RITE Online Academy

London, England, United Kingdom
RITE Online Academy is part of the RITE Academies network, a division of RITE Education Associates. They are experts in quality education. Our combined expertise means that we are able to cover all aspects of education. Online education is our specialty. We choose the institutions we work with carefully to ensure thatyou are always provided with the highest quality of online programmes available.



Online Learning provides you with the same programmme offered on campus, through a virtual learning platform. This allows you to study from the comfort of your home but more importantly, it saves you money (since you do not have to travel or bear the costs of accommodation in a foreign country) while at the same time allowing you to obtain a recognised degree from a prestigious UK or US institution.


The programmes we have selected to bring you, have been carefully assessed for their quality and educational soundness as well as the superior technological support systems they are capable of providing our students. We will be constantly monitoring these to ensure that our high standards are maintained, while we also seek out new programmes to add to our provision. Our promise to you is to help you reach your educational goals and employment aspirations.

London, England, United Kingdom