Uppsala University

Uppsala, Sweden

No. Students: 40,000 (2,500 int'l)* No. of Academic staff: 3,500
Funding type: Public
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Why should I study here?

Discover the top reasons to study at Uppsala University

  • Top Ranked
  • Eight Nobel Prizes
  • Unique and vibrant student life


The first University in Sweden - Since 1477 - Top 100 in the World

Uppsala university is consistently ranked among the top universities of the world, and so far we have 8 Nobel prizes. Because of that, a degree from Uppsala University is recognized world wide and will help you in your professional life whether you pursue a research career or plan to work as a professional. Several of our master students also get directly involved in current research projects during their studies and continue with a PhD after graduation.

  • One of northern Europes most highly ranked universities
  • Eight Nobel Prizes
  • Diversity and breadth in research and education in nine faculties
  • 40 International Master degree programmes
  • Commitment to strong research environments
  • Superbly equipped, purpose-designed, modern, interdisciplinary campus settings
  • Unique and vibrant student life
  • Carl Linnaeus, Anders Celsius, and Olof Rudbeck are some of the famous historical Uppsala profiles

Student Life

Sweden is probably one of the safest countries in the world and whether students live in Uppsala city or in Visby at the island of Gotland, they live in a cultural setting with roots harking back several centuries. They can all experience student activities far beyond the ordinary. As a student you also have access to modern facilities in well equipped labs, libraries and lecture rooms. Free Wi-Fi is available on all campuses.

Last, but not least, your student visa allows you to travel all over Europe while studying at Uppsala University.


Uppsala University is accredited by the Swedish National Agency of Higher Education


Students with disabilities who have enrolled in higher education will receive forms of support that are directly related to their education according to need.

A disability coordinator with specific responsibility for disability issues is available to students with disabilities at Uppsala University. Students with disabilities are recommended to make contact with the disability coordinator in order to discuss their need of support as soon as possible.

Among the forms of support which may be considered for students with disabilities may be mentioned:

  • note-taking help
  • course literature in alternative formats such as talking books
  • sign language interpretation (Swedish sign language)
  • mentors
  • modification of regulations surrounding exams, such as extended time for written exams
  • special help from the University Library

Student life

Sweden is probably one of the safest countries in the world and both Uppsala and Visby are pre-eminent university towns. Our students live in a cultural setting with roots harking back several centuries and can experience student activities far beyond the ordinary. They live the traditional life of a student, both every day and on festive occasions in student housing corridors and at student social clubs, called nations. Ball gowns and tie-and-tails elegance jostles with discos and pubs, and theater groups are just as self-evident as floor ball teams. Our campus in Visby on Gotland can also offer some of Swedens best beaches. Read more about student nations.

Study environment

As a student you have access to modern facilities in well equipped labs, libraries and lecture rooms. Free Wi-Fi is available on all campuses. Nine campus areas are spread over the town of Uppsala and one campus is located on the island of Gotland. The 13 student nations and their activities are also very visible signs of our presence. Another telltale sign is all the bicycling students coming from all over the world.

Freedom and responsibility

Swedish people are in general very easygoing and informal. It's not uncommon to have a fika with your professor in the campus café and office doors are usually open. We do our best to help you and try to give you as good a study experience as possible. That doesn't mean you don't have to work for your degree. On the contrary, Uppsala is a very demanding university but the rewards are great.

As a student at Uppsala University you will take responsibility for your own success and often work in a group with fellow students on subject specific problems and tasks. Your professors will be there to share their knowledge and guide you, but expect the relative freedom and your own responsibility for your studies to be a bit different from what you are used to. The social and problem solving skills you gain while studying at Uppsala University will be a valuable asset in your future career.

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