Study Public Law in United Kingdom

Study Public Law in United Kingdom

Studying Public Law

Public law deals with legal aspects that concern the state and the individuals or certain companies, with focus on the first category. This field prepares students for careers as lawyers or solicitors in the public legal system.

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Studying in United Kingdom

The UK has one of the most cosmopolitan societies within Europe and you will study with people from all over the world. The variety of universities and degrees is broad and degrees will be accepted worldwide.

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37 Public Law Master's degrees in United Kingdom


The LLM programme is offered at the Manchester Metropolitan University. Giving you the opportunity to extend your knowledge of the law and develop advanced legal research skills, the taught LL.M will give your future prospects a significant boost by adding an internationally recognised postgraduate legal qualification to your existing skills and experience.

LL.M. Public International Law

This programme will develop your knowledge of public international law and is the ideal grounding if you wish to work in organisations related to this field. We have designed the course for students with or without a law background and you will be able to tailor the course to suit your preferred areas of study and interests.

Department of Law
LL.M. Environmental Law and Practice

The Environmental Law and Practice course forms part of a wider LLM programme at Leicester De Montfort University Law School and for added flexibility, in addition to the Environmental Law modules available, students may choose to study modules from the other LLM pathways.

Business and Law
Postgrad.Dip. CPE/Graduate Diploma in Law

The programme covers the compulsory modules that constitute a qualifying Law degree (and therefore exemption from the academic stage of legal training) in an accelerated format.

College of Business, Arts and Social Sciences
M.Sc. Mental Health, Ethics and Law

The programme is delivered by two internationally recognised centres of excellence and provides an integrated, strongly interdisciplinary, education in mental health, ethics and law. It will equip students to become leaders in healthcare, mental health law or policy.

LL.M. Law & Accountancy

The programme aims to promote advanced knowledge and understanding of the theory, concepts and rules of Law and Accountancy in their socio-economic, institutional, and historical frameworks.

College of Humanities & Social Science
Master Law (Graduate Programme)

LLB Law (graduate programme) provides you with the opportunity to learn about the law, both in the traditional sense of 'thinking like a lawyer' and in the broader sense of law as a social institution.

Faculty of Education, Social Sciences and Law
Master Magister Juris

The Magister Juris (MJur) is a world-renowned taught graduate course in law, designed to serve outstanding law students from civil law backgrounds. The academic standard is significantly higher than that required in a first law degree, and only those with outstanding first law degrees are admitted.

M.A. Medical Law

Study in depth the legal questions raised in the context of medicine including genetics; assisted reproduction; abortion; assisted suicide and euthanasia; advance decisions; autism; psychiatric ethics and mental health law; medical research; organ donations and the allocation of scarce resources.

Master Public Policy

The Master of Public Policy (MPP) is a one-year taught degree course. It enables you to develop analytical and critical skills relevant for understanding the challenges of public policy and its implementation. It also equips you with skills that are essential for effective policy delivery.

LL.M. Master of Laws

The LLM programme is a respected academic qualification recognised throughout the world and across key legal disciplines. It focuses on our particular areas of expertise and offers a choice of eight specialist pathways or a general LLM qualification.

LL.M. Law

Our LLM in Law provides a challenging legal education. It is flexible and allows you to explore your own interests whilst developing an advanced knowledge of the principles of law.

Newcastle Law School
LL.M. Intellectual Property Law

This course aims offer knowledge and expertise for a career with enhanced opportunities for legal or business practice as a result of intellectual property law specialism. This course is suitable for students, lawyers, policy makers and others wishing to study Intellectual Property Law from an international and comparative perspective. The course is suitable for UK and overseas students.

Cardiff Law School
Pre-Master Postgraduate Pathway in Law

A postgraduate pathway will give you valuable insight into postgraduate-level studies in the UK. Most importantly, It will equip you with the appropriate knowledge and skills you need to excel in your chosen taught master's degree.

London Brunel International College
LL.M. Law - Crime and Litigation

Through critical and comparative studies of justice and the criminal litigation process this Law - Crime and Litigation course from London South Bank University will give you demonstrable understanding of the key principles that ground the UK criminal justice system, its issues, approaches and topical debates.

LL.M. Law - Public Law

LLM Law - Public Law, University of Bristol The University of Bristol LLM offers a variety of possibilities to study law at an advanced level and the opportunity to specialise in particular areas. There are a number of specialist programmes enabling you to study a set of related units that, together, provide a more in-depth knowledge and understanding of those themes.

Faculty of Social Sciences and Law
M.Sc. Global Governance

The MSc Global Governance is designed to ensure that you develop an in-depth understanding of global governance and the increasingly intertwined nature of government, business and non-governmental organisations (NGO) activities. The course focuses on debates relating to sustainable development.

School of Humanities and Social Sciences
LL.M. Oil and Gas Law

The business of hydrocarbon energy supply remains one of the most fundamental aspects of global commerce and natural resources law in the modern era. The Oil and Gas Law programme is offered by Swansea University.

M.A. Curating

Our course has a hands-on emphasis. In practical workshops, you consider the essentials for a successful exhibition, such as writing an exhibition proposal, applying for loans, raising sponsorships and managing your exhibition budget. We also include regular visits to museums and galleries in London and the region which, together with lectures by visiting speakers, gives you the chance to network with established professionals in the field.

School of Philosophy and Art History
LL.M. International Human Rights Law

Develop and refine your expertise with this career-enhancing distance learning course in International Human Rights Law from De Montfort University , designed for both legal and non-legal professionals.

Business and Law
LL.M. Business Law / Law

The LLM in Business Law / Law from De Montfort University is a good preparation for PhD study for those seeking academic careers. An understanding of international Business Law is relevant to those seeking careers in exporting and International Business in addition to law.

Business and Law
LL.M. Financial Services Law, Regulation and Compliance, Postgraduate Diploma

The postgraduate diploma programme is 12 months long and comprises an introductory module, eight compulsory core modules and seven specialist modules (of which you choose to study one). Each of the core modules gives a thorough grounding in the core components of financial services law whilst referring to aspects and important points of law from all of the other modules, so bringing together all the subject areas that comprise financial services law.

LL.M. Law

The LLM Masters in Law provides the opportunity for students to investigate a broad range of legal subject areas and to choose different pathways. It is particularly appropriate for students who are not yet ready to specialise in one area, or those who prefer to keep their options open.

LL.M. Environmental Law

With growing public concern over environmental issues and both public and private sectors becoming subject to increasingly onerous environmental obligations, there could not be a more crucial time to study this area of the law.

LL.M. International Human Rights Law

Many believe that international human rights law is one of our greatest moral achievements. But with serious abuses of human rights not reducing significantly and human rights playing an increasingly important role in major issues of public policy, there has never been a better time to study this area of the law.

LL.M. Masters in Law by Research

Gain legal research skills and specialist knowledge of an area of law with this masters by research degree. At various stages in your legal career, a research degree can help you develop professionally and improve your career prospects in this competitive sector.