cole Polytechnique

Palaiseau, France
Ranked France's No. 1 University for Graduate Employability and No. 6 worldwide by QS 2017 Rankings, cole Polytechnique is a leading French institute which combines top-level research, academics, and innovation at the cutting-edge of science and technology.



A product of the French Revolution and the Age of Enlightenment, École Polytechnique has a rich history that spans over 220 years. Since its inception, the school has borne a tradition of scientific excellence and commitment to serving the common good.


All École Polytechnique courses are highly selective, apply a multidisciplinary scientific approach, and are closely involved with research.


École Polytechnique's research strategy combines the production of fundamental knowledge with the development of solutions to applied, technological and societal issues.

Files of Research:

  • Nanoscience, Innovative Materials and Efficient Processes
  • Energy, Transportation and Environment
  • Bioengineering, Biology and Health Sciences
  • Matter and Light in Extreme Conditions
  • Universal Laws and Structures
  • Concepts and Methods for a Digital Society
  • Modeling and Optimization of Complex Systems
  • Markets, Innovation and Science-Society Relations


Housing services

On campus, École Polytechnique has around 1,500 student apartments and a hotel with around fifty rooms.

Library services

Located in the heart of the campus, the central library provides lecturers, students and researchers with the documents they need for their work and offers all members the means to pursue an individual or group cultural activity.

Medical services

Health and Counseling Services

École Polytechnique has its own medical center staffed with a team of health care and preventive care professionals, psychologists and social workers.

Student Life

Campus life

The École Polytechnique site offers students, researchers, staff and visitors a whole range of services, facilities and activities which create a lively and active campus life.

Sports facilities

Covered facilities

  • a water sports area with two 25-meter pools and bleachers to seat 400 people
  • 2 covered tennis courts
  • 2 volleyball courts
  • 2 multi-purpose rooms
  • a climbing wall and rock climbing room
  • a dojo room

Outdoor facilities

  • a riding center with around thirty horses
  • 4 football pitches, including a first-team pitch with bleachers
  • 3 rugby pitches
  • 6 outdoor tennis courts
  • a semi-artificial lake (rowing and canoing)

Student clubs

The École Polytechnique's vibrant student life can be attributed to the wide range of associations available to students. In total, polytechnicians take part in almost 250 associations in a great variety of cultural, artistic, social, scientific, religious and sporting activities.

These associations, known as "binets" in polytechnician jargon punctuate campus life, enabling like-minded students to get together and share their passions. This involvement in the associations is unique with over three quarters of École Polytechnique students taking part.

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