The University and its students give Lund a youthful and vibrant atmosphere, which has led to an active cultural life full of activities and entertainment, including a range of art, music, dance, theatre, literature, film and museums. Lund University even has its own museum of art the Museum of Sketches, founded in 1934.


They tackle complex problems and global challenges and work to ensure that knowledge and innovations benefit society. They provide education and research in engineering, science, law, social sciences, economics and management, medicine, humanities, theology, fine art, music and drama.

Thye are an international university with global recruitment. They cooperate with 600 partner universities in over 70 countries and are the only Swedish university to be a member of the strong international networks LERU (the League of European Research Universities) and Universitas 21.


Two major facilities for materials research are currently under construction in Lund: the MAX IV Laboratory, which will be a world-leading synchrotron radiation laboratory and ESS, a European facility that will be home to the world’s most powerful neutron source. These will be of decisive importance for materials and life sciences and for industrial development. In Lund, Medicon Village has also been established and will offer a unique environment for life sciences; integrating research, innovation and enterprise creates the conditions for improved health and quality of life.


They are constantly looking for new employees, both researchers and lecturers as well as technical and administrative staff. English is widely spoken in Sweden and many jobs are advertised in English. Being able to speak Swedish is not necessarily a prerequisite. Jobs are posted on an ongoing basis.

When you have found a job that you wish to apply for, please log in to the recruitment system MyNetwork via the link in the vacancy notice. All applicants should follow the same link, whether you need to create a new account or are already registered.

Master's Programmes

Social Sciences (28)
Natural Sciences & Mathematics (22)
Humanities (20)
Business & Management (14)
Environmental Studies & Earth Sciences (12)
Arts, Design & Architecture (7)
Computer Science & IT (5)
Engineering & Technology (5)
Law (4)
Medicine & Health (3)
Agriculture & Forestry (2)
Applied Sciences & Professions (2)
Hospitality, Leisure & Sports (2)
Journalism & Media (2)

Many organisations offer scholarships or grants. Some of these might help you to study for a Master at Lund University!


Student services

  • Faculty coordinators and study advisors
The main contact for most international students at Lund University are the international coordinators.
  • International Desk
The University’s central International Desk helps international students with a range of academic and practical matters.
  • Careers Service
Careers support is available at several faculties as well as at the central level of the University.
  • Academic Support Centre
  • Disability Support Services
  • Student Health Centre
  • IT services and support

Housing services

To find somewhere to live in Lund, Malmö or Helsingborg most international students apply through LU Accommodation or use an accommodation agency.Lund University offers a housing guarantee to certain international student groups.Most students find housing in shared apartments, studio flats or corridor rooms in or around the cities of Lund, Malmö or Helsingborg. Lund University does not own or run any dorms or other types of student accommodation. Accommodation offered by LU Accommodation is rented from other landlords and then offered to students. If you are renting a room from LU Accommodation, the most common form of student accommodation is a corridor rum.

Library services

The Library provides service to students, teachers,researchers and employees of the Department of Biology and Environmental Sciences. Students with dyslexia, vision impairment, physical disability or other disabilities, can get help at the Library with literature search and to borrow adjusted course literature as:

  • audio books
  • braille
  • e-text, enlargements

ICT services

Your student account gives you access to a number of electronic services, including computers, internet, your student email and different types of software. You can access many of these services through the Student Portal.

  • Log in to the Student Portal
  • Learn more about the services accessed through the Student Portal
  • Learn more about your student account

Medical services

The staff at the Student Health Centre works primarily with psychological problems that affect your ability to study, such as stress, worry, anxiety, depression, transitional issues and/or academic difficulties. This is in addition to other public and private health clinics in Lund where you can go for general medical issues, sexual health and contraception.

Student Life

Campus life

Lund University is well known for its unique student life and fantastic campus atmosphere. The variety of student organisations, including the famous 'nations' of Lund, provides excellent opportunities for you to experience student life and to join in student events. You can get involved by joining Studentlund!Membership of Studentlund gives you access to everything ranging from student discounts, cheap accommodation, interesting talks, entertaining theatre and a wide range of other social activities, through to student influence in the University and guaranteed monitoring of education.

Sports facilities

  • Classes and gyms at Gerdahallen
Gerdahallen has long opening hours and offers 200 classes every week including aerobics, step, spinning, zumba, boxercise, power yoga, afro and functional training.
  • Sports courts and gym at Viktoriastadion
Viktoriastadion, in Lund, offers a gym with discounted student prices as well as facilities and courts for tennis, squash, badminton, indoor handball, floorball, football, basketball and volleyball.
  • Student sports teams
  • Sports teams and swimming halls
  • Basketball
EOS Lund
  • Cricket
Lund Cricket Club
  • Field hockey
Lund Field Hockey Club Nayan
  • Football/soccer
Lund SKLund BOISLunds BK
  • Handball
LUGI Handboll
  • Rowing
Lund University Rowing Club
  • Rugby
LUGI Lions Rugby Club
  • Tennis, badminton and squash courts

Student clubs

  • The nations
Getting involved with the nations is a great way to meet friends and enjoy student life. The nations organise a lot of social activities including social sports, clubs (e.g. photography) as well as parties, cheap dinner nights and social events. Some nations also have accommodation.
  • The Academic Society (AF)
The Academic Society ('Akademiska Föreningen' or AF) organises a number of events and student activities at Lund University.
  • Student unions
The student unions handle politics and student rights and are active in contributing to the way in which the University is run.


Lund University School of Economics and Management is EQUIS-accredited. EQUIS is the leading international system of quality assessment, improvement and accreditation of higher education institutions in management and business administration. EQUIS is operated by the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD).

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