The University is both a teaching and a research institution with a long tradition in education and strong academic standing, it is also famous for its credibility in economic analyses. As an economic university it develops all forms of academic teaching, places great value towards academic research, is a leader in economic expertise and in implementation of innovation and continuously develops international cooperation and its relations with business.

Top 3 reasons to study here

  • The entire academic cummunity’s commitment will help to enhance the Poznan University of Economics and Business’ high standing in research and education.
  • As a leading economic school in Poland, the Poznan University of Economics and Business will strengthen its position in the international arena.
  • We train highly qualified staff that will be able to conduct research activity and effectively meet the challenges of the labour market.



It is 1918. In an independent Poland, newly liberated from foreign rule, trade starts to develop, and the economy is consolidating. Thanks to a favourable situation in the world market, the region of Wielkopolska is enjoying a rapid development. This creates a need for a school which would train – theoretically and practically – highly qualified workforce for industry, trade and services.


  • Faculty of Economics
  • Faculty of International Business and Economics
  • Faculty of Informatics and Electronic Economy
  • Faculty of Commodity Science
  • Faculty of Management


Currently, the most technologically advanced research is conducted by the Faculty of Informatics and Electronic Economy.The scope of studies includes:

  • design and implementation of management information systems,
  • development and implementation of the latest techniques and technologies for storage and transfer of information,
  • e-economy,
  • knowledge management,
  • computer support of management decisions,
  • micro- and macro-economic use of modern mathematical, statistical and econometric tools,
  • basic research in the field of optimization of economic decisions, programming, and mathematical economics.

Master's Programmes

Business & Management (4)
Engineering & Technology (1)


Housing services

The University offers its students self-catering accommodation in its three halls of residence. They are located not far from the city center, and are well linked with the University by public transportation. All the buildings have recently been refurbished. Most of the rooms are double and equipped with a high-speed Internet connection. Exchange students are guaranteed to be offered a place in one of the University’s halls of residence.

Library services

The Library offer:

  • printed materials: on site and on loan
  • digital materials (databases, CD and DVD publications): on site and through remote access (from home)
  • assistance in searching for information, information consulting services
  • training for individual and group users
  • Internet access (including hotspots)
  • photocopying services

Medical services

  • If you don’t need a doctor, but simply medication, you should find an “Apteka”. In Poland you can also find a number of pharmacies, which supply homeopathic and other appropriate medicines. Some medicies you can get only with a prescription. Opening hours: weekly 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. (or 8 p.m.), on Saturdays – depending.

Student Life

Sports facilities

In Pozna´n you can find many interesting facilities for sports and recreation. Please find some examples below:

  • Lake Malta Centre

A place which you have to visit! It is situated in the eastern part of Pozna´n, constitutes one of the most attractive sports and recreational areas in the city. Such events as: rowing, canoeing and motorboat races, as well as swimming, triathlon and long-distance swimming competitions can be held there.

  • Swimming pools
There are several indoor swimming pools and three outdoor in Poznan.
  • Tennis Courts: there are at least 8 tennis courts in Poznan

Student clubs

  • PUE Student Parliament
  • MUSICA VIVA Chamber Choir
  • AIESEC. International student organization
  • Erasmus Student Network
  • Business Centre Club Student Forum
  • AZS - Academic Sports Association


  • Pozna´n University of Economics was awarded CEEMAN International Quality Accreditation (IQA)– one of the most prestigious accreditations in the field of management education.

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