Study Human Medicine in United Kingdom

Study Human Medicine in United Kingdom

Studying Human Medicine

Human medicine is the study and practice of diagnosis, treatment and disease prevention of patients, with the purpose of improving their well-being. When student gain enough knowledge to put their courses into practice, they become well-trained doctors choosing from wide range of specializations.

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Studying in United Kingdom

The UK has one of the most cosmopolitan societies within Europe and you will study with people from all over the world. The variety of universities and degrees is broad and degrees will be accepted worldwide.

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156 Human Medicine Master's degrees in United Kingdom

Postgrad.Cert. Clinical Ophthalmic Practice

The Clinical Ophthalmic Practice at University College London (UCL) is the first blended learning postgraduate programme in the UK to be designed for nurses and allied health professionals working in ophthalmology. Developed by two global centres of expertise, Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and UCL, this collaboration ensures that students have access to experts in their fields.

M.A. History of Science, Medicine, Environment and Technology

The History of Science, Medicine, Environment and Technology programme at the University of Kent is unique in teaching the collective history of science, medicine, environment and technology. It is also unique as it offers modules that combine imperial, ethical, and military history with general areas of history of science and medicine.

School of History
M.Sc. Drug Discovery and Translational Biology

The rapid transformation in the nature of drug discovery means that knowledge of related disciplines, and the technologies used, is essential for those considering a career in commercial or academic research.The Drug Discovery and Translational Biology programme is offered at The University of Edinburgh.

College of Science & Engineering
M.Sc. Pharmaceutical Medicine

This programme is designed to meet the needs of those working (or intending to work) in the specialty of pharmaceutical medicine, or those who require a professional qualification pertinent to pharmaceutical medicine. It is suitable for those practising within the pharmaceutical industry, the related fields of commerce or licensing authorities, or the public health service.

Health and Medical Sciences
M.Sc. Reproductive and Sexual Health Research

The MS in Reproductive and Sexual Health Research offered by the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine is Europe’s only graduate course in reproductive health research and is designed for those interested in acquiring the research skills necessary to conduct policy-relevant research into sexual and reproductive health.

Faculty of Epidemiology and Population Health
M.Sc. Medical Biotechnology and Business Management

Developed out of our very successful Biotechnology, Bioprocessing & Business Management MSc, the Medical Biotechnology and Business Management course from the University of Warwick provides knowledge and understanding of the key technical, business and societal issues relevant to the operation and development of medical biotechnology industries and equips the student to make original and informed contributions to advance and develop these industries.

School of Life Sciences
M.Sc. Statistics with Applications in Medicine

An MSc is generally accepted as being highly desirable for starting and developing a career in Medical Statistics. The MSc in Statistics with Applications in Medicine is also an excellent preparation for embarking on a PhD project in Statistics or Medical Statistics.

M.Sc. Human Evolutionary Sciences

The Human Evolutionary Sciences MSci is unique to UCL, and builds upon the Human Sciences BSc. This interdisciplinary degree draws on teaching from a range of science and non-science departments, and allows students to extend their specialised knowledge of human evolution.

Faculty of Life Sciences
M.Sc. Respiratory Medicine

Diploma MSc is a collaborative partner of the University of South Wales. On successful completion of this Respiratory Medicine course, you will receive a University of South Wales Masters award.

M.Sc. Nutritional Medicine

This programme is the first university-level, evidence-based Masters degree course in this subject in the UK and is therefore wholly appropriate for the in-service training of doctors), dietitians, pharmacists and health care workers in the use of nutritional methods of disease prophylaxis and management.

Health and Medical Sciences
M.Sc. Skin Ageing and Aesthetic Medicine (PGDip)

The MSc in Skin Ageing and Aesthetic Medicine is specifically designed for medically or dentistry qualified practitioners who wish to develop their theoretical and clinical skills in the field of cosmetic medicine. This course seeks to develop future leaders in aesthetic practice by offering high quality training at an internationally recognised institution.

Faculty of Medical and Human Sciences
M.Sc. Genomic Medicine

This is new course aimed at students from a wide range of backgrounds (from basic scientists to all levels of healthcare professionals). It is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills to be able to interpret and understand genomic data that increasingly impacts on service delivery to patients and the community.

M.Sc. Molecular Medicine

The MSc in Molecular Medicine offered at the University of Leeds gives you the opportunity to develop as a scientist or scientifically-literate clinician through an advanced understanding of the molecular basis of many diseases and their treatments.

Faculty of Medicine and Health
MRes Translational Medicine and Therapeutics

<p class="">Our Translational Medicine and Therapeutics MRes is a research-based course with a taught component that is equivalent to an MSc. It provides a springboard into a career that involves a working knowledge of scientific research.</p><br>

Faculty of Medical Sciences
M.Sc. Genomic Medicine

The course is especially designed for healthcare professionals from a range of backgrounds. It follows a syllabus specified by Health Education England (HEE) for training NHS staff in Genomic Medicine, and HEE has ring-fenced funding to allow NHS staff to study for the MSc (Genomic Medicine) at accredited provider institutions, including Birmingham. Further information about HEE funding is now available. You can choose to study for the full MSc, the intermediate qualifications of PGDip or PGCert, or select individual modules as CPD.

School of Medicine
M.A. History - History of Medicine - PGDip, PGCert

Oxford Brookes University, where the / PGDip / PGCert History - History of Medicine programme is offered, is the home of the Centre for Medical Humanities, which is renowned nationally and internationally for its innovative and cutting-edge scholarship.

Department of History, Philosophy and Religion
M.Sc. Molecular Medicine and Cancer Research

The MSc course in Molecular Medicine and Cancer Research, delivered by Brunel University London, aims to provide specialist theoretical and practical knowledge in molecular and cellular genetics relevant for human diseases in the context of the scientific and clinical problem of human cancer.

College of Health and Life Sciences
Master Medicine

At Cambridge, we offer two medicine courses – the Standard Course and the Graduate Course. With both, our aim is to educate students to become compassionate, thoughtful, skilled members – and leaders – of the medical profession.

M.Sc. Pharmaceutical Medicine with Clinical Pharmacology

Pharmaceutical companies and health-related organisations increasingly demand experienced staff with expert knowledge. Our part-time, modular Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme is designed to fit in with full-time employment to help you balance work commitments with learning.

Health and Medical Sciences
Master Family Medicine

The Director General of the World Health Organisation (WHO) calls Family Medicine Doctors "our rising stars of the future", reflecting WHO’s renewed commitment to build Family Medicine as a primary speciality across all regions. Strengthening Family Medicine has been recognised as a key component of achieving Universal Health Coverage as part of the Sustainable Development Goals to which every country committed at the last United Nations General Assembly.

MRes Translational Medicine

Translational Medicine is the crucial bridge that links research knowledge generated in the biosciences to the application of new strategies that improve the delivery of 21st-century health care. Queen's University Belfast has an international reputation in this area, achieved through the recognised metrics of high-impact peer review publications, significant international research funding, the generation of exploitable, novel intellectual property and the establishment of successful spin-out companies.

School of Medicine, Dentistry and Biomedical Sciences
M.Phil. Medicine and Health Sciences

We offer research supervision across a broad range of topics. We are especially interested in applications that include proposals that will contribute to knowledge and practice within the field of Medicine and Health Sciences. This programme is offered by the University of Kent.

School of Social Policy, Sociology and Social Research
M.Sc. History of Science, Technology and Medicine

This innovative MSc programme aims to provide a comprehensive historical introduction to nineteenth- and twentieth-century science, technology and medicine in their wider social, economic, cultural and political contexts, including science communication and the relationship between science and the public.

Faculty of Life Sciences
M.A. Philosophy of Medicine and Psychiatry MA

Geared both to philosophy graduates, as a pathway into research in Philosophy of Medicine & Psychiatry, and medical (and other) graduates, to introduce them to key concepts, arguments, texts and techniques in the Philosophy of Medicine & Psychiatry.

Faculty of Arts & Humanities
MSci Medicinal Chemistry

This four-year programme offers an additional year on top of the Medicinal Chemistry BSc, in which students may undertake an advanced research project in fields such as drug design, chemical biology or organic chemistry.

Mathematical & Physical Sciences
MRes Human Nutrition

The programme provides a structured approach to developing knowledge and skills that will enable students to develop their own clinical human nutrition research portfolio or assist in the management of an existing portfolio. The course will provide greater insight into the academic; clinical and practical; and regulatory requirements of human nutrition research and will introduce the latest in cutting edge research.

Postgrad.Dip. Genomic Medicine and Healthcare

Diploma MSc is a collaborative partner of the University of South Wales. On successful completion of this Genomic Medicine and Healthcare course, you will receive a University of South Wales Postgraduate Diploma award.

M.Sc. Molecular Medicine

The course aims to provide you with specialist theoretical and practical knowledge and experience of cellular, molecular biology and genetics, and their application to the study of a variety of human diseases. The course will focus on developing research skills and is designed to enable you to develop the ability to become an independent and creative scientist.

Department of Life Sciences
M.Sc. Occupational and Environmental Medicine PhD/MSc By Research

The Institute of Occupational and Environmental Medicine is a World Health Organization Collaboration Centre in Occupational Health and has links with scientists in many countries. Research fro the Occupational and Environmental Medicine PhD/MSc By Research from University of Birmingham is divided into two overlapping and complementary areas: environment-oriented areas, which follow the tradition of preventive medicine with a focus on causal determinants; and outcome-oriented areas, which are based on clinical medicine and epidemiology.

School of Medicine
MRes Translational Medicine

This course provides advanced, hands-on training in the theoretical and practical aspects of clinical research, such as drug discovery, pharmacokinetics, role of biomarkers and surrogate endpoints, and medical statistics.

M.Sc. Reproductive Medicine: Science and Ethics

The MSc in Reproductive Medicine: Science and Ethics from the University of Kent is for students who wish to gain an advanced education and practical training within the context of a medical issue that affects one in six couples wishing to start a family.

School of Biosciences
MRes Translational Cancer Medicine

Translational Cancer Medicine enables you to gain detailed knowledge and understanding of research methods applied to rational drug design, clinical study design, molecular and cell biology, tumour immunology, genetics and cancer imaging.

School of Medicine
MRes Medicine and Life Sciences

Take advantage of one of our 100 Master’s Scholarships to study at Swansea University, the Times Good University Guide’s Welsh University of the Year 2017. Postgraduate loans are also available to English and Welsh domiciled students. For more information on fees and funding please visit our website.

Swansea University Medical School
M.Sc. Medicinal Plant Science

This Medicinal Plant Science course is designed to respond to the growing market in the use of medicinal plants and natural products, which needs professional expertise to support its quality, analysis and development.

Faculty of Science and Technology
Postgrad.Dip. Respiratory Medicine

Diploma MSc is a collaborative partner of the University of South Wales. On successful completion of this Respiratory Medicine course, you will receive a University of South Wales Postgraduate Diploma award.

Master Medicine

The Medicine MBBS programme provides an innovative and integrated curriculum to support your training and development as a medical professional.

M.Sc. Evolutionary Medicine

The programme is delivered through a mixture of interactive lectures, seminars, student-led seminars, practical sessions and workshops, in addition to one-to-one dissertation supervision. Typically, lectures deliver key information on progressively more advanced themes and topics. Seminars provide an opportunity to reflect in more depth upon material delivered in lectures and gathered from independent study outside the programme’s formal contact hours. Student-led seminars give students an opportunity to engage with academic issues at the cutting edge of research in Anthropology, in a learning environment focused on discussion and debate of current issues.

Department of Anthropology
Master Medicinal & Biological Chemistry

Medicinal and Biological Chemistry is concerned with understanding biological mechanisms and processes at the level of the atoms and molecules involved, and applying this understanding along with the tools of synthetic chemistry and genetic manipulation to design and deliver pharmaceutical interventions. Students learn how breakthroughs in understanding of the molecular basis of diseases are being combined with cross-disciplinary advances in chemistry, biology and nanotechnology to generate new generations of innovative therapeutics.

College of Medicine & Veterinary Medicine
MRes Translational Medicine

The MSc in Translational Medicine at University of Glasgow caters to the increasing need for highly skilled and specialist translators across a wide range of industries and settings. It offers ten different advanced languages, and provides an excellent platform to become a professional translator as well as the essential theoretical foundation to progress to research at doctoral level.

School of Medicine
Master Medicine

Exceptional students on the standard six-year undergraduate and the five-year graduate courses may be offered the opportunity to include a PhD programme as part of their course. This consists of three years’ research, taken either after completion of the BSc for those following the six-year programme or after the first year of the graduate entry programme.

M.Sc. Translational Cardiovascular Medicine

The Translational Cardiovascular Medicine from University of Bristol aims to develop your interest in translational cardiovascular research and medicine and equip you with an enhanced knowledge, understanding and critical awareness of the current approaches and emerging research in this area.

Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry
M.Sc. Human Health and Disease - Diploma

The MSc in Human Health and Disease brings together experts to deliver courses in toxicology, environmental medicine, physiology and nutrition to offer a unique curriculum related to human health and disease.

School of Life Sciences
M.Sc. PG Dip/PG Cert Genomic Medicine

As a jointly taught programme, the MSc/PG Dip/PG Cert Genomic Medicine delivered by both King’s and St George’s, University of London, students will benefit from the breadth of expertise provided by both institutions including their membership of the South London NHS Genome Medicine Centre.

M.Sc. Chemistry with Medicinal Chemistry

The Masters in Chemistry with Medicinal Chemistry will extend your depth and breadth of knowledge in all branches of chemistry, but with some specialisation in medicinal chemistry, suitable for a professional medicinal chemist capable of conducting research.

School of Chemistry
Master Medicine (MD)

MD study at The University of Manchester is a challenging yet rewarding experience. You will have access to first-class facilities and work within a vibrant research community across the University and partner NHS Trust sites.

School of Medicine
M.Sc. Molecular Medicine

The aim of this programme is to expand your knowledge and students in the molecular and bioinformatics aspects of biomedicine-related sciences.

Faculty of Science and Engineering
M.Sc. Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative Medicine includes a range of pharmaceutical related approaches, where small molecules and biologicals are used to stimulate the body’s innate repair systems, as well as the use of cell based therapies, and bioactive scaffolds.

Master Programmes
M.Sc. Skin Science and Regenerative Medicine

The Skin Science and Regenerative Medicine research-led Master's course from University of Bradford is designed to enable you to understand the biology behind, and applications of, a cutting edge area of the biosciences - regenerative medicine - using the skin as a main focus.

Faculty of Life Sciences
M.Sc. Medicine

This challenging, rewarding programme will develop your medical knowledge, clinical and research skills, attitudes, awareness of and enthusiasm for many fields of medicine, helping you to become a highly competent, compassionate and strongly motivated doctor. Our accelerated, graduate entry programme is the largest of its kind in the UK, providing first-class training facilities in local hospitals, and early clinical experience and one-to-one supervision in clinical placements.

M.Sc. Drug Development Science

This programme is for those working in or seeking to work in the field of clinical drug development. It covers all aspects of the clinical development process through from the earliest studies to post marketing activities. It will enhance knowledge and skills in all aspects of clinical research, drug regulation and drug safety.

School of Biomedical Sciences
MSc/PgDip Neonatal Medicine

<p class="">This programme provides a highly marketable academic qualification for hospital practitioners and trainees, nursing, paramedical and other professionals who are involved in the multidisciplinary care of neonates and very young children.</p><p>The programme provides training and education in the identification, critical appraisal and implementation of more effective treatments based on a sound knowledge of relevant research evidence, clinical practice, anatomy and pathophysiology.</p>

Cardiff School of Medicine
M.Sc. International Health and Tropical Medicine

The MSc in International Health and Tropical Medicine is a full-time one-year multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary programme examining major challenges to the health of populations in resource-limited contexts. The course is embedded within the Oxford Centre for Tropical Medicine and Global Health, Nuffield Department of Medicine.

M.Sc. Palliative Medicine

The Academic Unit of Palliative Medicine within the Division of Oncology runs this modular MSc in Palliative Medicine. The aim of the programme is to enable you to pursue in-depth study of aspects of palliative medicine, to analyse critically the evidence base of current practice as it applies to your work environment, and to acquire the skills to enhance your teaching and pursue clinical research in palliative care.

Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry
Master Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine

The Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine, Singapore’s newest medical school, offers a five-year undergraduate programme leading to a medical degree (MBBS) awarded jointly by Imperial and Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU).

Master Genomic Medicine MSc

You will learn how recent technological advances have transformed how genetic data is generated, analysed and presented and its relevance to a range of clinical scenarios. Genomic medicine promises t be the future of medicine - individualised healthcare on a genetic level.

MMed Medicine

<p>The MMed enables experienced, qualified doctors to develop an evidence- based approach to health care practice and to obtain a postgraduate qualification whilst enhancing clinical expertise in a specific discipline of medicine.</p>

M.Sc. Geriatric Medicine

This comprehensive course is offered in collaboration with the North Western Postgraduate Medical Deanery and will ensure that the theory underpinning knowledge is delivered alongside and applied to the clinical situation.

School of Health Care Professions
M.Sc. Medicinal Chemistry

This MSc course will train a new generation of biologically and pharmaceutically-aware graduates who can design and synthesize molecules that have therapeutic actions within the body. Their mission is to invent more selective and safer drugs to fight and cure disease.

M.Sc. Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine

This unique specialist course gives you practical experience in human embryonic stem cell techniques, helping you develop the professional skills employers want. You'll also spend time in seminars considering the ethical and legal issues associated with the field.

Department of Medicine
M.A. History of Medicine

The History of Medicine MA will take you from classical antiquity to the 21st century, covering classical antiquity, medieval, early modern and modern periods.

School of History, Classics and Archaeology
M.Phil. History of Medicine

History of Medicine was established on 1 December 2000, the 175th anniversary of the foundation of the Medical School, to support and promote teaching and research in the History of Medicine and help develop the reputation in this field in one of the UK’s major research universities.

School of Medicine
M.Sc. Evidence-based Medicine

This course gives you the opportunity to study the central aspects of evidence-based medicine and to focus these on your specific area of clinical practice.

School of Health & Social Care
Master ChB Medicine

Our MB ChB programme is designed to help you develop the knowledge, skills, attitudes and attributes necessary to become a highly professional, safe and competent medical practitioner.

School of Medicine
M.Phil. Medicine and Surgery

The aim of our research into human health and disease is to apply our findings to improve patient care. We invite applications for MPhil, PhD and MD projects in all of our clinical research areas. You will work with a team of academic and clinical supervisors whose research interests match your own.

Faculty of Medical Sciences