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Why should I study here?

Discover the top reasons to study at Barcelona School of Management

Because with Barcelona School of Management programmes, academic content and teaching quality play a central role.

Because teaching materials are written by UPF teaching staff, together with business and public administration and lecturers from other universities.

Because we constantly assess the quality of our programmes to rigorously guarantee contents and study methods.

Because the Barcelona School of Management constantly encourages the link between the university and the business world.

Because the Barcelona School of Managements programming follows the same line of innovation and excellence which characterises all UPF activities.


The Barcelona School of Management incorporates academic research into the social environment on a global scale in order to form professionals capable of improving business practice and its impact on society.

Therefore, the Barcelona School of Management maintains and promotes a close relationship between the university and industry. To achieve this, it has incorporated the participation of leading businesses in the sector and public administration for the development of its academic programmes.

The solid position achieved by the UPF within the economic and business sector guarantees training of the highest quality. Lecturers, directors and academics from all over the world are joining the project to train professionals.

The Barcelona School of Management offers Masters of Science, MBAs, masters and postgraduates degrees, executive education and customized training within the business and public administration sectors.

The MSc programmes base their methodology on evidence-based management, ethical decision-making and entrepreneurship, and social innovation. All academic training is practice-oriented geared towards the exchange of opinions, experiences and knowledge in the international arena.


Welcome programme and cultural and recreational activities

The Barcelona School of Management is aware of how important it is for new participants to become familiar with the centre and city of Barcelona and to integrate as soon as possible,and wishes to warmly welcome new students to the masters and postgraduate programmes by offering orientation seminars.

During the first days of the academic year, new participants from outside Catalonia can enjoy a variety of activities for the purpose of getting to know

the school and the city of Barcelona. From welcome cocktails to guided walks and bike rides, in addition to activities with an academic, learning perspective, such as an introduction to the labour market in Catalonia, the aim is to provide participants with a series of non-academic tools and services to help them adapt as soon as possible in order to better assure success in their studies.

Our Student Services offers a whole range of cultural, recreational and sport activities, which not only provides information about the School and Barcelona, but also helps to establish bonds and developfriendship among the different participants.

More services:

· Student Visas for non-residents

· Accommodation

· Student card

· Library

· Professional internships

· Career services

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