EAE Business School

Barcelona, Spain
EAE is an International Higher Management Education Institution. With 50 years experience as a Business School, EAE has been involved in the training of over 65,000 directors and professionals. Each year, participants from over 72 countries develop their skills at EAE, equipping them to perform roles of responsibility within the business and institutional world.



Since being founded in 1958, over 65,000 executives have passed through EAEs classrooms. The School has participants from over 72 countries and 5 continents, with 95% of the students having professional experience.


The Strategic Research Centers mission is to conduct market research and analysis for its subsequent strategic application in the business world, thereby expanding our knowledge of key areas of business management.

The Strategic Research Center focuses on three lines of research:
  • Perspectives, which aim to analyse the most significant economic and social issues both in Spain and internationally.
  • Faculty Research, used by the teaching faculty to publicize their research findings and conclusions.
  • Briefing Research, in which current and former students present their research projects under the guidance of members of the Strategic Research Centre.


All students can take advantage of individual sessions with a member of the Professional Careers Department. The aim of these sessions is to advise students with respect to planning their professional career, by designing a personalized strategy for job hunting or career transition.


Library services

Digital Library of Management, with over 13,000 publications and subscriptions to magazines such as Time and the Harvard Deusto Business Review.

Student Life

Campus life

Barcelona Campus

The Campus boasts extensive modern facilities covering an area of 5,000 square metres. As well as the training activities that take place here, the Campus is also the venue for the majority of the Schools institutional projects, with the participation of the members of the School community: students, teachers, staff, collaborators, professionals, directors, companies and institutions.

Madrid Campus

EAEs Madrid campus was established in 2006 and has been at its current location since 2007. EAE Madrids headquarters is located at 41 Calle Joaquín Costa, right in the heart of the citys financial district.

Student clubs

The Association of Current and Former Students of EAE Business School is a joint initiative between current and former students, teaching faculty and the business community.

  • Enabling current and former students to refresh and update their knowledge and enhancing the continuous development of their skills.
  • Supporting the professional development and career guidance of the current and former students through the Professional Guidance Service.
  • Publicizing and supporting for EAEs mission: to train business leaders equipped to head companies and institutions with the aim of fulfilling societys needs.


  • AEEDE accreditation