Study Pharmacy in United Kingdom

Study Pharmacy in United Kingdom

Studying Pharmacy

Pharmacy is the link between life sciences and chemistry that deals with the development and production of pharmaceutical drugs and ensuring the safety of patients and efficient usage. This field of study can bring you a career in pharmacy and innovation in human health.

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Studying in United Kingdom

The UK has one of the most cosmopolitan societies within Europe and you will study with people from all over the world. The variety of universities and degrees is broad and degrees will be accepted worldwide.

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107 Pharmacy Master's degrees in United Kingdom

M.Sc. Industrial Pharmaceutics

The Industrial Pharmaceutics course offered by University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN) aims to help students develop the necessary knowledge and practical skills to work in various areas within the pharmaceutical industry, including formulation, regulatory, and analytical services.

Master Pharmacy

Pharmacy is concerned with the design, evaluation, production and use of medicines and is based on the chemical, biological and medical sciences as the foundation for clinical and community practice. The degree is offered by Queen's University Belfast.

M.Sc. Pharmaceutical Industrial Advanced Training (PIAT)

Developed in partnership with the pharmaceutical industry, the PIAT programme is a postgraduate-level training programme designed for scientists and managers working in the pharmaceutical industry in the fields of Product Development, Manufacturing and Quality Assurance.

School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
M.Sc. Analytical and Pharmaceutical Science

Developed in response to the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), and after extensive consultation with industry, this programme is designed for graduates in chemistry or closely related disciplines who wish to contribute to drug development and analysis, a process that requires multidisciplinary skills.

M.Sc. Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

University of Greenwich, Pharmaceutical Biotechnology is a rapidly evolving and multidisciplinary field. This Mater's programme will focus on the new developments in the production of proteins, organisms, DNA-based vaccines, therapeutic proteins, downstream processing and characterisation, bioinformatics, advanced molecular principles, and research methods.

School of Science
Postgrad.Dip. Pharmacy (Overseas Pharmacists Assessment Programme)

Pharmacy (Overseas Pharmacists Assessment Programme) course is for overseas (non-EEA) pharmacists who wish to convert their existing qualifications so they can practice as a pharmacist in Great Britain. The University of Hertfordshire OSPAP is accredited by the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC).

School of Life and Medical Sciences
M.Sc. Pharmacokinetics

Pharmacokinetics is a key aspect of drug safety and investigates the fate of a drug in the body, and how the substance is absorbed, distributed, metabolised and eliminated. Develop your skill and knowledge in the application of pharmacokinetics to the design and optimisation of new therapeutics.

Life & Health Sciences
M.Sc. Pharmacology and Biotechnology

Pharmacology and Biotechnology course gives you advanced education and training in current molecular and cell biology, and therapeutic rationales for treatment. We emphasise the use of cellular models to study drug actions and applying biotechnology to pharmacology.

M.Phil. Pharmacy and Biomedical Science

The School of Pharmacy and Biomedical Science is one of the University's strongest areas of research - in the most recent research assessment round, Portsmouth was in the top three for funding in England in the subject Allied Health Professions & Studies. Our researchers are contributing to the Institute of Biomedical and Biomolecular Sciences (IBBS) where the majority of the research was rated internationally as excellent or world-leading.

Faculty of Science
M.Sc. Advanced Practitioner: Pharmacist

If you are a senior clinician or health care professional, the MSc Advanced Practitioner course will give you the advanced theoretical and clinical expertise you need to take your career to the highest level and meet the ever-changing needs and challenges of modern practice.

School of Nursing Sciences
M.Sc. Formulation Science

The MSc Formulation Science is innovative, multidisciplinary, distinctive and unique in the UK in offering a depth of knowledge in the science of formulating new products, whether these are new pharmaceuticals or consumer care products, paints, foods or fast moving consumer goods.

School of Science
Master Pharmacy

The MPharm degree is a pre-requisite to commence a pre-registration year. The programme is designed to integrate the science of medicines and how they interact with diseases and the body, the evidence for their safety and efficacy, and the clinical decision making and patient facing communication skills required to translate and apply this science to optimise treatment for individual patients.

M.Sc. Cancer Pharmacology

The Cancer Pharmacology course from University of Bradford is designed to provide you with a 'state-of-the-art' course in modern cancer pharmacology that meets the demand of employers and provides an expert view of the available cancer medicines and the development of new cancer therapies.

Faculty of Life Sciences
M.Sc. Pharmacology PhD/MSc By Research

The Pharmacology PhD/MSc By Research specialisms are in modern cellular and molecular techniques, with an emphasis on neuropharmacology. Research areas at the University of Birmingham include radioligand binding and autoradiography; in situ hybridisation; immunocytochemistry; microdialysis; cell culture; neurotransmitter, enzyme, second messenger and metabolite assays; cellular morphometry; pharmacodynamic modelling; cDNA cloning and site-directed mutagenesis.

School of Medicine
M.Sc. Pharmacology

The MSc Pharmacology course is designed to allow students to gain a broad overview of drug discovery and development, mechanisms of drug action at molecular level, drug treatment of human diseases, and latest cell and molecular technologies used in pharmacology at an advanced level.

Faculty of Health & Social Sciences
M.Sc. Clinical Pharmacology

This Clinical Pharmacology degree programme from the University of Glasgow offers focused training which integrates basic and clinical sciences and equips students with the essential skills required to function effectively as a clinical pharmacologist in the 21st century.

School of Medicine
M.Sc. Prescribing Studies

There are four postgraduate Masters (MSc) awards that are relevant for Medical and Non-Medical Prescribers, and also pharmacists who are Prescribing Advisers or Practice-Based Pharmacists.

Faculty of Medicine and Health Science
M.Sc. Drug Discovery and Design

Train as a pharmaceutical scientist at Liverpool John Moores University on this new, Masters-level Drug Discovery and Design course. Gain hands-on laboratory experience, carry out novel research and enjoy excellent employment prospects.

MRes Drug Discovery and Development: Multidisciplinary Science for Next Generation Therapeutics

This MRes programme is a one-year stand-alone course that will develop your expertise in multidisciplinary drug discovery research. It will also provide a deep understanding of the current global state of drug discovery together with radical insights into future directions from leaders in the field. You will graduate from the course with a solid knowledge of the drug discovery process from emerging technologies and drug target selection through to clinical trials and regulatory aspects.

MSci Pharmacology

This programme is intended for students who want to pursue careers or further study in pharmacology or related disciplines. It offers an additional year on top of the Pharmacology BSc in which to undertake your own major, cutting-edge research project, alongside advanced modules.

Faculty of Life Sciences
M.Sc. Taxonomy and Biodiversity

The MSc Taxonomy and Biodiversity is run jointly by Imperial College London and the Natural History Museum (NHM). The course was first introduced in 1996. Together with the associated MRes Biosystematics (since 2002), we have trained nearly 500 students. The course has been thoroughly updated after two recent external reviews.

M.Sc. Pharmaceutical Technology

The Pharmaceutical Technology programme from University of Bradford is designed to enable you to develop a comprehensive understanding and knowledge in the area of pharmaceutical formulation development and its underpinning science and processing technologies. Particularly notable features include theoretical and practical aspects of advanced analytical methods, Process Analytical Technology (PAT), and Quality by Design (QbD).

Faculty of Life Sciences
Master Cancer Biology and Therapeutics

Although cancer represents a significant global health issue in today’s society, advancements in our understanding of the cellular and molecular processes underlying cancer have led to significant improvements in the way we treat this disease.

Welsh School of Pharmacy
M.Sc. Advanced Clinical Pharmacy Practice

The MSc in Advanced Clinical Pharmacy Prctice, is designed to help students to acquire and demonstrate the advanced-level competencies defined in the Royal Pharmaceutical Society's Advanced Pharmacy Framework, through a rigorous programme of study that provides students with the knowledge and skills required to: - Review and incorporate current evidence into practice - Work effectively in a multidisciplinary clinical environment - Make decisions in complex clinical situations - Communicate effectively with patients who have common medical conditions - Undertake clinical and practice-based research

M.Sc. Next Generation Drug Discovery

The pharmaceutical industry is in transition and this programme will provide you with the stimulus, guidance and knowledge to develop a career around new approaches to drug discovery. The Next Generation Drug Discovery programme is offered at The University of Edinburgh.

School of Biological Sciences
Master Pharmacy (MPharm)

Our MPharm has a global reputation for exceptional, innovative teaching, backed by world-class research. We’re currently ranked 1st for research output in the UK (REF 2014) and we’ve regularly featured in the top 5 of major university league tables thanks to the quality of our degree programme. This Pharmacy (MPharm) programme is offered by University of East Anglia.

School of Pharmacy
M.Sc. Applied Drug Discovery

This programme is taught as either a classic one-year full-time programme, or delivered through distance e-learning using an interactive virtual learning environment on a two-year part-time basis. It builds on a very successful in-house training programme implemented by a major pharmaceutical company. The programme was designed and conceived by pharmaceutical industry experts in drug discovery and will be delivered and assessed by experts in this field at the School of Pharmacy.

Medway School of Pharmacy
M.Sc. Community Pharmacy

We are continually updating the programme to meet the changing requirements of the health service and individual practitioners. We are happy to put you in touch with some of our former students for their independent view. It is highly acclaimed by students, employers, purchasers and external course assessors for its structure, content and end value in relation to service, professional and career development.

Faculty of Medicine and Health Science
M.Sc. Pharmacy Practice

The Pharmacy Practice MSc offered by the University of Leeds helps registered pharmacists working in community, primary or secondary care practice develop the knowledge and skills to meet the challenges of developments in pharmacy practice.

Faculty of Medicine and Health
Postgrad.Cert. General Pharmacy Practice (Diploma)

Medway School of Pharmacy is one of the few regional schools of pharmacy in the UK, a collaboration between the University of Kent and the University of Greenwich. The impetus for the formation of the Medway School of Pharmacy came from the local community, who recognised the shortage of qualified pharmacists in all branches of the pharmacy profession in Kent.

Medway School of Pharmacy
M.Sc. Drug Discovery

This Drug Discovery programme equips chemists with the skills and knowledge required to pursue a career in drug discovery research in industry or academia. Why not discover more about our MSc Drug Discovery in our video?

M.Sc. Pharmaceutical Science

This new course allows you to combine bachelors and masters study all through one integrated package that is designed to provide you with extensive career opportunities as scientists within the pharmaceutical industry.

The School of Health, Sport and Professional Practice
M.Sc. Clinical Pharmacy

In the fast changing world of pharmacy and healthcare provision, standing still is not an option, but you may, understandably, feel under-equipped to meet these new challenges. Let Keele help you meet the challenges set by the Government's initiatives for the profession. In addition, the requirements for pharmacists to demonstrate their commitment to continual professional development is as strong as ever and is reflected in the General Pharmaceutical Council’s announcements regarding the assurance of the continual fitness to practice of pharmacists.

Faculty of Medicine and Health Science
M.Sc. Pharmaceutical Medicine

This programme is designed to meet the needs of those working (or intending to work) in the specialty of pharmaceutical medicine, or those who require a professional qualification pertinent to pharmaceutical medicine. It is suitable for those practising within the pharmaceutical industry, the related fields of commerce or licensing authorities, or the public health service.

Health and Medical Sciences
M.Sc. Clinical Pharmacology

Our programme will provide you with full understanding of pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic behaviour optimises evaluation in therapeutic clinical trials and post-registration use in the treatment and/or diagnosis of diseases. The award qualifies an individual as having received postgraduate training suitable for senior scientific and clinical posts within clinical pharmacology.

Health and Medical Sciences
Master Biopharmaceutical Management

The aim of the ESCP Europe Specialised Master in Biopharmaceutical Management is to prepare future managers of pharmaceutical, medical consulting and biotechnology companies for immediate insertion into a professional environment that is currently undergoing dramatic changes. Internationalisation and increased reliance on new information technologies are its hallmarks.

Specialised Masters Full-time
M.Sc. Pharmaceutical and Analytical Science

Competent Pharmaceutical and Analytical Scientists are presently in demand in the pharmaceutical and related industries. This course has been designed with input from Pharmacists and Pharmaceutical Scientists with a wide range of industrial and research experience.

M.Sc. Research Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

MSc by Research Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Lincoln As a researcher in the School of Pharmacy, you have the opportunity to liaise with leaders in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries and to develop strong national and international collaborations.

Master Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences (MRes)

This masters course is an integrated, industrially focused programme aimed at graduates in chemical, biomedical and pharmaceutical sciences wishing to develop their research skills in the pharmaceutical and biomedical sciences.

School of Pharmacy and Biomolecular Sciences
M.Sc. Pharmacology

The Master's in Pharmacology provides training in the design and execution of practical approaches to the mechanisms by which drugs act. Includes taught modules that provide a comprehensive knowledge base, laboratory practical and project based elements. Provides a strong platform for those wishing to pursue careers in the pharmaceutical or research related industries or go on to further study for PhD.

Taught programmes
MRes Translational Medicine

This course provides advanced, hands-on training in the theoretical and practical aspects of clinical research, such as drug discovery, pharmacokinetics, role of biomarkers and surrogate endpoints, and medical statistics.

M.Sc. Psychiatric Pharmacy Practice

This course is for you if you are looking to build upon the Diploma in Psychiatric Pharmacy to gain an MSc. This qualification provides the necessary critical, analytical and evaluation skills to understand the research process including ethical and risk assessment issues. This course is supported by the CMHP.

Life & Health Sciences
M.Sc. Pharmaceutical Analysis

Pharmaceutical analysts use a range of techniques to examine the constituents of various samples throughout the drug development process. These samples include raw materials used in manufacturing and body fluids collected during drug trials.

M.Sc. Clinical Pharmacy (Community)

The Clinical Pharmacy (Community) part-time, distance learning programme from University of Bradford will equip pharmacists in community pharmacy or primary care with the knowledge, skills and behaviours to deliver safe and effective patient-centred care in partnership with the multidisciplinary team.

Faculty of Life Sciences
M.Sc. Pharmaceutical Science

Explore drug development, manufacture and production and enhance your prospects for a career as a drug discovery or development scientist in the pharmaceutical, healthcare, nutraceutical or bioscience industries.

Faculty of Health, Life & Social Sciences
Master MPharm Pharmacy

Our MPharm course produces graduates trained to the high level of professionalism needed for a career in Pharmacy. In addition, our graduates develop key transferable skills, such as team working and problem solving, which are highly valued by today's employers.

M.Sc. Clinical Pharmacy

This course offers knowledge and expertise required by a clinical pharmacist to input optimally into patient care. Main aim is to develop the knowledge and skills required by a pharmacist to provide the best input into patient care for those working in a hospital setting.

Welsh School of Pharmacy
M.Sc. Pharmacy

This course is for you if you wish to begin a career in Pharmacy by studying at one of Europe's leading Pharmacy Schools.

Life & Health Sciences
M.Sc. Clinical Pharmacology

The Clinical Pharmacology study programme will give you the advanced skills and knowledge to evaluate the safety of new medicinal products in preparation for medical approval. It is one of three modular programmes in Pharmaceutical Medicine designed for working physicians, clinical scientists and allied health professionals interested in the clinical development process.

School of Medicine
M.Sc. Oncology for the Pharmaceutical Industry

This part time, online course covers all aspects of delivering care to patients, including treatment modalities, biological, psychosocial and ethical perspectives. Developed and delivered with well-established cancer institutes and oncological and palliative care expertise, you will experience a comprehensive and intellectually stimulating experience wherever you are in the world.

Faculty of Medical Sciences
M.Sc. Clinical Pharmacy

The programme aims to equip pharmacists with the knowledge and skills required to meet the needs of the developing professional role and prepares pharmacists for work in a clinical, patient facing role. It helps pharmacists develop a portfolio of evidence demonstrating they have made a difference to patients and services.

Health and Life Sciences
M.Sc. Pharmacology

Covers molecules to complete systems. This course will be of particular value to those within or embarking upon a career in the pharmaceutical industry as well as those conducting research in an academic environment.

Medical Sciences
Postgrad.Cert. Independent and Supplementary Prescribing

Legislative changes which began in 1998 have meant that nurses, pharmacists, physiotherapists and podiatrists are able to qualify as independent and supplementary prescribers. In addition radiographers are able to qualify as supplementary prescribers. This 8 month, part-time, distance learning programme enables these health care professionals to develop the knowledge and skills to practice as prescribers and to meet the standards set by the respective professional/regulatory body as required within the legislative framework.

Medway School of Pharmacy
Postgrad.Cert. Pharmacist Independent Prescribing

The programme is managed by the School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Studies and runs concurrently with the School of Healthcare Sciences (available to nurses, midwives and allied healthcare professionals), taking advantage of the multidisciplinary learning this provides. Sections of the programme will be taught to pharmacists, nurses and allied health professionals collectively, thus facilitating supportive networking, and a pooling of experiences.

Welsh School of Pharmacy
Postgrad.Dip. Pharmacy Management

The Diploma in Pharmacy Management offers pharmacy practitioners the opportunity to gain a unique qualification to enhance their career development.

Postgrad.Dip. Pharmacy Practice (Part Time)

This postgraduate programme is part of the Joint Programmes Board (JPB) initiative which includes seven Schools of Pharmacy within the south and south east of England working in partnership. The course is designed to enable pharmacists from community, primary care and hospital within the Eastern region to deliver patient-focussed services utilising good clinical and consultation skills.

School of Pharmacy
M.Sc. Pharmacology

Pharmacology programme gives you in-depth knowledge of the scientific basis of drug discovery and development, which has revolutionised the pharmaceutical industry in recent years. Our involvement with international drug companies has allowed us to keep our courses fully up-to-date.

School of Life and Medical Sciences
Master Pharmacy

We have taught pharmacy for more than 90 years, and research into pharmacy at Sunderland has been described as ‘world leading’ by the latest (2014) Research Excellence Framework (REF). The MPharm begins with a broad overview of the fundamental pharmaceutical sciences. You then develop more specialised knowledge and skills in medicinal chemistry, pharmaceutics, therapeutics, clinical management and patient-focused clinical skills.

M.Sc. Cellular Therapy from Bench to Market

The Cellular Therapy from Bench to Market programme from King's College London is the first programme of its kind in the UK, combining biological and medical science with business, law and bioethics. Designed to develop expertise in the biological, commercial and regulatory aspects of cellular therapy, along with its application in biomedicine. Equips students to pursue a business-based career in cellular therapy or related disciplines.

Postgrad.Dip. Pharmacy Practice (Overseas Pharmacists Assessment Programme) - PgDip

This Overseas Pharmacists Assessment Programme (OSPAP) is a conversion programme designed to enable non-EU-qualified pharmacists to receive theoretical and practical training in key topics relevant to practice in the UK. It aims to familiarise overseas-trained pharmacists (non-EU and not covered by Directive 2005/36/EC) with the practice of pharmacy in the UK. The course if fully accredited by the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC).

M.Sc. Pharmaceutical Analysis

This course enables you to gain a recognised qualification that will further your career in the pharmaceutical industry or public services, while also providing an excellent foundation for a further research degree. You will gain a strong background in the theory of analytical techniques used in pharmaceutical science and how to apply them to complex problems in an industrially relevant context. You can choose to combine your studies with training in the fundamentals of management theory.

Faculty of Science