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Why should I study here at Budapest Metropolitan University?

  • Metropolitan graduates find job placement within an average 2.1 months after graduation, which is the best figure of all Hungarian institutions. One third of graduates are hired full-time at the company where they completed their internship.
  • Various national surveys rank Metropolitan in the upper third of Hungarian higher education institutions and it is among the top few private institutions.
  • 78% of Metropolitan instructors possess advanced academic degrees (PhD and similar).
  • The Communication and Arts Department of Metropolitan is the largest of its kind in Hungary. Data shows that Metropolitan communication students are the best students in this field in Hungary.
  • According to the opinions of students of social sciences, Metropolitan is number one in improving career opportunities and in facilitating the employment of students through its extensive relations with the labour market.
  • According to the National Higher Education Ranking System, the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality has risen very rapidly to become the runner-up among institutions offering programs in tourism.
  • Students judged the International Business Economics program at Metropolitan to be number one regarding the quality of the program, the standards of services and the institutions extensive professional network.
  • Rankings comparing services provided by the 10 leading Hungarian institutions for students in Business Economics and Management place Metropolitan first in four categories.

About Budapest Metropolitan University

Welcome to Budapest Metropolitan University.

With a constantly growing number of students, education venues and campuses, and a diverse range of programmes, today Budapest Metropolitan University is the biggest private University in Hungary. It is present in two cities, Budapest and Hódmez"ovásárhely and has a massive student community of close to 8,000 enthusiastic young people. Budapest Metropolitan University offers a complex educational programme built on the bachelor programmes in the field of communication, business, tourism and arts. Budapest Metropolitan University is characterized by an open and pleasant atmosphere, a strong focus on performance and competition supported by cutting-edge infrastructure on solid foundations. Budapest Metropolitan University has been present in the Hungarian higher education scene for the past 13 years.


  • Career Centre (coaching, training and job-seeking services),
  • International scholarship opportunities,
  • Professional workshops and study groups to gain hands-on experience,
  • Participation in a series of professional public debates,
  • Submitting papers (in English) to the national Students Scientific Competition,
  • Student employment opportunities through the Student Union,
  • Electronic student services, full-time in-person, online and telephone customer service,
  • Leisure activities: ski camps, excursions, trips, pub tours, parties, photo clubs, etc,
  • Language laboratory,
  • Sound studio, smart boards, multimedia library
  • Free of charge reference libraries, electronically accessible course materials, textbooks and lecture notes,
  • University magazine,
  • State-of-the-art technology and software, workshops, studios, 150 Macintosh computers, Leonar3do 3D lab, etching press, weaving machines, industrial sewing machines, electric kilns, etc.

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