Study Public Health in United Kingdom

Study Public Health in United Kingdom

Studying Public Health

Public health is an interdisciplinary study in the field of life sciences and helps ensure national health, mainly by informing the population and promoting preventive treatments as well as giving advice for healthy living. Public health graduates can work in nursing, NGOs, research, pharmaceuticals, and more.

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Studying in United Kingdom

The UK has one of the most cosmopolitan societies within Europe and you will study with people from all over the world. The variety of universities and degrees is broad and degrees will be accepted worldwide.

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335 Public Health Master's degrees in United Kingdom

Master Public Health (MPH)

Our Master of Public Health (MPH) programme, delivered 100% online, seeks to equip you with the critical thinking and decision making skills you need to advance your career in public health and become an agent of positive change. Through this interdisciplinary programme, you gain an understanding of global public health issues and explore theories and practices that will help you prepare to address the public health needs of your community and around the world.

M.Sc. Global Mental Health

This is a joint programme provided by the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine and King’s College London Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience. The Global Mental Health course provides participants with the knowledge and skills to initiate, develop and oversee mental health programmes in low-resource settings, and to conduct and critically evaluate research on global mental health.

Faculty of Epidemiology and Population Health
M.Sc. Control of Infectious Diseases

The MS in Control of Infectious Diseases from London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine is a multidisciplinary programme that bridges the fields of epidemiology, laboratory sciences and public health. It includes a strong practical component and the opportunity to undertake a research project overseas.

Faculty of Infectious and Tropical Diseases
M.Sc. Public Health

The University of East London's MSc in Public Health degree will develop your management competencies and research techniques, equipping you to develop your career as a health professional.

School of Health and Bioscience
M.Sc. Global Health

The MSc in Global Health from University of Southampton is a research-led, inter- and multi-disciplinary degree programme designed to provide comprehensive training on the principles, methods and research skills necessary to understand, interpret and solve critical global health challenges. A distinct feature of the MSc is the quantitative focus and the breadth of subject area covered in the core, compulsory and optional modules from demography, medicine, economics, geography, gerontology, statistics, health sciences, law and management.

Social Sciences
Master Public Health (MPH)

Equip yourself with the knowledge, skills and insights to shape public health and make a difference in your community wherever you are in the world. The fully online MPH provides an international and integrated approach, developing your knowledge in all the main disciplines of public health.

Master Public Health

Become a leader in public health on this dynamic Masters in Public Health (MPH) programme from City, University of London and make a positive change in the world

School of Health Sciences
M.Sc. International Health

This International Health programme at University of Leeds is an ideal introduction to international health for students with limited experience in the sector. It has a strong emphasis on research methods training - an essential grounding if you intend to work in international health policy, systems or programmes, or to study at PhD level.

Faculty of Medicine and Health
Master Public Health

The Master of Public Health programme at the University of Derby can help you to develop the skills and knowledge needed to become a public health practitioner who can lead, develop, and evaluate public health projects in a multi-disciplinary environment.

Online Learning (UDOL)
Master Public Health (International)

This Public Health (International) programme at University of Leeds deals with the management, planning and policy issues facing providers of health services in countries with developing health systems. It will help you acquire the skills necessary for building new health services and improving existing ones.

Faculty of Medicine and Health
M.Sc. Person-Centred Practice

We have recently developed our innovative Masters in Person-Centred Practice (PcP) Framework with a suite of course routes which place the values of person-centredness at their core. These routes offer practitioners the opportunity to build upon their experience and develop an understanding of the knowledge and evidence that positively contributes to the health and wellbeing of persons, groups and populations. The programme is offered by Queen Margaret University.

School of Health Sciences
M.Sc. Infection, Immunity & Human Disease

The need to develop new strategies to combat diseases remains a major global challenge. This Infection, Immunity & Human Disease degree at the University of Leeds provides advanced training in the mechanisms underpinning a spectrum of infectious and non-infectious diseases, including viral, bacterial and parasitic infections, cancer, neurodegeneration, cardiovascular disease and chromosomal abnormalities. You’ll also explore current and emerging diagnostic and treatment strategies.

Faculty of Biological Sciences
M.Sc. Applied Public Health

The MSc in Applied Public Health offered at the University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN) is an innovative course which provides a relevant and engaging learning experience for anyone whose work includes some responsibility for the determinants of health.

Master Public Health (Web-based Learning)

This Public Health (Web-based Learning) programme from The University of Manchester offers an innovative approach to learning, meeting the training needs for health professionals interested in a career in public health or those seeking new skills in this area.

Faculty of Medical and Human Sciences
M.Sc. Occupational Safety, Health and Environment

This Occupational Safety, Health and Environment programme at Manchester Metropolitan University is a comprehensive study into the current and emerging legal and compliance issues, and the scientific, health and psychosocial factors influencing 21st century Health and Safety. It introduces the student to the multitude of factors that are influential in workplace safety and health.

M.Sc. Public Health

This is a unique multi-disciplinary course in Public Health from London Metropolitan University focusing on the wider determinants of health and wellbeing - ideal for anyone interested in working to improve population health and health promotion, whether within the NHS, community organisations, government and related agencies.

Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities
M.Sc. Cancer Immunotherapy

The area of cancer immunotherapy considers how to use conventional therapies including surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. Whilst these treatment have served well and new drugs will continue to be designed, clinical trials over the last five years have shown that boosting the body’s immune system, whose main task is to deal with invading pathogens, can help our immune system to destroy tumour cells. The Cancer Immunotherapy course is offered by London Metropolitan University.

Faculty of Life Sciences and Computing
M.Sc. Clinical Ophthalmology and Vision Research

The MSc Clinical Ophthalmology and Vision Research (COVR) at Glasgow Caledonian University provides eye care professionals with an enhanced knowledge and skills in clinical decision-making as the basis for the safe and effective management of a wide range of ocular conditions.

Department of Life Sciences
M.A. Animation for Health and Wellbeing

This Animation for Health and Wellbeing programme from Loughborough University is aimed at students from a variety of disciplines eager to explore how animation can both facilitate and communicate models of health and wellbeing.

School of the Arts
M.Sc. Public Health

Providing postgraduate study opportunities for practitioners from a wide range of backgrounds, this programme builds knowledge and skills that are directly relevant to public health practice. The Public Health programme is offered at Glasgow Caledonian University.

Department of Social Sciences, Media and Journalism
Master Public Health

This programme provides a comprehensive introduction to public health for students intending to practice in public health or related fields. It offers a cutting edge knowledge and skills base for both non-medical and medically qualified students.

Faculty of Medicine
M.Sc. Person-Centred Practice (Public Health and Wellbeing)

We have recently developed our innovative Masters in Person-Centred Practice (PcP) Framework with a suite of course routes which place the values of person-centredness at their core. These routes offer practitioners the opportunity to build upon their experience and develop an understanding of the knowledge and evidence that positively contributes to the health and wellbeing of persons, groups and populations.The Person-Centred Practice (Public Health and Wellbeing) course is delivered by Queen Margaret University.

School of Health Sciences
M.Sc. Immunology and Allergy

MSc Immunology and Allergy, University of Nottingham This course has been designed to provide you with training in the theoretical and practical aspects of modern immunology, with some emphasis on allergy. It is the only course of its kind in the UK.

Molecular Medical Sciences
M.Sc. Public Health (Addictions)

Study for a Masters in Public Health (Addictions) at Liverpool John Moores University’s renowned Centre for Public Health. This innovative course examines the evidence base of harms and risks relating to addictions and how to reduce them.

Master Public Health (International Health)

Taught by internationally renowned epidemiologists and experts in tobacco control along with a range of other specialists, the Masters in Public Health (International Health) provides students with the theoretical knowledge and skills required for public health practice, including skills to manage, initiate, implement and assess changes.

Community Health Sciences
Postgrad.Cert. Advanced Musculoskeletal Assessment (Imaging)

We offer two musculoskeletal pathways which enable you, as a clinician, to assess and manage patients with a range of musculoskeletal conditions beyond your normal scope of practice. Optional modules allow you to expand your musculoskeletal practice with a focus on imaging, including ultrasonography, or a focus on patient management including injection therapy.

School of Health and Human Sciences
M.A. Care of Older People

This part-time course is aimed at those who are caring for older people in a care setting. The course will reflect local, national and international agendas and your assignment work will focus on developing your practice.

Faculty of Health & Social Sciences
M.Sc. Paediatric Infectious Diseases

The MSc in Paediatric Infectious Diseases can be taken part-time over one year as an extension to the Postgraduate Diploma in Paediatric Infectious Diseases. It is for those who wish to broaden their knowledge about paediatric infection and develop research skills in the subspecialty.

M.Sc. Health Policy

The course is aimed at those already working in the health sector, including government officials, clinicians, and employees of health insurance and consulting companies, as well as the healthcare industries. Through intensive blocks of teaching coupled with personal study, the course allows you to obtain a Master’s qualification without the need to take time out from your career.

M.Sc. Public Health (PGDip/ PGCert)

This highly successful and innovative MSc in Public Health (PGDip/ PGCert) from Oxford Brookes University welcomes UK, EU and international applicants from a wide range of professions.

Department of Psychology, Social Work and Public Health
M.Sc. Oncology

This part time, online course covers all aspects of delivering care to patients, including treatment modalities, biological, psychosocial and ethical perspectives. Developed and delivered with well-established cancer institutes and oncological and palliative care expertise, you will experience a comprehensive and intellectually stimulating experience wherever you are in the world.

Faculty of Medical Sciences
M.A. Social Care

This course gives you the opportunity to study in a high-profile and nationally recognised department and benefit from direct access to research active and internationally linked academic staff.

Faculty of Health & Social Sciences
M.Sc. Health and Public Service Management

The MSc Health and Public Service Management course has been designed for professionals working in healthcare organisations in the public, private and voluntary sectors. The University has a long tradition of providing high quality healthcare management courses and has successfully delivered similar postgraduate programmes for over 20 years.

School of Humanities and Social Sciences
Postgrad.Cert. Education for Professional Practice

This engaging and dynamic programme - validated by the Nursing and Midwifery Council - will help qualified healthcare professionals become creative, innovative and competent teachers in practice or higher education.

Health and Medical Sciences
M.Sc. Public Health

This course meets the educational and career developmental needs of health, environmental and social care professionals and managers working in settings across the spectrum: NHS, local authority and non-statutory sectors. The course is designed to give grounding in public health theory and practice, provide a mechanism for analysing and instituting change in practice, and to support public health leadership and registration.

Brighton and Sussex Medical School
M.Sc. Dementia Studies

The Dementia Studies course is aimed at all those involved in the health and care of people with dementia. This is a new and unique set of educational initiatives designed to enable people to help to improve the quality of life of people with dementia and their supporters by building the skills our skills in generating and delivering better care.

Postgrad.Cert. Health in Fragile and Conflict-Affected States

This Health in Fragile and Conflict-Affected States course, delivered by Queen Margaret Unviersity, is for people who have an interest in the complex policy and practice issues in diverse settings affected by conflict or countries emerging from conflict.

Institute for International Health & Development
Postgrad.Cert. Advanced Musculoskeletal Assessment and Practice

We offer two musculoskeletal pathways which enable you, as a clinician, to assess and manage patients with a range of musculoskeletal conditions beyond your normal scope of practice. Optional modules allow you to expand your musculoskeletal practice with a focus on imaging, including ultrasonography, or a focus on patient management including injection therapy.

School of Health and Human Sciences
M.Sc. Veterinary Epidemiology

The UK leads the way in providing this training and, in order to meet the demand for skilled professionals, the RVC has developed a unique postgraduate veterinary epidemiology course, delivered jointly with the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM).

Master Health Care Commissioning MSc

Following the passage of the Health and Social Care Act, this new MSc/Postgraduate Certificate in Healthcare Commissioning is designed specifically for clinical commissioners, all those involved in new CCGs and emerging commissioning support organisations.

School of Public Policy
Master Dental Public Health (MDPH)

This is a web-based programme hosted within the School of Dentistry at the University of Manchester. The MDPH programme provides a combination of interactive online learning and project work to help students to develop a critical evidence-based approach to planning services and improving oral health at a population level.

School of Dentistry
Preparation Course Community Health and Well Being

The Community Health and Well Being foundation degree is unique in the flexibility it offers, giving you a balance between work and family life through distance and workplace learning, with just one day a week in college.

M.Sc. Public Health (PG Dip and PG Cert)

Study for a prestigious MSc in Public Health by distance learning.This online Masters degree in Public Health provides you with the knowledge and skills to address diverse public health issues in low, middle and high income settings. The diverse curriculum allows you to opt for a broad range of knowledge or to concentrate on specialised areas.

Distance Learning Programmes
M.Sc. Remote and Global Healthcare

Our masters programme will empower you to confidently meet the challenges of working in complex and unpredictable situations; overseas, on expedition, in low resource settings or within your UK practice. Following comprehensive preparatory modules we provide you with the unique opportunity to undertake a placement in a global or remote environment as part of your immersive learning experience. Discover, discuss and debate with our expert faculty.

Master Public Health (International) MPH

This modular multidisciplinary programme in public health offers a Postgraduate Certificate, Postgraduate Diploma or a Masters of Public Health. It is an exciting and engaging programme developed in response to Public Health professionals around the world and delivered by global academic and field experts in public health and health systems. The Masters builds upon the well-established and successful Masters of Public Health through the addition of modules which contextualise and apply public health topics and skills in terms of low- and middle- income countries

School of Health & Population Sciences (HaPS)
Postgrad.Cert. Breast Imaging PgDip., MSc.

A major feature of this /PgDip/MSc Breast Imaging programme from London South Bank University is the option for you to pursue specific knowledge and skills development in your area of practice through the use of work-based learning e.g. breast ultrasound and ultrasound guided biopsy procedures.

MPH Public Health

This course has been specifically designed for students from any background. It is suited for anyone who is interested in any aspect of public health but will be particularly relevant to those considering a future career in public health, either in the UK or internationally.

Department of Medicine
M.Sc. Paediatrics and Child Health

This course aims to enhance your understanding of evidence-based child health, the scientific basis of childhood diseases and their diagnosis, and treatment of important paediatric conditions. You will develop skills in the use of computing applied to healthcare, skills in leadership and professional development, and a deeper understanding of your own approach to adult learning.

M.Sc. Public Health Nutrition

The Msc Public Health Nutrition at University of Southampton is designed to prepare you for professional practice in public health nutrition in the EU or internationally, and is accredited by The Nutrition Society. All three programmes build on a sound theoretical framework, and apply this to enable you to solve nutrition-related health problems, in whatever setting you work.

Biomedical Sciences
Master Public Health MPH, PGDip

This course is for those who wish to pursue a career in Public Health in the UK, internationally with the UK National Health Service (or its equivalent abroad), local government, the voluntary sector or academic health care. This course, together with service training, provides an appropriate preparation for the academic components of the Diploma and PART A MFPH examination of the Faculty of Public Health.

Institute of Health and Society
M.Sc. Medical and Clinical Education

Medical and Clinical Education (MaCE) was developed in response to requests from local GPs, nurses and allied health professionals. The desire of these practitioners to develop their teaching and assessing skills, and to pursue an accredited programme, reflects the increasing recognition of the value of work-based learning in professional education.

School of Health and Human Sciences
M.Sc. Cancer Imaging

Medical imaging is central to the management of cancer in the clinic, and this MSc has been designed to cover all aspects of medical imaging (from basic physics to image analysis) in a range of modalities as applied to the management of cancer patients. It also aims to give a solid grounding in current concepts of cancer biology and therapy as they apply ‘bench to bedside’.

Faculty of Health Social Sciences
M.Sc. Health Research Methods

This programme will equip you with the skills needed to understand the critical elements in planning, undertaking, and analysing research in health care. These are vital skills for anyone wanting to develop or enhance their career in health care and health-related research.

School of Medicine
M.Sc. Applied Mental Health Research

Harnessing on the interdisciplinary expertise of five Research Centres in the HSPR Department, the MSc curriculum is designed to equip students with a solid foundation of evidence-based knowledge and skills to embark on mental health research and policy evaluation. .

Taught programmes
M.Sc. Anaesthesia and Perioperative Medicine

Clinical Anaesthesia and Perioperative Medicine is a large and constantly developing area of medicine encompassing involvement in many different clinical areas. There is a particular focus within the specialty on providing safe care in a wider clinical context, in particular for patients in emergency situations and also those with multiple co-morbidities who present for treatment with increasing frequency.

M.Sc. Vulnerability

This Vulnerability course at the University of the West of Scotland focuses on the nature of vulnerability across the lifespan. It is aimed at public sector professionals including those working in health, teaching, social work and the emergency services.

School of Health, Nursing and Midwifery
M.Sc. Public Health- Health Promotion

Our course develops the theoretical knowledge and practical skills required to promote and protect public health and wellbeing. You will be equipped to fulfil a variety of roles in health promotion and public health, working in local authorities, health services or the voluntary sector.

Faculty of Health & Social Sciences
M.Sc. Health Studies (Health Professional Education: Teaching)

The course is designed for Health Professionals wishing to pursue a career in teaching within professional practice and/or education settings. This has an interdisciplinary context which provides the opportunity for you to develop your knowledge and abilities related to learning, teaching and assessment with a range of health professionals. There is also a focus on research and critical appraisal and opportunities for you to develop specialist clinical or educational skills.

M.Sc. Science Communication and Public Engagement - MSc/Dip/Cert

The fields of science communication and public engagement are currently enjoying unprecedented growth. This is being driven by a greater need to demonstrate the impact of publicly funded research, the need for science to be valued, increased government scrutiny and a desire for a stronger evidence base for policy decisions. Many career opportunities are emerging at the interface between scientific research and various public groups. This part-time online distance learning programme offers flexible study in this field.

College of Medicine & Veterinary Medicine
M.Sc. Specialist Community Public Health Nursing MSc and PGDip

This postgraduate diploma aims to develop specialist practitioners who are competent to practise and able to influence and facilitate change within the community nursing environment. It enables nurses to qualify as community specialist practitioners able to influence and facilitate change within the community environment.

College of Health and Life Sciences
M.A. Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (Distance Learning)

This programme is an advanced professional development programme involving some or all of the following: distance learning; study workshops; service placement visits; and a clinical placement (which can be in your home area). Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities can be completed mainly by distance learning. This Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (Distance Learning) programme is offered by the University of Kent.

School of Social Policy, Sociology and Social Research
M.Sc. Veterinary Epidemiology and Public Health (PG Dip and PG Cert)

This programme provides animal health specialists, epidemiologists and public health specialists with an understanding of the conceptual basis of veterinary epidemiology and public health. Students learn economic concepts in animal health and production and develop statistical skills for epidemiological investigations and disease modelling.

Distance Learning Programmes
M.Phil. Public Health, Epidemiology and Health Services Research

MPhil supervision is available in the following areas: Ageing, health and society Chronic disease epidemiology and the health of populations in transition Economics of safety, health, environment and risk Paediatric and life-course epidemiology Environmental epidemiology Public health research Public health nutrition research Health technology and human relations Social gerontology and brain ageing Effective practice and organisation of care Clinical trials Development and disability Risk communication and decision making Oral health services research

Institute of Health and Society