Study Public Administration in United Kingdom

Study Public Administration in United Kingdom

Studying Public Administration

Public administration deals with nearly every aspect of public service at the federal, state and local levels and aims to offer insights on how government decisions are made and how administrating government projects carry out those decisions. Public administration prepares students for a career as civil servant and cover various sub-fields that include statistics, budgeting.

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Studying in United Kingdom

The UK has one of the most cosmopolitan societies within Europe and you will study with people from all over the world. The variety of universities and degrees is broad and degrees will be accepted worldwide.

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42 Public Administration Master's degrees in United Kingdom

Master Public Administration (MPA)

Today’s public administrators face challenge and change as never before. From migration and technology to globalisation, a range of issues are transforming the field of public administration. In the public, private and voluntary sectors, professionals who understand the complexities of modern government are in demand.

Master Public Administration

Expand your experience, advance your skillset and become a leader and a pioneer of public service at home or abroad. The Online Masters of Public Administration (MPA) is designed to offer busy public sector professionals the opportunity to progress their careers at national and international levels.

M.Sc. Health Economics

Health economics is central to today’s healthcare sector. Trained and skilled health economists are in demand as the requirement for more advanced and expensive healthcare puts pressure on policy decisions. The programme is delivered by University of Leeds.

Faculty of Medicine and Health
MPA Science, Engineering and Public Policy

The flexible and globally unique flagship Science, Engineering and Public Policy MPA degree from University College London (UCL) provides the tools, knowledge and practical skills to lead change and navigate decision making at the intersection of science, engineering and public policy.

Engineering Sciences
MPA Development, Technology and Innovation Policy

This Development, Technology and Innovation Policy MPA from University College London (UCL) is designed to train the next generation of policy leaders in how to use science, technology and engineering to address development needs. Students learn how to build innovation systems and engage in policy experimentation.

Engineering Sciences
M.Sc. Leadership and Management in Public Services

On this two year, part-time Leadership and Management in Public Services course at The University of Hertfordshire we develop capable and resourceful public service managers with the skills to make evidence based decisions, take the lead on initiatives, collaborate with external agencies and solve complex problems within and across organisational boundaries

Business School
MPA Energy, Technology and Climate Policy

This Energy, Technology and Climate Policy MPA from University College London (UCL) is designed for professionals in the public, private and third sectors tasked with balancing the reduction in massive, energy-related carbon emissions and the affordability and accessibility of energy.

Engineering Sciences
MPA Urban Innovation and Policy

This Urban Innovation and Policy MPA is designed for professionals in the public, private and third sectors seeking to catalyse action in urban development and learn the art of city leadership. Students undertake a major live project associated with a global city network and have the opportunity to engage with leading scholars and practitioners across University College London (UCL).

Engineering Sciences
Master Public Administration

This interdisciplinary Public Administration programme at the University of Leeds unites the expertise of three schools - the School of Sociology and Social Policy, the Business School and the School of Politics and International Studies, allowing you to study a broad range of modules which will enhance your knowledge of economics and management and policy analysis and give you a greater understanding of global and local challenges.

Faculty of Education, Social Sciences and Law
M.A. Public Administration

The Masters in Public Administration from London Metropolitan University is a well established and prestigious programme aimed at students who aspire to access to or progress within a public service or a voluntary sector career. Taught in the very heart of London, and benefiting from a work placement with an organisation from our wide network of public and voluntary sector employers, this programme offers an intensive year of professional and academic development at the highest standards.

Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities
Preparation Course Public Service

From the Prison Service to the Armed Forces, through work placements and disaster planning, we’ll give you first-hand experience of the public services that will help you move ahead in your chosen career.

Faculty of Arts, Law & Social Sciences
Master MPA Public Administration

If you want to enter or enhance a career in central, regional or local government, or in organisations in partnerships with governments, this course has been designed to meet your needs. It brings together people from a wide range of organisations to create an inter-cultural, inter-professional and inter-organisational educational environment. While we prefer applicants to have experience of a public sector managerial role, exceptions may be made for a good relevant degree.

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
M.Sc. Public Policy and Administration

By taking appropriate combinations of courses students can obtain the MSc with a specialised stream in Comparative Public Policy and Administration, or Public Choice and Public Policy, or Public Management and Administration. Students can choose ONE specialisation to be noted on their degree certificates.

Department of Government
Master Public Administration

The Master in Public Administration (MPA) at London South Bank University has been selected by Procurement Services as part of the Government Skills Framework and ranked number one. We are the only London-based University to be approved to deliver both the MPA and MBA awards to government staff.

MBA Public Service Management MBA

The Public Service Management MBA will enhance your professional and personal skills, challenge you and your organisation, and aid your career progression into senior managerial positions.

Brighton Business School
M.Sc. LSE – PKU Double Degree in Public Administration and Government

Organised jointly by LSE and Peking University, this double MSc degree offers an outstanding opportunity for graduate students and young professionals. The first year is spent at the School of Government at Peking University, with a focus on public policy and administration in China and the Asia Pacific region. The second year is spent at LSE, studying public policy and administration.

Department of Government
Master Master of Public Administration

The Master of Public Administration (MPA) at Queen Margaret University is an internationally recognised professional postgraduate degree, which is a public sector equivalent to the Master of Business Administration (MBA).

School of Business, Enterprise and Management
Master Public Administration

The Queen Mary Master of Public Administration (MPA) reflects our understanding of the vital importance of public sector management and our special expertise in providing management education to governments and the public services.

Business Management
MBA Masters in Public Administration

The Masters in Public Administration programme at University of Brighton offers a contemporary and critical focus on major public policy and management issues in the post-financial crisis era.

Faculty of Health and Social Science

Formally launched in 2011, the Institute of Public Affairs at LSE is an outward-facing global centre for public policy training and analysis. Drawing on LSE faculty from six of the School’s prestigious academic departments, the Institute harnesses the research and teaching expertise of this interdisciplinary group to deliver its two-year Master of Public Administration degree.

Department of Government
Master Public Administration (MPA)

The Master of Public Administration (MPA) offered by The University of Exeter s designed to help you meet the challenge of shaping and delivering effective public services. The Exeter MPA takes an international perspective to equip you with the skills and understanding you need to operate effectively in an increasingly global and constantly changing environment.

College of Social Sciences and International Studies
Postgrad.Cert. Public Management in the Information Age

This Postgraduate Certificate programme deals with public services in the 'information age' by looking at the impact of new information and communication technologies on public service delivery and democratic accountability. It aims to provide students with a conceptual framework for understanding the relationship between ICTs, public service organisations and the management of change.

M.Sc. Public Management MSc/PGDip/PGCert

This programme, which aims to build knowledge, skills and confidence for careers in the public service, is an updated version of our market-leading MSc in Public Service Management. It is aimed at both experienced practitioners from the public and voluntary sectors and those wishing to embark on a career in public service.

Institute of Local Government Studies (INLOGOV)
Postgrad.Dip. Public Management

Public sector organisations meed good managers. The Postgraduate Diploma in Public Management is a preparation for managing and advising public sector organisations. There is an emphasis on managing people, managing change, and designing and using information systems.

Distance Learning Programmes
M.A. Archive Administration

By studying archive administration at postgraduate level, you will learn professional principles and techniques and acquire the core skills which will enable you to play a part in the preservation, management and exploitation of an invaluable informational and historical resource.

Department of Information Studies
M.Sc. Policy Analysis and Global Governance

Underpinned by high-quality training in social science research methodologies and work-related learning, this new programme provides you with in-depth knowledge and expertise in public policy analysis within an international and comparative context. The Policy Analysis and Global Governance programme is offered at the University of the West of Scotland.

School of Media Culture and Society
M.A. Public Policy and Public Management

In a world which - it is often argued - is becoming more globalised, we need more than ever a critical understanding of how and why public institutions’ decisions are made, and what happens as a result. This MA in Public Policy and Public Management at University of East Anglia develops an advanced understanding of public policy and public management and their many facets, at national and international levels.

M.Sc. Public Financial Management

This Public Financial Management MSc provides students with a conceptual understanding of the core principles of public financial management, and with the development of capabilities and skills to apply theoretical and domain knowledge to problems encountered in the financial management of public sector organisations.

Faculty of Law and Social Sciences
MBA MPA - Online Masters in Public Admin at the University of Birmingham

Earn your Masters in Public Administration (MPA) and make a lasting impact on society with a practical understanding of public leadership and a global perspective. Further your career with theory and applicable strategies gained through the University of Birmingham’s advanced online platform. It is a modern solution for today's globally minded postgraduate, offering informed insights and flexibility to meet the demands of your schedule. Our online MPA course is taught through the Institute of Local Government Studies (INLOGOV) and led by course director Catherine Staite, recently ranked the 45th most influential person in local government by the Local Government Chronicle. INLOGOV sets the standard for progressive thinking in the public sector, and helps give students access to an international network of industry leaders and experts.

Institute of Local Government Studies (INLOGOV)
M.Sc. Policing

The MSc in Policing at Canterbury Christ Church University is open to police officers and police support staff from the UK, the Netherlands and other (European) countries as well as to members of related public administration institutes and private security agencies.

Master Public Administration

The Master in Public Administration (MPA) at LSBU has been selected by Procurement Services as part of the Government Skills Framework and ranked number one. We are the only London-based University to be approved to deliver both the MPA and MBA awards to government staff.

Business, Computing & Information Management
Postgrad.Dip. Public Administration

PGDip Public Administration, University of Nottingham. The Postgraduate Diploma in Public Administration is an internationally recognised qualification providing the competencies and knowledge necessary for public service managers to manage creatively in challenging policy environments.

Sociology and Social Policy
Master Public Administration MPA

Master of Public Administration (MPA) offers an integrated approach to the study of public policy and management. It focuses on the requirements of those in management or policy roles within local, national and international public service organisations.

Aberdeen Business School
M.A. Public Administration (MPA) (by Online Distance Learning)

The York MPA is a globally recognised qualification that marks you out as an experienced manager who can apply a unique blend of academic, practical knowledge and understanding to the complex demands of public service delivery. The MPA is underpinned by the premise that to deliver outstanding service in a rapidly changing context, managers need to have an understanding of the ethos and context of public services, a thorough understanding of public service delivery and implementation and an applied understanding of strategic public management and leadership. You will be offered a choice of modules to complement a mandatory core suite to ensure that your degree is appropriate for your needs.

M.A. Public Administration - International Development (MPA, By Online Learning)

The MPA International Development will enhance your capacity to influence and lead the development agenda, whether this is at a national, regional or international level. You will develop your capacity for critical analysis of the complex problems that you tackle in your work, while enhancing your skill set as a manager or leader in your field. You will enhance your capacity to analyse and influence policy processes that span multiple levels of governance. You will learn to manage and lead, projects and organisations, in contexts characterised by complexity and uncertainty. There will be a choice of modules to complement a mandatory core suite, this will ensure that your degree is appropriate for your needs.

MPA Public Administration

Explore and engage with the services that the international public depends on. This is a unique opportunity to study for a professional qualification designed to enrich your knowledge of international service delivery in government and non-profit organisations.

Postgrad.Cert. Delivery and Change for Public Services

This Postgraduate Certificate programme is aimed at those who have practical experience of managing the delivery of public services, be that within the mainstream public, non-governmental or the private sectors. You will be seeking a deeper understanding of how organisations identify, investigate and manage change, how they make those key decisions that enable effective change, and how organisations learn, adapt and develop their internal capacity in order to deliver efficient and effective services in an increasingly competitive world.

M.A. Social and Public Policy (online)

Join our global learning community from the University of York, UK. Take a flexible two year, part-time programme, supported and guided by academics from one of the UK’s best universities while continuing your employment. For professionals working in the field of social and public policy who wish to: * enhance their career prospects * gain a deeper understanding of the policy process * experience policy research