Study Human Medicine in United Kingdom

Study Human Medicine in United Kingdom

Studying Human Medicine

Human medicine is the study and practice of diagnosis, treatment and disease prevention of patients, with the purpose of improving their well-being. When student gain enough knowledge to put their courses into practice, they become well-trained doctors choosing from wide range of specializations.

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Studying in United Kingdom

The UK has one of the most cosmopolitan societies within Europe and you will study with people from all over the world. The variety of universities and degrees is broad and degrees will be accepted worldwide.

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278 Human Medicine Master's degrees in United Kingdom

M.Sc. Reproductive Medicine: Science and Ethics

The MSc in Reproductive Medicine: Science and Ethics from the University of Kent is for students who wish to gain an advanced education and practical training within the context of a medical issue that affects one in six couples wishing to start a family.

School of Biosciences
M.Phil. Medicine and Health Sciences

We offer research supervision across a broad range of topics. We are especially interested in applications that include proposals that will contribute to knowledge and practice within the field of Medicine and Health Sciences. This programme is offered by the University of Kent.

School of Social Policy, Sociology and Social Research
M.Sc. Medical Molecular Biology with Genetics

Students choosing to study the Medical Molecular Biology with Genetics MSc from Bangor University will enjoy a highly integrated postgraduate course, which combines modern in-depth molecular biology and genetics knowledge and theories, with extensive hands-on practical experience in their application in the medical laboratory.

School of Medical Sciences
M.Sc. Physician Associate Studies

Physician Associates will play a vital role in the future of the NHS, improving the lives of thousands of patients. Once qualified, you'll be set for a career as a versatile, dynamic healthcare professional. Working under the supervision of a doctor, you'll be in constant contact with patients, making a difference where it counts. University of East Anglia offers the MSc in Physician Associate Studies degree course.

Norwich Medical School
M.Sc. Drug Design

The Drug Design programme from the University of Kent is designed for graduates with a biological background and builds on existing core biosciences modules in the area of applied biotechnology. It gives a grounding in the early stage drug discovery process for those interested in careers in biotechnology or the pharmaceutical industry.

School of Biosciences
M.Sc. Molecular Pathology of Cancer

This MSc in Molecular Pathology of Cancer at Queen's University Belfast is an exciting, innovative blended learning programme aimed to enhance the participant’s theoretical knowledge and practical skills in MP and to empower them to pursue a career in academia, healthcare or industry.

School of Medicine, Dentistry and Biomedical Sciences
M.Sc. Clinical Anatomy

This MSc in Clinical Anatomy from Queen's University Belfast aims to provide students with a greater understanding of advanced human anatomy including appropriate radiological anatomy, microscopic anatomy and embryology.

School of Medicine, Dentistry and Biomedical Sciences
MRes Translational Medicine

This course provides advanced, hands-on training in the theoretical and practical aspects of clinical research, such as drug discovery, pharmacokinetics, role of biomarkers and surrogate endpoints, and medical statistics.

M.Sc. Simulation and Patient Safety

Do you train healthcare providers or organise systems to improve patient safety? This one year masters programme will enable you to apply innovative educational methods and processes to improve patient outcomes. Explore an in-depth range of simulation-based learning techniques and be equipped with the skills required to plan and conduct your dissertation. Be primed with the advanced knowledge and understanding to confidently lead improvements in the quality of patient safety in your workplace.

M.Sc. Molecular Medicine and Cancer Research

The MSc course in Molecular Medicine and Cancer Research, delivered by Brunel University London, aims to provide specialist theoretical and practical knowledge in molecular and cellular genetics relevant for human diseases in the context of the scientific and clinical problem of human cancer.

College of Health and Life Sciences
Postgrad.Dip. Clinical Anatomy (Blended Learning)

This Clinical Anatomy (Blended Learning) PgDip at Queen's University Belfast aims to provide students with a greater understanding of advanced human anatomy including appropriate radiological anatomy, microscopic anatomy and embryology.

M.Phil. Medical Science (Surgery)

One year of supervised laboratory-based research examined by thesis and oral. This is not a taught course. Applicants are typically science graduates and clinically qualified doctors undertaking scientific training. Research is in the areas of clinical transplantation, transplant immunology and orthopaedic research and covers basic biology through to clinical therapies. Specific research training relevant to your own project is provided in the laboratory in which you work. Further training is provided within the Addenbrooke's campus and elsewhere in the University and includes graduate workshops on research techniques, research seminars, and graduate student education seminars on generic subjects such as intellectual property rights, statistics, bioinformatics, communication skills, writing a thesis or paper, entrepreneurship, etc.

Postgrad.Cert. /PgDip/MSc Radiographic Reporting

The /PgDip/MSc Radiographic Reporting programme from London South Bank University offers a depth and scope of knowledge, which incorporates a high level of clinical skill in the practice of image evaluation and reporting of the skeletal system. The modules fully integrate theoretical knowledge with practical skill, facilitating your development as a competent and reflective practitioner.

M.Sc. Quality Management in Scientific Research and Development (PgDip/ PgCert)

Quality management in scientific R&D has become an essential tool in ensuring that modern developments are implemented within a rigorous and robust quality framework. Developed in collaboration with the Research Quality Association ( RQA ), this unique MSc Quality Management in Scientific Research and Development (PgDip/ PgCert) from Cranfield University has been devised to meet increasing demand by the healthcare industry for senior quality management professionals.

Postgrad.Cert. Applied Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry

The PG ‘Certificate in Applied LCMS’ is suited to professionals, with several years experience in analytical sciences, requiring an up-date in their skills. The unique combination of industry participation and course content provides a vocationally-relevant qualification with invaluable training and experience sought in the UK and worldwide.

Postgrad.Cert. Clinical and Educational Supervision

This innovative new course has been designed in response to the General Medical Councils (GMC 2012) policies around the selection, recognition and approval of clinical and educational supervisors in postgraduate medical education settings. It is mapped to relevant GMC Academy of Medical Educator (AoME) and Committee of Postgraduate Dental Deans and Directors (COPDEND) standards for clinical and educational supervisors. (It is anticipated that the course gain AoME recognition.)

Faculty of Health & Social Sciences
M.Sc. Cancer Biology and Therapy

MSc Cancer Biology and Therapy at University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN) provides specialist theoretical and practical knowledge of basic molecular, genetic and biological processes associated with cancer together with an emphasis on the advances in pathology, diagnosis and therapy.

M.Sc. Colonoscopy

The programme provides an MSc framework to facilitate study within colonoscopic practice. The programme will be delivered via a blended approach with the majority of the provisions being delivered online and supplemented with additional study days in which to underpin the theory delivered online. This will provide greater opportunities for students to access the programme from remote locations and avoid many of the challenges faced by the NHS in the respect of releasing individuals for study, hence increasing attractiveness of the provision.

Faculty of Health Social Sciences
M.Sc. Medicinal Chemistry

This postgraduate degree course enables you to study aspects of medicinal chemistry that explore the links between disease, mechanisms of action and the development of safe, effective commercial drugs.

M.Sc. Molecular Medicine

The aim of this programme is to expand your knowledge and students in the molecular and bioinformatics aspects of biomedicine-related sciences.

Faculty of Science and Engineering
Postgrad.Cert. Adult Intensive Care Practice

The Postgraduate Certificate in Adult Intensive Care Practice at Oxford Brookes University enables UK registered healthcare professionals to achieve professional development and gain experience in this specialist area.

Department of Applied Health and Professional Development
M.Sc. Virology

Offered by Liverpool John Moores University, this online distance learning Masters-level course in Virology is accredited by the Institute of Biomedical Science.

M.Sc. Autistic Spectrum Disorders

This Autistic Spectrum Disorders MSc at Queen's University Belfast was developed in consultation with the education, health and social care, and voluntary sectors, as well as individuals affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and is designed to facilitate the professional development of teachers and other related professionals who work, or wish to work, in this area.

School of Education
M.Sc. Nutritional Medicine

This programme is the first university-level, evidence-based Masters degree course in this subject in the UK and is therefore wholly appropriate for the in-service training of doctors), dietitians, pharmacists and health care workers in the use of nutritional methods of disease prophylaxis and management.

Health and Medical Sciences
M.Sc. Medical Science

This course is for qualified professionals working in the health arena who wish to further their study and expertise. The subject specific and specialist content enables clinicians to study a range of modules to suit their individual learning need.

M.Sc. Advanced Musculoskeletal Assessment (Imaging)

We offer two musculoskeletal pathways which enable you, as a clinician, to assess and manage patients with a range of musculoskeletal conditions beyond your normal scope of practice. Optional modules allow you to expand your musculoskeletal practice with a focus on imaging, including ultrasonography, or a focus on patient management including injection therapy.

School of Health and Human Sciences
M.Sc. Research in Psychiatry

The MSc by Research in Psychiatry offers you the opportunity to gain a wide range of transferrable research skills alongside in-depth knowledge and expertise in one of an extensive range of research fields ranging from molecular biology to brain imaging and from behavioural research to epidemiology.

M.Sc. Neurosciences

The Neuroscience MSci offers an extra year on top of the Neuroscience BSc, to extend your specialised knowledge of brain function and conduct original neuroscience research. Entry requirements for both programmes are the same and you decide in year two whether to follow the three-year BSc or the four-year MSci.

Faculty of Life Sciences
M.Sc. Medicine

This challenging, rewarding programme will develop your medical knowledge, clinical and research skills, attitudes, awareness of and enthusiasm for many fields of medicine, helping you to become a highly competent, compassionate and strongly motivated doctor. Our accelerated, graduate entry programme is the largest of its kind in the UK, providing first-class training facilities in local hospitals, and early clinical experience and one-to-one supervision in clinical placements.

M.Sc. Cognitive Neuroscience

This degree programme is unique through its dual emphasis on specialist training in the area Cognitive Neuroscience, as well as on generic, transferable research skills for career and professional development. The course is based on a core curriculum of six taught modules and a research dissertation. The taught modules provide a detailed and critical understanding of contemporary research and analysis methods used in Cognitive Neuroscience, as well as generic professional development and research-related communication skills.

Life & Health Sciences
M.Sc. Pharmaceutical Medicine with Clinical Pharmacology

Pharmaceutical companies and health-related organisations increasingly demand experienced staff with expert knowledge. Our part-time, modular Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme is designed to fit in with full-time employment to help you balance work commitments with learning.

Health and Medical Sciences
M.Sc. Medicine, Health and Public Policy

The MSc in Medicine, Health and Public Policy from King's College London addresses the nature and policy implications of key developments in the fields of health and medicine from social scientific and ethical perspectives

Faculty of Social Science & Public Policy
Postgrad.Dip. Advanced Musculoskeletal Assessment and Practice

We offer two musculoskeletal pathways which enable you, as a clinician, to assess and manage patients with a range of musculoskeletal conditions beyond your normal scope of practice. Optional modules allow you to expand your musculoskeletal practice with a focus on imaging, including ultrasonography, or a focus on patient management including injection therapy.

School of Health and Human Sciences
M.Sc. Specialist Practice

This flexible part-time Specialist Practice course is designed for all health and social care practitioners wishing to enhance and develop their skills in a specific area of their practice. The MSc Specialist Practice is offered as a full-time and part-time route but is usually studied part-time. It can be achieved over a six year period with Postgraduate Certificate and Postgraduate Diploma interim awards.

Master Medical Education MMedEd, PGDip, PGCert

Our course allows medical educators to enhance their educational practice, skills and knowledge. You will gain expertise in effective medical education in the context of your practice. You will also develop a scholarly approach through evaluating established practice and educational initiatives.

School of Medical Sciences Education Development
M.Sc. Occupational Medicine

The programme is delivered by distance learning and is designed for all doctors working in occupational medicine who intend to prepare for the Associateship examination of the Faculty of Occupational Medicine.

School of Medicine
Postgrad.Dip. Physician Associate Studies

The PG Dip in Physician Associate Studies in Swansea is one of the first courses of its kind in Wales. Developed as a collaborative venture between Swansea University Medical School and the College of Human and Health Sciences, this integrated two year course will teach students the knowledge and clinical skills they require to pass the National Certification Examination and start work as a Physician Associate.

Swansea University Medical School
Master Medicine (6-year Programme)

Our MBChB spans six years, including an academic year of full-time, research-based study in Year 3. Six-year medicine programmes are offered by a number of medical schools in England but to date, Edinburgh is the only Scottish school to do so.

College of Medicine & Veterinary Medicine
M.Sc. Translational Cardiovascular Medicine

The Translational Cardiovascular Medicine from University of Bristol aims to develop your interest in translational cardiovascular research and medicine and equip you with an enhanced knowledge, understanding and critical awareness of the current approaches and emerging research in this area.

Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry
M.Sc. Skin Ageing and Aesthetic Medicine (PGDip)

The MSc in Skin Ageing and Aesthetic Medicine is specifically designed for medically or dentistry qualified practitioners who wish to develop their theoretical and clinical skills in the field of cosmetic medicine. This course seeks to develop future leaders in aesthetic practice by offering high quality training at an internationally recognised institution.

Faculty of Medical and Human Sciences
M.Sc. Neonatal Medicine

MSc in Neonatal Medicine, Cardiff University aims to provide excellent training and education in the identification, critical appraisal and implementation of effective treatments based on a sound knowledge of basic science, pathophysiology and relevant evidence. Key experts from the field of Neonatal Medicine are involved in the delivery of the course.

Cardiff School of Medicine
Postgrad.Cert. Advanced Lymphoedema Management

This programme will provide the advancing healthcare professional wishing to study at Masters level the opportunity to learn the theory and practice of advanced skills in the management of complex lymphoedema, including the Casley-Smith technique of Manual Lymphatic Drainage.

M.Sc. Simulation and Patient Safety

Do you train healthcare providers or organise systems to improve patient safety? This three year masters programme will enable you to apply innovative educational methods and processes to improve patient outcomes. Explore an in-depth range of simulation-based learning techniques and be equipped with the skills required to plan and conduct your dissertation. Be primed with the advanced knowledge and understanding to confidently lead improvements in the quality of patient safety in your workplace.

M.Sc. PG Dip/PG Cert Genomic Medicine

As a jointly taught programme, the MSc/PG Dip/PG Cert Genomic Medicine delivered by both King’s and St George’s, University of London, students will benefit from the breadth of expertise provided by both institutions including their membership of the South London NHS Genome Medicine Centre.

M.Sc. Advanced Practice

The Advanced Practice programme offers both generic and specialist pathways, providing students with the opportunity to explore their specialist areas of practice and obtain a relevant named degree within the MSc in Advanced Practice programme.

Cardiff School of Healthcare Sciences
M.Sc. Advanced Practice in Health Care

This Masters in Advanced Practice in Health Care at the University of Glasgow is designed for the growing number of graduate nurses wishing to work in clinical leadership or extended roles in clinical practice as nurse practitioners or consultant nurses.

School of Medicine
MBA Healthcare

Healthcare Learning: Smile-on qualifications deliver a blended approach to undergraduate and postgraduate education. Bringing learners and leading experts in business and healthcare together in an online community. Developed in collaboration with internationally acclaimed academic institutions - Healthcare Learning: Smile-on provides the most comprehensive, advanced undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications in education today.

M.Sc. / Diploma Human Health and Disease

The MSc in Human Health and Disease brings together experts to deliver courses in toxicology, environmental medicine, physiology and nutrition to offer a unique curriculum related to human health and disease.

School of Life Sciences
M.Sc. Human Evolutionary Sciences

The Human Evolutionary Sciences MSci is unique to UCL, and builds upon the Human Sciences BSc. This interdisciplinary degree draws on teaching from a range of science and non-science departments, and allows students to extend their specialised knowledge of human evolution.

Faculty of Life Sciences
Master Graduate Medicine

For those who already have at least a 2:1 in an appropriate science degree, there is an option to pursue the MBBS qualification in five years through the Graduate Medicine programme. A key aim of the Imperial Graduate Medicine programme is to identify and train the academic clinicians of tomorrow and, as such, is particularly suited to those students who are interested in pursuing a career in academic medicine. Our aim is to provide a clinical research experience within the first two years, in addition to subsequent learning opportunities throughout the 5 year programme.

M.Sc. Medical Microbiology (EuroMasters)

Our two-year enhanced MSc in Medical Microbiology (EuroMasters) delivers practical training in medical microbiology and its allied fields. The programme provides more extensive research training than one-year, full-time MSc programmes. You will spend four days per week pursuing a research project in internationally recognised laboratories and receive a full taught MSc programme from leading experts in the field of medical microbiology and its associated disciplines.

Faculty of Biosciences
M.Sc. Genomic Medicine

This is new course aimed at students from a wide range of backgrounds (from basic scientists to all levels of healthcare professionals). It is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills to be able to interpret and understand genomic data that increasingly impacts on service delivery to patients and the community.

M.Sc. Chemistry with Medicinal Chemistry

The Masters in Chemistry with Medicinal Chemistry will extend your depth and breadth of knowledge in all branches of chemistry, but with some specialisation in medicinal chemistry, suitable for a professional medicinal chemist capable of conducting research.

School of Chemistry
M.Sc. Applied Medical Sciences

Applied Medical Sciences MSci, University College London (UCL). This MSci combines training in the biological sciences with particular reference to human health, so that graduates are familiar with human biology and medicine. Students have the opportunity to specialise and emerge in a strong position both to lead medical science in the future and work in sectors where knowledge of medicine is an advantage. A three-year BSc programme is also available.

M.Sc. Advanced Professional Practice in Occupational Therapy

Are you an occupational therapist wishing to develop your skills and knowledge in critical thinking? This pathway offers you the opportunity to study occupation as a focus of contemporary practice and explore cutting-edge theory and research from occupational science and occupational therapy. Learn how to search for, critique and apply research evidence to your practice, and be primed with the skills to be an evidence-based practitioner, ready to lead and to develop others in dynamic settings.

M.Sc. Health Services Research MSc, PGDip

This course is for those who wish to pursue a career in Health Services Research in the UK, internationally with the UK National Health Service (or its equivalent abroad), local government, the voluntary sector or academic health care.

Institute of Health and Society
MRes Diabetes and Obesity

The principal goal of this pathway is to provide a thorough grounding in cutting edge clinical research, with a strong focus on diabetes and obesity. The programme provides a structured approach to developing knowledge and skills which will enable students to develop their own research portfolio or assist in the management of an existing portfolio. It is ideal for those wishing to progress to a PhD studentship or a research based role within the NHS.

Postgrad.Dip. Medical Education

This flexible course is designed for those with an interest in education in the context of medicine and/or health. Current students include hospital doctors, GPs, dentists, nursing, midwifery and allied health professionals working in NHS, Deanery, Higher Education and independent sector contexts.

Faculty of Health & Social Sciences
M.Sc. Trauma Surgery

This innovative, highly practical and academically rigorous programme is aimed at those committed to a career devoted to improving trauma care.

M.Sc. History of Science, Technology and Medicine

This innovative MSc programme aims to provide a comprehensive historical introduction to nineteenth- and twentieth-century science, technology and medicine in their wider social, economic, cultural and political contexts, including science communication and the relationship between science and the public.

Faculty of Life Sciences
M.Sc. Drug Development Science

This programme is for those working in or seeking to work in the field of clinical drug development. It covers all aspects of the clinical development process through from the earliest studies to post marketing activities. It will enhance knowledge and skills in all aspects of clinical research, drug regulation and drug safety.

School of Biomedical Sciences
Postgrad.Cert. Postgraduate Certificate in Clinical Leadership

This postgraduate certificate course is targeted at doctors and other clinicians, working both in primary care and in acute services. It offers development in aspects of leadership relevant to you as a clinician working on the ward or in the clinic, so that you can play a fuller role in improving health service quality and discuss performance issues and potential innovations effectively with managerial colleagues. Studying for this postgraduate certificate will deepen your understanding of service performance and clinical team-working. This qualification requires developing detailed improvement plans for the service you are working in.

M.Sc. Clinical Embryology

This one year, residential, taught MSc aims to provide graduate students, scientists and clinicians with highly advanced theoretical and practical understanding of human reproductive biology, embryology, infertility and assisted reproductive technology (ART) along with intensive ‘hands-on’ practical training in essential laboratory skills and the sophisticated gamete micromanipulation techniques associated with ART.

M.Sc. Clinical Drug Development

Over the last thirty years healthcare research and drug development have been transformed from peripheral activities carried out on an ad hoc basis to become core activities that require trained, professional, staff.

Masters Programmes
M.Phil. Microbiology

World-class microbiological research takes place in Newcastle in medical sciences, biological sciences, and civil engineering and geosciences. We welcome MPhil, PhD and MD research proposals in all three of these fields. We are well funded and this creates a vibrant and dynamic environment for postgraduate study.

School of Biology
Postgrad.Cert. Medical Simulation

This flexible course is designed for those with an interest in the educational uses of simulation in medicine and/or health. Current students include hospital doctors, general practitioners, nurses and midwives working in NHS and Higher Education contexts.

Faculty of Health & Social Sciences