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Prague, Czech Republic
As a part of one of the oldest universities in the world, Faculty of Social Sciences (FSV UK) is a regional centre of teaching and research in economics, sociology, political science, international relations, area studies and journalism. The Faculty offers some of the highest quality Bachelors, Masters and PhD degree programmes in Central and Eastern Europe in all fields of social sciences. Many of our alumni continue their studies at top universities in USA and UK or they succeed in competitions for highly qualified jobs.
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Why should I study here at Faculty of Social Sciences - Charles University in Prague?

  • Academic excellence:CharlesUniversity in Prague, which includes Faculty of Social Sciences, is the only Czech university appearing in the Academic Ranking of World Universities!
  • Top lecturers: Members of our Faculty include distinguished academics as well as leading figures in policy making, economics and social life of region.
  • Talents: We seek for the best in students and develop their potential. Every year, students of our faculty are among those granted competitive awards and scholarships.
  • Hands-on experience: Our graduates receive not only a firm ground in theory but have numerous opportunities to get involved in various practical projects as well.
  • Friendly environment: The Faculty of Social Sciences is a place where students and faculty members meet and interact. Moreover, students benefit from the young, dynamic and interdisciplinary environment of the Faculty.

About Faculty of Social Sciences - Charles University in Prague

Charles University in Prague (CU) was founded in 1348 by the Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV and belongs among the oldest, largest and most prestigious universities in the world. Charles University is currently ranked among the top 2% of the world´s universities in Shanghai Universitys Academic Ranking of World Universities. Also, it is the number one university in Eastern Europe according to the The Webometrics Ranking of World Universities.

Faculty of Social Sciences (FSV UK) is the second newest faculty of Charles University in Prague. Shortly after its creation in 1990 the Faculty became a regional centre of teaching and research in all fields of social sciences - economics, sociology, political science, international relations, area studies, media studies and journalism.

Faculty profile: FSV UK offers some of the highest quality Bachelor´s, Master´s and PhD degree programmes in Central and Eastern Europe. Many of our alumni continue their studies at top universities in the United States and the United Kingdom (Harvard, Columbia, LSE, Cambridge, etc.) or they succeed in competitions for highly qualified jobs.

The Faculty's mission is the promotion of learning and the protection of knowledge, the cultivation of free thought, independent academic research and the support of the creative spirit of human society. The Faculty´s main objective is to develop teaching and research in those aspects of the social sciences which directly or indirectly relate to the public administration or to the economic and cultural life of society.

Facts and figures: Currently, the Faculty has around 4 000 full-time students. Approximately 200 of them are enrolled in one of our English language degree programmes. FSV UK has one of the highest international mobility participation rates of all the faculties of Charles University. Each year it welcomes around 500 exchange students from all over the world.

International cooperation: FSV UK emphasizes the importance of foreign cooperation. Firstly, by developing and strengthening scientific bonds, student and academic mobility and, secondly, by offering English language degree programmes. Throughout the academic year the Faculty regularly organises guest lectures, seminars, workshops and conferences in English. They take place in cooperation with the Faculty´s partner universities in Europe, North America, Asia and the Middle East.


The Faculty encourages and promotes advanced research in social sciences. The research activities are very diverse.

The Centre for Social and Economic Strategies (CESES) is an interdisciplinary research think-tank engaged in the development of theory, methodology and practice to explore possible future developments and apply analyses and forecasts in decision making.

The Facultys other research hub, the Centre for Media Studies (CEMES), investigates changes in the Czech media structure, contemporary news content analysis and the influence of the media.

FSS CU publishes the influential economic journal, the Czech Journal of Economics and Finance and six peer-reviewed journals: AUCO Czech Economic Review (Institute of Economic Studies), AUC Studia Territorialia (Institute of International Studies), Acta Politologica and The Annual of Language & Politics of Identity (Institute of Political Studies), Media Studies (Institute of Communication Studies and Journalism) and Central European Journal of Public Policy (Centre for Social and Economic Strategies).

Regular Faculty conferences contribute substantially to research integration and coordination efforts as well as interdisciplinary communication. Broader involvement of masters and doctoral students in particular in the Facultys scientific activities is yet another prominent objective. Such a broadening of research capacities is assisted above all by joint endeavours to implement the research projects and by newly conceived Doctoral Studies Series.

Masters and doctoral theses are geared towards the main research goals of the Faculty but the Faculty also supports other high-quality projects.

Accreditations of Faculty of Social Sciences - Charles University in Prague

All our degree programs are fully accredited by the Czech Ministry of Education.


The Faculty´s International Office exists to facilitate the international mobility of both students and teaching staff, and to coordinate the international activities of the Faculty at all levels. It is the Faculty's administrative centre for a whole range of international programmes (undergraduate and graduate degree programs, ERASMUS, CEEPUS, the international scholarship program of the Czech Ministry of Education, etc.), and it also acts as a clearing house for information about scholarships offered by independent agencies.

When it comes to extracurricular activities, Charles University International Club organises various social and cultural events for both international and Czech students, namely parties and trips/excursions around Prague and the Czech Republic, assists the faculties during the Orientation Week, and generally helps international students to handle their stay in Prague. Charles University International Club also organises the Czech Film Club. Czech films are screened every week with English subtitles, the entrance is for free. Students can also participate in the Tandem Teaching Programme, which is primarily designed for international students who want to learn Czech with the domestic students.

The student movement Oivme Hollar (Hollar Alive) is based in one of faculty buildings and constantly organizes great events and interesting projects for students of FSS CU. They managed to establish a very trendy student club-cafeteria Na Hollaru, serving amazing coffee, lemonades, home made cakes and soups!

Pavlac Festival is a popular student arts festival held almost every year in May. Those looking for a mixture of music, stage performances and a bit of literature and some author readings (not to forget sausages and beer) should not miss this event. It is not surprising that the festival has a long tradition. The first one was held in 1996.

Bicycle and Inline Ride with the management of the Faculty is organised by the students every year in May as a part of the Rector´s Sports Day of the Cahrles University in Prague.

The annual Faculty Ball attracts more than a thousand students each year. The combination of great music, dancing and a friendly crowd makes this event unforgettable.

A new student tradition is the annual Faculty Boat Party. It usually takes place at the end of the summer semester and gives students and academics an opportunity to get to know each other more on a personal level while sailing on the Vltava river.

Angel´s Party belongs to the biggest events of the fall semester every year. In 2013 the event took place in the legendary Prague club Roxy.

FSS students publish printed magazine Sociál. This monthly journal is focused on faculty life, cultural events and always brings interesting interviews, short essays and reports.

Ukácko.cz, an online portal operated by Charles University students, focuses on public affairs, social life at uni, traveling and culture. Ukácko.tv is a part of the online portal.

Student life at Faculty of Social Sciences - Charles University in Prague

Of course, one of the great attractions for international students is the location of the Faculty in Prague ("Praha" in Czech). Prague is famous for its beauty and cultural wealth. It is often called golden, hundred-spired or the heart of Europe.

The city has a dynamic modern urban life. Important congresses and cultural, social and political events of international importance take place here. In terms of tourism, Prague is one of the most visited European cities.

As the cultural, political and economic centre of the Czech Republic, Prague enjoys a rich cultural scene and diverse nightlife. Being a very multicultural city with over 130 000 students, it offers thriving student life with a wide range of theatres, galleries, entertainment centres and sports facilities. Local nightlife is based on music clubs, bars and pubs that are open until the early morning hours.

Prague lies in the middle of the Central Bohemian Region, offering good opportunities for leisure and entertainment activities on the weekends. The protected nature reserves of Krivoklátsko and Kokorínsko and the river basins of the Sázava and Berounka are among the most popular destinations.

The cost of living in Prague is fairly low. Transportation, food shopping, dinning and accommodation are still considerably cheaper compared to most West European capitals. It is a safe city with a highly efficient and well integrated public transport network. Prague is also well connected with a large international airport with direct flights to 130 destinations in 45 countries.

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