BKF Budapest College of Communication and Business

Budapest, Hungary

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Professional knowledge at realistic prices!Unique career options: 72.5% of our Hungarian graduates find employment within 3 months.
Staff of reputed experts: In addition to renowned academics, top business professionals are also recruited to our lecturing team.
Foreign exposure through extensive international exchange programs in Austria, Belgium, Canada, the Czech Republic, England, France, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, the United States, and an increasing number of other countries.
Vibrant student life! Ski camps, excursions, trips, pub tours, parties organized by the Student Association, photo club and loads of other amazing programs
Modern buildings, pleasant atmosphere, up-to-the-minute technologies with more than 400 computer stations, a language laboratory, a sound studio, a radio and television studio, smart boards, a multimedia library and free WiFi access on the whole area of the campus.
Green belt in the heart of the city: The park of the main building at the campus in Nagy Lajos Király Street and the green suburban atmosphere of our Egressy Road campus provide a quiet and peaceful environment for both study and recreation purposes.
On-site school bookshop and free reference library!Easy access! All the facilities are within easy reach of the main public transport hubs.


Welcome to Budapest College of Communication and Business. As a young and constantly evolving institution, BCCB has always lived in the fast lane but it has recently undergone the greatest change in its history. 2010 saw a major expansion of our educational portfolio. Our mission is to provide the full, 360 degrees of communication studies to our students. From this year this means students can attend communication studies, applied communication studies (business and tourism) and visual communications (arts) at BCCB. This step makes our College a pioneer institution in Hungary.

The study of effective communication at our College is not only a professional program but also part of the everyday routine in each field of our training courses. Our career-ready graduate students
As an institution we are ready to face competition and we expect our students to do the same. Resolution is the key to becoming part of our team. I encourage you to work hard to achieve a good performance at secondary school or at your workplace, which is driven by the firm intention to become a BCCB student! I am sure that your efforts will be productive and fully rewarded both academically and personally!
We look forward to welcoming you among us.


Nagy Lajos király street campus

The central educational facility of the College, with its modern circular building which opened in 2006, is a unique complex compared with the premises of Hungarian higher education institutions.
The two buildings of the central campus are located in a green environment. Lectures are held in the two vast lecture theaters of the circular building, each with a capacity of 360 persons, and the two smaller lecture halls of the main building. In addition, our facilities include 21 small and medium-sized seminar rooms with state-of-the-art educational technology and we also boast 9 rooms equipped for IT courses.
The circular building houses the central library of the College, offering not only books for loan but also a reading room, internet access, photocopying, printing and scanning services.
Student work and learning at the College is facilitated by unrestricted access to a WiFi network covering the complete area of the campus, and a number of computer work stations scattered around the buildings.
The canteen with seating for 350 people serves both hot and cold food, and there are vending machines for drinks and snacks.
Depending on the weather, students can take a relaxing break in the gardens or play table soccer in the canteen.
Students may find all relevant textbooks and course materials in our onsite bookshop.

Rózsa street building

Our building in Rózsa utca is the seat of the Heller Farkas Faculty of Economics and Tourism. This city center is easily accessible and hosts three large lecture theaters, numerous seminar rooms with smart boards and several IT rooms.
In the assembly hall computer stations offer students free access to internet services but most parts of the building are also covered by a wireless network.
Our Tourism Library is also housed in this building, and offers books for loan, a quiet reading room and photocopying, printing and scanning facilities.
The canteen offers both hot and cold dishes.
Students may find all relevant textbooks and course materials in our onsite bookshop.

Egressy street building

This education center opened in 2008 and offers a modern venue to serve the needs of the growing student community attending our secondary and higher-level training courses. The building boasts a lecture theater. 10 well-equipped seminar rooms, two language laboratories and IT rooms.
In addition to the free WiFi service, students may also use two gyms for fitness and relaxation, and there is also a restaurant for up to 60 people.


The Library of Budapest College of Communication and Business has welcomed readers on two premises since September 2009. Students enrolled in any BCCB course are entitled to use both libraries without paying a registration fee.
The Central Library of the College is located in the circular building at the campus in Nagy Lajos király street. Its collection includes the greater part of the Hungarian and English language bibliography on communication but it also boasts a considerable collection of works in the fields of sociology, journalism, the media, psychology, economics, politics, marketing and the European Union.

The library of the tourism and catering program is located in the Rózsa street building of the College. In addition to our collection of textbooks on tourism, we also offer a wide range of academic resources for our business economics and management program as well as our foreign language courses.
Our colleagues working in the library are committed to supporting each program offered by the College at the highest possible level. The priority of the library is to establish an extensive, state-of-the-art information database focusing on the academic programs of the College. The collection is regularly updated by materials serving specific academic purposes in foreign languages and course books for general language courses.
Our modern computerized library system aims at providing fast and quality services to our users. Our catalogue is accessible online. A friendly atmosphere and helpful staff welcome students in the reading-room of the library, which is protected by a security system and equipped with computers. A huge collection of Hungarian and foreign language journals, reference books, data carriers and photocopying facilities are available on approximately 250 square meters.

Student life

Why Hungary?Because Hungary welcomes everyone! It has always been this way, and always will. Hungarians delight in having guests in their country, and that includes you! The mix of young and old, foreigner and local is what moves Hungary forward. Discover for yourself why being part of it is so special!
The plains, the mountains, or the waters and baths? Hungary has a diversely beautiful landscape. The thousand-year-old cultural heritage or the latest designer art clothes? Here you can check out both! Classical and modern can be experienced in music, architecture, cuisine, or entertainment. And that's not all! Thanks to the mixture of genes, knowledge and education, Hungary has brought such academic talents to the world as John von Neumann (computer science), László Bíró (ballpoint pen), Dennis Gabor (holography), and Ern"o Rubik (Rubik
Hungary. There's something for everyone, so come and see what there is for you! Why Budapest?A strong black espresso or a white chocolate coffee with cinnamon, or perhaps even a crème caramel macchiato? Something sweet and hot, strong but mild at the same time, something you want to remember, though it's quite hard to define. This could be Budapest if it were a coffee. It leaves everyone with a different impression.
With its diversity you can find a place for culture, fun, history, education, or relaxation. And as a sparkling UniverCity, it
The city stretches along both sides of the Danube, representing the many faces of the Hungarian capital. There's the historic Buda side, with its castle district, Turkish baths, Roman ruins, medieval alleys, caves and countless green areas spread out among the hills. On the other side, itABOUT BUDAPEST There are those who fall in love with Budapest at first sight and those who only come to love it after a longer introduction, but everyone will agree that this is one of the most beautifully laid out cities in the world. The powerful current of the Danube divides it into two parts, the hills and valleys of Buda on one side and the flatlands of Pest on the other. In spring, Margaret Island becomes a vibrant green patch on the blue waters of the river. There are caves, curative thermal springs and special conservation areas, all in a bustling capital city with a population of 2 million people. Among the things of historical interest to be seen in Budapest are the Roman era amphitheatre, the Turkish baths and the unique Hungarian version of secessionist architecture.

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