EIT Digital Master School

Brussels, Belgium
The EIT Digital Masters Programme is a two-year programme with eight technical majors and a Minor in Innovation & Entrepreneurship. 21 European top universities, renown researchers and leading business are partnered with EIT Digital to provide technical excellence leading to two master's degrees, the EIT Digital Master's Certificate and hands-on experience.



The EIT Digital Master School is part of EIT Digital.

EIT Digital is a leading European digital innovation and entrepreneurial education organisation driving Europe’s digital transformation.


  • Cloud Computing and Services (CCS)
  • Data Science (DSC)
  • Digital Media Technology (DMT)
  • Embedded Systems (ES)
  • Human Computer Interaction and Design (HCID)
  • Internet Technology and Architecture (ITA)
  • Security and Privacy (SaP)
  • Software and Service Architectures (SSA, before SDE)

Each technical programme includes a common technical competence base, which constitutes the curriculum for the first study year, and a specialisation that will be the starting point for the thesis work during the second year. In all, this compiles 90 ECTS. In addition, a Minor in Innovation & Entrepreneurship of 30 ECTS will provide you with valuable knowledge on how to drive your innovations to the market.


Get an excellent theoretical education as well as the opportunity to work with European top research facilities and leading business partners. The education includes an internship in which students, teachers, and our business partners develop a project for your Master's thesis. This combination teaches you the creative skills prepare you to play a key role in the future of your field and drive innovations to the global market. Numerous extracurricular activities and networking opportunities with fellow students at other universities make this education a unique European experience.


You will be prepared for a career in business development at existing companies, for becoming an entrepreneurial researcher at a knowledge institute or large enterprise, and for creating your own business. Learn how to turn technology into business!

Student Life

Student clubs

Our Online-Community makes it easy to find fellow students and information regarding the universities, the master's education and everything else. (i.e. accommodations, life on campus, the city, visa and residence permits, useful addresses and phone numbers or a direct link to the student counsellors).