Glion Institute of Higher Education

Glion, Switzerland

No. Students: 1,626 (1,512 int'l)* No. of Academic staff: 100
Funding type: Private
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Why should I study here?

Discover the top reasons to study at Glion Institute of Higher Education

When many graduates struggle to find their first real job, more than 85% of Glion graduates had a job or multiple offers on graduation day. How is this possible? Glion has been ranked by industry hiring managers of luxury hotels among the top 3 hospitality management schools in the world for an international career.

  • A fast track to a successful career. Our business management degrees in hospitality and in event, sport & entertainment management are the ideal choice to combine both didactic and hands on learning, while developing interpersonal skills and traveling the world during internships. With three international campuses in Switzerland and London, more than 1600 students and 90 nationalities, Glion allows students to experience other cultures and choose their own educational pathway with many specializations to match their personal and professional goals.
  • Global Exposure. A career in hospitality and tourism, or event management requires graduates to have a certain level of global exposure and experience. As Utkarsh Gupta, Bachelor student says, the best thing about this program is the hands on learning in the initial semesters which helped me to get an idea of what I was going to do during my internships and in the future. The number of group projects and exposure to real life events is a real advantage to gain success. Through its challenging academic programs, structured living environment, hands on learning and the famous Glion Spirit, Glion Institute of Higher Education develops innovative leaders for a broad array of service industries.
  • A strong network. The personal and professional connections Glion students make while in school dont end when they graduate. In fact, their connections grow! Because when Glion students leave school they join one of the largest, most active and most well-placed alumni associations in the international hospitality and leisure industry. With over 10,000 Glion Alumni worldwide and more than 100 companies coming on campus to recruit our students, the career choices are almost endless, from managing a 5-star island resort to leading an exclusive corporate event.


Glion Institute of Higher education offers a unique, global approach to hospitality and services management education to prepare students for careers around the world. We combine 50 years of Swiss hotel management expertise, including hands on learning and professional internships, with modern international business courses. Students develop a strong foundation of cultural awareness, plus people and project management skills that will take their career to the world stage.

Offering the finest, most internationally focused hospitality education available, Glion is the first choice for students who want to achieve global success. We offer bachelor, postgraduate and graduate programs in the field of Hospitality, Tourism and Event, Sport & Entertainment management. To ensure the quality of its education, Glion is accredited at university level by the US Commission on Institutions of Higher Education of the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC).

In addition Glion is strongly attached to its industry connections and maintains close ties with hundreds of leading hospitality companies across the globe.

These connections keep our graduates in high demand year after year. In a global survey of 5-star hotel hiring managers, Glion was ranked number 2 among all international hospitality management schools for an international career (TNS Survey, 2013).

Glion offers a global network of campuses for exciting opportunities. In Switzerland, Glion has two spectacular campuses - in Montreux and Bulle. Recently opened, the new Glion London campus puts students in the heart of this thriving, international business capital to offer students a dynamic, enhanced international education experience.

With three international campuses, more than 1,600 students, 90 nationalities and 85 faculty members, Glion allows students to experience other cultures and choose their own educational pathway to match their personal and professional goals.


Glion is accredited at university level by the US Commission on Institutions of Higher Education of the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC).


Glion Campus

Our original residential campus in Glion remains a truly superb learning environment in all respects. Designed as a combined, simulated hotel and school, it features five restaurants for students to practice their hands on learning: Café Viennois, Bellevue dining room, Hotel des Alpes, The Club and La Residence. Our campus also offers great student accommodation, a superb library, full wireless Internet access, 16 classrooms and 1 auditorium, 2 computer labs, TV and game areas, beautiful terrace overlooking Lake Leman, a fitness center and sports hall, and more.

Bulle Campus

An impressive, modern university facility, the Bulle campus was specifically designed for a rigorous academic focus. Here, students develop their analytical and critical thinking through research, and group and individual projects. The campus features 20 classrooms, 3 auditoriums, 3 study rooms, TV lounges, 2 modern dining restaurants, a coffee lounge, free access to indoor tennis courts and a library containing thousands of books, magazines and online publications.

London Campus

Here, your superb Glion education will be enriched in countless ways in one of the most dynamic capitals in the world. You will study in our facility situated on the grounds of Whitelands College, one of the oldest universities in England, founded in 1841 and refurbished to modern learning environments. Our new campus offers outstanding lecture rooms, study areas, Sport facilities, student dining, single rooms with en-suite bathroom, retail outlets, bank and local shops within an on-site security and residential warden.

Student life

At Glion, it is certainly not all work and no play. We believe life outside of school is just as important as study within the classroom. Enjoying life while studying enables graduates to be fully prepared to succeed as well-rounded international hospitality and business management professionals. All of our campuses are located in regions and cities that offer abundant opportunities for students to maximize their free time and indulge whatever extracurricular interests they may have.

Students have nearly unlimited choices for pursuing leisure, outdoor and fitness activities, such as yoga, Zumba and dance, which help them stay physically fit and mentally sharp. We also offer many sports clubs at both Swiss campuses including football, rugby, skiing, basketball, and more. Students at Glion London can choose from over 60 available sports and cultural activities, as well as countless more organized by the Student Union.

Glion students also enhance their personal and development with exciting and enriching leisure and social activities. Travel and sightseeing excursions; theater and museum outings; concerts and art exhibits; gourmet dining and more. They also benefit greatly by expanding their multicultural sensitivities through the deep and lasting relationships they make with fellow students from all over the world. While Glion students are training for global management success, they’re also doing something equally important. They’re having fun.

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