The university has always been in the front lines of advances in research and technology, resolving important economic, social and political issues, and contributing to the glory of Russian higher education, and is still there now.

Top 3 reasons to study here

  • Our students have a unique chance to progress in science using the one-of-a-kind research equipment and latest educational programs.
  • Our glorious traditions and the high mission of the University is reflected in our history, and in our achievements.
  • The University is well known abroad, it has direct scientific, engineering and pedagogical ties with similar institutions.



In 1942 Kuibyshev Aviation Institute has been opened in the difficult wartime for the country. About 30 enterprises and the war industry organizations have been evacuated to Kuibyshev. The manufacture of the attack plane IL-2, which was the most mass plane of the Second World War, has been organized here. The front was in need of airplanes, and plants required engineers.


Samara University accomplishes the preparation of the specialists for the space-rocket, aircraft, radio-electronic, metallurgical, automotive industry and other industries on full-time, part-time (evening) and correspondence courses for 54 basic educational programs and 6 programs of additional professional education. After graduation, the state diploma is given with such qualifications: Specialist, Bachelor, Master.


Major Research Areas of Samara University

  • Space engineering
  • Aeronautics
  • Aerospace engine construction
  • Dynamics and vibroacoustics of machines
  • Perspective material and technologies
  • Laser and biomedical systems
  • Radioelectronics, Micro- and Nanoelectronics
  • Information technologies, computer optics and image processing
  • Space geoinformatics and information security
  • Physics, chemistry and gas dynamics

Master's Programmes

Computer Science & IT (10)
Natural Sciences & Mathematics (8)
Engineering & Technology (5)
Business & Management (1)


Housing services

The dormitories of Samara National Research University (Samara University) provide housing to full time students of the University who are not residents of Samara, including postgraduate and doctoral students, trainees, students of preparatory courses, students enrolled in continuing education and professional improvement programs, for the duration of their studies.

Full-time graduate and postgraduate students who are enrolled into free public education state programs have priority. In exceptional cases, the Rector retains the right to provide lodging to students who are residents of Samara, and to other groups. International students have the same rights and responsibilities as Russian citizens.

Library services

The Samara University Science and Technology Library is one of the best university libraries in Samara. The library boasts a unique collection of scientific and educational literature and fiction

ICT services

Four mobile phone operators provide services on the Samara University campus.Use these services to call your friends and family at home. For more information on rates, visit the mobile company website or ask a sales assistant at local mobile communication outlets.

Medical services

Medical service for students is performed by the University's health center which is also provided by a link with Inter-University clinics. The functions of the health center are to organize and carry out regular clinical surveys, clinical examinations and vaccination of students and staff of Samara University.

Student Life

Campus life

Samara, called Kuybyshev, from 1935 to 1990, is one of the largest cities in Russia. Its population is 1,169,000 people (2012). Samara is an administrative centre of Samarskaya Oblast. The city was founded in 1586 as a fortress. Now it is an important political, industrial, and cultural center of Russia. It is located in the south-eastern part of European Russia, on the Volga river. The climate is continental, with hot summers and cold winters.

Sports facilities

The University has well-equipped athletic facilities for physical fitness and sports activities. Students can attend training sessions leading to Candidate to Master of Sport and Master of Sport ranks in 14 disciplines: swimming, football, volleyball, basketball, martial arts (sambo and judo), aerobics, gymnastics, sailing, general fitness, track and field, weightlifting, powerlifting, table tennis, skiing.

Student clubs

Samara University provides a large number of students associations, clubs, sections and project groups. Each student has the opportunity to prove themselves in one field of extracurricular activity or another.Protection of the rights and interests of students and the development of their creative and leadership potential is provided by the University’s students trade union.The Council of young scientists and specialists is intended to involve students into scientific work and promote it at the University: a Students’ Design Bureau, an inter-departmental aircraft Design Bureau,an information technology club (ASIS IT-club), etc.

The Global Study Awards

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Other Degrees

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