Brighton School of Business and Management

Brighton, England, United Kingdom
We are a self-study online distance learning College specialising in Management and Business qualifications. All courses are completely online and classroom attendance is not required. All our qualifications are UK accredited and are accepted as entry qualifications for higher level courses. All our students are provided with support and contact with a UK tutor. We provide flexible start dates with students starting courses every Monday. Flexible payment plans for fees are also available. Our Management and Business Qualifications have the same status as those studied at University.


Long Description

Our courses give people of all ages the opportunity to study at home, in their own country. We have students studying worldwide in approximately 80 countries. We offer a wide range of courses at undergraduate and postgraduate level, including courses in Business, Events Management, Healthcare Management, Hospitality, Human Resources, Management and Leadership, Marketing, Project Management, and Quality Management. The courses are delivered via our virtual learning environment, Moodle. Students can access Moodle at any time, giving the student complete control of when they study their course. Our students are guided through their courses via a tutor and they are also issued with a timetable with assignment deadlines. Most of the courses that we offer are assessed via assignments, although some courses do have examination assessments: students are assisted with their examination arrangements. Examination centres are located worldwide.

What is Online Distance Learning?

  • You can study a structured course with the flexibility to choose your own time and place to study.
  • Study materials are available from our virtual learning environment, Moodle.
  • Moodle can be accessed from anywhere in the world, at anytime, through our separate Moodle website. You will need access to a computer and internet connection.
  • You will be supported by a personal tutor who will give you guidance and advice about your course and assignments.

Where and How do I Study?

Learning from home or work gives you the freedom to:

  • work at your own pace - to slow down, speed up, stop, start again - in response to changes in your circumstances;
  • plan your studies to suit your home, social, and work circumstances;
  • study where it is most convenient for you - at home, at work, at a local library, on journeys;
  • study at a time to suit you - when you choose - at any time of the day and night, and any day of the week.

Our Courses are Structured

  • to provide a reasonable study schedule;
  • with deadlines for assignments' work.

Our Courses are Internationally Recognised

  • they are accredited by national validation organisations;
  • they are highly respected by employers internationally;
  • they are accepted as entry qualifications for higher level courses.

Who Studies by Online Distance Learning?

The opportunity to study at home, in your own country, or current location, appeals to many types of people:

  • High school leavers who need to start work
  • Graduates starting their careers
  • Mature people who have delayed entry into further education
  • Older people who have work or family commitments which prevent studying full-time
  • Those thinking of continuing education for personal development or for a career change
  • Those who want to upgrade their professional qualifications
  • Entrepreneurs who wish to gain business & management knowledge and skills
  • Expatriates who are working away from their home countries
  • Service men and women in the armed forces who regularly move locations.

No matter where you live, or what your role is, or what age you are, we offer you an enjoyable, flexible, high-quality learning experience.

Our support will provide:

  • high-quality study materials
  • support and email & telephone contact with a UK tutor.

The benefits to you will be that you will:

  • learn valuable new skills;
  • gain a valuable qualification;
  • be more successful in your work;
  • manage workplace problems more effectively;
  • have better chances of promotion;
  • gain the respect of your colleagues.

All of our courses:

  • will help you to use your learning to improve your performance and progress in your career;
  • are of reasonable cost;
  • give you a fast return on investment by helping you progress;
  • help you to grow and develop personally.

Online Courses You Can Study From Home

Brighton School of Business and Management is a UK accredited online college offering self study online distance learning courses to students in the UK and throughout the world. The Business School is based in the vibrant city of Brighton on the South Coast of England, but has helped students from across the globe to achieve internationally recognised qualifications in Business and Management.

Our online distance learning courses allow you to study and complete UK accredited business and management courses in your own time, wherever you are in the world. With the online courses available from Brighton School of Business and Management, you can improve your professional skills in a location and at a time that is suitable for your lifestyle and work commitments.

Online Distance Learning Courses in Business, Management and Leadership Skills

There is a wide range of online distance learning courses available, from short management courses to fully accredited distance learning degree courses. Whether you are looking for an HNC in Business course to enhance your management skills, or a more specific course such as a Diploma in Project Management, we have an online distance learning course that is just right for you.

All our courses start every Monday.

Our online distance learning courses are self study courses. You are not required to attend any classroom courses. You are supported by a personal tutor who will give you guidance and advice about your course and assignments. All Edexcel courses are assessed by assignments only.

Study materials are available from our virtual learning environment, Moodle. Moodle can be accessed from anywhere in the world, you just need a computer or tablet or i-pad and a intenet connection.

To find out more about the courses you are interested in, take a look around this website, or fill in our online enquiry form to request further information.

Brighton School of Business and Management is a registered centre with Edexcel (BTEC). Approval Centre Number: 14955


All our students are provided with good quality self - study materials accessed via our online virtual learning environment, Moodle. Moodle can be accessed at any time. Students also have access to a wealth of journals and articles that are available on Moodle, covering all course subjects. All our students are allocated a tutor, who guide and assist students through their course. Our students can contact their tutor 7 days a week, for support and help with their course and assignments. Contact with a tutor is via email and telephone. Our students also have the support of Student Services, who are based in the office in Brighton, UK. If our students encounter any personal problems while studying with us, students can apply for an interruption of studies and assignment extension deadlines.





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Brighton, England, United Kingdom