Study Sustainable Development in United Kingdom

Study Sustainable Development in United Kingdom

Studying Sustainable Development

Sustainability refers to the ability of a system to operate continuously, without using up resources, in a viable, need-fulfilling manner. It involves the development of a sustainable human society, from all perspectives: environment, economy, industry, business, agriculture, etc. Sustainable development degrees aim at educating professionals involved in management, policy-making and governance to conduct their work in a manner that takes into consideration multiple factors for the future.

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Studying in United Kingdom

The UK has one of the most cosmopolitan societies within Europe and you will study with people from all over the world. The variety of universities and degrees is broad and degrees will be accepted worldwide.

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180 Sustainable Development Master's degrees in United Kingdom

, M.Sc. Development Studies

The MSc programme’s emphasis on transferable analytical skills has been of great benefit to the many graduates who have returned to, or taken up, professional careers in development in international organisations, government agencies and non-government organisations. Students also benefit from the wide range of modules on offer, both within the Department and across the School, allowing them to create individualised interdisciplinary programmes.

Faculty of Law and Social Sciences
, M.Sc. Sustainability

The MSc in Sustainability from University of Southampton is an interdisciplinary masters degree designed to explore sustainability issues in both developed and developing societies.

, M.Sc. Violence, Conflict and Development

The Violence, Conflict and Development programme from SOAS, University of London attracts applicants with a variety of academic and working backgrounds. We welcome those who have worked in the field of development and/or conflict, but we also welcome applications from students without relevant work experience who can demonstrate a strong interest in the major themes of the programme and a strong first degree, preferably in a social science.

Faculty of Law and Social Sciences
, M.Sc. Learning for Sustainability

This MSc in Learning for Sustainability from The University of Edinburgh is an opportunity to study international educational responses to global issues and benefit from Scotland’s position as one of the leading countries in the world in this field.

, M.Sc. Development Administration and Planning

This MSc equips students with the analytical, methodological and practical expertise needed to positively contribute to development in countries with which they are actively involved. Students acquire the tools necessary to respond to a diverse range of problems including productive capacity, intersectoral integration, economic and social diversification, and self-sufficiency.

The Bartlett Development Planning Unit
, M.Sc. Soils and Sustainability

A programme for students who wish to pursue a career in land-based management or environmental protection and gain a greater understanding of soil within the context of sustainable management. The Soils and Sustainability degree at The University of Edinburgh is designed to provide a preparation for an industry or academic research career, or a professional career in soil science and environmental management.A collaboration with Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC).

School of GeoSciences
, M.Sc. Developmental Linguistics

This Developmental Linguistics programme from The University of Edinburgh will develop your understanding of how knowledge of language changes as people acquire or lose language at various points in their lifespan.

College of Humanities & Social Science
, M.Sc. Environmental and Business Management

This one-year Environmental and Business Management course from Bangor University is intended for students with a keen interest in integrating environmental management with business practices.

School of Environment, Natural Resources and Geography
, M.Sc. Sustainability and Environmental Studies

Private and public sector organisations need an appropriately trained, highly skilled and environmentally aware workforce to respond to the challenge of sustainable development and climate change. This one year MSc in Sustainability and Environmental Studies has been successfully addressing this need since 1991.

, M.Sc. Sustainability (Environment & Development)

This programme provides interdisciplinary training on issues where the need for economic development and environmental conservation meet.Specifically, it provides training in theoretical and practical issues relating to the ideal of sustainable development at a range of scales from the global to the local in a range of different contexts.

Faculty of Environment
, M.Sc. Developmental Psychology

Developmental Psychology course focuses upon both infant and child development, addressing a broad range of topics concerning typical and atypical development. Consideration is given to diverse aspects of cognitive and social development, issues of theory in developmental psychology, and psychopathology. The course is research-led and all staff are research-active, regularly publishing in the discipline's leading journals.

School of Psychology
, M.Sc. Environment and Development

The MS Environment and Development programme at University of Leeds enables you to investigate the challenges associated with achieving development that is environmentally, socially and economically sustainable. You will gain the knowledge, skills and practical experience which enable you to contribute towards achieving solutions in this topical field.

, M.Sc. Global Politics

The core modules explore the history, politics and institutions of global governance as a response to the challenges of globalisation and introduce you to the key issues and policy debates in international political economic. You will be equipped with the conceptual ideas, theoretical approaches and analytical research skills needed to study politics at postgraduate level.

Postgraduate courses
, M.Sc. Sustainable Development

Our MSc Sustainable Development is designed to respond to this emerging agenda, approaching the subject from a holistic and multi-disciplinary perspective. This approach is critical: sustainable development covers inter-related economic, environmental and social issues. Understanding the connections between issues is key to tackling complex sustainability challenges and developing the joined-up thinking required in today’s policy environment.

College of Life and Environmental Sciences
, M.Sc. Sustainable Building Technology

The MSc Sustainable Building Technology, University of Nottingham is specifically tailored towards graduates in building services, architectural environmental engineering, architecture and other related disciplines.

Built Environment
, M.Sc. Sustainable Planning

The breadth of material covered in our MSc in Sustainable Planning gives students the skills they need in order to meet contemporary sustainability challenges in planning. Planning has a key role to play in improving the condition of life in our towns, cities and rural areas.

School of Life and Medical Sciences
, M.Sc. City Planning & Real Estate Development

The City Planning & Real Estate Development programme at the University of Glasgow will deliver a highly regarded professional education in city planning and real estate development. It has been developed in close consultation with the relevant professional, policy and business communities and is intended to provide an intensive fast-track entry to a professional career.

School of Social and Political Sciences
, M.Sc. Sustainability, Planning and Environmental Policy

To offer knowledge and expertise for developing a professional career in the private, public and voluntary sectors, including: Government, at national and local level, and environmental agencies; The business sector; Environmental pressure groups; Consultancy; Academic research.

Cardiff School of Geography and Planning
, M.Sc. Sustainable Development

This programme focuses on the global development and environmental challenges that have been articulated in the Millennium Development Goals and in other international agreements, and it explores ways of finding solutions to those challenges through the promotion of sustainable development.

Distance Learning Programmes
, M.Sc. Sustainability and Adaptation in the Built Environment

Climate change poses two key challenges to modern architecture: how can buildings be made sustainable, and how can they be designed to take account of the effects of climate change? This masters degree faces these challenges through a unique combination of academic study with hands-on practical work, giving you the knowledge, skills and experience you need to develop an environmental career in the built environment sector.

, M.Sc. Conservation and Sustainability

The University of Stirling offers an innovative postgraduate course in Conservation and Sustainablity, new in 2013, leading to the qualification of Diploma or MSc. The course provides both a secure foundation in the scientific principles of conservation and the opportunity to specialise in particular areas via the selection of relevant modules and the research project.

Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences
, Postgrad.Dip. Peace & Development

Make a positive difference to the lives of people around the world, addressing the global challenges of poverty and violence by linking theory and practice.Our course is an opportunity to develop your awareness of the relationships between peace, conflict resolution and development, both locally and internationally.

Faculty of Health & Social Sciences
, M.Sc. Development and Security

This innovative Development and Security programme from University of Bristol explores the linkage and tensions between development and security concerns in theory and practice.

Faculty of Social Sciences and Law
, M.Sc. Environmental Change and Management

The MSc aims to give you a broad appreciation of all aspects of the management of people and institutions in relation to environmental change, you will become analytical in your approach, and a competent and aware decision maker. The MSc emphasises cross-cutting, interdisciplinary approaches to the critical environmental problems of our time.

, M.Sc. Sustainable Tropical Forestry (SUTROFOR) (Erasmus Mundus Course)

The Sustainable Tropical Forestry (SUTROFOR) is a two-year world-class integrated programme aimed at qualifying graduates to deal with the huge challenges in contemporary tropical forestry. The teaching staff are very active in research and the students will profit from our many connections throughout the world.

School of Environment, Natural Resources and Geography
, M.Sc. Sustainability, Entrepreneurship and Design (with Professional Development)

The results of unsustainable human development in the 21st century are evident as climate change, species extinction, pollution, poverty and inequality become inescapable global realities. The next big challenge for society is to transform our economy to incorporate the principles of sustainability. This presents an exciting opportunity to rethink, redesign and rebuild a positive future for business practice.

College of Health and Life Sciences
, Master Town Planning PGDip

The course completes the second part of our route to a professionally accredited planning qualification (following the BA Honours in Town Planning and Certificate in Planning Practice). After completing the Certificate in Planning Practice, you will review issues relating to both practice and theory.

School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape
, M.Sc. Practising Sustainable Development

The Practising Sustainable Development programme is offered at the Royal Holloway University of London. Interest in development, environment and issues of sustainable development has never been so intense. UN climate change summits , Millennium Development Goals and the World Social Forum have brought environmental and development issues and problems long on local and national agendas, onto the international scene.

Department of Geography
, M.Sc. International Tourism Development

The MSc International Tourism Development programme is distinctive in its strong focus on the issues, problems and processes associated with the planning and development of tourist destinations.

Surrey Business School
, M.Sc. Planning for Sustainability and Climate Change

This Planning for Sustainability and Climate Change programme at Newcastle University aims to prepare planners with a specialised knowledge in sustainability and climate change issues. It aims to attract students who come primarily from science backgrounds.

School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape
, M.Sc. Sustainable Environmental Management

This Sustainable Environmental Management programme from the University of Greenwich focuses on developing country issues, although the material is applicable to environmental studies worldwide, and draws on the Natural Resources Institutes (NRI's) unrivalled pool of expertise in issues of sustainable development, climate and other environmental change, environmental data collection and analysis, biosecurity and ecological applications.

Natural Resources Institute
, M.A. Development Studies (2016 Entry)

The complex challenges of global poverty and development are making ever-greater demands on those working in aid agencies, governments, NGOs and policy and research institutes. Meeting these challenges calls for creative development professionals who can apply and integrate critical thinking and practical experience and be innovative in seeking meaningful solutions.

, M.A. Developmental and Therapeutic Play

This popular Master's programme offers an exciting opportunity to examine how children’s play develops and how children develop as they play. It considers the developmental, educational and therapeutic potential of play at an advanced academic level, combining demanding intellectual work with sophisticated reflection on practice.

College of Human and Health Sciences
, M.Sc. International Security and Global Governance

Core modules will examine the changing nature of war, violence and security, and their relationship with state and society. They provide a historical understanding of the evolution of global military, humanitarian and governance institutions and the ideas that shaped them. You will be equipped with the conceptual ideas, theoretical approaches and analytical research skills needed to study politics at postgraduate level.

Postgraduate courses
, M.Sc. Electrochemistry

The MSc in Electrochemistry taught course delivered at University of Southampton builds upon our international reputation for excellence in research and education in Electrochemistry by offering an advanced, postgraduate education in Electrochemistry from the fundamental principles through to applications in Electrochemical Engineering. The course provides opportunities for you to develop and demonstrate knowledge and understanding, qualities, skills and other attributes in the identified areas.

, M.Sc. Environment & Sustainable Development

This programme is designed for those intending to pursue careers as managers of environmental projects; the professional planning staff of ministries concerned with the design and implementation of environmental policies (especially in developing countries); and those working on environmental issues in international agencies or academic and research institutions.

Adam Smith Business School
, M.Sc. Town Planning

This intensive course is fully accredited by the Royal Town Planning Institute and will equip you with the knowledge and skills required for professional practice in town and country planning. It has been designed in response to the national shortage of professional planners-so graduates should be particularly well-placed to find exciting employment opportunities.

Faculty of Science & Technology
, M.Sc. Developmental Psychopathology

The aim of the MSc Developmental Psychopathology is to provide advanced research training for students interested in pursuing careers in the field of research, child development and child health. The subject-specific and generic training provided by the course enables students to develop the knowledge, skills and understanding required of a professional working in research in clinical, child health or other fields.

Department of Psychology
, M.Sc. Through-life System Sustainment

The MSc in Through-life System Sustainment from Cranfield University provides an essential foundation for future leaders in organisations who wish to maximise the ‘value in use’ from complex, long-life product systems and become the change leaders for system sustainment.

, M.Sc. Urbanisation and Development

The MSc Urbanisation and Development programme offers students an integrated and up-to-date course on urban development, which draws on the breadth of research expertise and practical experience in the Department of Geography and Environment and the Department of International Development. Teaching staff are leading researchers in the field supplemented by visiting professors and an intense schedule of outside speakers, seminars and conferences.

Department of Geography and Environment
, M.Sc. Strategic Sustainable Business

MSc Strategic Sustainable Business is a business degree with a difference. With businesses worldwide understanding the importance of bringing their organisations in line with the broader expectations of society, this programme taught in a world class business school environment will equip you for the future of sustainable business.

Aston Business School
, M.Sc. Development, Disorders and Clinical Practice

This MSc in Development, Disorders and Clinical Practice combines theoretical grounding in development and its disorders, with practical experience in clinical assessment and diagnosis. This course embeds an understanding of cognitive neurodevelopmental disorders within the context of typical development, with a particular focus on dyslexia, specific language impairment, autism, ADHD, and dyscalculia. The course uniquely combines perspectives from cognitive psychology, developmental cognitive neuroscience, and applied clinical and educational practice. Topical issues in developmental disorders will be examined, including co-morbidity between disorders and the impact of sleep on learning and cognition.

, M.Sc. Sustainable Computing

This course - the first of its kind to run in the UK - develops your skills and knowledge so you can play a key role in developing sustainable Information and Communications Technology (ICT) strategies. Increased awareness of sustainable issues across all sectors of business and the economy, and the almost universal adoption of ICT shows the environmental impact of technology.

Faculty of Arts, Environment & Technology
, M.Sc. Sustainable Urban Development

This master’s degree is a multi-disciplinary, academically rigorous, and globally relevant development programme for urban developers, architects, managers, planners, business executives and other decision-makers worldwide tasked with providing vision and leadership in sustainable urban futures. The MSc is designed for those operating in a range of contexts worldwide - public, private or third sector organisations - and fosters collaboration, creativity, perspective-sharing and effective networking skills.

, M.A. International Planning and Sustainable Development

This course is aimed at built environment professionals and others with a relevant background who wish to gain an in-depth understanding of planning and sustainable development, whether to improve career prospects in their country or enter international practice. Through the course you will examine the growing problems of sustainable development facing cities, regions and communities in a rapidly urbanising world, subject to growing climate change and other environmental, economic and social pressures and risks.

Faculty of Architecture and Built Environment
, M.Sc. Development, Disorders and Clinical Practice

This MSc in Development, Disorders and Clinical Practice combines theoretical grounding in development and its disorders, with practical experience in clinical assessment and diagnosis. This course embeds an understanding of cognitive neurodevelopmental disorders within the context of typical development, with a particular focus on dyslexia, specific language impairment, autism, ADHD, and dyscalculia.

, M.Sc. NGOs and Development

The programme examines the special roles of NGOs and the challenges they encounter, their relationships with other stakeholders (states, inter-governmental organisations, beneficiaries), the internal organisational challenges as well as the changing policy contexts in which NGOs operate.

Department of Social Policy
, Master Disasters, Adaptation & Development

The Disasters, Adaptation & Development programme takes a social development perspective and includes human vulnerability and response to natural and technological hazards and to climate change. Access to a broad range of modules. Leads to careers in research and policy development on disaster risk management and development programming for adaptation.

Faculty of Social Science & Public Policy
, M.Sc. Sustainable Crop Production: Agronomy for the 21st Century

By studying Sustainable Crop Production: Agronomy for the 21st Century at the University of Warwick you will gain a combination of practical skills and academic understanding to develop a critical and creative mindset. You will learn the principles of crop production and the latest advances in plant pathology, integrated pest management and soil health.

School of Life Sciences
, M.A. Science, Society and Development

Sustainability is one of the key issues facing a world with an increasing population and environmental change. This MA looks at science, society, sustainability and development, focusing on the key areas of agriculture, environment, and health.

, M.A. Politics and Development

Unlike MA courses which focus narrowly on specific areas relating to the politics of development, this course offers students a rounded education with a focus on politics and international development - including its economic and political dimensions.

, M.Sc. Sustainability

The Sustainability course is suitable for students from all disciplines, particularly if you have a strong desire to advance your knowledge and understanding of contemporary sustainability and responsible business issues, strategies, and practices. You may also have spent some time in work and are looking for a postgraduate qualification in sustainability to help further your career.

Nottingham University Business School
, M.Sc. Energy Policy for Sustainability (2016 Entry)

Climate change and sustainable energy are perhaps the most important issues of our time. The challenge is to make a worldwide transition to a low-carbon economy, while at the same time providing modern energy services to a growing population and adapting to the increasingly substantial, but often uncertain, impacts of a changing climate

, M.Sc. Environmental Sustainability

MSc Environmental Sustainability, Edinburgh Napier University This course takes an industry-focused approach, with particular application to buildings, property development, sustainable technologies as well as the waste and water sectors.

Faculty of Engineering, Computing and Creative
, LL.M. Environmental Law and Sustainability

This course is a flexible, rigorous, integrated and practical course covering national and international environmental law regimes alongside associated regimes, such as energy law. It incorporates up-to-date research and contemporary developments within the field.

Faculty of Business and Law
, M.Sc. Climate Change: Impacts And Mitigation

Climate Change is recognised as having potentially huge impacts on the environment and on human society. The study of the causes and impacts of Climate Change and the measures needed for humans to deal with it through mitigation and adaptation measures is a truly interdisciplinary complex of topics.

School of Life Sciences
, M.Sc. Environmental Management for Business (PgDip/ PgCert)

This MSc in Environmental Management for Business (PgDip/ PgCert) from Cranfield University will equip you to critically evaluate environmental issues and contribute to the economic and policy decision-making process in organisations of any size. It will give you the skills and experience required to monitor and critically evaluate business practice through the environmental auditing and other assessment methods.

Environmental Technology
, M.Sc. Risk Disaster and Environmental Management

This course looks at all risks in the business environment together with a strong analysis of the consequences when things go wrong. Businesses and organisations increasingly need to anticipate the likelihood and consequences of unexpected events and the necessary short and long term responses.

, M.Sc. Government, Policy and Politics

The core modules explore the history, politics and institutions of global governance as a response to the challenges of globalisation and introduce you to the key issues and policy debates in international political economic. You will be equipped with the conceptual ideas, theoretical approaches and analytical research skills needed to study politics at postgraduate level.

Postgraduate courses
, M.Sc. Leadership for Sustainable Development

This innovative Masters programme in Leadership for Sustainable Development at Queen's University Belfast promotes leadership and embraces action-based, experiential learning, facilitated through a series of lectures, work placements and group projects.

School of Biological Sciences
, M.Sc. Sustainable Engineering

Our course enables you to understand sustainability in which ever area of engineering you wish to specialise, from simulation, modelling and eco engineering, to sustainable systems design and green computing technologies, to name just a few.

Faculty of Arts, Environment & Technology
, M.Sc. Global Sustainable Cities

This innovative programme focuses on tackling major urban opportunities and issues. The MSc Global Sustainable Cities course offered by Strathclyde Business School provides you with the skills and understanding to become a leader in the design and delivery of sustainable city strategies.

, M.Sc. Waste and Resource Management (PgDip/ PgCert)

This MSc in Waste and Resource Management (PgDip/ PgCert) from Cranfield University will provide students with advanced technical and professional knowledge in waste technology and management in order to meet the requirements expected of modern waste managers working in the industrial, government and consulting sectors.

Environmental Technology
, M.A. Development and International Economics

The Development and International Economics MA is one of a suite of masters degrees in economics at Kingston University that are focused on giving you the ability and confidence to analyse and offer solutions to real-world problems.

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
, M.A. Sustainable Development

The University has four faculties and each course leading to a degree is administered by one of these faculties. You will belong to the same faculty throughout your time with us and most of the subjects you study will be offered by schools or departments within this faculty. Admission to the MA (Hons) Sustainable Development programme of study is through the Faculty of Arts.

School of Chemistry
, M.Sc. Sustainability and Management

The Sustainability and Management programme is offered at the Royal Holloway University of London. This innovative and highly-respected course will provide you with an important commodity for today’s employer; an interdisciplinary education.

Department of Geography