Durham University

Durham, United Kingdom
Established in 1832, Durham University is the third oldest university in England and one of the world’s leading centres of scholarship and learning. The University has two sites; Durham City, where 13 of the University’s colleges are based, and Queen’s Campus at Stockton, which is home to our remaining two colleges. Both locations offer a range of academic facilities, innovative modern buildings with all the amenities you will need for the best possible student experience.
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Why should I study here at Durham University?

  • A world-class learning experience Durham is the third oldest university in England and is a place of international reputation. The strength of our academic excellence is reflected in the most recent Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) where many of our departments were ranked amongst the best in the UK. In 2008, 90% of Durham's research was of international quality.
  • Outstanding Staff At Durham, our students are taught by academic staff who are acknowledged as experts in their fields and are at the forefront of developments in their subject area. This is demonstrated not only through the research and teaching that they undertake, but also by the worldwide demand for their expertise.
  • Stunning Location Our University is situated in two distinct locations - Durham City and Queen's Campus, Stockton-on-Tees. Durham is a beautiful city located on the River Wear in the North East of England whilst Queen's Campus, situated on the banks of the River Tees, also boasts a striking waterfront setting. Both locations provide a truly inspirational environment in which to live and study.
  • Diverse Social Community At Durham you'll study with students from around the UK and more than 150 countries world wide. You'll have access to entertainment, events and support services within Durham, Stockton and the surrounding area.
  • Unique College System Durham is a collegiate university with 14 colleges in Durham City and two colleges in Stockton-on-Tees. The colleges offer a strong sense of community, provide pastoral care, support your developments and have sports, arts and social facilities. You'll find your college as a home-away-from-home.

About Durham University

Since its foundation in 1832 Durham University has flourished and cemented a place of distinction both nationally and internationally. Durham City has captured the admiration of writers and artists for centuries, and as the only university in England to occupy a World Heritage Site (Durham Cathedral and Castle), it continues to capture the attention of travellers from all over the world.

Durham University is England’s third oldest university, founded after Oxford and Cambridge, and one of the UK’s leading research institutions. As Durham University is one of the top 100 universities in the world, Durham lecturers and tutors are acknowledged experts and leaders in their field. Regardless of your course, you will be taught by some of the leading minds in the world.

Durham University is unique. We are the third oldest university in England and one of the world’s leading centres of scholarship and learning. The International Summer School continues in this tradition offering you the opportunity to get ahead this summer with one of our credit bearing short courses of intensive academic study.

  • 5th in the Complete University Guide overall rankings (2014).
  • 83rd in the Times Higher Education World Rankings 2014-2015.
  • Ranked in the top 25 globally for employer reputation in the 2014 QS World University rankings.

Durham University offers you a unique opportunity to experience the history, tradition and quality of one of the oldest and highest ranking universities in England. Located in the small and ancient City of Durham in the heart of North East England you will have the opportunity to experience life in a traditional British University.

We know studying abroad is an opportunity to develop skills that today’s employers seek. It is a way to prepare and distinguish oneself in an increasingly competitive market place; illuminating new paths and ideas along the way.

Enjoy our past, make the most of the present, and look forward to a future full of possibilities.


World-class students require world-class facilities. Whether it's the Bill Bryson Library, with a dedicated area for postgraduate researchers, IT support, or the opportunity to study abroad, you will find the facilities you need to complement and support your studies at Durham University. Study here and you'll not only work with world-class academic staff, but you'll also have access to some of the best facilities and study-support to ensure you get the most from your postgraduate experience.

The University invests heavily in its provisions for postgraduate students. The Centre for Academic and Researcher Development provides an extensive range of opportunities for postgraduate researchers to develop their skills while studying at Durham, including the Durham Researcher Development Programme, the Durham Key Skills Award (which gives the opportunity to gain recognition and certification of these skills), and the Durham University Learning and Teaching Award. Our award winning Doctoral Training Programme supports the professional development of all postgraduate research students. It covers topics such as Research Management, Research Skills, Personal Effectiveness, and IT.

The Durham Award for taught postgraduate students is an opportunity to reflect on the development of skills and how to effectively market these to a future employer. This reflective process equips Durham graduates to stand out from the crowd.

Student life at Durham University

At Durham University we want you to be able to excel academically but we recognise that academic success is only half the story.

To help you really make the most of your experience with us and develop a broad range of skills to equip you for your future career and life, we provide a huge variety of extra-curricular activities in both Durham City and Queen's Campus. We encourage you to get involved, either through your college or at University-level, in whatever you are interested in so that you can develop skills and experiences far beyond the walls of the lecture theatres.

There are endless opportunities and activities for getting involved.

Whether you want to volunteer for charity work, stage a play, sing in a choir, or captain a college sports team, you will find many opportunities for joining in, mixing with different people and simply trying something new. By trying out new activities you might even find that you develop a passion for something you had never even considered before! And if joining a club or society at University-level seems a bit daunting, you can get involved in many of the activities in the smaller setting of your college instead.

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