ISEG - Lisbon School of Economics and Management

Lisbon, Portugal
Throughout its existence, ISEG has always sought to maintain its position at the forefront of Portuguese universities in the fields of economics and management, creating new courses while constantly updating course programmes and teaching methods.  



Throughout its existence, ISEG has always sought to maintain a leading position among the Portuguese economics and management university schools through the creation of new courses and the constant updating of study plans and teaching and learning methods. Through the research units linked to it, it also sought to play a dynamic role in the production of knowledge in its scientific domain and in the application of this knowledge to Portuguese society. It also maintained a regular activity to provide other high-quality services to the economic agents of the society in which it operates, and also developed an important international scientific and cultural exchange.

Master's Programmes

Business & Management (2)
Social Sciences (2)
Natural Sciences & Mathematics (1)


Francisco Pereira de Moura Library

The library on ISEGs campus is housed in a modern 5-storey building with comfortable reading and study rooms. ISEG´s library holds the widest collection of books and materials in the areas of the economic sciences and business in Portugal. It also provides free access to bibliographic databases and statistical information. The library collaborates with other libraries and institutions in areas such as European Union Documentation and the American Corner, in partnership with the US Embassy in Portugal.

Bento Jesus Caraça Bookshop and other publishing services

The ISEG bookshop is run by the Student Union and it stocks books and other support materials for the courses taught at ISEG. In addition, AEISEG provides services such as photocopying, printing study materials, internet access, and document/class notes support sharing etc.


The computer system network covers all the computers of ISEG, including the classrooms and special computer rooms. Wireless access is also possible throughout the campus.

Study rooms

There are several study rooms available for student use in the library and in the teaching blocks. These rooms may be used by individuals or by groups.

Restaurants and Snackbars

There is a wide range of places to eat at ISEG, including a canteen, restaurants and snackbars.


There are two car parks on the ISEG campus, each with about 300 places.

Student Life

ISEG provides students with access to a number of activities for personal and academic development. Students can complement the curricular component of the MBA with a varied range of themes appropriate for the needs and profile of each student. A sample of activities is listed here, including seminars, exhibitions and recent social events.

Students Union - AEISEG

The Students Union functions as a connection between ISEG students and the faculty. It is responsible for the Copy Store and Bookshop of the University, and offers special conditions for its associates. It also organizes a series of activities, sports and cultural events.

Students International Union - AIESEC

AIESEC Lisbon at ISEG was founded in 1961 and had approximately 60 members at the time. Today its members are recognized for their knowledge, skills and cultural excellence. The former members are very well-established in the business world, working in international companies, such as DHL, Procter & Gamble, Nestlé, Opera Software, and IBM.

ISEG Junior Business Consulting ISEG JBC

ISEG JBC it is a non-profit organization mainly founded and managed by college students. In addition to managing the Junior Company, these students create projects in the most varied business fields and services. The organization builds bridges between the academic and the business field because it allows students to explore the potential of learning by doing. In the Junior Company, students gain management experience, leadership and professional skills, mainly because they can work on the projects they create from their very beginning to their application.

TUNA Económicas

This is a cultural group that represents ISEG in several musical festivals, and other cultural events throughout the country. It is a way of academic integration for those who nourish a love of traditional music.


International Accreditation

  • AMBA - Association of MBAs;
  • RICS - Royal Institution Chartered Surveyors
  • PMI - Project Management Institute

International Partners and Membership

  • AACSB - The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business
  • ECCH Membership
  • EFMD - European Foundation for Management Development
  • EIASM - European Institute for Advanced Institute and Faculty of Actuaries
  • University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, USA
  • University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, USA

Other Degrees