CAH Dronten University of Applied Sciences

Dronten, Netherlands

No. Students: 1,500
Funding type: Public
Listed programmes:
Type of education:

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CAH Dronten University of Applied Sciences (CAH DUAS) is a professional education institute situated in the centre of the Netherlands. Formerly a part of the North Sea, the present Polder province of Flevoland. In the programmes offered, professionals prepare for their careers in the knowledge domains of agriculture, food, horticulture, agribusiness and animal science. The University has 80 academic staff members. At the University about 1.500 students prepare for their careers, with an increasing number of international students. Each year about 150 international students train in the English-language degree courses, offered in close co-operation with business, universities and research institutes worldwide.

The international courses are just as varied, with students arriving from countries in Europe, North and South America, Asia and Africa. The courses train for a Bachelor degree and combine both theoretical and practical training. To prepare students for their future career, a full-time traineeship in a middle management job is part of every course. During this traineeship you will proof your scientific and academic expertise in researching, writing and defending an Ingenieur Thesis relevant to the sector.


Practice is one of the main concepts in all CAH DUAS courses. CAH DUAS uses the educational model of competency based education. We teach students to develop professional products like for example an export plan for an exporter in tulip bulbs, perform a food safety audit in meat processing unit or write a policy plan for the rural area in a mountain region in Italy. A close cooperation with both private enterprises as well as the public sector is the basis for our cooperation, inviting professionals of external organisations to guest lectures, be involved in the assessment of students or provide input for the (re-)design of our modules.

Student enterprises

CAH DUAS also provides opportunities for students to run an enterprise in their field of education. At the University farm students can run their own student enterprises where they can practice their farm management skills in rearing pigs, sheep or poultry. The University Farm is a state-of-the-art agricultural production unit that also contains dairy and arable sections which are managed on a commercial basis. A greenhouse is located on campus where students in horticulture run their own enterprise. The students are responsible for the complete process from selection of the products they want to grow to marketing of the products.



The library (in Dutch mediatheek) is small scale but can offer you a wide variety of information both digital as on paper, thanks to the shared information system with other professional agricultural universities amongst which Wageningen University.
In this library you can find:

* Books
* Magazines
* Thesis assignments / reports
* CDs with digital information
* Video tapes
* Digital files

Study books for international courses

The books that are required for the one year international courses are offered as a package to the students at the start of the year at the rate of 30 a year. By the end of the year students can opt for buying or returning (some of) the books.


The University has a school canteen. At the Institutes Mensa you can buy breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner. The menu changes every week.

Service Centre

At the Service Centre you can buy office products, but they also offer coloured printing, binding of reports, and you can upgrade your copy card here. Faxing can be organised via this centre. Also computer help can be offered through this Service Centre.

Bar 6 minus

This bar is situated within the school premises next to Dutch student resident. From Monday till Friday in Bar -6 there is a strong vibe, it's rocking. This sounds strange to so many people, why not open during the weekend? The main reason is that on Saturday most of the Dutch students go home for the weekend. It's a good place to meet people and integrate with Dutch students.

Student life

International Campus

The International Campus in Dronten is a phenomenon for our international students. This is the place where you will truly experience the impact of an international study on your personal life. Students, from 20 different countries all over the world, study in Dronten each year. The international campus is therefore a true melting pot where you will meet new friends for life. The studies in Dronten are hard work, but campus life offers all kinds of possibilities to sometimes escape from the day-to-day routine.

The Polder

The Polder is an association of students which try to do their best to activate the campus of Dronten. The Polder is the only student organization of international and Dutch students. This organisation is the international board that promotes the integration between Dutch and international students of CAH DUAS. This Polder is split in 4 : The social, the cultural and integration, the sport and the PTC+ Committee. Our dedication is to make life on campus as memorable as possible!


Since the beginning of this year, a lot of different activities have been organised like a trip to Walibi attraction park, to Amsterdam and to do ice skating. We did a movie night, some parties and we even had an ice bar during Christmas time! The Polder also plans to make a Year Book as a memory of Dronten and of all the international students.


In November we went to Den Haag for the International Student Day. This day we had time to visit organisations or museums in the city on the morning. Then weve met international students from other University to the World Forum, we did some workshops together about The Netherlands and our respective country, weve met official people from Den Haag and some humorists. This day has been enclosed by an international meal and a concert. The trip was organized by the Polder in cooperation with the International Office of CAH DUAS.


The sport committee has also organised Volley Ball and Football tournaments in the gym hall. There are some dance lessons and there is a swimming pool is near the campus.

These are some of the Polder activities for 2009-2010, dont hesitate to create new ones and of course to visit CAH DUAS and the Netherlands! Youll enjoy it!

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