EIT Digital Master School
The EIT Digital Master's Education is a two-year full-time education, created for you and coordinated by the EIT Digital Master School Office in Stockholm. Admission to the programme and general student counselling will be handled from the Master School Office.The Master School Office staff work in close cooperation with university administrators at each one of the participating universities.

Top 3 reasons to study here

  • The EIT Digital Master School represents a fast track to your career: get in touch with industry
  • The EIT Digital Master School provides unique double degree Master’s programme with major in ICT and minor in E&I.
  • You will gain crucial international experience study two years in 2 different European cities



The EIT was officially established on 11 March 2008 following the adoption of the EIT Regulation by the European Parliament and Council.


The EIT Digital Master School offers a two year education in which you can choose two universities in two different European countries, building a curriculum of your choice based on your skills and interests. We offer double degrees which combine technical competence with skills in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. 18 universities around Europe join forces to offer a great variety of programmes.


Get an excellent theoretical education as well as the opportunity to work with European top research facilities and leading business partners. The education includes an internship in which students, teachers, and our business partners develop a project for your Master's thesis. This combination teaches you the creative skills prepare you to play a key role in the future of your field and drive innovations to the global market. Numerous extracurricular activities and networking opportunities with fellow students at other universities make this education a unique European experience.


The master's education provides you with the base for your future prosperous career through the contacts in our network of experts in research and industry. You will meet top specialists in your field and you will be able to network with them and exchange ideas.


Student services

Our Online-Community makes it easy to find fellow students and information regarding the universities, the master's education and everything else. (i.e. accommodations, life on campus, the city, visa and residence permits, useful addresses and phone numbers or a direct link to the student counsellors).

Student Life

Campus life

EIT Digital's Co-location Centres are located in Berlin, Budapest, Eindhoven, Helsinki, London, Madrid, Paris, Stockholm and Trento. In Co-Location Centres you, researchers, and business partners come together to share and create ideas. The Co-Location Centre is the place for you to network both locally and across Europe.

Student clubs

In each of theNodesof EIT Digital there is a physicalCo-Location Centrewhere many activities are carried out.

The Co-Location Centres are meeting places, melting pots, hubs, where planned, as well as ad hoc, meetings and events take place.

Student clubs have their base here and extra curriculum activities are often occuring at the Co-Location Centres. Informal networking with other students, leading researchers and business partners is set up at the Co-Location Centres, providing opportunities for collaboration and future career contacts.

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