Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen

Groningen, Netherlands
Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen (Hanze UAS) is the largest University of Applied Sciences in the northern part of the Netherlands and is located in the vibrant student city Groningen.
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  • 25000 Students
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Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen (Hanze UAS), is the largest University of Applied Sciences in the northern part of the Netherlands and is located in the vibrant student city Groningen. Hanze (UAS) has a wide variety of Bachelor programmes, Master programmes, certificate programmes, exchange programmes, dual degree programmes, preparatory courses and minors. In addition to its academic programmes, Hanze (UAS) has various modern facilities on campus to offer its students.

The university is also internationally oriented in the sense that it offers various fully-taught programmes in English and works closely together with partner institutes from all over the world. In addition, the university is home to over eighty different nationalities.

Visit the Virtual Open Day (see the link on the university website) and choose what you want to see, hear or read about. Photos, videos, text and animation will introduce you to the possibilities at Hanze UAS and the student life in Groningen.

Master's Programmes

Arts, Design & Architecture (4)
Engineering & Technology (3)
Business & Management (2)
Computer Science & IT (1)
Social Sciences (1)

Many organisations offer scholarships or grants. Some of these might help you to study for a Master at Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen!


Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen (Hanze UAS) is a University of Applied Sciences with more than 2,700 employees and over 25,000 Dutch and foreign students who have enrolled in one of the seventy degree programmes in the fields of economics, technology, health care, education and teacher training, social work, labour relations, fine arts, and music. Hanze (UAS) is one of the largest and most all-round universities of applied sciences in the Netherlands.

Under the name of Hanze Connect, courses, training, workshops, and post-graduate degree programmes (Master programmes) are offered on a commercial basis. The aim is to make our knowledge and expertise available to the general public and more specifically to trade, industry and institutions in the field of healthcare and social work.


The general management of Hanze (UAS) is in the hands of the Executive Board, supported by a Staff Office. The members of the Executive Board are: drs. Henk Pijlman, chairman and president, Ms drs. Marian van Os and Mr dr. J.H. de Ruiter.


Hanze (UAS) is for the major part housed on the so-called Zernike Complex, a campus-like area in the north of the city. Here you will find the buildings of the Executive Board and its supporting Staff Office, and most of our schools. The other schools (for example the School of Fine Arts and Design, the School of Performing Arts and the School of Health Care Studies) are housed in various buildings across the city.

Digital communication

Hanze (UAS) is leading with respect to the use of information and communication technology in education. We want to make sure that our students are well prepared for a professional career in the 21st century. That is why a student learns to work with digital communication tools, the Internet and other multimedia forms that are important in his or her professional field. Every student has access to the Internet and to the internal network of the university and gets a personal e-mail address. A student can also register for exams and consult his or her records digitally.

Electronic Learning Environment

All departments have introduced the electronic learning environment into their education. It provides the student with a wide range of information on the programme as a whole and the various parts that make up the programme. It also gives a survey of frequently asked questions and answers to these questions. The student can communicate with lecturers and fellow students, via e-mail, or via chat and discussion groups. The electronic learning environment is also used by students to work together on group projects and assignments.

Hanze Media Centre

Hanze (UAS) has an ultra-modern Hanze Media Centre with branches at the Campus and other locations. Hanze Media Centre's collections include: specialist literature, reference books, magazines and newspapers, audio and videotapes, software, information on CD-rom, student placement reports and student theses.

International Student Office (ISO)

As a prospective international student you are on the doorstep of a great adventure, studying and living in the Netherlands. Although this is an amazing experience, it can be quite difficult finding your way through the rules and regulations, from applying for a study programme until your journey to the Netherlands. The International Student Office (ISO) will assist you from start to finish.

We can help you with the application and admission procedure and the practical matters, such as finding accommodation in Groningen, getting the right insurance, obtaining a visa, obtaining residence and work permits.

Our International Student Office is held in high regard by our visiting students and the people we work with. So much, that we even received awards:

  • 'Number 1 International Student Officein The Netherlands'(International Student Barometer, June 2010)
  • Best admissions office 2010 (Award Integral Bulgaria)
Hanze Pick-up Service

If you are uncertain about finding your way from Schiphol Airport to your room in Groningen, you can apply for the Hanze (UAS) Pick-up Service. All incoming students can make use of this service.

One of our students will pick you up from Schiphol Airport and will take you to your room in Groningen. You will need to inform us at the latest one week in advance on which date and time you need to be picked up. The service is free of charge, but you have to pay for your own transportation tickets (train and bus).

Bank Account

The easiest way to pay your bills is to open a bank account in The Netherlands. When you have a Dutch bank account you will receive a bank card with a Personal Identification Number with which you can pay at any shop or store in the Netherlands.

Banks can have difficult procedures to open an account. They may ask for your residence permit or they may ask for a BSN number upon opening an account. For this reason and the simple reason that we want our students to be able to open a bank account as soon as possible, we have an agreement with the Rabobank.
They will facilitate you as best as they can. You can make an appointment with them upon arrival. The Rabobank will be present on our Welcoming Day.

Housing Office

Most foreign students that come to Hanze (UAS) want to find accommodation in the city of Groningen. In the Netherlands, the organization of student accommodation differs from that in many other countries. Most universities do not own residence halls or other types of student accommodation. Instead, Dutch students find their own accommodation on the private market.

The international guests of Hanze (UAS) can apply for furnished accommodation through the Housing Office, which is an organization that acts as an intermediary in finding temporary accommodation for students and staff from abroad. The Housing Office tries to find suitable accommodation for a reasonable price.

Cultural activities

CAST (Cultural Activities for Students) organizes a large variety of cultural activities for and by students of Hanze (UAS), ranging from music, dance, film, photography, video, stand-up comedy, theatre, design, painting, sculpture, etc.

CAST organizes concerts, exhibitions, and shows, which are open to all students, but also courses, workshops and other cultural projects, in which students can participate.


Hanze (UAS) and the University of Groningen have joint sports facilities for their students and staff.


ACLO is the student sports association, managed entirely by students, operating under the auspices of both Hanze (UAS) and the University of Groningen. ACLO offers the students and staff of both institutions a wide range of extra-curricular sports activities. Students and staff can obtain an ACLO-card, which is a kind of passport to the various sports facilities. They can also join one of the 53 sports clubs or simply drop by at the Sports Centre.

Sports Centre

Hanze (UAS) and the University of Groningen run a joint Sports Centre, with approximately 75 trainers and instructors and 20 staff members. The Sports Centre wants to help increase the mental and physical welfare of the students and employees of the institutions through sport. The Sports Centre provides ACLO with professional advice and facilitates the ACLO sports programme. The Sports Centre wants to provide excellent sports facilities, 7 days a week, 340 days a year, from 08.00 to 23.00 hours. On week days the focus is on exercising and training under the supervision of professional trainers and instructors (in over 450 lessons a week); on weekends the emphasis is on competitions, tournaments and events.

Student Counsellors

Student counsellors operate at a central level and are independent from schools and degree programmes. Conversations with student counsellors are by definition confidential.

A student counsellor can be approached regarding all manner of questions and problems that may come your way in the course of your studies and/or private life, also if they do not involve your studies directly. A student counsellor is not merely a good listener: together with you, he/she can work out whether in a given situation you can rely on any special schemes to which you might be entitled as a student.
To give an example, in some cases you might be entitled to financial support in the event that your study programme is prolonged due to circumstances beyond your control. In certain situations, the counsellor may refer you to an external expert, such as a psychologist.

Reflection Room

Hanze (UAS) believes in active tolerance. Tolerance often means that people simply do not bother each other. At Hanze (UAS) we prefer to view tolerance in a more active, respectful manner. Every student has the right of freedom of speech, expression and religion. This means that students are entitled to express their opinion as well as their faith or cultural beliefs. The university is however also a community where students learn from and respect each other.
A good example of active tolerance at Hanze (UAS) is the new reflection room next to the Atrium. Originally, a group of Muslims asked for a place to pray inside the university. The university agreed to create a room for them, but they did not want to make it exclusive for Muslims. The room is now a place for all students, religious or non-religious, to use for prayer, contemplation, or just a moment of silence.

Student Life

In the north of Groningen the University of Groningen, municipality of Groningen and Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen (Hanze UAS) developed the 'ZernikeCampus'. A vivid area where education, knowledge and entrepreneurship get together. An environment where students and employees can work, study and stay in an inspiring surrounding. And where visitors feel welcome.

Spread in the green area the last few years several high-quality architecture loomed up. The green hart of the campus is shaped by the 'HanzeForum'.

A unique countryside

Within easy reach of Groningen there are the wide open spaces and striking cloud formations for which the Netherland are so famous. And a bit to the east you have the woods of Drenthe, with roe deer, foxes and sleepy villages. Yet most remarkable of all is the Wadden Sea, with its wildlife of seals and birds. At low tide, parts of these shallow wetlands fall dry. Then one can even reach a few islands on foot. However, this is a tricky business, so don't do it without a guide.

A bustling city life

Imagine yourself spending your leisure time amidst this tremendous scenic beauty, and relaxing afterwards at an outdoor café on the Grote Markt or at a pop concert. Imagine skating at Kardinge sports centre, or playing squash there, and then going on to the Groninger Museum to see a sensational exhibition.

Groningen has facilities for every taste, being the cultural heart of the Northern Netherlands. But what most foreigners do not realize is that, from Groningen, the rest of the country is easily accessible. For instance, a train will take you to Amsterdam in about two hours. So come to Groningen and see it all. You'll never be bored!

City of Talent

Besides being a student city, Groningen is also ahead in the areas of research, innovation and entrepreneurship: a real city of talent.

In order to make this known to the rest of the Netherlands, University of Groningen, Hanze (UAS), the UMCG University Medical Center Groningen and the Province and municipality of Groningen have joined forces. Under the common denominator of Groningen, City of Talent, in conjunction with Marketing Groningen, they have started a national campaign under the motto of: Here is space for talent. Space for learning, for working and for growing. For further personal development and making the best of yourself. And there is room for living, sports and entertainment. Theres no place like Groningen.

Visit the Virtual Open Day (see the link on the university website) and choose what you want to see, hear or read about. Photos, videos, text and animation will introduce you to the possibilities at Hanze UAS and the student life in Groningen.


All of the programmes at Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen (Hanze UAS) are tested within the accreditation system. This means that they meet the quality requirements set for approved higher education by the Ministry for Education, Culture and Science. Recently accredited programmes are allowed to use the logo of the NVAO (Dutch and Belgian Accreditation Organisation).

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