Malardalen University

Västerås, Sweden

No. Students: 13,000 (800 int'l)* No. of Academic staff: 550
Funding type: Public
  • Västerås / Sweden
Listed programmes:
Type of education:

*: Approximate

studies available.

* Collaboration that you will benefit from Our education is characterised by high quality and close contact to research, between students, as well as between students and teachers. Mälardalen University is well known for our cooperation with the surrounding society and we know that our students are attractive on the labour market. More than 81 % of our students have an employment the first year after their graduation. Through high-quality education and cooperation with the public sector, companies and industry, we prepare you for work life. Our study programmes are designed in cooperation with employers and are constantly evaluated by them which helps to match our programmes and courses with the demands of the professional world. Many multinational companies such as ABB, Ericsson, and Volvo are situated close to both Eskilstuna and Västerås and our students benefit from this.

* An international atmosphere You will feel at home at Mälardalen University, and being here is more like being part of an international community than in a particular country. Mälardalen University has an international atmosphere, with students and staff from all over the world. We also have partner universities in some fifty countries around the globe, and both students and staff have excellent opportunities to spend some time at one of these other seats of learning.

* Valuable support and activities The University offers a lot of study help to its students, among other things in the form of courses in study technique and communication. Towards the end of a study program, we also offer career counseling.The Student Union arranges plenty of social activities and offers valuable support, especially to our international students.

* Good accomodation We help our students to find a place to live, and so far, all students have always found their own room with a high standard, either in Eskilstuna or in Västerås. During terms, Monday - Friday, we also offer free bus travels between the cities, for both students and university staff.

* Excellent facilities at your disposal The facilities are modern and features bright, modern buildings that were built for the university. There are plenty of lecture halls and meeting places for students, but also cozy courtyards and quiet study rooms. There are many computer workstations that our students can use, plus access to a wireless network for laptop computers. Your personal student card is used both for accessing doors, lending books and paying for copies.

* High quality teaching based on research That there is a strong link between our educations and our research is a matter of course to us. Professors often take their share of the teaching, and students gain good insights into the world of research and the latest findings.

* Education with a focus on employability Mälardalen Universitys students are attractive on the labour market. Through high-quality education and cooperation with the surrounding community, we prepare them for work life. Our study programs are designed in cooperation with employers and are constantly evaluated by them which helps to match our programs and courses with the demands of the labour market. Our students stand in continual close contact with their peers, teachers, researchers, and future employers, and many of our educations feature practical elements. This can take the form of, for example, students writing their degree projects in conjunction with a company, or of the university inviting business representatives to teach on a course.

* A closeness within the University International students often appreciate the fact that its easy to get in contact with the professors and that there is an informal atmosphere at MDU. Undergraduate students, doctoral students, and professors often meet in the context of different projects. We appreciate it when students participate actively in their education and therefore encourage them to make the most out of their time of study.


The University has over 13,000 students studying one of our approximately 60 programs and more than 750 courses.

Mälardalen University is situated in the densely populated and expansive region around Lake Mälaren, about one hour by train from Stockholm and Arlanda Airport. Most of the University's students are taking courses at one of its two centrally situated campuses in Eskilstuna and Västerås.

Education and research is characterised by high international quality in technology and science, the humanities, social science and the caring sciences. The University participates in some ten national research schools and conducts graduate studies within the technological branch of scholarship.

The University also prioritises the building up of several strong research areas within the humanities/social- and the caring sciences.

The University is environmentally certified and prioritises sustainable community development in all its activities.


The International Division at the University coordinates student reception services and a series of activities for all our international students at the beginning of each semester. We will do our outmost to help you and guide your question to the right instance. Mälardalen University offers excellent study facilities and courses in study techniques, career and study guidance. Students will also be assisted in finding a place to live while studying here. Mälardalen University has excellent library facility which aims towards maintaining a supreme international level of quality in the fields of education and research. As a student at Mälardalen University you travel free on the bus between our campuses in Eskilstuna and Västerås. Our university chaplain and student health offers support and help in various ways during your period of study as a student at Mälardalen University.

Student life

While studying at Mälardalen University you will probably spend a lot of time at one of our campuses. The universitys study environments have been designed in cooperation with the students and it shows.

Light, modern and airy are words that describe Mälardalen Universitys premises well. But here there are also cozy courtyards and calm study rooms. All the universitys premises have in common that they are new or carefully renovated, with an atmosphere that is good for creative thoughts and study.

The university library is located both in Västerås and Eskilstuna. In addition to assigned reading, dissertations, electronic periodicals and books, there are quiet reading places for undisturbed study, but also group rooms for project assignments. On the campus in general, there are plenty of study places and computer rooms.

The Eskilstuna Campus

The campus in Eskilstuna is situated at five minutes walk from the central station, and, if possible, even closer to the city center with its large choice of restaurants, cafés and nightlife. This means that you never have to feel isolated at the university; you only have to step into the pedestrian street outside.

The campus consists of three blocks in the middle of the city center. A large part of the university is located in former industrial properties that have been renovated to top modern standard. By preserving the robust industrial brick-and-steel architecture, the old-time charm has been kept while the buildings feel modern and fresh at the same time. Surrounded by cobblestone streets, there is now a lunch restaurant, the university library, group rooms and lecture halls.

The Västerås Campus

The campus in Västerås is situated at just a 15-minute walk from the central station, in between the vibrant city life and possible leisure time activities. In one direction is the old town and the cathedral, and a stones throw away in the other direction is the Rocklunda sports centre, with several arenas and sports fields.

The first thing that meets your eyes when you come walking from the city centre is the big university library. The library with its impressive ceiling height (18 meters) and fantastic glass façade has become something of a symbol of the university in Västerås. The building has won architectural awards for its Japanese-inspired style and the natural wood-and-glass façade.

The universitys other facilities are bright and thoroughly renovated, and especially adapted to the activities at a university. This means that there are plenty of computer rooms, lecture halls and meeting places for the students.

On campus there is also a daycare centre, a lunch restaurant, a café and a student kitchenette where you can microwave your own food. However, during the summer students usually go out and sit on the large lawn in front of the university. Otherwise, the students natural meeting place is the students union building, just behind the university. There you can find both a restaurant and a café.

Master's Programmes at Malardalen University

School of Sustainable Development of Society and Technology (HST)

School of Health, Care and Social Welfare (HVV)

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