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Lund, Sweden
Lund University is Scandinavia's largest institution for education and research. Active in Lund, Malmö and Helsingborg, and have a comprehensive global network of contacts.

About Lund University

Lund University is Scandinavia's largest institution for education and research. Active in Lund, Malmö and Helsingborg, and have a comprehensive global network of contacts.

With eight faculties and several research centres and specialised schools, Lund University is the largest institution of research and higher education in Sweden. The majority of the University is located in Lund, but there are also several academic and research institutes in Malmö. The University also has a campus in Helsingborg and learning centres in several towns in Skåne.

The tradition of learning in Lund goes back to the Middle Ages, when the city was home to a seminary. As an archbishopric, Lund was the spiritual capital of mediaeval Scandinavia. The University was founded in 1666 to further the `Swedification´ of the provinces Sweden had captured from Denmark in 1658. It has since evolved into a modern centre of research and higher education and now enjoys a leading position, regionally, nationally and internationally.

Programmes cover traditional academic disciplines as well as specialised areas like commercial aviation and the fine and performing arts. Provision of skills enhancement, continuing education and advanced education programmes for employees in the public and private sectors is another important component of the University´s activities.
Lund University cooperates extensively with other universities, colleges and research institutes around the world.

The University also participates in the European Union´s education and research programme and is the only Nordic member of Universitas 21, an organization made up of 20 universities from 11 countries, most of them outside Europe. All together, Universitas 21 has about 500,000 students and 40,000 researchers. Since 2006, Lund University is a member of The League of European Research Universities (LERU), an association of twelve research-intensive universities sharing the values of high-quality teaching within an environment of internationally competitive research.

In Sweden, the University also cooperates extensively with the cultural and business communities, government agencies and organisations, locally, regionally and nationally.

The hallmarks of Lund University are a democratic philosophy, critical thinking, concern for the global environment and ethnic and social diversity. Other values important to Lund University include humour, innovation and a humanist perspective.

Student life at Lund University

Lund, voted the most popular student city in Sweden, is well known for its unique student life and vibrant atmosphere. Ask any graduate what is special about Lund University and the chances are they will say "the nations"- the large social clubs that have been a long-standing tradition and which form the heart of student life in Lund.

The "nations of Lund" provide excellent opportunities to meet and make new friends by offering places to relax, party, listen to music, join in a debate, go on an excursion, participate in sports, eat, drink and generally take part in student life. Each nation has its own unique character and there is one to suit every student.

Lund University has many great student traditions including the Spex student comedy theatre, the student carnival "Lundakarnavelen", the Lund University Male Voice Choir and the more formal doctoral degree ceremony.

The University and its students give Lund a youthful and vibrant atmosphere, which has led to an active cultural life full of activities and entertainment, including a range of art, music, dance, theatre, literature, film and museums. Lund University even has its own museum of art the Museum of Sketches, founded in 1934.

For sports enthusiasts there are plenty of opportunities to join local sports clubs and participate in social sports activities. The campus also includes Gerdahallen - the largest fitness and health centre for students and staff in Scandinavia.

The main campus is set in the charming cobble-stoned city of Lund, which dates back to 990. Today students make up almost half of the population in the city. Life in Lund combines academia with rich cultural traditions and the energy and dynamism of young students, resulting in a vibrant and memorable campus experience.

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