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Why you should choose Geneva Business School (GBS) ? Anyone in venture capital will tell you the following: When you are investing in something, you are not just buying into the product, but the people behind it. The idea behind business management and finance education may always be the same, but it is the implementation which will make or break your business. Geneva Business School is dedicated to have the best people behind the best product you will invest in for your future. We offer a solid education which thrives at achieving the two most important goals in business management and finance education: Being Closer to Business and Being Closer to You. Closer to Business Never before has the need for hands-on experience been more important in business and finance. As the competition grows, students require increasingly impressive demonstration of good education, sound judgment, and impeccable character to secure much coveted positions of interest. Geneva Business Schools Career Support Center is designed with this exact challenge in mind. Our team of mentors is made up of some of Switzerlands finest to help bring students and enterprises together. For the candidates with proven track records and good work ethics, combined with outstanding academic achievement, exclusive internships are available with international organizations and corporations working closely with Geneva Business School. Closer to You While the Career Support Center helps you get into the game, our Alliance of Professional Professors will show you how to play. All of our faculty members are highly educated, many with doctoral degrees from prestigious institutions such as Harvard, ESSEC, and Cambridge. They are also well experienced professionals in their respective fields, with decades of practical know-how to share with you. Most importantly, our staff is welcoming and accessible. Geneva Business School is proud of its intimate classroom sizes in our bachelors and masters level programs. We strive to ensure that you have the most interactive and constructive education possible. Our interest in you goes beyond the classroom. We know it can be hard to leave home for a new adventure. To make you feel at home, upon your arrival at GBS, we invite you to our traditional dinner with all of the new students! You will notice in the course of your studies, the Student Council will continue to inform you about GBSs seasonal activities throughout your stay. We at GBS want to make Geneva a place you can call home!


Geneva Business School is committed to higher education. It carries out its mission by assembling a faculty team having high academic and professional standards.
Geneva business school programs : Bachelor, Master and Doctorats

GBS programs are tailored to meet this centurys complex global challenges. Course curriculum is designed with the real world in mind to create the most practical and innovative education possible. The Geneva Business School Faculty boasts a prodigious roster of multidisciplinary professors, many with PhDs, from Harvard University, Colombia University, The London School of Economics, Essec Paris and Insead Paris, etc.

Of course, the true key to any business relationship is communication; which is why Geneva Business School classes are scaled to sizes which encourage a higher quality interaction between students and faculty. Geneva Business School understands that in todays economy, education is only half the battle. Our new Career Support Center has been founded on our dedication to seeing our students get the most from their studies both in and beyond the classroom.


Whether you dream of working the markets in a major financial institution or you want to run the show as a respected manager, the Geneva Business School can help you with a degree that will give you the competitive edge!
Over a three or four year program, our faculty of experienced professionals will whip you into shape so that you stand out from the crowd with confidence and a solid education.
GBS currently offers the following programs:



Geneva Business School has received specialized accreditation for its business programs through the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE), located in Olathe, Kansas. As of February 1st 2011, IACBE is fully CHEA accredited. The business programs in the following degrees are accredited by the IACBE:

* Master of Science in Finance (Msc.F)
* Master of Business Administration (MBA)
* Bachelor of Finance (BF)
* Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)


The ECBE mission is to encourage and supports continuous improvement in the quality of Business Education. This is directed towards students and learners in the global market place: academic institutions, faculties and departments and employers.

The following programs are fully accredited by ECBE:

* Master of Science in Finance (Msc.F)
* Master of Business Administration (MBA)
* Bachelor of Finance (BF)
* Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)


In the eduQua certification process, adult continuing education institutions get certified. eduQua defines six criteria, which are key to the quality of an institution: the course offer, communication with clients, value performance, staff - meaning the educators, learning success, and quality assurance and development.

Swiss Private School Register

The Swiss Private School Register was founded on August 28, 2006 by the Swiss Federation of Private Schools SFPS (Berne), hotelleriesuisse (Berne) and the Foundation for the Advancement of the Rudolf Steiner School (Stiftung zur Förderung der Rudolf Steiner Pädagogik) in Switzerland (Schaffhausen) in collaboration with the most important Swiss trade associations. The purpose of the Register is to certify high standards of educational services and to demonstrate the integrity and credibility of the private schools listed in the register as well as to protect Switzerlands reputation as a centre for high quality educational activity.

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