American University Center of Provence

Aix-en-Provence, France
The AUCP provides the foundation for both continuing self-discovery and promising international careers.


Recognized by the French national Ministry of Education, the American University Center of Provence provides a high quality academic and cultural experience for American college and university students.

At the heart of international education, two full-immersion French programs combine an all French-speaking environment, individual homestay, language partner, personal interest activity, and community service with rigorous course work taught by French university faculty.

Quality Course Work in French

Taught on-site according to U.S. university academic credit standards by a dedicated group of tenured French university faculty and local professionals.

French Practicum

A unique, nationally renowned core program of experiential learning opening doors daily into natural, direct contact with the French, their language, and their culture.

Individual French Homestay

Life with a carefully selected French family, one student per family, an unparalleled opportunity for lasting personal and cultural connection.

Community Service Requirement

Giving something of yourself every week to your French host culture in the generous give-and-take of true cultural exchange.

Selective, Personal Programs

Warm and human in scale, thus encouraging the academic, cultural, and personal progress of each individual participant.

Exceptional Settings in Provence

  • AIX-EN-PROVENCE: The French city even Parisians name as their favorite. Intimate, yet cosmopolitan, Aix combines stately historical beauty and a lively, modern spirit. Numerous cafés, fountains, tree-lined lanes, restaurants, and cinemas create a welcoming setting for rich cultural contacts. This is French life as you imagine it.
  • MARSEILLE: Statistically safer than any major American city, Marseille offers a quality of life unparalleled in France combining abundant cultural opportunities, local color, over 300 sunny days a year, and direct access to the sea.

Master's Programmes

Aix-en-Provence, France