Capital School of English

Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom
Capital School of English is an independent and fully accredited British Council English Language School in Bournemouth with a Tier 4, Highly Trusted Sponsor status.


Capital School of English is a full member of English UK and a member of Quality English. The language school not only provides quality English courses in Bournemouth, England for adults and young people from all over the world, but also offers a range of English learning language courses to suit all abilities for individuals, International schools and business groups.

The school is proud of creating a professional and friendly atmosphere in the language school in Bournemouth, where students receive a warm welcome and whilst learning English, quickly get to know their fellow students and staff.Every year the stuff enjoy welcoming hundreds of international students to study English in Bournemouth, England.

Master's Programmes

Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom

Other Degrees