Institute of Economics of the Polish Academy of Sciences

Warsaw, Poland
The Institute of Economics of the Polish Academy of Sciences (INE PAN), the most internationally prestigious and advanced Polish research center on economic and business studies, cordially welcomes applications from candidates who wish to pursue their business education on one of its programs taught in English: MBA and Executive DBA. INE PAN offers a splendid opportunity to gain critical analytic knowledge of business processes never leaving practical and human perspectives aside. Programs of INE PAN are conservative in principles and radical in innovations. They are taught by professors and researchers of INE PAN and by distinguished visiting scholars, experts and practitioners. Among EU countries, Poland was the only one with a positive GDP growth after the 2008 crisis. It is one of the most dynamic emerging markets. Studying at INE PAN you will, among other things, meet people who designed and propelled fateful economic changes.


The Institute of Economics of the Polish Academy of Sciences (hereafter INE PAN) is the most advanced and prestigious Polish research center in the field of economic and business studies. Its mission is to explore, analyze and evaluate economic processes, and make its findings effectively available to all those who dare to take a critical and active attitude towards their lives and careers and seek answers to difficult questions, being convinced that earth belongs to those whose heart and mind are never complacent, inert and unexcited. To fulfill this mission the Institute engages in various activities, e.g. it runs the One-Year MBA Program and the Two-Year Executive DBA Program.

The Programs are taught by scholars and researchers of INE PAN as well as by visiting practitioners and experts. We are proud of their achievements, professionalism, dedication, and engagement so much appreciated by all program participants. Among them there are such distinguished economists as Marek Belka, President of the National Bank of Poland; Grzegorz Kolodko, former Deputy Prime-Minister and Minister of Finance of the Republic of Poland; Jerzy Hausner, Member of the Monetary Policy Council at the National Bank of Poland; Kazimierz Laski, Senior Research Associate and former Director of Research at the Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies; and Zdzislaw Sadowski, Honorary President of the Polish Economic Society.

INE PAN has two peer-review journals which it publishes regularly: the Economic Studies and the Polish Economy Forecasts and Opinions. It also issues monographs and working papers to report on its recent research findings. Proceedings of conferences and international seminars organized by the Institute are regularly printed as well. Many research projects conducted by INE PAN have international partners. The Institute is a member of several scientific international associations.

All classes are held in well-equipped classrooms with computers, overheard projectors, etc. Everybody has Wi-Fi access to the Internet and to ones online program participant account (to download course materials, find information about class schedule or exam results, follow ones payment record, etc.). Participants receive access to the libraries. Everyone also receives a password to enter several online databases with thousands of journals and magazines that one may read wherever one has an Internet access.

Master's Programmes

Many organisations offer scholarships or grants. Some of these might help you to study for a Master at Institute of Economics of the Polish Academy of Sciences!


The Polish Academy of Sciences is the highest academic institution in Poland. In agreement with Polish law, it has the right to award the postgraduate and doctoral degrees, as well as habilitation ones. The degrees it bestows are internationally recognized and truly valued by all those who have had a privilege to study at one of its Institutes.

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