OBS Business Schoolis the first100% onlinebusiness school in Spain to offer onlineMBAs and Masters degreesin management that are designed to train executives and business managers so they can lead companies and institutions from a new paradigm of sustainability and innovation.

Top 3 reasons to study here

  • The main objective of the School is to train directors and business managers to lead companies and institutions.
  • OBS wants to be a Business School that is connected to companies and employees globally.
  • OBS Business School was, for the fifth consecutive year, chosen as the best Spanish-speaking online business school by the 2015 Ibero-American Training Ranking.



OBS Business School was set up in 2006 as the first 100% online business school in Spanish. It was founded along with the Planeta Group, the world leader in publishing for the Spanish-speaking market with remarkable e-learning know-how.


Through our MBA, Masters and Postgraduate programmes we provide professionals and companies with comprehensive training in all the functional areas of an organisation, which always comes with the flexibility offered by our online methodology. This has led to our two MBA programmes (Executive MBA and Global MBA) being acknowledged by the Financial Times as being among the best online MBA programmes in the world.


OBS Business School collaborates with over a thousand companiesfrom a variety of sectors, and many of them have strengthened their collaborations through theCollaborating Companies and Entitiesagreement.

This relationshipbetween OBS and the very fabric of businessallows us to continuously update our academic programmes to ensure that they will respond to the diverse needs of corporations.


Library services

Students at OBS have access to the Management Digital Library, with over 13,000 volumes and subscriptions to magazines such as Times.

Other Degrees

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