Abertay is right at the heart of Dundee, combining all the advantages of a close-knit campus with the buzz of city centre life. All of our buildings are within a quarter of a mile of each other, as are shops, bars, clubs, cinemas and theatres, and we’re just a few minutes' walk from the bus and train stations.
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Abertay is right at the heart of Dundee, combining all the advantages of a close-knit campus with the buzz of city centre life. All of our buildings are within a quarter of a mile of each other, as are shops, bars, clubs, cinemas and theatres, and we’re just a few minutes' walk from the bus and train stations.

A warm welcome

The campus itself is an eclectic mixture of everything from the Edwardian Old College to our outstanding and award-winning Bernard King Library. The heart of the University lies in Bell Street, with most teaching and learning facilities, offices, research centres and the Library all within just a few yards of each other. Best of all, our 21st-century Student Centre is also here, and whether you’re going to lectures, meeting with staff, studying in the library, attending tutorials and seminars, or just having a coffee with friends, you’ll always feel like a part of our bustling community.

World leaders

Abertay isn’t just a great place to be a student – the University is also home to world-leading research teams, whose discoveries are hailed internationally. We are Scotland's leading university for environmental science research, with leading-edge initiatives such as the SIMBIOS unit exploring soil bioinformatics; the Abertay Centre for the Environment promoting ‘green’ business practices, and the Urban Water Technology Centre developing innovative new drainage and pollution-control technology.

Abertay researchers are also studying issues as varied as innovative visualisation of complex datasets, policing and security research including witness analysis, face identity and money laundering, the study of regional and national economic analysis and accountancy as related to the oil and gas industry, food and nutrition science, sports and health science, psychology, computer arts and digital media, and many other topics.

Our teaching and support staff

Apart from getting on with the business of teaching, many of the staff are either actively involved in research or work with industry. All of our researchers are involved in teaching and developing courses – giving our students the chance to learn from world leaders every day.

Coming to University marks a major step in your life, and we’re on hand to make sure that the transition is as smooth as possible. The University can offer advice and support on everything from accommodation and managing your finances, to staying healthy and planning your workload. We have a counselling service that can help you work through any problems, and we employ a team of students each year to act as mentors for all newcomers. The Students’ Association also provides help and advice via the elected student executive. No matter what your question, we have someone who can help you answer it.

Our student community

The friendly and welcoming environment at Abertay is created by our students, who represent a great diversity of backgrounds and cultures. Over 60 nationalities are represented on campus, and our courses attract everyone from local school leavers to overseas research students. Abertay also attracts a very high proportion of mature students.

There are endless opportunities for students and staff to socialise together, helping to develop excellent staff/student working relationships, and contributes to the feeling of community which characterises Abertay.

Master's Programmes

Computer Science & IT (5)
Business & Management (2)
Engineering & Technology (2)
Applied Sciences & Professions (1)
Environmental Studies & Earth Sciences (1)
Humanities (1)
Medicine & Health (1)
Social Sciences (1)

Many organisations offer scholarships or grants. Some of these might help you to study for a Master at Abertay University!


White Space

Situated on the ground floor of the University's Kydd Building, White Space is a unique knowledge environment for students, staff and local businesses. Opened in 2007 and with an eclectic mix of disciplines, this creative environment is now a thriving hub of activity.

The library

The facilities at Abertay are excellent and getting better. Our award-winning The Bernard King Library has set the standard for all British universities. This superb learning environment includes fully equipped seminar rooms for teaching information and IT skills, six group study rooms, and the Centre for Language Learning and Self-Study. Part of the building has been designed to operate 24 hours a day and combines IT and study facilities and a time-out area where students can relax.

Student Centre

Abertay's Student Centre is in the middle of our friendly city campus, just yards from our award-winning library and main teaching buildings. We've invested £6 million into getting it just right, from the beautiful red sandstone to the inspiring green cladding with glass front. The Student Centre is more than just a building - it’s the cultural and social hub of our city campus and is a safe, stimulating environment in which to eat, relax and socialise with friends and meet with lecturers.


Sport@Abertay is as much a part of university life as attending lecture and tutorials. We have over 20 sports clubs ranging from traditional sports such as rugby and football through to new exciting sports such as skydiving and ultimate Frisbee. Most clubs compete in the Scottish universities sport leagues, while some also compete in local amateur leagues. There is also a revitalised gym that is on campus, making it ideal to use in-between classes. For a minimal membership you have the use of 14 cardio vascular stations, 15 strength stations and as much training advice as you want.

Abertay Sports Injuries Centre

The Sports Injury Clinic is a multi-disciplinary centre that brings together expertise from the areas of sports medicine and sports science and delivers them to the individual. The centre provides a comprehensive service to everyone and is delivered by our staff who are highly qualified in a range of areas including the diagnosis of injuries, rehabilitation advice, screening and advice on appropriate training methods. They are also qualified in massage and acupuncture.

The Hannah Maclure Centre

The Hannah Maclure Centre is located on the top floor of the new Abertay Student Centre in the heart of campus and provides an informal and cultural space for students and staff to present, engage and interact with exhibitions. The centre also houses a state-of-the-art cinema and performance space that seats 80, and runs student film nights and a multitude of one-off screenings, performances and seminars.

Students' Association

There are many things to do at Abertay when you are not studying. The Students' Association organises a wide range of societies covering all sorts of interests from the Biotechnology Society, Japanese Film and Anime Society, to the Poker Society. All of the societies welcome new members so you don't need to be an expert to join.

Abertay GameLab

The best way to teach our students all about game technology and game application development at undergraduate and postgraduate level was to create their very own game lab. consists of two main teaching areas, an octagonal pod area housing 40 computer stations, and an advanced development areas housing 50 computer stations used for the high-end game and graphics development.

Muslim Prayer Room

The Muslim Prayer Room is maintained by the Abertay Islamic Society and is situated on Level 2, Old College, Room 2518c.

The Piping and Traditional Music Club

The Abertay University Piping and Traditional Music Club was formed in 2001 and aims to promote piping, drumming, traditional music and ceilidh dancing within the University and in the wider community. Membership is open to all.
The club runs a variety of activities and groups including Abertay University's Pipe Band and a traditional acoustic music session group, from which members of the Abertay Ceilidh Band are drawn. In addition, tuition is offered in piping, fiddle and guitar. Many of our tutors, in addition to being full-time staff members, are professional musicians in their own right, often competing and composing their own music, so high quality tuition is guaranteed. We also offer tuition in ceilidh dancing as well as organising social events and outings on a regular basis.
Annual membership costs just £5 for students and £10 for staff/external members. This entitles you to take part in as many music and dance classes, sessions or practices as you can fit in!

Information Services

Abertay is already one of the leading universities in the use of Information and communications technology in the support of teaching and learning, and access to electronic and other information resources is central to every course at the University. Information Services combine the information provision skills of library staff, the high quality customer service from frontline staff, with the expertise of our ICT, technical services, infrastructure and CIS teams, together with the technology enhanced learning staff. Students therefore benefit from the provision of an integrated support service across the University.

Student Life

Dundee’s cultural renaissance is progressing hand-in-hand with its economic and social regeneration. With a population of just over 143,000, the City of Discovery has punched well above its weight in reinventing itself as a city renowned for its energy, expertise and entrepreneurialism. Its reputation for excellence in fields as diverse as the life sciences and creative industries is spreading nationally and internationally, and the city is moving into a new phase of development.

Indeed the spirit of discovery is at the heart of the “new” Dundee. Scotland’s fourth city has shed its image of post-industrial decline and transformed itself in to a buzzing hub of activity, where the emphasis is on scientific excellence and artistic and cultural verve. As an educational centre, Dundee has one of the highest student ratios per head of population anywhere in the UK, and this energy brings a whole new dimension to the city’s nightlife, leisure and cultural facilities.

Its rejuvenated city centre has created one of the finest shopping zones in Scotland. Dundee’s transformation and growing sense of confidence is perhaps best symbolised by the success of Dundee Contemporary Arts, a nationally recognised cinema, gallery, bar and restaurant that is at the heart of the city’s cultural quarter, and the multi-million pound plans for the redevelopment of the waterfront. Dundee is very much a city on the rise.

Student life

Gain your independence and make lifelong friendships

Student life at Abertay is fun and exciting. No matter what type of student you are – undergraduate, postgraduate, full-time, part-time, coming from a local college or from abroad, you’ll not be alone at Abertay.

The Abertay Campus

The University is conveniently located on a city centre Campus, with all of its buildings within a quarter of a mile of each other. Shops, recreational facilities and the main bus and train stations are but a short walk away. The main buildings, Old College, Kydd Building, White Space, Student Centre and Hannah Maclure Centre and cinema and some Abertay accommodation are in the Bell Street complex, grouped around the University's outstanding award-winning Bernard King Library.

There is always a busy atmosphere around the Abertay campus, as students come and go to lectures, meet with staff, study for exams, and attend tutorials and seminars.

Supportive environment

As well as succeeding academically, we want to make sure you enjoy your time in Dundee, so we'll be there to support you every step of the way. If you feel you are struggling with your finances, workload or feeling homesick, the counsellors will be able to put you back on your feet and help you move forward again.

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