Study Public Health in United Kingdom

Study Public Health in United Kingdom

Studying Public Health

Public health is an interdisciplinary study in the field of life sciences and helps ensure national health, mainly by informing the population and promoting preventive treatments as well as giving advice for healthy living. Public health graduates can work in nursing, NGOs, research, pharmaceuticals, and more.

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Studying in United Kingdom

The UK has one of the most cosmopolitan societies within Europe and you will study with people from all over the world. The variety of universities and degrees is broad and degrees will be accepted worldwide.

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325 Public Health Master's degrees in United Kingdom

Master Public Health (MPH)

Our Master of Public Health (MPH) programme, delivered 100% online, seeks to equip you with the critical thinking and decision making skills you need to advance your career in public health and become an agent of positive change. Through this interdisciplinary programme, you gain an understanding of global public health issues and explore theories and practices that will help you prepare to address the public health needs of your community and around the world.

M.Sc. Public Health

Develop your knowledge and professional skills for safe and effective public health practice. Glasgow Caledonian University's London programme is underpinned by a framework of social action and the content is aligned to UK Public Health Skills and Career Framework and WHO international standards.

Master's programmes
M.Sc. Public Health

This is a unique multi-disciplinary course in Public Health from London Metropolitan University focusing on the wider determinants of health and wellbeing - ideal for anyone interested in working to improve population health and health promotion, whether within the NHS, community organisations, government and related agencies.

Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities
Master Public Health (MPH)

Equip yourself with the knowledge, skills and insights to shape public health and make a difference in your community wherever you are in the world. The fully online MPH provides an international and integrated approach, developing your knowledge in all the main disciplines of public health.

M.A. Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (Distance Learning)

This programme is an advanced professional development programme involving some or all of the following: distance learning; study workshops; service placement visits; and a clinical placement (which can be in your home area). Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities can be completed mainly by distance learning. This Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (Distance Learning) programme is offered by the University of Kent.

School of Social Policy, Sociology and Social Research
M.Sc. Cancer Biology

The MSc in Cancer Biology from the University of Kent is for students who wish to gain an advanced education and training in the biological sciences, within the context of a disease that affects a large proportion of the global population.

School of Biosciences
Master Public Health

This MPH Public Health course combines the work of public health theory, practice and research, with expertise from: Life and Medical Science, Nursing and Social Work and The Business School at The University of Hertfordshire.

UH Online
M.Sc. Infectious Diseases

The MSc in Infectious Diseases from the University of Kent has been designed for students who wish to gain an advanced education and training in the biological sciences, within the context of a range of human diseases that affect a significant proportion of the global population.

School of Biosciences
M.Sc. Public Policy and Global Health

The MSc in Public Policy and Global Health emphasis is the development and implementation of public policies to improve the welfare and general health of populations through existing health and governmental systems. To do this, the course examines how societies think about and act on public health problems in a world where both the origins of the problems and their solutions operate at multiple levels and (often) across political, social and cultural boundaries. A secondary theme is the development and evaluation of research evidence upon which such policies can be built or improved.

M.Sc. Infection, Immunity & Human Disease

The need to develop new strategies to combat diseases remains a major global challenge. This Infection, Immunity & Human Disease degree at the University of Leeds provides advanced training in the mechanisms underpinning a spectrum of infectious and non-infectious diseases, including viral, bacterial and parasitic infections, cancer, neurodegeneration, cardiovascular disease and chromosomal abnormalities. Youíll also explore current and emerging diagnostic and treatment strategies.

M.Sc. Applied Public Health

The MSc in Applied Public Health offered at the University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN) is an innovative course which provides a relevant and engaging learning experience for anyone whose work includes some responsibility for the determinants of health.

M.Sc. Public Health and Health Promotion

The Public Health and Health Promotion MSc from Bangor University is intended for all those interested in promoting health and well-being. The course is intended for all those interested in promoting health and well being. It includes core modules on: Research methods; Health Economics; Social and Behavioural Sciences; Epidemiology. These modules are taken together with the two other MSc courses to promote inter-professional learning.

School of Healthcare Sciences
M.Sc. International Health

This International Health programme at University of Leeds is an ideal introduction to international health for students with limited experience in the sector. It has a strong emphasis on research methods training - an essential grounding if you intend to work in international health policy, systems or programmes, or to study at PhD level.

Master Public Health (Web-based Learning)

This Public Health (Web-based Learning) programme from The University of Manchester offers an innovative approach to learning, meeting the training needs for health professionals interested in a career in public health or those seeking new skills in this area.

Faculty of Medical and Human Sciences
M.Sc. International Public Health

Study for a Masters-level qualification at the renowned Centre for Public Health, part of Liverpool John Moores University. International Public Health offers a broad-based understanding of health and its social and environmental determinants.

M.Sc. Occupational Safety, Health and Environment

This Occupational Safety, Health and Environment programme at Manchester Metropolitan University is a comprehensive study into the current and emerging legal and compliance issues, and the scientific, health and psychosocial factors influencing 21st century Health and Safety. It introduces the student to the multitude of factors that are influential in workplace safety and health.

M.Sc. Clinical Ophthalmology and Vision Research

The MSc Clinical Ophthalmology and Vision Research (COVR) at Glasgow Caledonian University provides eye care professionals with an enhanced knowledge and skills in clinical decision-making as the basis for the safe and effective management of a wide range of ocular conditions.

Department of Life Sciences
M.A. Animation for Health and Wellbeing

This Animation for Health and Wellbeing programme from Loughborough University is aimed at students from a variety of disciplines eager to explore how animation can both facilitate and communicate models of health and wellbeing.

School of the Arts
M.Sc. Public Health

Develop your knowledge and professional skills for safe and effective public health practice. The Public Health programme at Glasgow Caledonian University is underpinned by a framework of social action and the content is aligned to UK Public Health Skills and Career Framework and WHO international standards.

Department of Social Sciences, Media and Journalism
Master Public Health (Management and Leadership)

Master of Public Health (Management and Leadership) (MPH/Diploma/Certificate), University of Sheffield Suitable for both UK and overseas applicants, this Master of Public Health (Management and Leadership) programme will provide you with a firm grounding in the fundamental principles and application of public health and management and leadership as applied within health and social care services.

Department of Medicine
M.Sc. Healthcare Management

If you're already, or would like to be, a leader or manager in a health or social care setting, our Masters course will develop and polish the skills you need to progress and be highly effective in your role. This course follows a modern approach by addressing the important social and other factors influencing the management and leadership of both organisations and individuals. Our aim is to equip professional and non-professional students with the knowledge, skills and emotional tools to enable them to reach their full potential as a manager and leader.

Faculty of Medical Science
M.Sc. Clinical Oncology MSc/Diploma - Part-time

For health care professionals from diverse backgrounds who wish to expand their knowledge of theoretical and practical aspects of oncology, including: medical and clinical oncology SpRs, nurses, pharmacists, radiographers, vets, clinical trial co-ordinators and dieticians.

School of Cancer Studies
M.Sc. Managing Care in Perioperative Practice

The Managing Care in Perioperative Practice course at Cardiff University offers knowledge and expertise to develop studentsí evaluative, critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and to increase their practical and theoretical knowledge and understanding of managing care in perioperative practice, so that they can apply these skills in the further advancement of care in this field.

Cardiff School of Healthcare Sciences
M.Sc. Oncology for the Pharmaceutical Industry

This part time, online course covers all aspects of delivering care to patients, including treatment modalities, biological, psychosocial and ethical perspectives. Developed and delivered with well-established cancer institutes and oncological and palliative care expertise, you will experience a comprehensive and intellectually stimulating experience wherever you are in the world.

Faculty of Medical Sciences
M.Sc. Diagnostic Imaging

This course is ideal if you want to develop your expertise in diagnostic imaging and interventions in practice. You focus the course around your own areas of practice and experience, at a time and place to suit you. By working with experienced tutors who are experts in their fields, you enhance your skills and employability in a multidisciplinary and international setting.

M.Sc. International Health and Tropical Medicine

The MSc in International Health and Tropical Medicine is a full-time one-year multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary programme examining major challenges to the health of populations in resource-limited contexts. The course is embedded within the Oxford Centre for Tropical Medicine and Global Health, Nuffield Department of Medicine.

M.Sc. Public Health

The MSc Public Health at Canterbury Christ Church University aims to critically engage students with the theories, principles and practices that relate to level 7 and 8 public health competencies.

M.Sc. Advancing Professional Practice

Study on a flexible course designed to meet your professional development needs and career aspirations. You choose the topics or modules that suit your individual requirements, helping you to progress to more advanced roles, while studying at a pace that suits you.

M.Sc. Diagnostic Dermatopathology

The MSc programme in Diagnostic Dermatopathology represents the first postgraduate programme of its kind in the UK and in Europe with the aim of providing clinicians with skills in research and evidence-based diagnostic dermatopathology necessary to assess and deliver high quality practice, and service delivery of dermatopathology.

Postgrad.Cert. Medical Education

This flexible course is designed for those with an interest in education in the context of medicine and/or health. Current students include hospital doctors, GPs, dentists, nursing, midwifery and allied health professionals working in NHS, Deanery, Higher Education and independent sector contexts.

Faculty of Health & Social Sciences
M.Phil. Communicable Diseases

The School of Psychology, Social Work and Human Sciences at the University of West London welcomes applications from students who wish to study for a PhD/MPhil research degree in subject areas such as: Nursing, Midwifery, Psychology, Health and Social Science, Microbiology and Biochemistry, Physiology, Complementary Medicine, Communicable Diseases, Community Health, and other health and human science related subjects.

School of Nursing and Midwifery
M.Sc. Immunology & Inflammatory Disease

MSc: 12 months full-time; PgDip: 7-8 months months full-time; PgCert 3-4 months months full-time; The contribution of Inflammation and Immune dysfunction to a wide range of diseases, from Arthritis to Cancer to Obesity is becoming increasingly clear. The MSc in Immunology and Inflammatory Disease integrates basic, translational and clinical immunology and inflammation biology with cutting edge molecular and cellular techniques to equip students with both a working knowledge of Inflammatory disease together with state of the art research approaches used to study the area. This programme is subject to approval.

Institute of Infection, Immunity and Inflammation
M.Sc. Public Health

If you have a personal commitment to the goal of improving peopleís health, this Masters provides specialist training for you to make a real difference. We offer flexibility for you to focus on areas that match your interests and skills.

M.Sc. Public Health

The Masters in Public Health (MPH) programme is an interdisciplinary degree, which draws upon expertise across a wide range of subject areas, seeking to explore the complexity of Public Health issues in the UK and internationally.

M.Sc. Epidemiology

We offer a thorough grounding in epidemiological research. You gain a unique insight into the theory and methods developed for the epidemiological study and control of both chronic and infectious disease. The course will provide you with opportunities to apply research techniques to a variety of challenging epidemiological and biomedical problems..

Faculty of Medicine
M.A. Science, Society and Development (2016 Entry)

Sustainability is one of the key issues facing a world with an increasing population and environmental change. This MA looks at science, society, sustainability and development, focusing on the key areas of agriculture, environment, and health. You are invited to address complex policy issues including water and sanitation, epidemic disease, the African Green Revolution, biodiversity and genetically modified crops.

M.Sc. Nutrition for Global Health

The Ms Nutrition for Global Health degree programme offered by London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine provides training in public health nutrition in a global setting. An integrated programme covers epidemiological, dietary, public health, social and biological aspects of nutritional science.

Faculty of Epidemiology and Population Health
Postgrad.Dip. Public Health - Health Promotion

Our course develops the theoretical knowledge and practical skills needed to promote and protect public health and wellbeing. You will be equipped to fulfil a variety of roles in health promotion and public health, working in local authorities, health services or the voluntary sector.

Faculty of Health & Social Sciences
M.Sc. Quality Management in Scientific Research and Development (PgDip/ PgCert)

Quality management in scientific R&D has become an essential tool in ensuring that modern developments are implemented within a rigorous and robust quality framework. Developed in collaboration with the Research Quality Association ( RQA ), this unique MSc Quality Management in Scientific Research and Development (PgDip/ PgCert) from Cranfield University has been devised to meet increasing demand by the healthcare industry for senior quality management professionals.

MBA MBA in Healthcare Management

The MBA (Healthcare Management) award is designed for professionals in strategic health authorities, primary care trusts and hospital administration, and for those working in the growing number of private health contractors, outside suppliers and consultancies.

Brunel Business School
M.Sc. Special Care Dentistry

Special Care Dentistry provides a theoretical foundation and develops appropriate clinical skills for the care of patients needing special care with particular emphasis on the use of behaviour management techniques, analgesia, sedation and general anaesthesia. Also covers training in research methods and their practical application. If offered a place on the course, overseas students are advised to be tested locally and send the results of these checks with the questionnaire, prior to a separate full test in the UK at the College's Occupational Health Department before term begins. All offers of a place on a programme are made subject to a satisfactory criminal conviction disclosure. If you are from overseas or have never lived in the UK before, you should contact the relevant authorities in your home country to arrange for the equivalent check to be conducted and/or a certificate of good conduct to be issued.

Master Primary and Community Care (3 Pathways)

Our Primary and Community Care (Community Childrenís Nursing, District Nursing or General Practice Nursing) MSc programme is designed to be responsive to the dynamic nature of policy, demographic change and technological development within the primary and community care setting, and will advance your ability to critically analyse and lead on innovation and change in the workplace.

Health and Medical Sciences
M.Sc. Occupational Therapy (Pre-Registration)

The MSc Occupational Therapy (Pre-Registration) aims to provide a Master's level route for graduates to become competent occupational therapists eligible to apply for registration with the Health Professions Council as well as conferring a Master's Degree.

College of Health and Life Sciences
M.Sc. Health Studies

The course offers professionals from a variety of multidisciplinary backgrounds the opportunity to further develop and extend their particular area of practice. This aims to increase the depth and breadth of your knowledge helping you to function at the leading edge of practice development and research.

M.Sc. Public Health

This distance learning course focuses specifically on the applied elements of public health and utilizes a research-informed teaching curriculum based upon the expertise of the teaching team. The MSc in Public Health has been designed to provide you with an in depth understanding of issues in public health principles and practice both from a local, national and global perspective.

Faculty of Health & Social Sciences
M.Sc. Public Health

This course covers key aspects of public health. You study the complex determinants of public health and how these influence the development of policy and practice.

School of Health & Social Care
MRes Cancer Sciences

The Cancer Sciences MRes is a 1 year full-time programme that was introduced in 2013 to offer postgraduate training to suitably qualified science students who are interested in research careers in cancer. It is a stand-alone programme that would be of particular interest to students who wish to apply for further training at PhD level.

School of Cancer Studies
M.Sc. Community Specialist Practice

Community Specialist Practice course is made up of 50% theory and 50% practice, so it gives you the chance to put your knowledge into practice and develop the skills needed to become a specialist practitioner in your field of expertise.

Faculty of Education, Health and Sciences
Master Public Health (MPH)

This course offers knowledge and expertise in the broad field of public health practice. Students obtain an understanding of the factors that determine health, how health policy is developed and the importance of rigorous evaluation of evidence. Specific skills include: the use of research methods and critical appraisal of evidence.

Cardiff School of Medicine
M.Sc. Biomedical Sciences (Cellular Pathology)

This Biomedical Sciences (Cellular Pathology) course, delivered by Westminster, will enable you to enhance your knowledge and understanding of modern cellular pathology through a range of option modules. In addition, the core modules in cellular pathology are designed to deliver a comprehensive overview of contemporary technical practice in the context of service delivery to the pathologist for diagnostic practice, or for the scientist engaged in cell and tissue-based research.

Faculty of Science and Technology
M.Sc. Clinical Leadership

This innovative course, designed for professional healthcare workers who are keen to learn more about leadership and management techniques, links theory to practice by combining academic teaching with work-based learning.

Faculty of Health and Social Care Sciences
Master Veterinary Public Health

This is the only programme offering a Master in Veterinary Public Health in Scotland. The Veterinary Public Health programme is offered at the University of Glasgow.

School of Vetirenary Medicine
Preparation Course Care Studies

Providing a solid foundation for those with ambitions of a career in health and social care, this course covers a wide range of settings and age groups including children/young people and the elderly.

M.Sc. Health Economics

Our Health Economics programme is designed to meet the increasing demand for professionals in this field. It introduces you to the ways in which microeconomic and econometric principles and concepts can be applied to the analysis of decisions by consumers, firms and governments regarding health and health care.

MRes Health and Social Care

This Master's level programme Health and Social Care is especially designed to enable students who wish to develop research experience in the fields of health and social care. It prepares students for research careers in their areas of practice, or for registration on higher degree programmes such as PhD.

Postgrad.Cert. Spiritual and Religious Care in Health and Social Care

Current health and social care frameworks regard spiritual care as an essential component of health and wellbeing and all health and social care professionals should assess and respect the spiritual and religious beliefs of patients and their carers. But what does that mean? This certificate programme enables health and social care professionals to draw from their own professional experience and to gain knowledge and skills of the multicultural, ethical, legal and safe provision of spiritual and religious care in practice.

School of Critical Studies