Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra

Nitra, Slovakia
SUA offers at its six faculties a wide range of study possibilities in the areas of agricultural, natural, economic, technical and social sciences. It has the right to award academic degrees in 39 bachelor degree programs, 31 master and 22 doctoral degree programs. Furthermore it provides the students with quality foreign language education, access to information and communication technologies, teaching in foreign languages and possibility to realize part of the study at partner universities abroad within various mobility schemes and programmes. Around 10-thousand students are enrolled in study programmes of all levels and forms of study each year.


The Slovak University of Agriculture was founded in 1952 in the ancient city of Nitra, also known as centre of Slovak agriculture. Right from the beginning the university was destined to be a centre of agricultural education, research and development in Slovakia in the priority area of human activity - sufficient production of safe and wholesome food in harmony with environmental protection, the conservation of biological diversity and sustainable development. The scientific and educational performance and historical traditions of the institution is recognized at home and abroad. Achieving comprehensive accreditation in 2009, SUA ranked among higher education institutions of university type. In 2010, as the first university in Slovakia, SUA was awarded the prestigious ECTS Label by the European Commission for the provision and implementation of the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System for student mobilities. The name Green university has become a part of the identity of our university.

At its six faculties SUA offers a wide range of study possibilities not only in the field of agriculture, but also biology, economy and technical sciences. This paves the way for the graduates in various areas of the economy. The content structure of higher education and scientific research at our university covers the functions of the agro-food sector, in terms of sustainability of production and quality of food (technology and biotechnologies) but also eco-environmental terms (agro-ecology) and social status of society (economics, renewal and rural development , country culture, agro-design). The range of research activities indicates the university´s adaptability to new directions. Three active Centres of Excellence operate at SUA. The Faculty of Agrobiology and Food Resources manages the Centre for Protection and Use of Agricultural Biodiversity (ECOVA), the Faculty of Horticulture and Landscape Engineering runs the Centre for Integrated River Basin Management in Changing Environmental Conditions and the Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Sciences operates the Centre for White and Green Biotechnology. Excellent Centres at HLEF and FBFS cooperate with research institutes which are the main partners in the project.

The university puts fundamental emphasis on the internationalization of education and research. Through involvement into international programmes LLP - Erasmus, CEEPUS, ERASMUS MUNDUS, TEMPUS, 7 RP and others, SUA cooperates with partner universities in Europe as well as worldwide.

In addition to theoretical training, practical preparation is an important area of professional education for a SUA graduate. This section of education is mainly provided through the SUA University farm Kolínany, Ltd, that belongs to the top farms in Slovakia. SUA students and graduates have the opportunities to realise practical placements for in European countries within the European programmes Erasmus and Leonardo da Vinci. Apart from the University farm, there are other departments and institutions at SUA such as Slovak Agricultural Library depositing 520-thousand documents, providing more than 200-thousand loans per year, Centre for Information and Communication Technology, Editorial and Publishing Centre, Agricultural Expert Institute, Baltic University, Botanical Garden, University vivarium, Equestrian centre, Congress centre as well as 6 student dormitories and canteens currently providing accommodation services for our students.

Master's Programmes

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