. Upon completion of the LLM International Law & Criminology of Armed Conflict, you will be able to demonstrate in-depth knowledge of basic law and criminological theory, as well as the ability to apply your learning to practical problems and authentic case studies. This pairing of theory and application will give you an impressive degree of expertise in this critical area of international law.

Department of Law and Criminology
, M.A. Legal Studies (General Programme)

The MA in International and Comparative Legal Studies allows students to create their own programme structure, choosing courses from a range covering comparative regional law, trade law, law and development, commercial law (including copyright and patent law), human rights, environmental law, Islamic law, dispute resolution, and international law.

Faculty of Law and Social Sciences
, M.Sc. Global Crime, Justice and Security

This Global Crime, Justice and Security Masters degree at Liverpool John Moores University is based on internationally recognised research and is delivered by its expert authors. You will extend your knowledge of issues of global crime, justice and security within an international legal context through the study of a selection of specialist areas of law and policy.

, M.Sc. International Finance with Law

The course brings together professionals from both accounting and law, two areas that are vital in the global market within which businesses operate.It also considers both finance and law from an international perspective, crucial knowledge in today’s competitive business environment.

, LL.M. International Law

The LLM in International Law offers a range of courses covering both public and private international law. It enables students to undertake advanced legal research and writing in this field and educates students in the analysis of international treaties and case law with an international law dimension.

College of Arts and Social Sciences
, LL.M. International Energy Law and Policy

Graduates of the LLM in International Energy Law and Policy from the University of Stirling will be well placed to pursue careers in the legal firms, the environmental sector, government, regulatory authorities, international bodies, non-governmental organisations, business, pressure groups and charities.

, LL.M. International Law

The LLM (International Law) is one of the named routes through our LLM programme and allows you to specialise and develop expertise in international legal issues. The programme has been designed by a team of highly motivated academic staff at Teesside University who have particular research interests that have informed its content.

School of Social Sciences & Law
, LL.M. Human Rights

The LLM Programme in Human Rights reflects established areas of research strength in the School of Law, and offers options which are of international relevance and which meet the demand for studying contemporary human rights issues at an advanced level.

College of Arts and Social Sciences
, LL.M. International Financial Law

The pathway in International Financial Law is a widely respected specialist LLM with an international reputation. It focuses on the law, documentation and legal issues affecting major transactions in global financial markets and their regulation.

, M.Sc. Middle East in Global Politics: Islam, Conflict and Development

The core module explores the domestic political structures and international relations of countries in the Middle East. You can then choose to either study how ideas of ethnicity and nationalism generate identities as well as tension and conflict, or consider how theories and institutions of global governance have arisen in response to the impact of globalisation. You will be equipped with the conceptual ideas, theoretical approaches and analytical research skills needed to study politics at postgraduate level.

Postgraduate courses
, LL.M. Law, Democracy and Human Welfare: Global Perspectives

Human need and suffering is increasingly the catalyst for local and transnational protest movements. The Law, Democracy and Human Welfare: Global Perspectives programme brings Birkbeck, University of London - School of Business, Economics and Informatics's avowedly critical approach to questions concerning the 'commons', as well as to the political and juridical questions concerning natural resources, water and food.

Postgraduate courses
, LL.M. Competition Law

Widely respected throughout Europe and beyond, our LLM in Competition Law will challenge and inspire you in equal measure. Leading policy makers, practitioners and academics are attracted to King's throughout the year to address the most challenging questions about the theory and application of competition law and economics.

, Postgrad.Cert. International Intellectual Property Law

This part-time programme provides a comprehensive overview of theoretical and practical aspects of intellectual property law. The course is suitable for both law graduates and those with backgrounds in the sciences, technology, engineering and the humanities.

College of Business, Arts and Social Sciences
, M.A. Human Rights - Law / Political Science (Standard Route)

This `standard route' course is designed for students for whom a taught MA will be a prelude to careers in fields related to government and non-governmental organisations, as well as teaching, journalism or any career where advanced knowledge of human rights coupled with an advanced capacity to communicate effectively will be an advantage.

School of Social Sciences
, LL.M. International Law

LLM International Law, University of Nottingham This course is for those seeking a broader based qualification, including options involving any aspect of international law, whether public or private.

, M.Sc. Citizenship and Human Rights

Are you a professional or volunteer working between state and market with an interest the principles of human rights? This work-based programme offers in-depth views of Globalisation and Migration; Leadership, Equality and Social Responsibility.

Glasgow School for Business and Society
, LL.M. International Economic Law, Justice and Development

The International Economic Law, Justice and Development programme from Birkbeck, University of London - School of Business, Economics and Informatics is particularly well suited to (current and aspiring) lawyers and non-lawyers within non-governmental organisations, government departments and in-house corporate social responsibility departments, who wish to critically reflect on their role as practitioners.

Postgraduate courses
, LL.M. International Human Rights

Are you looking for a thorough knowledge of human rights in order to support your career plans? This specialist postgraduate degree is particularly relevant for those who are looking for higher-level roles within the legal profession, human rights organisations or international campaigning groups.