Study Management, Organisation & Leadership in United Kingdom

Study Management, Organisation & Leadership in United Kingdom

Studying Management, Organisation & Leadership

Management, organisation and leadership sciences deal with all the operations and their coordination towards reaching goals set by organisations. As part of business administration studies, the field involves areas such as human resources, organizational behaviour, business strategy, entrepreneurship, innovation, performance management, communication.

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Studying in United Kingdom

The UK has one of the most cosmopolitan societies within Europe and you will study with people from all over the world. The variety of universities and degrees is broad and degrees will be accepted worldwide.

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918 Management, Organisation & Leadership Master's degrees in United Kingdom

M.Sc. Management

Make the jump from successful graduate to creative manager. Today's business world needs people with a different set of skills, who look at problems from different angles and care about the issues that really matter. Whether you want to run your own company, change the business environment from within or contribute to solving the world's problems, we can give you the skills you need, if you join this Management programme at Alliance Manchester Business School.

Master Public Administration

Expand your experience, advance your skillset and become a leader and a pioneer of public service at home or abroad. The Online Masters of Public Administration (MPA) is designed to offer busy public sector professionals the opportunity to progress their careers at national and international levels.

M.Sc. Finance and Investment Management

The MSc in Finance and Investment Management from The University of Hertfordshire provides a coherent and intellectual learning experience, and supports the development of your critical understanding of the subject, allowing you to employ the tools of analysis used within that subject area.

Business School
M.A. Management

Kent Business School has over 50 research active academic staff. Postgraduate research can take place in any subject area where they have expertise. The University of Kent offers the Management degree programme.

Kent Business School
M.Sc. Entrepreneurial Design Management

Entrepreneurship is the focus of this Entrepreneurial Design Management programme at Loughborough University London. You will learn about the practicalities and challenges of establishing and running your own product design/manufacturing business.

Institute for Design Innovation
M.Sc. Finance and Management

The MSc in Finance and Management from University of Kent integrates academic rigour and practical application. Industry practitioners contribute significantly to the development, delivery and curriculum. It is aimed at students pursuing a career in business, banking, financial institutions, regulatory bodies or government institutions. In particular, it provides an understanding of international finance within a management context, in theory and in practice.

Kent Business School
M.Sc. Strategic Management

Steering organisations to success in the current economic climate is no mean feat, and requires a person that can ensure a company continues to adapt and thrive as the environment changes. This MSc Strategic Management online degree at the University of Derby aims to make you that person.

Online Learning (UDOL)
M.Sc. Management

The MSc Management at The University of Hertfordshire is designed to meet the growing demands of businesses for graduates who possess rigorously developed personal, as well as business skills. It aims to produce graduates who are ready for employment in a management role.

Business School
M.Sc. Management and Finance

You will explore the financial global marketplace, including its structure participants, regulatory functions and their role in society. You will also focus on the analysis of financial statements to improve management decision-making. This Management and Finance course is offered by Nottingham Trent University.

M.Sc. International Business Management

This programme has been created in response to the growing internationalisation of business and management practice. It celebrates the diversity of living and working across cultures and focuses on the skills, competences and knowledge necessary for individuals working with today’s global business environment.

INTO Newcastle University London
MBA Master of Business Administration Global

Since its conception at Harvard over a century ago, the MBA has been recognised worldwide as an essential for anyone aspiring to become a successful manager and inspiring leader. The online Master of Business Administration Global programme at the University of Derby combines real-world practical scenarios and influential networks with a cutting-edge online learning platform to create a truly global course designed for the next generation of business professionals.

Online Learning (UDOL)
M.A. Arts Management

Arts Management is a complex and exciting discipline. Once mastered, it provides you with skills that can be applied to many areas of the arts and reach audiences in evermore innovative ways. Explore strategic, collaborative, and pioneering approaches with this challenging MA from Middlesex University, which will equip you with the contemporary knowledge, research skills and business acumen you need to succeed worldwide.

M.Sc. Management for Business Excellence (MBE)

Management for Business Excellence (MBE) from the WMG University of Warwick is an innovative MSc degree course designed for those who want to become leaders and managers of business excellence in industry. It is suitable for high achievers who want to be challenged in the way they think about business management and problems.

WMG, International Manufacturing Centre
M.Sc. Finance and Management

If you’re looking for a career that combines management success and creativity with a deep understanding of the financial world, then the MSc in Finance and Management course offered by University of Essex is for you.

Essex Business School
Preparation Course Management and Finance

The Management and Finance Pre-Master at the University of Sussex aims to fully prepare you for studying a postgraduate degree, so that you can go on to achieve success at university, in your professional career and in the world.

University of Sussex International Study Centre
M.Sc. Management

Which path do you want to follow? The one that leads to further academic research, or would you rather step straight into the world of work? If you’re still undecided, this Msc Management course from University of East Anglia offers you the opportunity to focus on both, acquiring subject-specific knowledge, which you can apply in a work context, or an academic setting.

Norwich Business School
Pre-Master Graduate Diploma in Business and Humanities

Improve your language and academic skills for direct entry into a master's degree at Newcastle University. This Graduate Diploma in Business and Humanities pathway offers you progression to a range of postgraduate degrees in agriculture, business, communication, heritage, law, media, social sciences and transport at Newcastle University.

INTO Newcastle University
M.Sc. Service Management and Design (SMD)

In today's complex business environment, where so much of global GDP is now service-related, service science is both an exciting and crucial area in which businesses must increase their expertise to stay ahead. The Service Management and Design (SMD) research group at WMG University of Warwick has been working alongside leading companies such as IBM, Rolls-Royce and BAE Systems in actively shaping research and teaching to answer the increasing demand for experts in this area.

WMG, International Manufacturing Centre
Pre-Master Graduate Diploma in Economics

Preparation for master's degrees in Business Economics and International Business Economics. The Graduate Diploma in Economics from City University London combines academic study, intensive English language teaching and study skills to prepare you for entry into a postgraduate university degree.

INTO City University London
M.Sc. International Management and Leadership

The International Management and Leadership MSc at Queen Margaret University is designed to be a vibrant and innovative course that focuses on best practice in management and leadership while developing an international focus.

School of Business, Enterprise and Management
M.Sc. Management

Join us to refine and build upon your communication, teamworking, and presentation skills through individual and group work, and develop your personal and professional skills in decision-making, problem-solving, analysis, and critical reflection.

M.Sc. Business and Heritage Management

The MSc in Heritage and Business Management from University of Southampton course allows students to develop the skillset to be responsible for some of the countries most spectacular heritage sites. From National Trust properties, to country estates of immense agricultural and historical importance, this course prepares the student to be able to manage the daily running and operating of such sites. A course that prides itself on its industry recognised standards of excellence, producing the best candidates possible to prospective employers.

M.Sc. Management (International Business)

The MSc in Management (International Business) from University of Kent provides an insight into a number of areas of general management, with particular emphasis on key aspects of international business.

Kent Business School
M.Sc. Cyber Security and Management (CSM)

The MSc in Cyber Security and Management (CSM) from WMG University of Warwick is designed for those wishing to develop a career as a cyber security professional, or to take a leading technical or managerial role in an organisation critically dependent upon data and information communication technology. It is suitable for those from a computer science or information technology education background or courses with a significant component of either. Work experience will also be considered.

WMG, International Manufacturing Centre
M.Sc. International Management

If you are a recent graduate, most likely from overseas, and are looking for a master’s-level programme which combines general management with a strong international dimension, then this International Management programme from Teesside University could be just what you are looking for.

The School of Social Sciences, Business and Law
M.Sc. Management

This 100% online MSc in Management has been designed to provide you with the skills required to make a tangible difference to your own performance as a manager and leader in any organisation.

Postgrad.Cert. Management

The Management course from University of Westminster is designed to promote the development of the general management skills and abilities required in a rapidly changing economic environment, both by individuals, already operating in, or those seeking to take up supervisory and managerial roles. The course will develop the skills of analysis, problem solving and proactive thinking. It will provide the underpinning knowledge and understanding required to operate effectively in a managerial role.

M.Sc. International Management (Japan)

This International Management (Japan) programme from SOAS University of London focuses on management and its environment in Japan and includes high-level courses in international management and finance disciplines.

Faculty of Law and Social Sciences
Pre-Master Graduate Diploma

The Graduate Diploma programme at the University of Roehampton is specifically for students who need to further develop their English language in addition to academic skills and subject knowledge before studying a postgraduate degree.

M.A. Management

The MA Management offers an advanced study of management and the changing global context in which organisations operate. The programme emphasises the personal nature of effective management and leadership, developing graduates who can become catalysts for change in both business and society. This programme is offered by Regent's University London.

Master's programmes
M.Sc. Management and Global Supply Chain Management

You will study the management of operations, develop an understanding of the global supply chain as well as how organisations within it perform in relation to one another. You will also undertake analysis with realistic data and tackle the questions you may face in an operations environment. The Management and Global Supply Chain Management course is offered by Nottingham Trent University.

M.Sc. Leadership and Management in Public Services

On this two year, part-time Leadership and Management in Public Services course at The University of Hertfordshire we develop capable and resourceful public service managers with the skills to make evidence based decisions, take the lead on initiatives, collaborate with external agencies and solve complex problems within and across organisational boundaries

Business School
M.A. International Business Management

With the world's economy now tied globally, international business expertise is more sought after than ever as it enables organisations to succeed in a highly competitive marketplace. Our course will prepare you for a management position in international business or aid your organisation's international aspirations.

Business School
M.Sc. Leadership and Human Resource Management

The MSc in Leadership and Human Resource Management from DeBroc is ideal for graduates with an interest in developing specialist knowledge and a critical understanding of the sector. You will become familiar with the intellectual underpinnings required for a career in this type of dynamic work environment, alongside significant exposure to the professional world.

M.Sc. Sport Management

This unique Sport Management programme from UCFB encompasses the central functions of corporate, senior and operational management including financial management, governance, corporate strategy, strategic marketing and leadership.

Pre-Master Graduate Certificate

The Graduate Certificate programme at the University of Roehampton is designed to help you develop your academic study skills and subject knowledge before studying a postgraduate degree.

M.A. Luxury Brand Management

The luxury industry has evolved rapidly over the last decade, with brands expanding and consolidating into mature and fast-developing markets. Successful professionals in this field demonstrate the ability to operate in a highly competitive global context. An innovative and creative approach with a strong cultural perspective is also key. This Luxury Brand Management programme is offered by Regent's University London.

Master's programmes
M.Sc. Diplomacy and the Digital State

Loughborough University London will be the first University to offer this opportunity to develop the future leaders and forward thinkers in government administration in the UK and beyond. The Diplomacy and the Digital State programme will be run jointly with Loughborough’s reputable Institute for Digital Technologies.

Academy of Diplomacy and International Governance
Postgrad.Cert. Management

Postgraduate Certificate in Management from London School of Business and Finance offers students the most current and relevant topics in business today, delivered by a group of lecturers with extensive professional exposure in different areas of management

M.Sc. Engineering Business Management (EBM)

The MSc in Engineering Business Management (EBM) from WMG University of Warwick is designed for those who want to become managers and leaders in technology-based businesses. It is suitable for those with work experience as well as those with little or no background in business.

WMG, International Manufacturing Centre
M.A. Creative Leadership

This highly praised and unique Masters programme provides those involved in ‘leading’ an opportunity to explore leadership in general and their own leadership in particular, in challenging and exciting ways. This Creative Leadership programme is offered by Regent's University London.

Master's programmes
M.Sc. Public Policy and Management

This Public Policy and Management programme from SOAS University of London provides students with the analytical tools needed to understand the principles and methods of modern public policy and management, and enable them to make financial decisions and policy choices in the financing and management of infrastructure and services in the public sector.

Faculty of Law and Social Sciences
M.Sc. Brand Leadership

Have you studied business, management, or economics at an undergraduate level? Are you ambitious, creative and fascinated by brands? Than the Msc in Brand Leadership course offered by the University of East Anglia is the perfect one for you.

Norwich Business School
M.Sc. Management

The MSc Management courses at Nottingham Trent University will help you be an effective 21st-century manager, able to operate in dynamic and complex organisational environments. The course will equip you with broad knowledge across a wide range of management subject areas and enable you to develop more specialist knowledge as the programme progresses.

M.Sc. Business and Organisational Strategy

Here at Hertfordshire Business School at The University of Hertfordshire, we’ve designed a part-time MSc in Business and Organisational Strategy to help busy professionals develop their careers. If you’d like to build on your business or management experience, deepen your knowledge and open up new career possibilities, this Master’s is an exciting opportunity to fit postgraduate study around your existing work schedule.

Business School
M.Sc. Management (Oil & Gas)

Choose the fully online MSc in Management with a specialised track in Oil & Gas to gain a systematic understanding of the theory and practice of general management, and the elementary economic patterns of the oil and gas industry in the context of today’s global economy.

M.Sc. Sport Business and Leadership

This Sport Business and Leadership programme at Loughborough University London is designed for individuals who wish to improve their impact and effectiveness in leading and managing individuals, teams, and organisations within the sport business industry. Students will immerse themselves in the business of sport, enhancing their leadership capacity and business acumen in relation to the complex and rapidly emerging global sport business environment.

Institute for Sport Business
Pre-Master Pre-Master's

The Pre-Master's course from The University of Manchester prepares international students for direct entry to a master’s degree, with guaranteed progression to subjects related to Business and Management at NCUK universities.

INTO Manchester