Study Music in United Kingdom

Study Music in United Kingdom

Studying Music

Music studies the art of combining sounds that express ideas and emotions through the elements of rhythm, melody, harmony, sounds that are reproduced by the human voice or various music instruments. As a performing art, a music degree prepares students to be professional musicians or for a career in teaching.

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Studying in United Kingdom

The UK has one of the most cosmopolitan societies within Europe and you will study with people from all over the world. The variety of universities and degrees is broad and degrees will be accepted worldwide.

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140 Music Master's degrees in United Kingdom

MMus Musical Instrument Research - MMus

The Musical Instrument Research - MMus programme at The University of Edinburgh develops skills in the critical study of musical instruments, and familiarises students with the examination of historic instruments, and with the evaluation of documentary information sources and iconography.

Reid School of Music
Master of Music Music (Performance, Composition, Musicology)

Students in the Music (Performance, Composition, Musicology) MMus programme from University of Southampton benefit from intensive one-to-one instruction with world-leading experts in music history, cultural studies of music, performance studies and analysis; internationally noted performers with active solo and ensemble careers; and prominent composers of contemporary art music, electronic music, media music (including film, television and video game music) and jazz.

Master Performance, MMus

This Master Performance, MMus degree programme from SOAS University of London is designed for students who wish to specialise in performance while studying for an academic degree. Students have the unique opportunity to develop performance in specific Asian and African music traditions to professional standard.

Faculty of Arts and Humanities
M.Sc. Composition for Screen

The Composition for Screen at The University of Edinburgh is a one-year, research and compositional performance-based MSc with a focus on practices for composing music and sound for the screen.

Reid School of Music
M.Sc. Sound Design

The Sound Design programme at The University of Edinburgh is targeted at individuals interested in exploring the domain of sound in the wider context of new media theory and technology. It is strongly interdisciplinary and course content ranges from the study of film sound to interactive audio design, sound installation and web design.

Reid School of Music
M.A. Music

This degree course is for those who want to develop their research and analytical skills and upgrade their qualifications. It will suit anyone with appropriate entry qualifications who has a passion for music and is looking for an intellectual challenge.

M.A. Music Part 1

This module is the first part of the MA in Music, which is taught and assessed entirely online. It introduces a wide range of music research skills in the context of the ‘digital humanities’ (the use of computers and the internet for research and study). Several topics and themes are included in the programme that will help you think in new ways about written documents about music; musical criticism; musical performances; and ethnographical approaches to music. Music databases contained in the Open University’s online library (one of the largest in the world) are central to this module. This module has a wide cultural and thematic breadth: all students engage with a range of western, non-western and popular music. The module is accessible and relevant to those who have a vocational or leisure interest in music.

M.Litt. Popular Music

The Popular Music programme at University of Glasgow gives students the unique opportunity to develop critical understandings of the music industries and popular music, as well as gaining practical experience in a music industries-related organisation.

School of Culture and Creative Arts
M.Phil. Music (MPhil)

Goldsmiths’ Department of Music has a lively and varied research base, large postgraduate community, active performing tradition, and offers proximity to London’s resources. Staff research interests are correspondingly diverse and wide-ranging, and we offer research supervision in any of these areas of specialism.

Department of Music
M.A. Music

This programme of Music MA pathways gives you the chance to engage with a wide range of musical repertoires including Western art and popular musics, world musics, contemporary music and electronic music.

School of Arts and Social Sciences
M.A. Contemporary Arts and Music (PGDip)

The MA in Contemporary Arts and Music (PGDip) from Oxford Brookes University offers a comprehensive introduction to creative strategies and practice-based research methodologies for developing innovative contemporary arts and music and enabling an in depth development of your concerns and interests. It provides an excellent basis for both doctoral research and ongoing independent practice.

School of Arts
M.A. Music: Open Pathway without Performance

The MA Music: Open Pathway without Performance from the University of Birmingham offers you the opportunity to chart your own route within this exciting world. In consultation with the programme convenor you will design a unique course of study, drawing upon our extensive offerings in Musicology, Composition, and Performance.

Department of Music
Postgrad.Dip. Graduate Diploma in Music

This Diploma is a Pre-Masters programme aimed at postgraduate students who need a year to develop or consolidate their language skills in academic English, to develop additional music skills (theoretical or practical).

Department of Music
M.A. Music: Mixed Composition pathway

Music as a creative art form in the 21st century can combine both tradition and innovation, bringing together instruments and the latest in high technology. As a composer today all of these resources are available to you, and the Music: Mixed Composition pathway from the University of Birmingham aims to foster your skills as you navigate this exciting new world.

Department of Music
M.A. Music Production

This course offers you practical and theoretical experience in the creative and innovative applications of music technology in a studio environment. You will work alongside experienced industry professionals, exploring the technical and creative skills of recording, arranging, mixing and mastering to develop a wide range of commercial and non-commercial musical scores.

Faculty of Arts, Environment & Technology
M.A. Music Therapy

The course aims to equip musicians with the clinical, theoretical and practical skills required to enter the music therapy profession. Graduates will be able to work within the NHS, education, social services, for the voluntary sector, charities, within prisons or set up their own practice.

M.A. MA Musical Theatre

This Musical Theatre course from Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama has been specifically designed to meet industry demands for musical theatre practitioners who are strong in the interdependent disciplines of acting, singing and dancing.

Master Composition (Electronic Music)

The course is aimed equally at composers of electronic music in the traditional sense, and contemporary artists who may combine the role of composer with producer, engineer, musician and DJ. London College of Music (LCM) at the University of West London is at the forefront of the academic study of music technology in general - and popular electronic music composition in particular.

London College of Music
Master Production of Popular Music

This course will enable you to study popular music from a practical perspective with an emphasis on music production and songwriting. For your final major project you will focus on composition and production within the popular music genre, producing an extended professional-quality album of your popular music compositions/covers.

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
Master Music (MA/PgDip)

This MA is an opportunity to challenge yourself academically and musically, while developing a specialism in a research-led university environment. We place an emphasis on flexibility and student choice and have designed a programme that allows you to personalise your course of study.

Cardiff School of Music
Postgrad.Cert. Secondary Education Music

The Middlesex PGCE Secondary Music course is one year full-time. It equips you to inspire pupils through the use of engaging interactive workshops, lectures and structured debates. You receive personal attention through regular tutor visits to school placements and individual tutorials. Schools are carefully selected to suit individuals and expose them to imaginative and thought provoking teaching and learning strategies.

School of Health and Education
M.A. Sound Design

Explore the creative and technical aspects of location sound, studio sound production and sound design.

Faculty of Arts, Environment & Technology
M.Phil. Music Studies

The MPhil in Music Studies is an integrated programme with tracks in Musicology, Theory, analysis and criticism, Ethnomusicology, Jazz, popular and media music; Performance Studies, Music and science and Composition. Teaching is through supervisions and seminars, and assessment is by coursework and a final thesis.

M.A. 20th - and 21st - Century Music - PGDip, PGCert

The 20th- and 21st-Century Music MA (Standard Track) allows students to specialise in music after 1900. Typically students this area will be approached through a combination of different angles, such as historical musicology, analysis, performance and composition.

School of Music
Master Composition

The MusM in Composition offers intensive training for composers and provides excellent preparation for doctoral work or a career in the professional world. With a strong focus on practical music making and supported by an outstanding programme of workshops and performances by professional musicians, it offers an invaluable opportunity for composers to hone their skills and develop their personal voice.

School of Arts, Histories and Cultures
Master Music Performance

This course aims to create informed, skilled and insightful performers across a wide range of musical genres. It is ideal if you aspire to become a professional performer or are an instrumental teacher and would like to further develop your knowledge of music performance. You will receive individual tuition on your instrument or voice from a top professional performer.

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
M.A. Critical and Applied Musicology

The Critical and Applied Musicology programme at the University of Leeds allows you to study the critical theories and perspectives that have influenced the way we study music – how it is composed and performed as well as the role it plays in different communities.

Faculty of Performance, Visual Arts and Communications
M.Sc. Acoustical Engineering

There is increasing pressure to make life quieter and to gain a better understanding of how noise and vibration affect people. The MSc in Sound and Vibration is a full-time master's degree that offers an academically challenging exposure to modern developments in sound, vibration and signal processing.

Sound and Vibration
M.A. Music Therapy

Become a qualified music therapist to facilitate people’s move towards well-being through specific therapeutic aims using a primarily non-verbal relationship in music. Music Therapy as practised in Great Britain is largely based on improvisation, the music being the shared, and the spontaneous creation of client and therapist.

Master Historically Informed Performance Practice

This Historically Informed Performance Practice Masters at University of Glasgow will provide you with opportunities to develop insight and experience in historical performance practice of music. The MMus, taught jointly with the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (formerly RSAMD), combines vocal or instrumental study with performance-related academic research and an element of apprenticeship with professional ensembles.

School of Culture and Creative Arts
M.A. World Music Studies

World Music Studies is intended for musicians, educators and enthusiasts who would like to know more about the music of the world and the academic discipline that studies it, ethnomusicology.

Department of Arts & Humanities
M.A. Psychology for Musicans (Distance Learning)

Psychology for Musicians welcomed its first students in August 1997, and has since expanded in numbers and geographical distance, drawing students from Canada, Greece, Iceland, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong, as well as the UK. The course focuses on the application of psychological research to musical experiences and professions, and aims to attract graduate musicians who work in the fields of music therapy, performance, or teaching.

Department of Arts & Humanities
M.Eng. Acoustical Engineering - BEng

Southampton’s BEng/MEng Acoustical Engineering degree combines a thorough grounding in the skills all engineers need with concentrated specialisation acoustics, vibration and their human effects.

Sound and Vibration
Master Musical Theatre

The MMus offers an intensive, exciting and innovative curriculum preparing recent graduates and more experienced professionals for the world of performance work and related areas of the industry. 

London College of Music
M.A. Music Education

This course is designed to enhance the knowledge, skills and understanding of both current and prospective music educators. It provides a unique opportunity for students from all over the world to investigate the UK system of music education, consider major issues in international music education research and undertake a comparative study of music education practices across different cultures.

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
M.A. Applied Psychology of Music

If you have a background in music or psychology, the Applied Psychology of Music programme from the University of Leeds will allow you to study existing research and theories in the psychology of music while continuing to follow your own musical interests.

Faculty of Performance, Visual Arts and Communications
M.A. Music

This flexible Music programme from University of Bristol has pathways in Composition, Medieval Music, Musicology, Music Theory, Performance, Practical Performance, and Russian Music.

Faculty of Arts
M.Sc. Audio Engineering

From the science and maths that goes into ensuring thousands of fans enjoy the same experience at a gig, to public speeches and designing studios - audio engineering plays a major role in the delivery of music and sound. Our course is unique in that it combines the study of acoustics, audio system design and software engineering. In fact, you'll develop an understanding of everything in which audio plays a part and the science behind it.

Faculty of Arts, Environment & Technology
Master MMus (Pathways: Musicology, Composition, Performance)

The MMus (Pathways: Musicology, Composition, Performance) course from The University of Hull is aimed at those who have a particular interest in pursuing their study of music to a higher level and equips students with a wide range of transferable skills. Obtaining the MMus opens up career possibilities in music and in many other fields where skills in critical enquiry and a demonstration of advanced aptitude are essential.

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
M.Sc. Advanced Music Technology

The University of West London MA Advanced Music Technology course aims to provide students with a higher level of understanding of the practical techniques and theory that underpin traditional and contemporary audio technology.

London College of Music
M.Sc. Music Engineering and Production

At the nexus of creativity, technology and business, this postgraduate degree is designed for graduates who want to further develop their music engineering and production skills, to establish a career as a professional producer in the music industry or related fields.

Cardiff School of Creative & Cultural Industries
M.A. Cultural Diplomacy and International Music

The MA Cultural Diplomacy and International Music from University of the West of Scotland is delivered jointly by University of the West of Scotland in Paisley and the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy in Berlin. Students will attend the Paisley campus in trimester one before studying in Berlin in trimester two.

School of Media Culture and Society
Master Music (MMus)

The MMus can help prepare you for a variety of careers including performance, composition, teaching, arts administration and music journalism. The programme also provides ideal preparation for future research work at PhD level.

Department of Arts
M.Sc. Audio Production

On this course, you’ll gain practical, theoretical and creative experience of sound engineering, music production and audio technology.

School of Computing, Science & Engineering
M.A. Musical Theatre

The MA Acting is specifically designed for those who already have an undergraduate degree or have worked professionally in the performance industry for a minimum of five years.

Department of Arts
M.A. Creative Music Technology

The MA in Creative Music Technology enables you to work at the frontiers of the creative application of technology in composition, music production, sound design, screen music, audio-visuals and music software.

M.A. Popular Music

This programme will be of interest to those concerned with the exploration of all aspects of performance, songwriting and composition or popular music studies. It is designed to develop performers', composers' and musicologists' practical and creative skills, as well as their theoretical understnding, to an advanced level.

Department of Performing Arts
Master Music, MMus, PGDip

The programme will enable you to specialise in either creative practice or musicology, or to combine the two. The creative practice pathway covers composition and composition-related practices or performance and performance-related practices. The musicology pathway covers popular music studies, music history, ethnomusicology, and cultural and theoretical musicology analysis.

School of Arts and Cultures
Postgrad.Cert. PGCE Music (11-18)

The PGCE Music (11-18) course offered at Canterbury Christ Church University prepares students to teach this challenging and fulfilling subject in a way which reflects the essence of music itself, i.e. a unique practical and creative discipline in which we can understand and express our ideas.

Master Music

Specialise in either Composition or Musicology and Ethnomusicology by selecting from a wide range of modules inside and outside the department. Ideal as a foundation for further research or composition at doctoral level or to build on existing skills.

Taught programmes
M.A. Music and Sonic Media

This course develops your creative abilities in composition and sound through practical and theoretical work. The MA reflects current developments both within and beyond the concert hall, including music for film, media and interactive arts. Theory and practice in the field of popular music production is also explored, focusing on historical contexts and the development of advanced technical skills.

School of Media, Film and Music
M.Sc. Applied Acoustics

Southampton Solent University’s Applied Acoustics masters programme can provide you with the skills and knowledge required to work in a range of acoustics fields. Suitable graduate destinations include consultancy, engineering, environmental health, built environment work or further study at PhD level.

M.A. Composition

The core of the programme comprises a research methods course designed to prepare students fully for academic research in musicology; a compositional techniques course facilitating the development of advanced techniques; and a triple-weighted composition portfolio. The final 30 points can be taken from another Master’s module or two undergraduate modules offered by Music or another department.

Department of Music
M.Sc. Audio and Music Technology

The MSc in Audio and Music Technology is a one-year full-time taught programme for graduates who wish to enhance their skills to go on to a career or further research in the varied fields of audio processing, room acoustics, interactive music and audio applications, voice analysis and synthesis, audio programming and other music technology related areas. The programme draws on the knowledge and expertise of our Audio Lab.

M.A. Music

MA Music, University of Nottingham Our masters course has recently been enhanced to create one of the most flexible, contemporary and distinctive courses in the UK.

M.A. Music

Our MA in Music taught masters courses gives you time, facilities and authoritative guidance from academics and professional musicians to concentrate on your own musical interests.

Postgrad.Cert. Advanced Musical Studies

Advanced Musical Studies PG Cert, King's College London Advanced Musical Studies allows students to meet individual goals to pursue a particular interest in musicology or composition. Ideal as a step into further research or to develop skills in the media, arts and other related bodies.

Faculty of Arts & Humanities
M.A. Music MA (Popular Music Research)

The MA in Music (Popular Music Research) Goldsmiths, University of London engages with scholarly debates and public controversies around popular music, while examining and developing both traditional and innovative ways of researching popular music.

Department of Music
M.A. Experimental Music MA/MMus

Brunel University London's MA/MMus Experimental Music is the UK's first Masters programme in Experimental Music and offers you the opportunity to develop your own programme of study, based around your particular interests in contemporary music-making.

College of Business, Arts and Social Sciences
Master Advanced Musical Studies

The Advanced Musical Studies programme is offered at the Royal Holloway University of London. With one of the largest postgraduate communities in the UK (typically around 50-60 research students and over 20 Masters students each year), we have established ourselves as one of the country's premier institutions for postgraduate education in Music.

Department of Music
Master Performance (MMus/Dip)

The Performance (MMus/Dip) course from Bangor University is ideal for those who are already proficient instrumental or vocal performers, and wish to refine their skills and extend their knowledge.

School of Music
M.Phil. Music

Our Music MPhil programmes enable you to pursue advanced research in the areas of classical, popular, world, contemporary, early, folk and traditional music through a range of approaches. These include practice-based research, and musicological and theoretical inquiry.

School of Arts and Cultures
M.A. Community Music

This MA is intended for students who wish to develop their skills and interests in a range of community settings and it draws upon many department specialisms including developments in education and disability arts, world music, theatre and technology.

M.A. Music Therapy

Get professional training in music therapy on an internationally recognised course that will qualify you to work as a music therapist. On successful completion, you’ll be eligible for registration with the Health and Care Professions Council in the UK. If you’re a suitably experienced musician, our emphasis on clinical placements and range of music therapy approaches will prepare you for a career in music therapy.

Faculty of Arts, Law & Social Sciences
Master Composition (Concert Music)

We are proud of LCM's provision of a one-to-one contact time with professional composers from your chosen area of specialisation. One –to-one tutorials are supported by regular lectures. Our highly successful programme of Composer's Workshops serves to underpin both the undergraduate B.Mus and the postgraduate MMus programmes and to offer a further framework for social and professional networking.

London College of Music