European Graduate School (EGS)

Saas-Fee, Switzerland

No. Students: 600
Funding type: Private
Listed programmes:
Type of education:

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EGS is enriched by a student body comprised of individuals from multitudinous cultural, educational and socio-economic backgrounds from around the world. Although the language of instruction is English, a majority of EGS students speak more than one language, as do our distinguished Professors and staff. Students, coming from research traditions varying from traditional philosophy and literature departments to artists, film makers and writers, all add to the unique diversity to the EGS student community. Our Admissions department recruits high performing students from across disciplines and academic backgrounds in order to produce a challenging symbiosis between students' interests and teachers' professional occupations. We are a community of thinkers and artists whose dreams to pursue post graduate work in a progressive, critical, and forward-thinking institution come to fruition at a university whose internationally renowned faculty and diverse student body create a discernable vibrancy. The EGS campus is situated in the Pennine Alps, in a valley surrounded by four thousand metre peaks.


Education in Switzerland

In accordance with Switzerlands federalistic structure, education falls under the jurisdiction of the individual cantons (Article 62 of the Federal Constitution (Bundesverfassung) of the Swiss Confederation of April 18, 1999, as of January 1, 2008; referred to hereafter as BV, Exhibit 1). The Federal government supports the cantonal colleges and universities, and can provide financial support to post-secondary schools recognized by it (Article 63a Paragraph 2 BV). The Federal government and the Cantons work together to coordinate and manage quality assurance for Swiss post-secondary schools (Article 63a Paragraph 3 BV). Federal support of research can be made contingent upon adherence to standards of quality assurance and coordination. (Article 64 BV).

European Graduate School (EGS)
The European Graduate School (EGS) is a private tuition-funded university institution, established in 1994 by the Swiss non-profit foundation Stiftung EGIS in Zurich, Switzerland and chartered as graduate and post-graduate degree-granting University with its campus in Saas-Fee, Wallis, Switzerland, and its university administration in Leuk-Stadt, Wallis, Switzerland. EGS is accredited by the State and Canton of Wallis to award the graduate degrees of Master of Arts (M.A.), of CAGS and of Ph.D. (Dr. phil.) and has been officially recognized as university by the State and Canton of Wallis by Staatsratsbeschluss (State Council decision) in 2002, recently renewed by a new State Council decision in 2007. The European Graduate School is listed as a private research institution and university in the registry and website of the Canton Wallis.

For more information please visit: Kanton Wallis / Canton du Valais. Departement für Erziehung, Kultur und Sport/Department of Education, Culture and Sport, Dienststelle für tertiäre Bildung. Education and Bildung und Hochschulforschung (Education and Research in Post-Secondary Schools).

After the Council for Education and Research has submitted its review and upon nomination by the Department of Education, Culture, and Sport, the State Council of the Canton of Wallis accredits post-secondary schools and research institutions (Ruling of the State Council of the Canton of Wallis of February 28, 2007, Exhibit 6). The accreditation is valid for a period of four years (administrative period), and applies also to the determination of the diplomas awarded by the EGSF (point 1 of the ruling). Furthermore, the State Council in its ruling appoints the competent experts and the representatives of the Department of Education, Culture, and Sport to the Foundation Council of the EGS.

Master's Programmes at European Graduate School (EGS)

Media and Communications Division

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