Study Management, Organisation & Leadership in United Kingdom

Study Management, Organisation & Leadership in United Kingdom

Studying Management, Organisation & Leadership

Management, organisation and leadership sciences deal with all the operations and their coordination towards reaching goals set by organisations. As part of business administration studies, the field involves areas such as human resources, organizational behaviour, business strategy, entrepreneurship, innovation, performance management, communication.

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Studying in United Kingdom

The UK has one of the most cosmopolitan societies within Europe and you will study with people from all over the world. The variety of universities and degrees is broad and degrees will be accepted worldwide.

987 Management, Organisation & Leadership Master's degrees in United Kingdom

M.Sc. Business and Management

The MSc Business and Management from University of Stirling gives graduates an insight into modern management practice and an opportunity to develop the functional, strategic and leadership skills required for managing a business.

Stirling Management School
M.Sc. Quality Management

Quality Management is the application of specialised managerial and technological skills to achieve the desired quality at a minimum cost and focusing on the customer. It also addresses strategic quality issues and leadership in establishing a total quality ethos.

School of Engineering and Computing
M.Sc. Management

This intensive, one-year full-time Management programme at Imperial College Business School prepares recent graduates for a wide range of careers in management such as consultancy and financial services.

M.Sc. Management

Our AMBA accredited Masters in Management provides you with broad-ranging management knowledge and skills alongside critical insight into how organisations operate. Designed to give a comprehensive introduction to all the major management disciplines, you’ll develop essential skills including critical thinking, problem-solving and collaborative working. The Management course is offered by University of Leeds.

Leeds University Business School
M.Sc. Strategic Management

Steering organisations to success in the current economic climate is no mean feat, and requires a person that can ensure a company continues to adapt and thrive as the environment changes. This MSc Strategic Management online degree at the University of Derby aims to make you that person.

Online Learning (UDOL)
M.Sc. Corporate Financial Management

The MSc in Corporate Financial Management is accredited by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) and is aimed at graduates who have an interest in developing an in-depth specialist knowledge and critical understanding of the key aspects of corporate financial management, and in particular, who are looking to pursue a career in corporate or business finance.

M.Sc. International Management

The MSc International Management programme from University of Essex is perfect if you do not have a first degree in business, but wish to pursue a career in an international organisation, or gain a greater understanding of the increasingly global context in which businesses operate.

Essex Business School
M.B.A. Master of Business Administration Global

Since its conception at Harvard over a century ago, the MBA has been recognised worldwide as an essential for anyone aspiring to become a successful manager and inspiring leader. The new online Master of Business Administration Global at University of Derby will equip you with the strategic knowledge and confidence to succeed and excel in managerial roles within the business sector. 

Online Learning (UDOL)
M.Sc. International Finance and Management

Manchester Metropolitan’s Global Online MSc in International Finance and Management gives you the opportunity to apply theory into practice; it covers overall management of business and sustainable finance, including FinTech, environmental and social risks. It can be completed within two years and offers you a flexible study pathway to complement your existing commitments.

Man Met
M.A. Arts Management

Arts Management is a complex and exciting discipline. Once mastered, it provides you with skills that can be applied to many areas of the arts and reach audiences in evermore innovative ways. Explore strategic, collaborative, and pioneering approaches with this challenging MA from Middlesex University.

M.Sc. Management for Business Excellence (MBE)

Management for Business Excellence (MBE) from the WMG University of Warwick is an innovative MSc degree course designed for those who want to become leaders and managers of business excellence in industry. It is suitable for high achievers who want to be challenged in the way they think about business management and problems.

WMG, International Manufacturing Centre
M.Sc. Management

Allows business and non-business graduates to acquire the necessary tools and skills to pursue a successful career in the management of business, finance, marketing and human resources.The Management programme is offered by the University of Dundee.  

School of Business
Postgraduate Diploma Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership

To survive in today's competitive environment, busy and ambitious professionals need wide range of skills, knowledge and expertise. With the ultimate flexiblility which our programme offers, you can advance in your career and still continue to manage other responsibilities in your life. The Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership programme is offered by London School of Planning and Management.

M.Sc. Finance and Management

If you’re looking for a career that combines management success and creativity with a deep understanding of the financial world, then the MSc in Finance and Management course offered by University of Essex is for you.

Essex Business School
Pre-Master Management and Finance

The Management and Finance Pre-Master at the University of Sussex aims to fully prepare you for studying a postgraduate degree, so that you can go on to achieve success at university, in your professional career and in the world.

University of Sussex International Study Centre
M.Sc. Management

Which path do you want to follow? The one that leads to further academic research, or would you rather step straight into the world of work? If you’re still undecided, this Msc Management course from University of East Anglia offers you the opportunity to focus on both, acquiring subject-specific knowledge, which you can apply in a work context, or an academic setting.

Norwich Business School
M.Sc. Service Management and Design (SMD)

In today's complex business environment, where so much of global GDP is now service-related, service science is both an exciting and crucial area in which businesses must increase their expertise to stay ahead. The Service Management and Design (SMD) research group at WMG University of Warwick has been working alongside leading companies such as IBM, Rolls-Royce and BAE Systems in actively shaping research and teaching to answer the increasing demand for experts in this area.

WMG, International Manufacturing Centre
M.Sc. Management with International Finance

The Management with International Finance programme from University of Glasgow provides you with a detailed understanding of modern business principles, techniques and contextual conditions, paying particular attention to international finance.

Adam Smith Business School
M.A. Arts Policy and Management

This Master's degree in Arts Policy and Management from Birkbeck, University of London - School of Business, Economics and Informatics is designed for existing arts managers who wish to develop their practice and understanding of the background, theories and principles of arts and cultural management, or for those who wish to pursue a career in arts management and who satisfy other entry criteria.

Postgraduate courses
M.Sc. International Management and Leadership

The International Management and Leadership MSc at Queen Margaret University is designed to be a vibrant and innovative course that focuses on best practice in management and leadership while developing an international focus.

School of Business, Enterprise and Management
M.Sc. Management

Join us to refine and build upon your communication, teamworking, and presentation skills through individual and group work, and develop your personal and professional skills in decision-making, problem-solving, analysis, and critical reflection.

M.Sc. International Business Management

The M.Sc. in International Business Management at Manchester Metropolitan University has a practical approach to learning businesses and teaches students how to create real and successful projects for companies. The Master’s degree includes courses in logistics management, and digital business. Students can undertake an internship or research work in political economy or in foreign investment.

Manchester Metropolitan University Faculty of Business and Law
M.Sc. Engineering Management

An exciting collaboration between the University’s Business School and School of Engineering, this Engineering Management course at Manchester Metropolitan University aims to give engineers a deeper understanding of business and management.

M.Sc. Management

Durham University's MSc in Management is ranked top 10 by the Financial Times Masters in Management rankings 2013. It is designed to prepare you for the realities of becoming a successful manager at the cutting-edge of business. 

Durham University Business School
M.Sc. Management (Entrepreneurship)

Durham University's MSc Management (Entrepreneurship) has been developed to help entrepreneurial thinkers turn ideas into action. It could be launching your own idea, developing something in partnership, or investing in new ventures – or perhaps you want to find fresh ways to foster and harness entrepreneurial thinking in a business context.

Durham University Business School
M.Sc. Investment Management

The MSc in Investment Management from Bangor University offers students a sound knowledge of the theoretical foundations that underpin modern investment and risk management techniques, and prepares them for entry into the fast-growing investment management industry.

Bangor Business School
M.Sc. Cyber Security and Management (CSM)

The MSc in Cyber Security and Management (CSM) from WMG University of Warwick is designed for those wishing to develop a career as a cyber security professional, or to take a leading technical or managerial role in an organisation critically dependent upon data and information communication technology. It is suitable for those from a computer science or information technology education background or courses with a significant component of either. Work experience will also be considered.

WMG, International Manufacturing Centre
M.Sc. International Management

If you are a recent graduate, most likely from overseas, and are looking for a master’s-level programme which combines general management with a strong international dimension, then this International Management programme from Teesside University could be just what you are looking for.

The School of Social Sciences, Business and Law
M.Sc. Management

The Management MSc at University of Edinburgh Business School will give you an understanding of contemporary management issues in an ever-changing business environment, and the chance to apply your knowledge to real-life management challenges. This programme, ranked in the top 10 in the UK in 2015 by the Financial Times, is valuable to both those starting out in business, and those looking to progress in their existing careers.

Postgraduate Programmes
M.Sc. Management (Finance)

Across all sectors and at all levels of business, financial management is fundamental to the success of organisations. By studying Durham University's MSc Management (Finance), you will build your knowledge and expertise in this area, giving you a strong platform from which to launch a career in management with a specific financial focus.

Durham University Business School
M.Sc. Public Policy and Management (Online)

Successful managers, politicians and professionals running public organisations need to have a range of skills and knowledge and a critical awareness of the challenges facing them. The Public Policy and Management course is offered at SOAS University of London.

Centre for Financial and Management Studies
M.Sc. Management with Enterprise and Business Growth

Studies in this area provide you with a detailed understanding of modern business principles, techniques and contextual conditions, paying particular attention to business enterprise and growth. The Management with Enterprise and Business Growth programme from University of Glasgow. 

Adam Smith Business School
M.Sc. Finance and Management

The Finance and Management is a joint programme between Management and Economics from University of Glasgow and provides participants with a variety of skills and in-depth knowledge associated with financial management and international business.

Adam Smith Business School
M.Sc. International Management and Design Innovation

The International Management and Design Innovation programme from University of Glasgow has been designed in association with the Glasgow School of Art and will develop your creativity, flexibility, adaptive capacity and your ability to work in complex teams across disciplines.

Adam Smith Business School
M.Sc. Carbon Management

In this landmark collaboration between the world-renowned Schools of GeoSciences, Economics and the University of Edinburgh Business School, the MSc in Carbon Management provides high-level knowledge, skills and training in the business, economics, policy, and science of carbon management. It is designed for graduates who want an advanced academic qualification as a launch pad for a career in carbon and climate change management in business, industry and government.

Postgraduate Programmes
M.Sc. Management Consulting

This Management Consulting Masters degree at University of Leeds gives you extensive knowledge of the management consultancy industry and an appreciation of the latest challenges. You’ll gain understanding of consulting techniques and methodologies, develop a range of transferable skills and acquire useful industry contacts and experience.

Leeds University Business School
M.Sc. Management - Research

The MSc By Research (Management) at University of Edinburgh Business School develops your ability to pursue original research in a critical and scholarly way. It may be taken either as a free-standing MSc or as the first part of a PhD programme.

Postgraduate Programmes
Postgraduate Diploma Business and Management

Our Postgraduate Diploma in Business and Management at University of Essex Online offers an advanced qualification that is designed to equip you with a thorough understanding of modern management concepts and techniques.

M.Sc. Management

The Management programme from University of Glasgow is for graduates from non-business related disciplines who want to develop an understanding of modern business principles, including financial information management, managing people in organisations, marketing and strategy.

Adam Smith Business School
M.Sc. Engineering Business Management (EBM)

The MSc in Engineering Business Management (EBM) from WMG University of Warwick is designed for those who want to become managers and leaders in technology-based businesses. It is suitable for those with work experience as well as those with little or no background in business.

WMG, International Manufacturing Centre
M.Sc. Finance and Management

Our online postgraduate MS Finance and Management programme from The University of Exeter is the cornerstone of your next career move. The programme is suited for anyone seeking a career in finance with aspirations for a management role. 

Exeter Online
M.A. Marketing and Innovation

Relevant, Flexible and delivered 100% online, that's the power of MA in Marketing and Innovation programme from London School of International Business. The programme has been a ranked as a valuable investment with majority of our students rating it high in terms on return on investment and programme content.

Master International Accounting and Financial Management

The International Accounting and Financial Management programme from University of Glasgow will give you up-to-date practical and theoretical knowledge of international accounting and financial management. it will help you understand and analyse financial statements of international businesses from around the world.

Adam Smith Business School
M.Sc. Brand Leadership

Have you studied business, management, or economics at an undergraduate level? Are you ambitious, creative and fascinated by brands? Than the Msc in Brand Leadership course offered by the University of East Anglia is the perfect one for you.

Norwich Business School